Bound for a Friday

by TS

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© Copyright 2011 - TS - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; lingerie; cd; bond; cuffs; bfold; gag; tease; chairtie; oral; cons; X

I had been looking forward to a day’s leave on Friday to be shared with my wife, Sally, as we had planned on having a day out together.  Unfortunately when she returned from work on the Thursday evening she announced that an important meeting had been arranged, at short notice, for the Friday morning and she wouldn’t be able to join me until the afternoon.  But she assured me, we could still enjoy the ‘whole’ day.

Never mind I said, I’ll have a round of golf in the morning with Mike.  But Sally said Mike was away and that she would ask Mike’s wife, Lisa, to come over and ‘keep me company’, but only if I agreed to do exactly as Lisa directed.  This sounded interesting as, if you’ve read my previous stories you’ll know, Lisa and Mike share our interest in bondage games.

Sally left for work in the morning dressed in one of her smart business suits and left me a little horny, well seeing her get dressed into stockings and suspenders, with matching bra and knickers, only to be covered by a well cut suit (with a lacy vest top that was only decent if the jacket remained in place) does produce certain feelings.  I was also intrigued by her comment when she said I would enjoy my time pretending to be her secretary when Lisa came over.

Before she left, Sally explained she didn’t want me getting ‘carried away’ with myself (I assume she meant for me not to log onto Gromet’s Plaza) and so took some direct action to prevent this.  This action took the form of applying our wrist cuffs to me and stretching my arms out so that the cuffs could be secured to the posts at the head of our bed using some rope.  I felt comfortable still dressed in my boxer shorts and having my legs left alone, but with my hands secured some way away from my groin there was no chance of any early morning ‘relief’.

The next hour or so was really quite boring as I couldn’t really do much and my horniness had somewhat subsided- it would have been a different storey had Sally left a DVD running featuring one of our favourite bondage films.  I was almost dropping off to sleep when I heard the front door open and Lisa shouted up from the hall, “Don’t bother to get up Tom to let me in, I know you’re somewhat tied up at the moment” and then she laughed.  It wasn’t long before she climbed the stairs and appeared in the bedroom, with a large grin on her face.

“Oh, just how Sally said I would find you” she exclaimed.  But what surprised me was the fact that Lisa was dressed exactly as Sally was when she left for work.  This included the black skirt suit together with the red lacy vest top, which was just visible above the buttoned up jacket.  Lisa read my mind when she said “Do you also want me to show you my underwear so that you know it matches what Sally is wearing ?”  I could only nod at this point as my horniness took over my ability to speak.  Unfortunately she told me I’d have to wait, and behave a little bit longer before finding out the answer to the underwear question!

Lisa asked if Sally had explained about the morning’s activities.  All I could say is that Sally had said I should do exactly as Lisa asked, otherwise there would be trouble.  Lisa was happy with the response and told me to get a shower after she realised me from the wrist cuffs and that then I was to return to the bedroom naked.  Sally and I have quite an open relationship with Lisa and Mike and this has resulted in some play in between the normal couples.

As I returned to the bedroom, Lisa explained that Sally had given her some detailed instructions the night before when then talked to each other on the phone.  And at this point I was told to put on the underclothes that Lisa had laid out on the bed.  It wasn’t too much of a surprise that the underclothes were, shall we say, on the feminine side, as we did enjoy a little CD in the consensual/reluctant style role.  You know what I mean, you want to indulge a little, but feel a loss of control adds to the experience and so you submit, only for things to be taken a little further still.

Anyway, back to the bedroom and I was soon in the black lingerie that had been selected.  First was the suspender belt and the black opaque stockings – 60 denier I was told.  I do find these quite appealing when Sally wears them, but in current circumstances they do have the added benefit of hiding the hairy nature of my legs.  The lacy knickers went over the suspenders and the matching bra finished off the under clothes.  Some padding was added to give a little filling and I was surprised at the cleavage effect it created.

My admiration of my breasts was cut short as Lisa said it was time to move on.  I was expecting further wardrobe choices but was handed back the wrist restraints I was wearing when Lisa arrived and some ankle restraints.  After these were applied I was moved towards the archway that leads between our bedroom and dressing room.  I was then secured in a standing spread-eagle position with the wrist/ankle cuffs being secured to eye-bolts in the arch at appropriate levels.  In this helpless position I did reflect upon my consent to allow things to progress to this stage but now I wasn’t in control.  This stirred some feelings within me as my mind wondered and resulted in my emerging erection taking on a more forceful position against the straining black lacy knickers.

I was swiftly bought back to the current situation as Lisa declared “This simply will not do !”  She then explained that for what she had promised Sally she would have to deal with the erection, but if I was to get some fun so was she.  She then disappeared into to bedroom and then bought back, into my view, the easy chair we keep in the bedroom.  Once she positioned herself in the chair, only a short distance from me, she hitched up her skirt revealing a similar set of black lingerie to my current attire, and nudged the gusset of her knickers to one side.  She then took out a vibrator she had in her handbag (oh how convenient was that ??) and bought herself to a climax right in front of me.  It’s probably no surprise that this only stiffened my erection as I had to watch from my restrained position.

After Lisa had finished she said it was time to deal with me.  She explained she didn’t want to be distracted by me protesting (more like pleading at this point !) and so took out a ball gag from her bag.  She teasingly draped it over my erection before rubbing the ball over her love mound.  She then presented the ball to my lips whilst standing in front of me.  Given my predicament any resistance would be futile, and I did submit myself to the situation, so I opened my mouth and let the ball settle between my jaws.  I was a little surprised as after Lisa moved behind me she was quite forceful in pulling the straps of the gag rather too tightly behind my head as she secured it in place.  This feeling was off set as Lisa pushed her breasts into my back and bought her hands up and in front of me whilst she groped my breasts and pulled the erection out of my knickers.  Just before she moved from behind me she twanged my suspenders laughing at the sound the straps made as they fell against my skin.  At this point I could only close my eyes and groan into my gag with the typical ‘ommmmgghhh’ sounds as the result.

When Lisa appeared in front of me she took off her jacket and went to bend down on her knees in front of me.  On looking up into my eyes she said “You’re getting a bit of an eye full of my breasts, this can’t continue”.  With that she returned to her bag and bought out a blindfold.  Once more she stood behind me and bought her hands in front of me over my shoulders dangling the blindfold in front of me.  It didn’t take long before my eyes were covered and blackness descended.  I could feel Lisa securing the blindfold behind my head.  Oh how vulnerable did I feel at this point.

The next feeling I experienced was after Lisa had moved back in front of me and took my swollen cock in her hand.  She stroked it, pulled on it and then I felt her breath upon it.  I was once again groaning into my gag as I felt her take my cock into her mouth.  As she closed her lips around it and started to move her mouth over it, gripping it with some force, my moaning grew louder, which coupled with my immobility, soon took over me and my load was realised into Lisa’s mouth.

She then got up and said we could now get on to Sally’s next instructions.  But first she wanted to tuck away my now limp penis back between my legs and draw up the constraining knickers to hold it in place.  Given my current state I had little choice and it felt disconcerting as Lisa had complete control in rearranging my ‘undercarriage’ in this way.

Lisa then explained that as Sally had got a meeting that morning Lisa was to update Sally with pictures of my predicament sent to her iPhone.  This would not only distract Sally but also increase her horniness.

So whilst still blindfolded, gagged and tied spread-eagle  I heard the flash of Lisa’s camera discharge as she took pictures of me directly from the front  and from behind.  She remarked on just how sexy a suspender belt looks from the rear especially when combined with the black bra and their respective eye & hook latches.  Although some of the normal ‘goods’ are not on offer to show, it’s what lies behind them that is particularly sexy.

I then heard Lisa fire up the computer in the next room and her explaining  that she was to send the photographs to Sally and wait for further instructions.

Being blindfolded, gagged and having my arms and legs pulled out and restrained made the wait for Sally’s reply rather heightened.  My state wasn’t helped when Lisa told me she was rather warm and had taken her jacket, vest, and skirt off so that she was in the bedroom in just her lingerie.  She may have felt cooler, but blindfolded as I was I was warming up again imaging the view I was deprived of.  The frustration was heightened even further as Lisa checked my penis was pushed back underneath my legs.  Agggggghhhhh was the only sound I could make into my gag.

A few minutes later Lisa said Sally had replied and was pleased with the images she saw of me in the black lingerie and was looking forward to seeing images from her next instructions.  But I was also reminded of the need to comply with Lisa’s instructions and remain compliant.  Especially as images of me were ready for a wider circulation on the internet.  To be honest I wasn’t frightened by this ‘threat’ as I was , albeit a little secretly, enjoying the morning.

The next step was to get my black lingerie endowed form into an outfit similar to Sally’s secretary’s outfit of the day.  Upon receiving the message from Sally describing what her secretary was wearing that day, Lisa went into the dressing room to get an appropriate outfit.

This constituted of a black knee length skirt with a zip fastening at the rear and small slit at the back, a plain white blouse which allows an obscured view of the black bra underneath and a pink sleeveless jumper over the top.  Just before being realised from my position I was reminded of my agreement to do as Lisa directed.  Just before being released Lisa took off my blindfold and gag.  I was then told to put on the skirt and the rest of the selected outfit.  I must admit getting turned on as I drew up the skirt over my stocking clad legs, I think the cool silkiness of the skirt lining contributed to this, and I pulled the zip up at the rear to keep it in place, smoothing the skirt down once I had adjusted it.  The blouse was less eventful but when combined with the pink sleeveless jersey top I did feel more into the role as Sally’s secretary for the day.

Whilst admiring myself in the mirror, which included running my hands over my body, feeling the outline of the bra, and especially the suspender belt straps, I was bought back to reality as Lisa appeared in front of me to say Sally has emailed the next instructions.  At this point I was led downstairs and to a vertical pole in the lounge of our house.

My back was pushed against the pole and I got another shiver through my body as Lisa drew my hands behind my back and around the pole.  I stood motionless as my wrists were drawn together in a tight tie.  Next Lisa dropped to her knees as she bound my ankles together and secured them to the pole.  Just for effect my knees were next, and they were similarly bound together and then secured to the pole.  Just as I was beginning to think my upper body still has some movement, Lisa bought some rope around my chest, above and below my bra, to pull my upper body to the pole.  I was now quite immobile.

During this process Lisa and I had been having a wide ranging conversation about many subjects, current economic crisis, recent TV programmes etc., but when she finished securing me to the pole she said the conversation should come to an end.  At this point she said Sally had said Lisa should decide for herself how to gag me.  After explaining how much fun she had had had she would make use of her ‘excitement’ and use her soiled knickers on me.  She then pulled down her panties and rolled them up into a ball.  I did try to protest, but it didn’t take long before the sweetly tasting panties were in my mouth.  They were secured in place with a knotted scarfed, and just to make sure a wide scarf was pulled tightly over my mouth just to make sure.  At this point I don’t know what was more distracting, the taste of the panties, or the tightness of the scarfs.

Lisa took up the camera once more, but before taking a picture of me, put the camera on the floor looking upwards and with the self-timer set positioned herself over the cameras as she was standing up.  The resulting image was well and truly ;’up skirt’ with Lisa wearing no knickers.  The next images were taken of me as secured to the pole.  Once again Lisa downloaded the images and sent them to Sally’s iPhone.  It wasn’t long before the reply was received and Lisa said her final instructions were ready to be put in place.

After being released from the pole I was told not to try and remove my gag.  Next Lisa took me downstairs and had me move one of our high backed dining chairs into the hall way and position it opposite the front door.  When it was in place I was told to sit on the chair, but when I did so I was told off for not smoothing my skirt out under my legs with my hands when I sat down.  I then had to repeat the sitting down ensuring the skirt was correctly positioned.

Lisa then pulled my hands to the rear of the chair and secured them to the slats at the back of the chair.  I felt this pushed my ‘boobs’ out to the front and given I couldn’t then pull my hands forward I once again felt helpless and vulnerable.  This was then Lisa applied ropes above and below my breasts puling me into the chair, making me even more immobile.

As Lisa moved away to get more rope I extended my legs out in front of me to try and get the only movement available to me.  But this was short lived as my ankles were soon wrapped in rope and then pulled tightly against the legs of the chair.  Next were similar ties to my knees, again tightly secured to the upper legs of the chair.

Lisa then stepped back and said she had me right where Sally had asked ! She said Sally wouldn’t be back for another 2 hours and was prepared to leave there and then, but I had a choice.  I could be ungagged to allow me to have a drink and then retagged and blindfolded , or I could be left gagged as I was with no blindfold until, Sally came home.  I took the option to have a drink  after cursing myself for not drinking earlier.

After Lisa took off my gag she held a glass of orange juice to my mouth and allowed me to drink.  Once this was finished she moved behind the chair as she once again, and with a bit too much enthusiasm, stuffed her panties back into my mouth before securing them in place again with a knotted scarf.  Lisa then took the mirror from the bathroom and placed it in front of the chair I was in.  She angled it so I could see my predicament, including a view up between my legs being pulled apart to the sides of the chair revealing a view of my stocking tops.  Although I knew it was part of the deal it didn’t stop my ‘mppppgghhhs’ as I saw Lisa once again draw the black silk blindfold back over my eyes and I could only imagine how the black blindfold and gag looked in contrast with my white blouse and pink sleeveless sweater.

Before Lisa left she said how glad she was that I choose to remove the gag and have a  drink so that I would accept being blindfolded.  She then went on to explain why she was glad.  Apparently she and Sally had made arrangements to go out for the evening with a couple of Sally’s work colleagues.  This didn’t appear too bad until Lisa explained that Sally’s work colleagues, Julia & Lyndsey would be callings at our house first to get changed, and both had keys to the front door.

As I heard the front door close when Lisa left I had mixed emotions.  I was once again turned on, but my penis was positioned so that it couldn’t negotiate itself out to deploy, I was cross dressed (through reluctance and/or consensual means) and not knowing who would be next to see me.  Over the next couple of hours my mind wondered far and wide.

Although expecting the noise, I was still started at hearing the key in the door, but being blindfolded I couldn’t see who walked into the house.  I let out a few grunts but I knew they were useless, who ever walked through the door couldn’t miss me so what was I trying to achieve ?

I was then aware of the person moving behind the chair, clearly a woman by the click of the heels, and then hands moved to the front to fondle my breasts, and running her hands along the lines of my bra.  More steps followed as she moved in front of me and I felt a hand move up and under my skirt, tracing the stocking tops, finding the suspender straps, giving a them a quick tweak and then the fingers brushing against the bulging contents of the knickers.  But who was it and would I be left as the girls had a night out ?


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