Bound for Venus Milking

by LJ

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© Copyright 2012 - LJ - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; naked; bond; straps; table; machine; tease; torment; climax; cage; true; cons; X

Hello all I would like to share a true story about a recent experience that I had with a Dominant Female. I am a male 29 years old and very athletic and love bondage and some torture.

I called and made the appointment with the Dom and told her exactly what I wanted done to me, and that there would be no safe word (I was not going to be released even if I wanted to be in the worst way). I also wanted to have each arm bound in a leather binder and have that attached to my thigh cuffs. I wanted to be extremely rigidly strapped to the table so that I would not be able to thrust or escape any of the bondage. Lastly I wanted to be milked with the Venus 2000 stroking machine past the point of orgasm (this is where the over sensitivity starts and let me tell you it is pure torture). I wanted to be milked several times until I was exhausted.

Let me just say I got more than I bargained for!

I knocked on the front door and Mistress opened the door to let me in. I was then instructed to strip completely and to put all of my belongings including clothes into a chest. Mistress then handed me a huge padlock and told me to lock the chest, there was no key in sight.

At that point I was told to stand with my legs spread and with my hands behind my back. I felt very heavy handcuffs being locked to my wrists that had a long bar between them, followed by leg shackles and thumb cuffs. I was not going anywhere as even with the keys I could not reach the keyholes to any of the restraints. I did take a look at the leg shackles that she used to bind my legs, they were the heavy motorcycle cuffs that had the round maximum security locks on them. At this point I was guided up a large number of stairs to the dungeon.

The dungeon cell had a large table with many attachment points and was very heavy duty. The table had a leather padding on it and it was split in to a V where my legs would be locked down. I was blindfolded and guided on to the table where immediately my arms were slid into individual arm binders which covered my hands as well. The binders were secured with a cuff at the top and a cuff at my wrist which was padlocked for good measures (like I could reach the buckle anyways with my leather encased hands). I then felt the strapping start, my arms, legs, ankles and waist were strapped down tightly, it made me feel like the table and me were one object. I was told not to even attempt escaping as she would just make the bondage more strict.

The blindfold was removed and she told me that I was checked into an institution and that she was instructed to milk me until I could not cum another drop. She attached the Venus 2000 attachment and let it get to work on my cock. The Venus that she was using had only parts to stroke the bottom of my shaft, and she told me that I would not be able to cum with this type of attachment to matter what.

The partial stroking was just plain torture as I wanted to be finished off so I began to see what I could do to escape the binders and finish myself off. This was the wrong thing to even try as she immediately turned up the Venus and collected more straps. The straps that she added held my shoulders down tightly to the bed, she then added cross straps at my chest and tied the D rings at the end of the binders to the table (effectively making my leather encased hands even more useless) Lastly straps were attached all the way down my legs, and around my arms to the table. Everything was locked with padlocks and she told me to try to escape, I found out that I was pretty much welded to the table and there would be no escape possible even if someone else tried to rescue me (very arousing thought).

The milking continued and then the base teaser was removed and the whole shaft and head stimulator was attached. This machine stroked my cock at a very slow pace at first, and was then put to maximum speed.

She started and stopped the device which was so frustrating that words can not explain it. Finally the machine was turned to high one more, I began to cum and it did not stop stroking me. The feeling was so intense that I would not stand it, I screamed and bucked and tried to escape the bondage. I found out really fast that I was going no where and that I would have to take the torture.

The stroker was slowed down once the intensity let down and immediately the teaser was reattached and started. I have never felt such a feeling of helplessness as I looked in the wall mounted mirrors at a guy heavily bound to a steel table, with a machine out of my control stroking my cock relentlessly. I kept trying to escape with no avail but this did not stop Mistress from tightening each strap another notch until I was not able to move a bit.

She then left the room with the teaser still attached, locking the door behind her. The great thing about the teaser is that it did not require her to hold it on me (it sucked so hard it stayed in place) and there was no way that i could move enough to buck it off.

The stroking went on for minutes but felt like hours when she finally returned to the cell unlocking the door and entering. I was beginning to feel like I could cum once again and Mistress could detect this by my futile struggling so she gagged me with a harness ball gag and padlocked all of the straps.

The whole shaft stroker was then put back on my cock and turned on medium speed. She once again tortured me by starting and stopping the device, ending in her leaving it on at a fast pace. I was driven wildly toward my second orgasm, and when I came she did not stop the milker. I nearly passed out from the over stimulation and the pure feeling of all of the bondage holding me helpless, I tried to scream with no avail as the gag was TIGHT!!!

The stroking went on for 2 more minutes to make sure that my cumming was exhausted, then she began to unstrap me. I relaxed as I felt the bondage being released and I was then lifted from the table and I was told to put my hands behind my back once more. I was cuffed and shackled and escorted to the shower. She unlocked me and allowed me to shower up.

After the shower she told me that I needed time to cool off, so she re-cuffed me and walked me into a stand up cage, locking me into it for 15 minutes, I once again tried to escape but quickly found out that I was no match for the heavy steel bars and the hardened maximum security locks.

I was finally released and she unlocked the chest that held my clothing and belongings.

I must say I did not know what I was getting into when I asked for my cock to be tortured while strapped down, but I loved every minute of it.


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