Bound by the Storm

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2010 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; catsuit; armbinder; toys; anal; climax; cons; X

I turned the car into the already rickety garage. The storm was clearly brewing. I had seen Didi in front of the bedroom window as I drove across the front of our house. Great, all set, all ready, everyone and everything in pace… let the storm strike! I thought.

We had this nice little cottage in the hills, with a lovely view on Mother Nature, but also fully exposed to Mother Nature when she had her temper. We loved such moments. We loved being “trapped” in our love nest, with no chance of going anywhere, but with each other. The house was fully prepared for a few days on its own, whether it was heating, food, water supply, etc.

It allowed us one, two or sometimes even three days to play our favourite play, uninterrupted. What that play was? Loving restraint, bondage, Damsel in Distress, fetish….. whatever the name, for us it means love play with one or both tied up. Of course we also play when the weather is nice. In fact, we have had wonderful summer evenings on the terrace, with Didi all packed up in suntan oil and lots of rope, and me feeding her drips of wine through her ring-gag.

Tonight the weather promised a different setting though. We were going to be locked inside, with everything outside either locked down of stored safely.

When I came in, I noticed Didi had already prepared the living room: the fire was on, our big Box of Toys was ready, the cameras were in place. I heard the sound of the shower upstairs and went there myself. We met in the shower door: Didi dripping wet coming out, myself quickly undressed on my way in. We hugged, and kissed. I could see her eyes were looking forward to whatever I had in mind.

We had tossed our lucky coin that morning, when we heard a storm was coming. I won, so I would be in charge tonight.

Through the foggy screen I saw she shaved where she needed to be shaved. I had already done so this morning, my skin needs some time to recover. Both of us like baby smooth skin in the right places with the other, and tonight we were going to enjoy it.

Didi waited with a warm towel, and dried me tenderly. Our eyes locked occasionally, our skin tickled with expectation.

She gave me her corset for tonight, the lovely purple one, and raised her arms. I put it around her, latched the hooks in front and slowly started to pull in the strings. I loved taking my time with this, standing behind her, in front of the bathroom mirror. Didi had such a great figure for a corset: luscious hips, a fine waist and breasts just asking to be propped up. Whenever I chose to pause, my eyes wandered over her lines, while one of my hands would wander over her curves, caressing her hips or buttocks.

Didi liked it when I took my time like this, it made her feel like a royal treasure being very carefully put into protective armour.

I did not tie her all the way yet, we had dinner still to do.

Now it was her turn to help me. She put talc powder over me, to help me get into my catsuit. She had this fantasy, being bound & manhandled by “a mean looking burglar in black”. A full body black catsuit certainly gave me such a look. When it was all buckled up, laced tight and zipped shut in all the right places but the crotch, she handed me my corset.

It is not Didi who cares for a man in corset, I do.

A heavy duty leather harness, holding me tight with 2” wide straps, it made me feel like a Roman Centurion. It was deep crimson red, with some copper decoration and D-rings on it. The rings were obviously for those occasions when she was in charge. She helped me get into it and pulled it mildly tight. I still had dinner to do as well….

Both wearing a warm bathrobe, we went downstairs to the kitchen.

The storm had picked up pace, the rain was clattering against the windows, the wind howled around the edges of the house. We cuddled and kissed like 2 teenagers while we made a light dinner. I forgot what it actually was that we made, I only remember the anticipation. The anticipation in her eyes, in my loins, in my skin with the suit on it, in my back with the corset holding me straight.

After dinner, I took her hand, kissed it gently and asked her if she was ready.

She nodded, got up and let me lead her to our pile of cushions & blankets in front of the fire. The whole living room was cosily warm, we could run around naked for an hour and not get cold. We would not be running around though, certainly not when I was ready with her.

I took the remote controls, and snapped some pictures of the two of us while we caressed and kissed each other.

Once we sat down, I tightened her corset to where I liked it to be. I needed some strength for that last inch, and she gasped briefly. She always does, no matter how often she trains with corsets. She got her revenge, and I was neatly locked in too.

With some jelly help, I inserted a fairly large butt plug into her. It went in smoothly, a sign she was ready. It was Didi who had discovered the “T-base plugs” as we called them, which can be worn (or locked, for that matter) underneath clothing. Quite a few times she had sent me shopping by bike with a significant intuder up my behind, reminding me at every bump in the road she was in charge that day.

Of course I got my revenge occasionally.

Once she had hers inside, she “returned the favour” to me too. I did not see the size she had chosen, but I certainly had to gulp when she mercilessly pushed it in, wiggled it around before she let me go. She took some pictures while she did so, something I had forgotten again. Somehow she always got lots of pictures of her putting the intruder in me, while I got very few of her. These pictures always scored quite well with our Internet bondage chat group.

As you can tell, we are quite like-minded in what we like with the other and ourselves. It was one of the stronger reasons which bounds us (pardon the word here) together.

We each took some breaths to settle, both with the tightness around our waist, and with the intruders up our behinds. She smiled mischievously when she saw me wriggle my hips to accommodate the visitor.

I looked into the Box of Toys to choose a colour of rope. Tonight I felt like a yellow rope. I took out the 50ft length, and wrapped Didi’s torso in a Spider web, as I call it, or a Karada as I believe the Shibari lovers call it. It lovingly holds the torso in a fish-net style web, the tightness just good enough to obtain these lovely “hills & valleys” over her skin.

She admired it, I admired it, the cameras admired it with the remote controls.

Now it was her turn, and she chose a blue rope. She was quite good at it and in no time I had the same rope harness over my corset, the blue looking quite nice on the red underneath. Didi had a good feel to place the knots at the right places for a Shiatsu massage effect.

So far we had had the same packaging each. Now the changes were coming.

With a black rope, I tied her breasts, to point proudly forward… no hanging about while I was in charge!

She made some pictures just as I kissed her lovely breasts all propped up. These bound breasts pictures are the ones I quite like, and keep on my PDA to peep at during boring meetings.

I told her to caress herself and thus please me, while I put on some red and blue leather cuffs at my wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. Even if I was in charge for tonight, I certainly did my best to complete the look of being really packed.

Didi watched me with anticipation in her eyes, her hands dancing over her curves, enjoying the ropes, the corset, her sex, her breasts. Can’t say I rushed putting the cuffs on, obviously. My Manhood was watching it too, getting in the way of applying the lower cuffs, if you catch my drift.

I had to restrain the Big Fellow though, otherwise he would lose control. To this extent, I applied (or should I say mounted?) a cock-n-ball strap, designed for keeping it big nice & long. She knew how long “long” could be. She smiled, with one hand on my packaged manhood, the other stroking her packaged breasts.

Next I put on my leather black hood, with open eyes, nose & mouth. This would complete my image as “the Evil Burglar, bursting in to handle her brutally”. It certainly completed the image with the black catsuit, Crimson Corset, she buckled it loosely, as something else was still to come.

We gave ourselves our last kiss with lips on lips, then got our last joint toy out: the ring gag head trainer. I had been amazed when we first started bondage, as to how much we both liked the same things onto us (or into us for that matter), no matter who was Dom or who was Sub. I loved being tightly held as much as possible, even if I was the dominant one. Didi had exactly the same feeling & urge.

I put the ring in my mouth, and she buckled the hood tight, followed by the buckling of the trainer around my head over the hood.

She had a bright red trainer, with a big ring. She opened her mouth to let the ring in and I attached the straps around her head. Now we could only kiss by touching the bit of our lips stuck outside the ring, and let our tongues twirl around through 2 rings… which of course we did. We explored, admired and caressed each others bodies, with the ropes, corsets and straps having changed our shapes from what we saw daily.

With the remote, the camera’s clicked away, of course. We both posed, showed ourselves.

Before I was to put the finishing touch onto her, I grabbed something by reflex. When she was briefly not looking, I put the pump-up gag into her mouth through the ring, closed the strap behind her head and pumped it up. Before I did, she could moan or sigh, but now a faint muffling was all she could bring forward.

I hesitated, then gave in to another reflex. 20 seconds later the spandex hood was over her head, blocking her sight as to what I was up to.

This would make the finishing touch nicer; I took her arms and put them behind her. Swiftly they slid into the heavy duty leather armbinder (no cross-your-arms satin soft one tonight, she would get what the weather was like), which I buckled firmly into place. A small rope from the ring at her hands was led between her thighs to the breast bondage. Whenever she wriggled her arms, it would pull the rope tight in her crotch, and pull her breasts tighter too.

Nice touch, I thought, something I hadn’t done before.

Judging by the sounds, it was new to her too and she did not like it immediately. Some battery-power vibrations in her crotch helped though (after she’d jumped) and she seemed to succumb to her situation, for now.

I played with her, taking pictures from every angle, touching her here and there, squeezing where it mattered, kissing where it mattered more, slapping her buttocks when she least expected it (which was every time), fondling her bulging breasts, when suddenly, something rocked inside me.

I jumped up.

The butt plug was vibrating heavily, and seemed to give faint electric shocks too. How on earth….

Suddenly she somehow managed to produce a giggle through all those layers of bondage. I looked at her hands hidden in the armbinder, tried to feel. She acknowledged with a “mmh” that indeed she had a remote control for my buttplug in her hands, out of reach for me.

And boy, did she use it.

I was agitated, and charged at the same time. I loved this lady. No matter how much I tied or bound her, she’ll still think of something to get back at me!

As you can imagine, her buttocks got a little redder, and her breasts got some mild bite marks that night.

I played with her sex with a butterlfly vibrator, until she almost came… turned her around a few times, then played again. Thus she needed quite some time before I allowed her to climax, and when she did, her knees buckled and she almost collapsed. It took her great effort to keep standing (she knew those were my unspoken orders), she shuddered all over as the butterfly released the hour or so of tension we had built up.

When I felt she had had enough, or actually, when my strapped up manhood was getting REALLY eager, I carefully laid her down, raised the hood a bit to take the plug out, then opened the mouth opening in her hood. I kissed her, well, our ringgags and lips sort of touched, but our tongues certainly met. She had drooled quite something with the gag & ring, which she spilled over me.

As I could not hold out much longer, I entered her with my blood-red rod, which had been eagerly thrusting for his chance while I had played with her. Now he got his chance, and boy, did she get visited. I slammed in her, I saw her breasts wobbling about despite the bondage and before I knew it, a big explosion rocked my body, and hers again too, I collapsed onto her, all the bondage toys and their buckles pressing into our skins.

After a few eternities to recover, I removed our ring gag trainers, so we could drink something. It was the only place where I relaxed on her, she motioned her arms & legs were still fine. She lay on her stomach with her arms behind her, while I caressed her buttocks, her hair, her ears, as I drank some wine and read her some erotic stories. I was not that cruel, I dripped some wine from my mouth into hers as well of course, a most delicate way for lips to touch.

After a while, I closed the book, and got ready for round 2.

After removing the butt plug, I helped her get up straight. Her front opening was due now, and I inserted a large vibrator, humming away strongly with fresh batteries. She moaned when this got in, yet she knew she was not yet to come (well, not with me noticing, which is an equal challenge with Didi’s orgasms).

No fear it would fall out though: she closed her legs, and I taped them together with long windings of bondage tape, shiny red this time, leaving only her buttocks exposed and the vibrator well locked inside. I put the ring gag trainer back on, and proceed to tape her all the way up, until only her nose and ring were open. Gosh, does she look delicious, all her curves and bonds accentuated through the tape packaging.

I caress her all over, take many pictures, then put her down gently on the table, with a few cushions underneath for comfort.

I have packed her so tightly, she hardly bends, just enough for her buttocks to be even more exposed…. and guess where my manhood goes?


I can feel the vibrator doing its work up the other entry, and it buzzes me too.

My hands caress her body and curves, try to massage her a bit through all the layers. I can not hold out very long this time. Not only with all the excitement of all the bondage that evening, but her plug is working actively inside my butt, I can feel her vibrator against my own manhood, and my eyes are simply feasting on this lovely sight of my dearest in red tape underneath me. When I explode again, I can feel she finally lets go as well, and we shudder together.

After again a few eternities of panting through the our ring gags, I have to muster my strength to heave both myself and Didi onto the cushions. Slowly and carefully I unwrap her. Of course we kiss gently as our mouths are liberated, but she keeps her eyes closed. She is still in trance, in dream land.

I take my time in unpacking, unwrapping, unfoiling her, which is just as nice a job as packing her up. I caress the rope marks and bondage marks on her body, kiss them, blow them. When she is fully unpacked, I make pictures of all the marks, and all the equipment she has been in…and of course of her smile.

By then, she has opened her eyes again and seems back in this world. She musters her strength and helps me out of the cat suit, which is all sweaty inside. We hug, drink and slowly work ourselves to the shower. Here we soothen and massage our limbs and skin back to life.

Before we retire to bed though, we prepare ourselves for the night.

Didi puts on a latex slip with 2 dildo’s on the inside, I get one with one obviously. Once on the bed, we buckle the 2 slips together, so we are linked at the hips for the night.

With the storm howling around the house, we safely cuddle up inside our one person spandex sleeping bag, which we can close from the inside.

Didi quickly falls asleep on my chest, exhausted.

I briefly recall the lovely evening, and look forward to tomorrow, when she will be in charge……

One question lingers in my head just before I drift off: will the storm last 2 days, or perhaps even three?


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