Bound for Life 7

by Cuffmaster

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Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at [email protected]

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life. Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


Part Seven

I guess Sir had ignored or forgotten this was his birthday, and tonight they were holding a huge party for him.

As one of the guests said, I have not seen him this happy and healthy in years. Thank you Miss for bringing life back the best man we have ever known .

I had not been told that a few years ago we almost lost him thru a massive heart attack. Working to hard, depressed about no one to share his life and huge fortune with and frankly just lost.

He after months was given an OK to return to the ranch and resume his position as the Man in charge of one of the most large holdings in the country.

I blushed and simply said thank you.

The party had drinks and all, except Sir and I had Apple Cider as neither one of us drink.

Soon, Sir asked for the mike they had set up, and I told him, you are not only talking to those here, but all around the world those who love, respect and care for you. You can speak any language you prefer and those of us will translate when needed.

He looked a little embarrassed he was so short on language skills. One by one, they checked in from the USA, east and west coast and middle of the country, South America, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and the list went on and on, plus Paris, Dubis, and Cape Town.

By now he was really red in the face at the love of people and the respect they were showing for him.

As many of you know I took Maria as my life time partner in bondage and she willingly gave me parts of her body to be bound for life this was a little over 2 years ago.

We celebrated this event a few days ago and now it is two full years for each.

I have a surprise for her. I have her papers and told her, she was now a free woman of the horrible man that she had married by arrangement when she was just 16 and that had raped her over and over on her wedding night. He looked to me and said, do not worry, he is well taken care of. Your house has been bought, rather than rented and later we will do a total makeover if you choose.

Then, he was on one knee, much to the clapping and sounds of the room and the interconnect around the world.

Maria, Will you be my wife and partner in share in all and remain as my Bound for Life partner.?

I almost knocked him over with the response as I for a second forgot of being bound at the ankles and jumped up to him and told YES, A Thousand Times Yes. I shook my cuffs high above my head and said for all to hear, If we could be married tonight it would not to soon for me.

At that minute, Mia showed up and said, follow me me, and you too Molly. Sir will you and Gunter go with Moe.

We went into dressing rooms the size of most houses. I had laid out for me the most beautiful Wedding Dress by Dior and pure white. Molly had a brides made dress of Peach.

'My dress fit perfect, and then remembered the tailor and his precise measurements. Molly's was perfect all so. We each had nylons threaded under our ankle chains and up to perfect fit garter belts. The shoes were perfect also.

Mia had not taken the cuffs off either of us. What she did do was bring in a few hair stylists she knew and in less than 15 minutes our hair was perfect.

In the other dressing room, Mo had Sir change into a tux he had never seen and of course Moe had a new suit for Gunter as he was best man. Sir's was White as snow and shirt to match. Boots of soft white leather. Sir, ask, how did you know? Moe smiled, who has been your dresser for more than 10 years Sir?

We heard a flourish of music and the girls led us out to the great room.

Sir had made arrangements to finish off my time with my former, bought my house and arrangements for everything.

The hooting and hollaring and the clapping frankly was unexpected.

I have the legal papers here, and as witness as you might choose to use. The Minister is in the wings and we are to be married tonight, my second birthday surprise of the day. On the speaker phone was words of love and congratulations and mention of many surprises to come. I translated for Sir.

We had the ceremony and I was officially now Mrs Patrick Don Wilson.

God what a day. The party went on for about another hour, and he came to me, and said “Love do you want to tell them, or should I?”

I would love to and maybe be able in the native tongue answer some questions.

He got to the make and finally got the room back to order. My Bride, My Love of My Life and My Bondage Mate for Life has something to tell you all. Do we still have all my world wide friends on line? The answers came in, Yes.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise party tonight and I was in as much shock as my Husband was with his new car. Now, hang on to something strong......

We are selling the ranch, the permits for guarantee and all except Mia, and Mo, assuming they wish to be with us, and of course the Chef and staff. Of course we expect our horses to taken care of as your first born, and we will keep that barn and their upkeep for the rest of their lives.

Here is how it will happen.

We will take blind auction bids starting tonight and lasting for the next 7 days. This will give you time to do it by yourself, a partnership, or a small group. The list of conditions are long, but nothing that any of you would not do if you sold your life's work and pride.

The base, or reserve bid will be the last tax assessment we paid. Of course we have built more barns and added to much, but that was 5,550,000,000. To be sure all understand, that was 5 Billion Five Hundred Fifty million dollars, US. I would guess our tax bill this year will be basis of about 8 Billion dollars, and we will pay that to get you a clean start and not work out of a hundreds of millions of dollars hole from this.

These bids can be made in person, email or courier to me, as I will be doing the finance on this project. Not that Sir has a problem with finance, as you have all played poker with him and I do not know of anyone one of you who won. I will close the bidding in exactly 7 days and the winner will be notified.

Before tonight we had 19 invitations for at least a month at the estates of many here and on line. Thank You.

I started to buy a yacht from Fritz in Paris and with his help and those of countless others here and many of you on line we did get this done. My surprise to you my Husband is the yacht is a present from a combine of three of your old time friends. We will visit them and they sail with us as soon as we finish with the honor of the first invitation by Gunter and Molly.

My Husband, I have for you an additional present for our wedding. We have docked on the South of France this boat to live in part time or us full time, your choice. It is 265 Ft long, and a Salon about half the size of this room. It has a Master Bedroom and three guest bedrooms well appointed. It also had wonder quarters for the staff and workers. It was built with care, love and long term in use in mind, and I hoped if the spirits willing, we would use that for a very long time, and we would have the house in Amsterdam as a permanent stopping place when we got tired of travel for a bit. We will be taking with us of course Mo, Mia and the Kitchen staff, assuming they wish to come.

What is the thing that sold me on this yacht was it has a helo pad large enough to land and take off with a 6 passenger unit. The pad was above the deck house and did not interfere with seeing and doing any thing we wanted. And when docked it has a hoist to lift his new limo and stow it away, so when we go anywhere, we are self contained. I loved it had a built in fresh water poor and spa. A wonderful sun deck up high and private so we could dress or undress to take advantage of it.

Right now Sir was White. I was told to call for a Doctor and most did not know or have any clue, I was in fact a Doctor and had passed all my tests while being with Sir. I told them to make him comfortable and bring me a paper bag. He is simply hyperventilating from the events of the day and night. we ordered a helicopter to be ready and off to the Hospital we would go if I was wrong.

After he was up and had color back Gunter spoke to him in private.

He said this is indeed a night of love and surprises. I am sure most of you know Gunter and his love of horses and the fact he is not a full time horse person as we most are, he has a special thing he would like to say. Clapping and shouting started up again.

He said, Molly, please come to me, bound as you are, and if you accept it can become for life as Maria's is. Yes, Yes, was the answer.

Also he got down on one knee, and talked in German and I translated to English.

I am sure it is no secret you have been my Mistress for many years and I have a wife who frankly does not care. I have just been notified that the divorce I asked for is final.

Molly, Will you honor me as being my Bride and to be Bound for Life?

I thought she would faint and I was by her side and Mia on the other and without us she would have gone over in love, passion and pleasure.

All I could hear was YES< YES and Yes again.

The room exploded and he then told her he had made all the arrangements and if she did not mind be married in light peach, and her brides maid in white, then lets do this now, tonight. He looked to Sir, and said, you will be my best man I assume, as you are the best man I have ever known.

Then one by one, until all had their say, we were invited as a foursome to all and any thing they had to offer to us.

One came up and told, you know me by my stores only. I would like to make to you and Molly a gift of a special pendant, your choice of any item in the store, only one condition. You both must come to London and pick it out, and stay with me and mine for a few days, or weeks or how ever you want.

Others keep coming up and giving me and Molly things, with the word we would visit them and pick up from their place.

It was a dream/nightmare all at one time.

Just before the party broke up we got one of our Chinese clients break in and give a thousand pardons, but he was going to break the rules of the sale.

You could hear the simile in his voice when he said, Catch me in you can. I right now give a totally firm offer for your place of 25 billion dollars.

All staff that wish to stay could and those who choose to leave would be given a new car and 100,000 dollars for past loyalty and service but those who stayed had a position with CoolMor if they wanted CoolMor, the contract we complete with the high bidder is obligated to supply your ranch 5 billion a year to supervise and be his eyes and ears. He would expect them to be a top client as the past, as he told, I have lusted for that place from the last time I came.

And Maria, congratulations and the same to you Molly. You two must be the most exceptional of women and my full respect to both of you. As you know with my culture, a woman of power is rare, but it seems you are so very special to capture the love, heart, and soul of Sir. I understand you did not even know who he was when he pushed his way into your life.

That is him.

He see, wants, gets, and by the way, never play poker with him unless you are willing to loose.

This is the most wonderful day I can remember, period.

Sir and I spent the next three days in bed. Frankly we fucked in every way known, as we both had read books and a video that we about wore out looking and trying things.

Finally on the second day, he went to the closet and got bundles of rope and straps, all new. He had me on my tummy in a second and my wrists lashed tight, I mean tight. Then my ankles to each that the cuffs from each dug into the other ankle. Then my thighs, knees, and finally a rope around my waist to keep my hands where he wanted them. Next was a rope around my waist, and a huge knot right in the right spot. He finished tying off the ropes by my hands to the other end of the crotch rope and my ankles to my hands. This way, no matter how I moved I got totally the feel of the crotch rope in all its glory. My god, I had been tied in such a tight manner or ever hoped to be in my life.

Now he went and got a bundle of scarves and made a huge wad and placed it in my mouth, and then a leather strap around my head to told them I thought he was going to squeeze my head in a new shape.

Next, my eyes, covered in many layers of black cloth and very tight. I was a Totally Bound Woman and loving it. I could only roll a little on each side, but afraid to really go after it, as I might fall off the bed.

He simply said, I need rest and you have fucked me into total exhaustion. I will let you go in a day or so, and you had better hope you did not drink to much water.

With that, he lay down by me and grabbed a breast and started to roll a nipple. Electric, yes very. Good, Yes very, and then a hand down and adjusting the crotch rope to make sure it was against my clit.

I was going wild. I could not make a sound, or see, and yet he grabbed what ever he wanted when he wanted and all I could do was lust in my mind, as I was indeed a totally bound woman.

I have no concept of time but think it must have been hours and then he went limp and I could here the snore as he kept a hand on my breast. I think I must have cum at least 50 times that night, and yet he was not in me or my mouth on his cock.

He owned me and knew how to play me like a toy.

After what seemed to be days, months, years, a life time I was awoken with my breasts being kissed it the most soft feather kisses ever. I tried to move and respond and nothing. The way he had tied me it was totally impossible to move anything except a little side to side. I tried to grab his cock, but came up just short of reaching it. I just simply knew I was going to die of pleasure.

He slowly untied my ankles and rubbed them back to life and then my knees and thighs and the same.

My hands were still as one behind my back and that damn crotchrope was driving me nuts.

He took it off and then my blindfold.

I saw he had a riding crop, very limber in his hands, a whole new side of him.

He said, bathroom. Yes I shook my head.

Yes, I thought as I still could not talk at all and got up. He gave me a most gently baby strike on the butt and I ran as fast as I could with my ankle chains to the loo. I could not clean myself, and he came in and with a smile as wide as the ocean he asked, do you want dried off. I shook my head yes and he took a towel so soft and started to wipe me, and then started to play with my ring in my hood. I did not plan on squirting as much as pee, but it happened.

He said, I think you like this a little.

I was crying again as a baby in pure tears of joy and love.

He asked, do you want a drink of water or tea, coffee?

I about broke my neck in nodding yes. He came to me and took out my gag and laid to one side.

Then he brought water and a straw and I drank and drank. He then asked, coffee? Remember, it might be a long time till I get back, so think of your need to pee. What?

He told me time for breakfast, and I assumed I would be untied to eat. Wrong, so very wrong.

I was lead into the dining area and breakfast was laid out. Also Molly, still tied and Now Mai tied the same way and Iris, CoolMor's Wife the same.

How are we supposed to eat was my question? Simple was the answer, Gunther showed up, Mo showed up and of course CoolMor was there and we were each feed by hand, one bite or drink at a time.

Have you ever been tied and had each bite feed to you like a baby? At first I was angry, and then realized it was part of the pledge of him taking care of me. I was wondering about why Mia was tied and as Molly and Iris were also. I looked and yes, she also had on the test ankle chains.

What was happening???????

My beautiful husband was first to speak of this. Maria I told you that all the women under may control had a brand, a non removable chain, be it waist, ankle, wrist and one around the neck? As of our wedding and while you slept last night I went to the ranch and told them all of the sale. I told them that personal sexual relationships were now possible while living on the ranch. I ask each girl by themselves did they want their brand removed. NOT ONE did.

CoolMor and Gunther are maybe my two oldest friends and the have talked to their staffs and each want a waist chain as you and Molly have. We are fast expanding as a world of Bound for Life Men to many Women totally being taken care of by their men. In fact, the Asian gentleman that made the offer last night has two wives, and wanted permanent ankle chains for each, but only 6 inches, as the Asian men love to see women shuffle along. This will be done for him, be he the high or what ever on the biding order, as that did process is yours to sort out and take the best for US.

All the females are getting the same shots that you and Molly have. Remember? No periods, and no possible pregnancy, and yet reversible with one shot.

Now one of the second special news items. Last night Mo and Mia got married and will both be with us for life. Molly has accepted this life forever and agreed to Marry Gunter and of course the CoolMor's will be remarrying soon to show, this is not a fad or anything except pure Love and Commitment.

We all talked and enjoyed the world we lived in.

I got a call from Fritz about some details of the boat I wanted. I was shocked at what was available, and one fit perfect.

275 ft long. Front swimming pool and hot tub.

Could carry enough fuel and fresh water to go around the world without pulling into port.

Had a huge helicopter port above the main deck, out of the way.

And it had a loading bay, that my beautiful Husbands Limo could fit into as well as a 4 wheel drive Land Rover.

Now for safety I wanted an extra tall mast in the center and rear, with very high quality radar. with laser painting equipment installed and extra heavy fire power on all sides and missiles that were guided to the target with the three dimensional radar set up. No possible way for us to be taken from any way and my assumption was that anyone with evil on their minds when they saw one or more of their attack boats totally gone with one shot, would find other game I wondered if it would be possible to fit the ship on all sides with heavy guns in case of pirates or others not up to good deeds.

I found out the ship I wanted was available as I wanted already. I asked why? He told me it had been built for a high official of a country that now under new leadership. The ship was owned by the country and they were very willing to make a deal, as it was simply costing them money to maintain and taking harbor space.

We talked for at least another hour about exactly what I wanted.

I then surprised him. Was it possible to have a 48 ft or so yacht that could be towed with this to allow us to port, and not have to take the large ship in. Yes, he said, it actually was his and in perfect condition and he had lost his wife and his new lady was afraid of the water.

I also asked him to port the ship for me and have an extension built on the rear so the yacht could be listed and lowered as needed, when we wanted to port and keep the larger home ship out to sea a bit.

This is exactly what I had in mind, and the mast and radar on the port unit could be lowered, or actually tilted over to not interfere with the extra radar you have ordered.

Maria, I hope I am not out of line, but you are the most smart person I have ever known and it seems you and your husband have some long and adventures travels in mind.

My question was when would this all be ready? He said about a month to install all and check out and he assumed I was aware the fire power I wanted would have to come from Israel? I told him yes, and our best friend Gunther would assist in getting export, or what was needed to get these items.

I then asked, what would be the cost? He said unknown. OK... Will you accept a wire deposit to any account in the world of 1,000,000 as a deposit to hurry and get it done correct.

I could hear him intake air and a silence. I asked, is that enough or do you want more? He said, that was more than enough to get the very best workers and material and have the conversions made.

Good. I want you to please establish the price for the ships and please keep a very nice profit for yourself, as we have already put the ranch up for sale, and started to remodel my home in Amsterdam for when we choose to not travel and take a break.

Good for me that she is, and sorry for your loss.

I had many things done to the ship and yacht. He told me it was probably going to be very expensive. I told him, frankly cost was not a factor.

Then he asked me a very strange question. Is what I hear true. I hear that you have had your ankles bound to each other by a short chain which is so strong it is non removable. I told him, yes, I was not only married to Sir Wilson, but have been for years his woman Bound for Life. My lady in waiting is also bound the same way, and Gunther and his Molly the same and the Coolmor's are getting married again and want the same. We have people all over the world under stand that love is more than a little band, but it is total commitment and devotion.

Then he surprised me, asking for the next hour questions about the life and life style and so on, and I think he about fainted when I told him that my service woman, Mia and Gunther's new bride to be and Mrs Coolmor was having the same done, and we had people all over the world who like and believe it is better to have for a woman than any other thing. Bound to them by Love and Unbreakable Chain.

Then he almost caused me to pass out when he asked, is there a way I can bring my lady over to see and talk to you in person about having this for her. I would love it, as we play bondage games, but she is never totally under my control and wants to be.

I told him yes, as he knew we had a hotel by our airport and he was welcome, and I gave him a number and code to call when he wanted a suite set aside for the two of them.

He made me blush, again, as he told of knowing Sir Wilson for years and that I was the only woman who caught his attention and love. Frankly my dear, I can not wait to meet you, as you must be someone more than special.

I of course thanked him.

Then the shocks came again. Is there a place I can leave your new yacht and we will simply boat over?

I told him I have a house on the major canal that runs out of Amsterdam and plenty of dock for it. Let me know when you expect to arrive and I will have an official docking boat and Captain bring you in and Mo, and probably Molly will meet you and bring you both to us. Is that OK?

Yes, so very thoughtful.

End of part 7


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