Bound for Life 5

by Cuffmaster

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Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at [email protected]

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life. Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


Part Five

I had a problem that was hard to talk to Sir about. I could not go to sleep without my hands being bound by cuffs, straps or rope. I had crossed over and now it (total bondage) was a part of me. When I woke him and told him, he smiled and said, "Thank you, I was correct and knew you were the person I have looked for all my life and now wish to share that life with you always".

He got out of bed and brought back a sash cord, the kind used for drapes and loosely tied my hands in front and I was content and very happy.

He then said, "What is on you mind now?" I simply told I was so happy and lucky to have him.

He then said something that caught me by total surprise.

"Maria, I have a ring of the same material as your ankle cuffs and your waist chain and mound". I must have looked surprised and quite astonished.

He asked, during brunch, in front of the staff, "I had planed on asking you to be my partner and mate for life and offer to you this ring. Do you want to try it on for size?"

Yes Yes Yes

He got it out and tried it on my ring finger. Like it was grown on me. Perfect.

I asked, "Could I keep it on now and forever?"

He told me he would like to offer it before the meeting group, but yes. He would show and ask in public for me and him to be mates for life and beyond if possible and display my ring, but not taking it off ever again, that would be your choice if you ever felt the need to do so.

I was crying like a baby....

He tied my hands with the sash cord, loose, and I grabbed him about the neck and we were both asleep in less than one minute. God, The Spirits are Good, and all of fate is perfect for us.

The next morning we were awaking by the phone. It was the chief Chef of the Hotel. He asked or questioned, is murder still not legal in this Country? Sir starting laughing and put the phone on speaker.

"What is the matter?" he was asked.

"Gunther has taken over my kitchen and some of the staff." Sir asked what he was talking about.

He advised Gunther had his private plane fly in his Chef plus many foods native to Germany and Israel where he owns many orchards and farms and some of his staff and he is fixing brunch for us, and by us, I mean You Sir, Madam, and all of the staff and everyone that he has had contact with while our guest down to the limo driver.

"I have never given my kitchen to anyone before and am losing it". Sir told him, to go and get some coffee or some legal weed, sit back and enjoy the day.

The Chef then advised, "Can Madam and you be ready for Brunch in about 30-45 minutes?", which was the real reason for this call.


By now I have already pressed my pendant and told Mai to get me ready quickly for the day and find Moe and have him help with Sir.

I set out what I wanted to wear to brunch and then on to town, and it was a pure white silk blouse and dark brown leather slacks and brown boots. I wanted my hair down and as straight as possible.

Mia had me looking like a queen in record time.

When we went into the hall, even with his great air conditioning and furnace system the smells were without words. Everything you think of from fresh huge dripping with icing cinnamon rolls to meats and other breads and things I had no idea of what they were. When we got to the main dining hall I almost fainted from the wild, wonder of odors that overwhelmed me. Foods, all I can ever think of and fresh flowers, yes fresh flowers this time of year, some even with the dew on them.

Gunther came out like a proud father and picked a flower I had never seen from on of the bunches and it smelled like heaven. White and perfect with my red hair, and said, just for you....... Blush and awe.

He told me it had been picked a few hours ago in Israel and flown it in with many other fresh items from one of his places.

I looked to Sir for approval of him putting it in my hair and I got a nod with a huge smile.

The rest of the meal, and all that came with it would take a entire book to write about.

The thoughtfulness or even having the most less position person, the limo driver as well as the entire staff of Sir's kitchen being served this wonderful meal. Yes served. He had brought his staff over to do this for our staff.

Sir ate so much I thought I would have to find a crane to move him from the chair.

He took my hand and went to the front of the room and got the attention of the room. He in broken German, with me as a shadow voice told of the pure love friendship this had been.

I think Gunther blushed, hard to tell with the heavy suntan, and then in English told our people of the respect that each should always have for each other.

Then He got on one knee and asked, "Maria, will you be my partner in business, life, love and all for the rest of our lives".

Yes I shouted in every language I know.

Then he reached into his blazer pocket and took out an envelope and stated for all the hear.

"Her voice is mine and mine is hers. Please no one ever forget that. I can not have my partner running around the City and the World with no spending money". He opened the envelope and inside was a check for 100,000,000.00 US Yes, you read it correct, 100 million dollars USA and he said, "this was pocket money from him to me to buy or use any way I wanted". Now I fully understand Moe and Mia standing beside me, as I went out like a light and without them would have hit the floor.

The next thing I remember is all the Staff still standing and clapping and coming up to congratulate him on his choice of partners. Many things were being said, but frankly I do not remember any of them.

Gunther was next to us with the most beautiful girl with Black Hair I have ever seen. "Maria, I would like to introduce you to my Molly and I have no clue as to how I will top this, but frankly I doubt I could. Remember you two have some shopping to do, and I would love to take her and get her from skin out new things if that is agreeable with you. You have such great tastes on clothes and all."

He of course said yes.

I said, "Moe, can I talk to you a minute?"

"Yes Madam."

"I know Sir loves his BMW but is it the car he really wants as I know things will change a lot in the years to come. I know you have been with him more time than anyone else, and has he ever thought or mentioned any car in the world he would like better?"

"Yes, we have a Saudi client that has several of the horse barns here and he always brings his one favorite car. A Silver Shadow from England. I think he has a girlfriend in the city, as with the tinted windows the car has, he could be doing anything in the back seat and no one would know".

"Moe, you will be driving this car more than anyone else, and we will be on roads through out the world, would you be proud to drive it?"

" Madam, I would be a very proud man to serve you and Sir anywhere in the world".

"Moe, can you get away and call him and ask were and exactly how the car is and if think Sir would be happy with it find out how I can get one here and if possible yet today?"

"It will be done, and I will call if you and Molly and Gunther are in the city."

"Thank You."

A little later, I got a call from Moe. Actually he called before we even left for town and told me "I am pleased to order that the runway be staffed as a car of your wish will be flow in from London. I will park at the Main house".


"Can you find the price for me so I can have the monies transferred for the cost and plane."


"What do mean No?"

"The King has made this a gift to You and Sir as a present of your life vows. He knows you can not be married yet. But this a gift for the two of you. He said he can not wait to meet up as you must be a Goddess among women. He will talk to Sir and wants us to come and visit his Mansion for as long as we want. He sounded very proud of Sir and Proud that Sir had a focus for his life now".

Again, he had to catch me as I was on my way to dream land.

In a bit, I got the BMW brought around and Molly and I got in the back seat and Mai in the front and the keys were given to Gunther. I told him, we owned all the land and roads for miles around and really give it a test if he choose.

He was a mad man in speed and control of the big car.

When we got to the city he told me, "You know this is one car I do not have and would love to have". I told him that if he really liked and wanted it there would be one waiting for him when we got home.

He said "NO. He wanted this one of his best friend and had overheard me talking to Moe about a Rolls Royce Limo for Sir".

I asked, "Do you not want one that is brand new?"

"This is new, only 12,000 miles and it smells of you and Sir. This is my choice if you wish to allow me to have it".

He then surprised me. "Is there a way the shop where your ankle chains were made and will you arrange for him to fit Molly, as we talked about it last night. She told me that she wanted to give me that kind of commitment and frankly it is the most sexy thing she has ever seen."

I told him yes, but one condition.

He laughed. "No one except you has ever given me conditions. "

This is respect at a level you can not even think of.

I told him, "Thank you. The condition is this. She will be given a set of chains to wear 14 inch or 11.5 as mine are between ankles, for at least two weeks and they will be locked on by a closed clip so you or her cannot cheat and find if it was not possible for her to deal with to undo the clips, you will have to have me come to her, or send her to me. By the way mine are 11.5 inches. Sir had mine made shorter for a couple of reasons. One he likes the way it makes me walk and it is very sexy as each hip thrusts forward to give me a little more walking room. He also wants me to always be a lady getting up from a chair or out of the car, and the shorter ones keep my knees more together, at least he tells it does. The most important of all is that when I walk the chain does not drag or make noise on a floor, be it wood or marble as it is stretched full length all the time. Frankly I love it and would not know how to walk again without them on or even a inch or two longer".

Gunther had listened very intensely and said, "If the catches are not in place yet, can you make Mollies exactly the same length as yours, because I know she will love to be Bound for Life as you do and we should start with the correct length now, and no need for adjustment ever. I think, after talking to her, she wants this totally and probably more".

I told him, "Do not be surprised as I usually wear some kind of handcuffs, as he already knows from the other night and I frankly feel naked without the bondage. Only the guy making them and I will have the key to let them go, understand. Let her learn and call me to help in teaching. Also she will need a dresser and a constant companion as I have with Mia. The reason for this is these are these chains are non removable for life once she has accepted and you accept the responsibility that goes with this commitment to her and I want her to have the opportunity of being sure and not just doing because have asked it."


He laughed. "I did not ask her, but she begged me for the same as it is the greatest sign of love possible to be Bound For Life for and to someone. We are not married, but soon possibly. I also understand that you & Sir have a special relationship which does not involve sexual intercourse, and frankly that is more than satisfactory with me and Molly, as it is the respect of her beauty and mind, not sex that I love most".

"Next, she has to have my tailor meet her and measure in some very intimate ways to make her clothes fit. Notice, when she is wearing leather pants or slacks or swim wear or other legged items as I am now, and with out special ability to open the sides, it is not possible to put them on, as the my legs are locked in chain for life, and with the chains on for life, that would appear to be impossible to wear these items. Well, My tailor puts in all my leg applied items, even swim suits very fine and strong zippers that you did not even notice. She will require this. Also, I do not know of her condition, but it is best if she has lazer hair removal, not shaving of the pubic area and never wear panties again. Acutally impossible with my ankles chained from the way you have looked at me a couple of times, I do not think she should ever wear a bra again. Only a top when a two piece swim suit. I am not trying to be pushy, but I live this life all the time 24/7 and have learned much. Even how to have a saddle made for her if she has a horse. I told Molly, do not be surprised at falling on her face or fanny a few times in the first few days, as walking is entirely different."

We got her chains (11.5 inches) on her and went to my tailor. He started to measure and then stopped as if shot. "What is the matter?" I asked.

"Did you know that you two gals are total in measure in all aspects. She is a little heaver on top but could wear your tops and you hers as I am sure one of you will make arrangements for exactly the same bust size and form, but from the waist down, totally one would be interchangeable with the other".

"Great. Then no hurry on her stuff, and I will give her some of mine for now and we can send hers to her when you have finished with it."

Is that OK?

"Great and off to a late lunch and then the store". I watched her walk, and I laughed. I must have looked that funny in the first few days also. She did have on a nice flowing skirt but short enough to see fully she was chained. We shopped for hours and got her as we were told, from the skin out all new items and her tastes and his were not that far different than mine. This is good, as when we go to them, I will only have to pack light and when they come to us, the same for her.

I advised her that she should get a registered statement of this condition that she and Gunter are going into. First it protects her, and second protects Gunther from lawsuits or worse. "If you love him and respect him, I will help you to make the forms and we will get the two of you to register them. It also helps, no requirements the Airport Safety people to allow her access to a plane without a problem, as these are as permanent as possible. They will be made of carbon fiber, and only Sir has the only machine in all of Europe to put them on or take them off. Remember Molly, do not be pushed into this as it is totally one way".

I asked for Gunther's cell number and gave him mine. We tested a call back to each. "Unless you want to clothes shopping with us, go, have a beer, a woman or what ever you want and we will call in a few hours and we are going to have a "girl" lunch and shopping. Can you find your way around town or back to the ranch?"


"Great, I will let you off where you desire. By the way Molly", he said, "you will need some cash".

I told hi,, "NO. This is my treat and all she needs will be my treat. If you want a fur coat for her or such, you can do that, as I do not like fur coats and think it not proper to raise animals to make them".

Off we went to my "store" and I called in advance to be sure the area I wanted to shop in was clear and we would not have to wait for others. Molly looked at me funny. What? "Do you have that much power?"

"No, but Sir does and I am learning how to make it work for me and save valuable time for him and I to spend with each".

She asked, "what did you do with all your old clothes that you can not wear now?"

" I gave them to a shelter for those who needed them. I would never throw anything away that can be used by someone else or eaten by others. I am Dutch and we use all of everything."

Molly started to cry. "What is wrong, pain, or what?"

"NO! I just did not ever think I would meet someone like you who shared my values and I was until now thinking I was the most lucky woman in the world to have found Gunther. "

"The same feeling is from me also, and I would die for him in a flash if it saved Sir."

Before we left the car, Mia placed me in handcuffs that were about 12 inches apart. Molly just had her mouth open and said why. I told her it was me.

She said, "I wish I had some to do the same".

Mia reached into her purse and placed matching cuffs on Molly. I am sure she had an Orgasm right there and now.

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