Bound by Intruders

by Tom M

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© Copyright 2007 - Tom M - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/mf; bond; forced; gag; caught; reluct/nc; X

My lovely wife and I have been into bondage for many years. We have quite a large collection of restraints that we enjoy using. Mostly, we keep the games to ourselves but some times we bring others in to play that have expressed an interest in our pastime.

I am usually the dominant one, mainly because my wife isn’t very good with rope and I can wiggle out of the bonds and this frustrates her. Also I think that she enjoys the submissive role more than I do.

One Saturday morning I was returning from a round of golf and I noticed a car parked in our driveway. I didn’t recognize the car and wasn’t expecting any visitors. I pulled into the garage and went in thru the kitchen, wondering who our guest was.

I called out to my wife that I was home and heard a faint muffled sound from the living room. I stepped into the living room and froze in my tracks. There were 2 men wearing masks and holding guns standing over my wife, she was on the floor wearing only bra and panties. She was bound in a way that I had never tried on her. Her ankles were tied to her thighs in what is known as a frog tie. Her wrists were tied to her elbows behind her back and rope was wrapped tightly around her arms and body. A leather hood (that she hates) was laced tightly over her head. The hood has no eye holes or mouth opening and it has a huge penis gag built inside. She was attempting to struggle but could barely move. Lying on the sofa was our complete collection of bondage equipment. Also laying there was the album of pictures we had taken of each of us and some of our visitors bound and gagged.

One of the men said, “Strip!” I started to speak but he simply aimed his gun at my wife’s head and I got his point. I quickly did as he said. I again started to plead that they not hurt my wife, This time the gun was pointed at my head!

The second man went behind me with rope and quickly bound my arms the same way that my wife was tied. He was very expert at using rope and I knew right away that I wouldn’t be able to free myself. Rope was wrapped tightly around my arms and body. He stepped to the sofa and selected our ball gag harness. I cringed at the thought of having to wear this gag. The ball was quite large, 2 ½ inch! The gag was forced into my mouth, it was so large that I couldn’t have forced it out even if he hadn’t have tightened the straps painfully tight. A blindfold was attached to the harness and strapped tightly in place.

While I was being bound the other man had rolled my wife onto her back. I was made to kneel over her head and my ankles were then bound to my thighs. They were binding me exactly the same as my wife. I was then forced to lay on top of her with my head between her thighs. I felt rope tied tightly around my balls. This rope was then tied to the D ring on the top of the hood on my wife’s head, pulling her head up near my penis. A rope was pulled from under my wife and attached to the top of my harness gag forcing my gagged mouth against her vagina. More rope was wrapped around us securing us tightly together.

All the while I was wondering why they were going to all of this trouble to tie us up to rob us. I tested to see if there was any chance to get free. I could barely move a muscle. I heard pages being turned in our photo album then I heard pictures being taken with what sounded like a Polaroid camera. After several minutes I heard the front door open and one of the men said, “If I ever find out that you two have tied up my sister again I will be back”.  The front door closed.

I screamed behind my gag but I doubt if I could be heard beyond the front door. We struggled painfully to free ourselves but there was no way to get loose. I feared that we would die there on the floor tied in our “69” position.

6 hours later there was a knock on the front door and our neighbor Pam called out. We both made as much noise as we could gagged as tightly as we were. After what seemed like forever I heard the door open and Pam called out, “Any one home?” And then I heard her exclaim, “My lord what on earth happened?”

Pam is an older divorced lady that lives next door. She comes over to visit with my wife almost daily. She didn’t have any idea that we practiced bondage. She came in and asked if we were ok and suddenly she was very quiet. I heard pages being turned in the album again and she said, “You guys sure have a weird idea of having fun! Should I untie you or just leave you to your fun?”

My wife and I tried to tell her that we weren’t having any fun but I’m sure she couldn’t understand. She did however start fumbling with the ropes and after what seemed an hour we were free.

After we were free Pam brought us water and sat down and waited for us to explain what happened. We told her about the two men tying us up and then we had to tell her why we had all of the bondage toys. She seemed very interested in the toys and picked up several of the items and asked what they were for. Pam said that she would like to try them out some time.

Lying on our coffee table were several Polaroid pictures of my wife and I bound together. Pam picked one of them up and said, “I need a keepsake of this day. I’ll leave you two alone but I’ll be back.” She gave us a big smile and a wink then left.

There were several pictures missing from our album. The pictures were of a young lady that works with my wife that wanted to be tied up. It turned out that the girl’s brother saw the rope marks on her wrists and she told him who had tied her up. Apparently he didn’t believe it was voluntary.

Our neighbor, Pam became a regular in our bondage play, at first as a submissive but soon took a dominant role and now she is our Dominatrix.


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