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Bound for Trouble

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

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It was Monday morning and my husband was preparing for a business trip away interstate, he'd be away for the week returning on Friday afternoon. We'd spent the weekend tying each other up and exploring each other's body with our mouths and to our great delight we had enjoyed several orgasms each over the weekend, finding new and different ways of binding each other. Now Monday morning beckoned and as he prepared himself I busied myself in the kitchen with breakfast and after a hurried meal he left for the airport promising that we would have a very special time next weekend as it was the anniversary of our first bondage session over 3 years ago.

He said that he would make all the arrangements for next weekend and would surprise me when he returned next Friday, he'd call me during the week to let me know how he was going but would definitely be back for the anniversary. I saw him off waving from the front door as he pulled away in the car and closed the door thinking about what I could get up to while he was away! Spoil myself shopping, dine out with friends and maybe a little time self tied in bondage... mmm my favorite as delightful little shivers went down my spine at the thought. I'd been tying myself up since I was a young girl, I enjoyed the feeling of helplessness that it brought and my mind drifted off into fantasy everytime I was bound nice and tight.

The week seemed to go slow as I tried to occupy myself with my time, going to lots of different shops & buying some very sexy underwear, dinning out with girlfriends and catching up on all the latest gossip but it all paled against my desire to spend some time bound up tightly by my own hand. By Wednesday I gave in to my needs and began planning for my session, getting ice cubes ready with little bits of string through them and preparing ropes etc. for use later on in the day. I moved around the house placing keys in various locations for retrieval later on while tied up. Next I returned to the bedroom to choose which clothes to wear, what lucky piece of underwear would grace my body.

After trying on several combinations of lingerie I chose to wear a red corset that was lightly boned to hold me in, combined with red stocking & red latex g-string. The reflection from the mirror of my image dressed like this looked stunning, my body held tightly by the corset accentuating my curves and the latex g-string separating my pussy lips as it cut through my crotch. The thought of me bound tightly in this outfit was making me very hot! Leaving the bedroom to retrieve the ice cubes which now were firmly frozen holding the string in their icy grasp I walked through the rest of the house making sure that everything was locked tight, as I would be too soon! Checking the keys to my release were where I placed them I headed upstairs to the bedroom.

Getting the ropes, gag, blindfold and cuffs out of our play box, where we keep all our bondage items, I returned to the bed to start tying myself up for the afternoon. Firstly I bound my ankles tightly with several loops of rope cinched in the middle and tied off making it secure, then I attached a chain that was fixed to the bottom of the bed with a small lock, the key attached to the string frozen in ice. Next I placed the gag firmly in my mouth and fastened this behind my head with another small lock, the keys somewhere downstairs in the house. Now came the fun part I now picked up my butterfly vibrator and held it next to my moist pussy covering my little nub and strapped it around my hips & crotch, holding it firmly in place and switched on the control as it began buzzing against my sex.

Laying down on the bed I prepared the chain attached to the top of the bed putting another small lock through a ring but not closing it as yet, then after putting on the handcuffs on my left wrist I picked up the blindfold and placed it over my eyes, this too was secured with a small lock, the key also somewhere downstairs. I would have to hunt down the keys gagged & blindfolded and to make it harder I'd placed several other keys around the house as dummies that would not open the locks. Now that the blindfold was securely locked into place I reached up with my hands and placed the handcuff chain in the small lock and closed the clasp shut. Then placing my right wrist into the cuff I closed it around it fixing me in place on the bed.

My body gripped tightly by the corset, firmly held by the bonds I could only lay there enjoying the sensations that the vibrator was causing until I could eventually get free when the ice melted and the keys fall to within my grasp. As a safety back up measure I had telephoned a friend to call me back after 3 hours to come over for a meal, she did not know about my little bondage adventures and my using her as a safety backup, but she was a reliable friend who I could count on to call as arranged. But today was going to be different!

As I lay there gently rocking my crotch against the vibrator, allowing the pleasant sensations to well up through my bound body, my pussy getting hotter and wetter as the afternoon wore on. I struggled and pulled at my self-applied bondage as I drifted between fantasies as a love toy in a sultan's harem to being interrogated by an evil, cruel mistress and tortured by pleasure. After a couple of intense orgasms I began to think about getting released, my arms were getting sore from being held tightly above my head and the corset was squeezing my now full bladder. I felt around for the keys to see if the ice had melted and released the keys to my freedom but they weren't there!

Now panic started to set in with my mind reeling at the thought that I may remain bound here until my husband returns on Friday, two whole days away! I struggled with the chains but could not free myself when I heard the telephone ringing, it was my girlfriend to check if it was still okay to come to dinner tonight, all she got to hear was my answering machine asking her to leave a message. She said she'd call back later when I was in and hung up, "No" I mumphed into my gag I wanted her here and right now to release me. But all I could do was lay there bound, gagged & blindfolded as the vibrator kept gently buzzing between my legs.

After two more hours of this I heard a car pull up outside the house, footsteps then approaching the house up the pathway and the ringing of the doorbell. It rang several times before I heard the person walk back down the path to their car. But the engine didn't start and they walked back up the path to the front door, next I heard the door opening and my girlfriend calling out my name. She closed the door behind her and walked into the front room looking for me, I heard her moving about downstairs and then head up the stairs, getting closer to my bedroom, where I was tightly bound on the bed, I was about to be discovered in my self bondage adventure gone wrong!

As the bedroom door creaked slowly open my friend's head looked around the door and into the room, as her eyes adjusted to the light she caught sight of me lying on the bed, at first see could not see my bonds but after turning on the light she was shocked to see me there tightly bound and rushed over to the bed to release me. She tried to remove the blindfold and then the gag but was frustrated by the locks that I had placed on them, then she looked at my arms held above my head and saw the locks applied there also, she then asked if I had done this to myself, I nodded weakly as my face went bright red, embarrassed at being found out. She then asked where the keys were and I pointed upwards with my finger and she saw the string attached to the ceiling and then retrieved the keys to begin unlocking my arms and legs. She helped me stand up and I pointed in the direction of the stairs.

She then lead me downstairs and after a few false attempts I was able to remove the gag & blindfold, I then quickly rushed back upstairs to relieve my aching bladder and put on a robe over my sexy underwear. Once covered up I tried to regain my composure and walked back downstairs to where my friend was sitting. Over a glass of wine I began to explain my obsession with self-bondage and told her of some of the times I had tied myself up, how I had used her as a safety backup when my husband was away. She took all this in and her eyes were aglow when I described how it felt for me being so totally helpless and the feelings that the vibrator brought out. She seemed very interested in that part.

Over dinner we talked about a variety of topics, gossiped about friends, new clothes but the subject turned back to bondage, she said that she'd wanted to try out some bondage but had never been brave enough or had the right partner who she could trust to try it out. I took the hint and after she'd discovered me in my self applied bondage I held no secrets about my particular fetish. I said that if she wanted to I would tie her up and allow her to experience the sensations that being tightly bound and helpless brings out of you. She seemed very eager to start and got up from the table and headed towards my bedroom, I followed behind beginning to relish having a bound captive to practice on.

Once in the bedroom I asked her how she wanted to be tied, and she said that she would like to try out how she'd found me. I took off my robe and turning around asked her to undo the lacing that held my corset in place, she began to loosen them and soon after the corset was on the floor. I picked it up and held it up to her telling her to put it on, seeming a little stunned I then told her it was part of the experience and she began to get undressed. After enclosing her body in the tight embrace of the corset I then asked her to lie down on the bed, stretching out her body as she did so. I then bound her ankles and secured them with the lock, placing the now cleaned vibrator over her sex I fastened the straps that held it in place and renewed the batteries.

Now I took hold of her head and placed the gag into her mouth, allowing her time to get used to the feel of it before locking it behind her head. Next came the blindfold and thereafter I took her arms and held them above her as I locked the handcuffs around her wrists, securing these with the chain she was now securely held down to the bed and the vibrator was switched on. I left her bound to the bed gently wriggling against the ties that held her to the bed, her sex moving as the vibrator began to cast it's magic spell on her captive body. Giving her an hour in bondage as an introduction she thanked me as I removed the gag and the rest of the items that held her, she said that it was now my turn to be tied as she wanted to try tying someone else up. I eagerly agreed to this and we spent most of the night tying each other up before falling exhaustedly to sleep in each others arms, the long night had taking it's toll as we had both experienced several orgasms whilst bound at each others hand.

The next morning after breakfast my friend left saying that she'd enjoyed finding me bound to the bed and being bound herself, she would go home and ask her lover if he'd tie her up and use her for his pleasure tonight. She also said that any time I wanted to be tied to give her a call or better still call and let her know when I was going to tie myself up again and she would call around a few hours later to attend to me, giving me a wink and a wicked grin she left to explore her new world. All I wanted now was to relax in a nice hot bath and think about the coming weekend and the promise of a surprise that my husband had made before leaving on Monday.

* * *

Now Friday had finally arrived I was eagerly awaiting my husbands return from his trip away, he'd promised before he left on Monday that this weekend would have a special surprise to celebrate our bondage anniversary. I had spent Thursday shopping for some nice lingerie to wear for the coming weekend, visiting several stores before buying a couple of nice outfits, this morning was spent at the hairdresser and buying some last minute items that I’d thought we could use during our play sessions. He'd rung from the airport saying that his flight would be leaving in about half an hour and he'd be home just after seven.

The clock was approaching five and it was time for me to start getting myself ready, after having a nice soak in the bath relaxing in the aroma of the scented oils that I had used, I began drying myself off looking at my body in the full length mirror, not a bad looking body I thought to myself, my breasts still pert although at 28 they still defied gravity. Now I began to apply my make up, not too much just enough to highlight areas of my face and adding some blusher between my breasts decided that was good enough. 

Now to get myself dressed in my new sexy lingerie, picking up the flimsy items from the bed I placed my legs into the silky teddy and pulled it up over my body, delighting in it's smooth feel against my skin. As I pulled the straps over my shoulders I saw in the mirror that the lace down the front of the teddy displayed my cleavage at it's best, I was really pleased with this purchase and I began to wonder what my partners reaction would be to seeing me dressed in this. Sitting on the bed I placed my toe's into the fine mesh stockings that I'd bought to go with this outfit, they where self supporting and the elastic tops gripped against the flesh of my thighs, now dressed in my new outfit I picked out the items needed to present myself to him on his return, a little self bondage package waiting for it's owner.

The ropes were laid out on the bed along with the gag & blindfold, next I placed my new items on the bed, a new white leather collar and some silk ribbon. Placing the collar around my neck I secured it from behind with a new heart shaped lock that I'd bought with the collar, looking at myself in the mirror I started to get a nice warm glow spread out from between my legs. Picking up some rope I started to bind my ankles & feet, looping the rope around my ankles before cinching the rope between my legs and finally tying the loose ends about my feet. Mmm! The rope felt nice & tight as I tried to move my feet against the rope, next came my knees again the rope was looped around my legs before cinching it through my legs and tightening the rope against my stocking covered flesh.

Placing some rope around my waist pulling it as tight as I could stand, I tied off the ends before threading the loose ends through my legs and back out the back to the rope around my waist and finishing there by tying it tightly, pulling the rope against my crotch as tight as I could. Now was the time to apply the silk ribbon around my body, I wanted to look like a present for him to open, the ribbon went around my waist and I tied this off in front with a large bow. Next came the gag, pushed firmly into my mouth and filling it with it's leather phallus, I clamped my mouth against the protrusion as I worked the straps up & around my head, but before closing I had to put on my blindfold as I wanted the blindfold straps to be covered with the one's from the gag, making it more secure.

Once the blindfold was in place and firmly padlocked behind my head I began to secure the gag's straps about my head, first locking the straps behind my head and then on top of my head, all with small locks the keys contained within a small envelope on the bedside table. Now to finish myself off all I had to do was secure my hands in front with cuffs placed through the rope around my waist, this could also double my pleasure as I could tug on the rope through my crotch and rub against my sex. Now firmly secure within my self imposed bonds I lay there on the bed to await his return my thoughts drifting off into the surprise that awaited me tonight, what had he planned for this weekend?

After what seemed like two hours, I was just approaching my second climax when I heard the bedroom door open, I must have been too engrossed in my bondage fantasy to notice his return as I lay there wriggling my bound body, bringing my mind back into focus I heard first one set of footsteps then a second, this wasn't my husband, unless he'd brought a friend to use me too!  "Who is it?" I mumphed through the gag, the sound covered by the leather within my mouth, but they didn't make a sound other than their footsteps approaching the bed, I could only lay there as they looked over my body and then a hand touched my leg moving up towards my thigh, my skin jumped at the touch, shivers raced up my spine as the hand quietly worked it's way up to my crotch.

Now another set of hands began touching my bound body running over my breasts and down to my tummy, then they both climbed onto the bed and started checking my bonds, tightening them and applying more rope around my arms securing them to the sides of my body. Once tightly tied they began to speak to each other, who were they I could not recognize their voices and I began to panic, struggling against my now tighter bondage, but could not break free as they began laughing at my futile attempts to escape. They both picked me up off of the bed and carried me into the middle of the room, standing me upright on my feet they again checked my ropes making sure I was secure, then I heard a rustle from behind and the smell of cloth as a sack was placed over my head, quickly they worked the sack over my body enclosing it within.

Again I was lifted and they laid me down on the floor as the sack was brought over my feet to totally capture my body inside. The sack was tied at the end locking me inside its stifling confines. I was then picked up and carried from the room and down the stairs outside to their car, placing my bound, enclosed body within the car trunk they closed the lid securing me inside their car. I was being kidnapped, where were they taking me? 

My mind began racing with possibilities as to what they were going to do with me, they ranged from being used by them both for their own desires, to being sold as a sex slave in some foreign country, my body was getting hotter as my mind raced with all the possible scenarios. As they drove along I could feel every lump and bump in the road, they stopped a couple of times, the second time for what seemed like hours. As they restarted their journey they opened the car trunk and dropped several parcels on top of me lying in the sack, each one seemed heavier than the last, they laughed as they closed the trunk and I heard them remark that this weekend trip was going to be great!

They drove on for several hours before the car turned onto a dirt road, I was bounced about within the trunk as they picked up speed the smell of dust filling the inside, the parcels and me hitting each other as they seemed to pick every pot hole in the road. Finally the car came to a halt and they both got out of the car, I heard their footsteps as they walked away and up what seemed like wooden steps. As I lay there trapped within the car trunk, tightly bound in the sack, my self bondage digging into my skin my thoughts turned to my husband, what will he do when he finds I’m gone, will he ever find me again?

The trunk was suddenly opened and I was picked up and carried from the car, they carried me a short distance into a building, the sound of birds diminishing as they took me inside. They then dumped me onto the floor as they went back outside to the car they closed and locked the door to the room. As I lay there I could hear sounds of them talking outside as they carried items from the car, but other than that I could hear no other people, I thought that this place must be somewhere isolated, no traffic sounds just the soft call of the birds outside. I wriggled about in my sack on the floor; it felt like I was lying on dirt, the gritty feel rubbing against my skin.

The door opened and the footsteps approached my captive body, picking me up they released me from the sack, one of them then placed a hood over my head saying that he didn't want to see my face as they used me. I was then picked up and carried a short distance and held against a post, one of them held me whilst the other ran ropes about my body to hold me against the post. When I was secured against the wooden post they ran their hands over my body, commenting on how I felt, how I looked, that I was such a slut finding me bound ike that rutting against the rope through my crotch, their fingers probing my sex and squeezing my nipples hard, they continued to make derogatory comments about me. I was slapped about the face and body several times as I whimpered into my gag at their touch, they told me to remain quiet and not to protest at their touch, otherwise it would be worse for me...!

After they had finished abusing me, both physically and mentally they left me tightly bound to the post for the night, the hood remained in place as did the gag, they made sure that they re-tightened the ropes binding me, causing me more pain and leaving my flesh bulging where the ropes cut into my soft skin. All went quiet in the room, I could hear them laughing and carrying on outside the room they held me captive, they continued for several hours, I was just a plaything for them to abuse and ignore.

* * *

The next day they both came in and untied my body from the post, I was picked up bodily by them both and carried a short distance inside the building, then I was placed on to an old dank matress on the floor, the ropes were cut from my legs and then they forced them apart, binding each ankle to ropes attached to the matress. The crotch rope was next to be cut, releasing my cuffed wrists, my arms were grabbed roughly and held above my head to be secured there with more rope fixed to the matress. Now they again started to play with my bound and spread-eagled body, their hands touching me everywhere, fingers entering my love hole and probing none too gently within its soft folds of flesh. My teddy was ripped off of my body as one of the men climbed onto the matress, I felt the closeness of his body as he lay down on top of me, then I felt his erect member touching the outer lips of my pussy and after a couple of thrusts enter within my sweet delight.

He took his pleasure of me grunting his climax within my moist sex, as I felt the other one climb onto the matress next to him. The first one climbed off of me to be quickly replaced by the second; pushing himself into my pussy he took longer than the first and seemed to delight in trying to make me come. Grinding his pubis against mine, squashing my tiny nub with his pelvic bone, rubbing against it causing waves of pleasure throughout my body, which was now beginning to betray me. Used by them both my pleasure becoming heightened as he continued to push his penis within my sex, I shouldn't be enjoying this I thought as he continued pumping away, kidnapped and raped by these men I should be screaming not enjoying being used like this, but fact and fantasy seemed to have come together at last and my body was starting to enjoy their actions.

He seemed to sense my approaching orgasm and stopped moving within me, only starting again when he thought that I had calmed down enough to continue. He brought me within reach several times before finally allowing me to reach my climax as he pumped his sperm within me. I lay there exhausted after being used by him, but the other man was ready to go again and climbed onto me and began taking his pleasure again. They took it in turns to continuously use my bound body bringing me to climax several times, filling me with their fluids as they spent themselves within me. They then left me bound to the matress as I heard them leave and lock the door behind them; I lay there thinking about what had happened to me so far, what would they do next? How could I escape?

After a couple of hours they came back to me, untying the ropes that held me to the matress, they removed the hood, gag and blindfold, I looked around at my surroundings, both men were wearing latex hoods that covered their faces. I was taken over into a corner of what appeared to me now like a barn; there I was allowed to relieve myself into a bucket. Given some water by one of the men I was then taken back to the center of the barn where the other man had placed a wooden trestle, I was then forced to lay face down on top of it as they bound my wrists and ankles to the four legs of the trestle. A thick leather collar was secured around my neck forcing my head to look forwards and upwards away from my body, rope was threaded through a ring attached to the collar and tied to around the trestle, more rope was used to secure my body to the trestle holding me firmly in place against the top of the trestle.

One of the men then moved around in front of me and firmly pushed a gag within my mouth, this gag was different to one's I’d used on myself, it had a hole that held my mouth open, its plastic coated metal forcing me to keep my mouth open. I bit down on it trying to close it but was unable to and resigned myself to my fate. Both men them positioned themselves around me, their hands again running over my bound body, probing me, pinching and slapping my flesh, then a finger moved away from my pussy and approached my anus, it held there just outside as lubricant was applied before entering my private & virgin hole. It moved about within me and was soon joined by another finger as he poked and probed within me, more lube was squirted up into me as he stretched my flesh, preparing me for what was going to come next.

All the while the other man was moving around in front of me, his erection standing proudly before my eyes, I swallowed with fear, as my mouth seemed to dry up at the thought of this entering my mouth. My mind quickly darting between the actions happening at my rear to the spectacle before me as his penis edged closer to my open mouth. They must have signaled to each other as they both pushed themselves within me at the same time, synchronizing their actions as they pushed their erect members within me, their rhythm maintained as they pumped into me. I lay there bound to the trestle unable to move, my head held firmly in place with the collar and his hand either side of my face as he pushed his penis in my mouth.

The other was pumping away behind me probing the interior of my rear hole, again my body started to betray me as pleasant sensations began to wash over me after the initial pain gave way to more pleasurable sensations, and my tongue went into automatic response and started to caress the intruder in my mouth. I had never had anyone enter me in my private hole before, believing it to be dirty and painful, my husband had tried a couple of times but I had tensed up too much to enjoy it, we both ended up not enjoying it as we might have. Now I had no choice in the matter, bound and taken against my will all I could do was lay here and let it happen to me, the sensations building up within me.

They both came close to one another, first the one up my tight arse then the one in my mouth, tasting his sperm as it dribbled out of my gagged mouth, unable to swallow if I could due to the gag holding my mouth open wide. They both got dressed and moved around the barn, I followed the guy who'd used my mouth, out of the corner of my eye I could see him approach a video camera, turning it off and saying to the other that they should have some great shots this time. My mind raced with images of me appearing on TV’s all around the country, then my thoughts turned to what would they do next? 

* * *

After having been bound to the trestle and used for their pleasure, they left me tied down to it and left the barn, locking the door as they left. Having discovered that they were taping this on video my mind raced at the possibilities of what could happen next, kidnapped away from my home and taken to some isolated farm away from the rest of the world, they could do what they wished with me and no one could stop them. My only hope seemed to lie in escape but every time they left me I was securely bound to something within the barn, the door was always locked from the outside, my plight seemed hopeless.

Now the door opened and three people walk into the barn, closing the door behind them, barring my escape as they walked over to my bound form firmly attached to the trestle. Again they are wearing masks as one prepared the camera the other two begin to untie me, loosening the ropes that hold my sore limbs and standing me upright, again fed water and allowed to pee into the bucket, they both laughed as I squat there using the bucket. I felt degraded using the bucket in front of them but had no choice. Next they both grabbed hold of me either side and marched me over to one side of the barn, against the wall were two timber beams crossed at an angle with straps attached at the top & bottom. My back was pushed roughly against the beams and my arms held above my head as they secured the straps about my wrists, next they spread my legs and attached the straps around my ankles.

More straps held my arms & legs firmly in place as I was helplessly spread-eagled on the cross beams, stretched out for all to see & use, I was now defenseless to whatever they wanted to do to me. Both men then stood back as the third approached me, holding a riding crop in his hand and whacking it against it's other gloved hand. Smaller than the other two as he approached he began to talk, saying that I was trapped and helpless against whatever they wanted to do to me, but the voice was female! 

As she got closer I could smell her perfume mixed in with the leather that she was wearing, now she was standing before me I could see the curves in her body, the soft bulge of her breasts. Her gloved hands began to explore my bound body, her touch soft and enticing sending shivers down my spine and goose bumps over my flesh. She ran her hands over my breasts and down to my moist pussy, feeling the soft folds of my lips with her fingers she pushed them into me, causing me to gasp as she continued to push them deeper within me. Touching areas within me that no man had touched before her expert fingers brought me close to orgasm, sensing this she stopped several times and would not allow me to reach my climax, building up the pressure within my body to fever pitch. She then stopped and withdrew her gloved fingers, holding them up to her nose she sniffed at my love juices that lingered on them, her tongue reaching out to sample the taste.

She picked up the riding crop that she'd held previously and brought it down against my left breast, sharp pains ran throughout my body as she continued to rain down blows upon my breast, she then started on my other and alternated between to two. Moving down from there she placed a couple of hits on my tummy before moving down to between my thighs, again alternating between each thigh every blow was either slightly higher or lower than the last. Then she moved her hand around and began to rain blows onto the moist lips of my pussy, at first the pain was shocking to my body but as she continued they began to send waves of warm pleasure up through my body.

The pain was not sharp any longer but deliberate and timed hits that were just this side of pain and pleasure, my body shaking against the beams, my limbs straining against the straps that held them, she was expertly aiming her blows against my sex bringing me closer to climax, holding off then restarting when she thought it safe to do so, finally allowing me to cum in an earth shattering orgasm, my body tightening against my bonds, my muscles tensing everywhere as they joined in for the climax, she pushed her fingers deep within me as I came and continued to push me along in my orgasm, seeming to extend the time spent in final climax, I shuddered again as wave after wave ran throughout my entire body. Finally I stopped and just dropped within my straps, holding there as my body went limp my head rolling from side to side as the aftershocks took hold.

* * *

When I came around from the climax, I looked around and saw the three of them looking at me, next I saw the video cameras that they'd used to film me, whilst she had used my bound body. I was left hanging there as they went about checking the cameras and putting things away, moving the trestle that had held me previously, I was just their plaything, a toy to be used and discarded. Then one of the two men approached me, using his fingers he probed my now very wet pussy and placed the wet finger into his mouth, tasting my juices. His other hand then reached up and removed his mask, it was my husband! He said he always liked my taste, especially after I’d come, he hoped that I’d enjoyed the surprise and called for the others to come closer and remove their masks.

It was our dear friends, this must be their farm although I’d never seen the inside of the barn on previous visits, he began explaining how he'd planned this with our friends help, they willingly agreed to help out. The video was a keepsake to remind everyone of this weekend, and then he asked me if I’d enjoyed it. I told him it was one of my wildest fantasies to be taken and used this way, how'd he know? He explained that when he first thought of the idea he'd approached our friends and she'd said about this fantasy of mine, sometimes women reveal too much when talking to other women! She smiled at me and said she'd enjoyed using me like this and hoped to do it again soon.

I asked what was going to happen now; my husband said that was all they had planned for me. But that's not how my fantasy ends I told him, he asked me what would I like to happen next, I told him to continue to use me as a sex slave as before and Jill my friend should know the rest, she nodded with a smile and a wink of her eye as she left the barn. I was then untied from the cross beams and lead over to a corner of the barn where a collar was locked around my neck, a chain was also locked in place and the other end was secured to the wall. Next my feet were shackled together as well as my wrists; a chain ran between them all allowing only minimal movement. A gag was forced into my mouth and fastened behind my head with a small lock, a slap on my behind from my husband as he left me here for the night, the door locked behind them from the outside. They left me bound for the night as they went into the house to enjoy dinner and the delights of the hostess for the rest of the evening.

* * *

Left in the barn overnight by my husband and our friends, a leather collar fixed in place around my neck with a chain attached the other end secured to the wall, my hands & feet securely shackled and a large ball gag filled my mouth. They had kidnapped me as an anniversary surprise and used my bound body for their own pleasures and mine! They had taped the whole episode on video and I was eager to see the result, but for now I had asked them to continue using me as a sex slave.

After being fed scraps of food for breakfast and allowed to relieve myself I was taken out of the barn by Jenny, she took me by the chain attached to the collar around my neck and lead me outside, falling over in the dirt several times as she dragged me along, the shackles causing me to trip over. She led me over to a large tree away from the house and barn, she attached a rope to the shackles on my wrists and threw the other end over a branch of the tree and pulled the rope taught, my feet were barely touching the ground as she tied the rope off to the tree. She placed a spreader bar between the shackles on my ankles causing my feet to leave the ground; I was left hanging by my wrists as she headed back to the barn.

The strain on my arms was tremendous as I was stretched to my limits, unable to place my feet on the ground, the muscles in my arms were complaining sending sharp pains to my brain. Jenny returned with a hose in her hand, she turned on the nozzle and sprayed icy cold water over my bound, hanging body; I was unable to escape the jets of water and had to endure the water torture. She hosed my body all over as the slight breeze caused my body to react; my skin was covered in goose bumps, my nipples stood out loud & proud. She closed off the water and went into the house leaving me shivering whilst hanging there from the tree branch.

She returned after about half an hour and began to run her hands over my body, her touch sending shivers throughout my body as I felt her soft touch, her hands worked their way towards my pleasure center which was rapidly becoming wetter as she continued playing with my body, whist leaving me suspended from the rope. She brought me closer & closer to orgasm as she seemed to delight in my body's reaction to her touch, her mouth began to caress my breasts running her tongue over my erect nipples making them rise even more. Her hands played between my legs sending waves of delight throughout my body, her moist warm lips working at my nipples as I rushed towards my climax. She sensed my impending orgasm and stopped just before I could finish.

Jenny stepped back and looked me in the eye, a smile spread across her mouth as she surveyed my bound body hanging from the tree. She placed her hand into her pocket and brought out two clips, she stepped forward and took great delight in placing them onto each nipple, and they closed around my tender flesh sending a sharp pain from their grasp. She placed a small chain between the two clamps and pulled sharply downwards sending even more pain throughout my body. Jenny seemed to be enjoying seeing me struggle against what she was doing to me, it was supposed to be a game but she seemed to be taking it to extremes, an evil looking smile on her face as she tormented me.

She walked over to a small sapling branch laying on the ground, picking it up she returned to my bound body and raising her hand brought down the branch down against my flesh, she continued to beat me with it working the branch over my body each time hitting somewhere fresh & new. After the first few strokes the pain started to subside and turned towards being more pleasurable than painful, my body began to warm to the touch as stroke after stroke hit me. She worked her way around to the back of my body and worked her way down my back towards my two round buns, she seemed to increase the intensity of her strokes as she placed them on my bottom, the last two or three were really hard and tears were streaming from my eyes as she stopped to rest.

Jenny looked deeply into my eyes as she again began to play with my body, her hands again began to roam over my naked flesh and her mouth closed over my nipples. She again brought me close to climax but stopped short when she thought I was close, smiling as she picked up the small sapling branch and again whipping me. After working the branch over my body again she stopped and threw the branch away, looked at me hanging there she began to laugh as she walked back to the house leaving me swaying in the breeze. My body was sore all over from the beating and being stretched for so long by hanging from my wrists, I ached in every part of my being and felt frustrated at not being able to come.

* * *

I heard a rustling from behind a bush away to my right as my husband stepped into view, he'd been hiding in there recording what had just happened as part of the video.  He ran his hands over my body and worked his way down to my warm pussy, pushing his fingers into me he worked me into a frenzy as I hung there, his mouth playing with my breasts it did not take me long to explode into orgasm. My entire body shook as the climax took hold, my muscles contracting as the pleasure washed throughout my bound body, I continued to twitch as the after shocks swept over me.

He untied the rope from the tree and lowered me down to the ground; taking the spreader bar off my ankles he picked me up in his arms and carried me into the house. He gently laid me down onto the bed and removed the shackles from my limbs, he then soothed my sore body by rubbing a cool cream all over my flesh taking some of the sting out from the beating I had received. He told me they had one more scene to play before they had finished, but I would be allowed to rest up for a short while, I heard his voice continue as I drifted off into a deep sleep and didn't catch the ending of what was going to happen next.

In the evening I was dragged out of my sleep by hands holding my body as they worked straps around me, at first I panicked at what was going on making them hold me tighter as the straps dug into my flesh. They were placing me into a body harness that held my arms at my sides, straps worked around my crotch and over my shoulders securing me tightly within its grasp, I couldn't move my upper body my arms were held tightly against my torso. They stepped back to admire their handiwork, as I looked down at all the straps that bound my body, Jenny placed a gag in my mouth and fastened the straps around my head, the gag forced my mouth open. A small chain was attached to the front of the harness whilst someone else placed my feet into a leather hobble; a small chain ran between the two cuffs.

They picked me up off the bed and stood me on the floor, Jenny pulled on the chain attached to the harness and I walked slowly out of the door, the hobble allowing only short steps. I was taken back to the barn where they had set up the next scene, an area was lit up by spotlights and on the floor was the dirty mattress, I was taken over to a post and the chain was locked to a small ring attached to the post. They started to get themselves ready, removing the robes they had been wearing and putting hoods over their heads, they were all naked apart from the hoods. Jenny and her husband lay down on the mattress and began playing with each other, she ran her tongue over his body and he reciprocated the same.

My husband had started the camera's to record the scene and watched as they continued to make love to one another bringing themselves both to climax, I stood and watched from the corner were I was secured to the post, my sex getting hotter and moist as I watched their love play. When they had sufficiently recovered from their exertions they unlocked me from the post and brought me to the mattress, I was left standing at the edge of the mattress while Jenny brought my husband onto the mattress and began to play with his cock, placing it in her mouth tormenting me with a sideways glance and wry smile as she slurped my husband's penis in her mouth, causing him to become hard and erect. Her husband them joined them on the mattress and she placed her hand around his member bringing him to his full size.

They were now ready for me as both men stood there with their erect members standing up like guards, Jenny grabbed hold of the chain and pulled me onto the mattress, both men began to play with my body making me hotter, my pussy cried out for attention with it's juices running down my legs. When Jenny returned I saw that she was wearing a strap-on dildo, it's size larger than the two real cocks they where close at hand so to speak. "Yes my dear all three of us are going to fuck you to death, we are going to use your body to satisfy ourselves!" she said.

Jenny's husband laid down on the mattress and I was lowered onto his erect penis, it entered my moist hole with ease as my muscles squeezed onto his member he let out a sigh, Jenny swatted my ass and told me to stop what I was doing. Next my husband came around to my face I then saw that he had put on a harness around his waist and crotch, he grabbed my head and pushed his dick into my mouth, the gag holding it open for him as he thrust it to the back of my mouth, he then attached two clips to the gag harness from the one around his waist and I was now unable to remove my head from his groin. I now had two cocks working within me, one in my pussy and one in my mouth both moving in unison, pushing into me.

Jenny came up behind me and after squirting some lubricant up my rear pushed the dildo into my tight sphincter causing me to cry out with the pain as she continued to push into me, the cock in my mouth holding back my cries. They all began to use me for their pleasure, thrusting in & out of my abused body. After the initial shock of the rear entry I began to enjoy the sensations that all three cocks were doing to my body, and it wasn't long before the first earth shattering orgasm overtook my body, exploding throughout my being, wave after wave of pleasure cascading about my body. They continued to use me pushing themselves in & out of my holes using me as a sex toy bringing me on to another smaller climax, my tongue closed tighter to my husbands penis in my mouth and he let go a stream of cum, all I could do was try and swallow the thick gooey liquid as he filled my mouth with his cock.

Shortly thereafter Jenny's husband exploded in my pussy, his member becoming bigger as he neared his climax, more sperm gushed into my body as he spent his load within me as I continued to try and swallow the sperm in my mouth. Jenny was the last to come as she pushed the dildo within me it rubbed up against her little nub bringing her to an earth shattering climax and she collapsed on top of me, her body twitching in the aftermath of her orgasm. We lay there in a heap with my husband still firmly attached to my face by the harness's, he yelled out "Cut!" We all started to laugh as we recovered from our exertions.

Later after cleaning away all the items we'd used and returning to the house for a nice long bath I asked my husband if they had finished the filming. He said that yes they had and hoped that I had enjoyed the surprise anniversary present.

"Yes" I said but asked if I could direct another scene that would round off the story.

Then I told him of my idea for the ending of the film that would spice up the movie although it was already very spicy indeed. I told him of an old fantasy of mine was to be used as they had and then my body was 'disposed of' at the end, left tied up in a ditch, saying that the kidnap ransom had now been paid and I was left in the countryside to be found. So an hour later I was bound with tape, gagged & blindfolded and bundled into a sack by both men while Jenny filmed the event for the tape, both men were wearing their masks as they attended to my body. After being placed into the sack I was roughly thrown into the trunk of the car and the lid slammed shut with me trapped inside. Unknown to me Jenny had taken it on herself to direct the action and had planned a few changes for me! I didn't know that she had such an evil streak.

They all climbed into the car and drove off for a few miles, they chose to drive over bumpy back roads, picking out every lump & bump in the road, the dust seeping into the car trunk choking me within the sack, they stopped at a diner for something to eat, leaving me within the trunk. After they had finished their meal they came back to the car and continued driving some more, I had no idea where they were taking me and this was part of the plan.

Eventually they stopped and got out of the car, opening the trunk they took out the shovels they had brought with them and they carried me into the forest. They continued walking some distance from the car until Jenny said that this was the spot, I was dropped onto the ground, knocking the wind out of me as I made contact with the floor. Jenny instructed the men to dig as she continued to film, she had set the camera's up on tripods and lit up the area for the filming earlier, but I was not to know that this was the back of their property.

As the men dug the ditch that I was destined to be put into, Jenny approached me bound in the sack, she told me that she had persuaded the others to change my scripted ending and that they were going to leave me buried here and that I was not to worry about my husband, as she would take care of all his sexual needs from now on! She continued to tease and taunt me as I screamed in the sack to let me go, struggling against my bonds. I was beginning to get hot between my legs and she took great delight in my reaction. She began laughing as she walked away; she then kicked me as I lay there.

At last the digging stopped and I heard Jenny direct the two men to 'pick me up and throw the bitch into the hole!' I felt my body being lifted as both men carried me over to the hole they had dug; they swung my body in the sack over the hole and dropped me in. I seemed to drop for ages, how deep was this hole that seemed now to be my grave?

Finally making contact with the earth I hit it with a thud, my body crying out at the pain this caused, unseen hands maneuvered my body so that I was laying face upwards in the ditch, my husband said, “Good-bye bitch! And hoped that I was enjoying this ending, as he certainly was.” as he stepped back.  Jenny then jumped into the ditch and opened the top of the sack, she placed a gas mask over my head covering my face, this would allow me to breathe when buried. I started to feel a warm glow spread from my belly over my body as Jenny bent down and whispered in my ear, "Good-bye slut! Hope you enjoyed your anniversary, it's your last!" She then closed the sack as I caught a last sight of my husband smiling at me.

She then told the men to cover me with dirt, they shoveled it on top of me covering me bound within the sack, they seemed to take their time placing the dirt on me, each shovel full hitting my bound body, more & more dirt continued to cover me. My hands taped in front of me worked furiously on my little nub sending delightful sensations throughout my body as each piece of dirt hit my body until when fully covered, I exploded into a wonderful climax.

Now buried within the ditch I climaxed as the dirt was padded down by all three above me, Jenny then laid down on top of me and invited my husband to screw her on his wife's grave. I could feel their weight as he laid on top of her pushing himself into her and pumping away until they both came, whilst  her husband came and laid beside her and she took his erection within her mouth swallowing him down. They all came in unison as I heard their cries of pleasure above me as I climaxed below them. They left me buried there as they picked up all of the equipment and carried it to the car, finally Jenny came back to check on my breathing and said, "Good-bye! Bitch!" She went on to say that I would remain here until the instructions on how to find me were delivered by post to my home, however long that would be! This sent more waves of pleasure through my body as she walked back to the car.

The letter arrived late the next day with the instructions for my husband where to find me, the postman had delivered the map to our home and my husband made his way to recover me. After removing me from the ditch he took me out of the sack and we made love there in the clearing I had been buried in. He asked if I had enjoyed acting out my fantasy and I told him it fulfilled my wildest dreams, but I still had a few more to act out! I had enjoyed being their sex slave, used and abused by them all. We both laughed as he picked me up and carried me to the car, he said that maybe we could act out some more next anniversary.

"Mmm!" I said "I hope we won't have to wait that long!"



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