Bound By A Neighbour

by Tom Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; nylons; gag; tape; tease; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

A while ago, I received a phone call from my friend and neighbour from across the street, asking if I could help with a small bit of emergency DIY as her husband was at work. Happily I agreed, as that is what good neighbours are for.

My neighbour, to protect her anonymity I shall call Alex, is a nice woman, who is happily married with children, in her early forties, of average height, quite slim, dresses sensibly and can best be described as `mumsy` in looks.

After finishing the DIY job, Alex and myself sat talking in the kitchen over a cup of coffee. Suddenly out of the blue Alex said to me, "I`ve always fancied you and had a very soft spot for you". She then placed her hands on my thighs and kissed me.

I was somewhat taken aback, especially as I`m not particularly good looking, tall maybe, but certainly no male model. I responded to her tender, unexpected kiss and kissed Alex back. Alex then began to move her hand further up my thigh. "Not in the kitchen, let`s go upstairs", I said. Alex gently took my hand in hers and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

As we began to undress, I asked her, "Are you really sure about this?". "Oh yes," she said her voice changing sounding somewhat more excited. With my clothes removed, I stood there in my blue boxers shorts, barely able to contain my excitement. Alex stood there in her plain black bra and black cotton mini panties, smiling coyly.

As Alex moved towards me, an idea formed in my mind. "Do you have any stockings and tights", I asked her. "Why," she replied "are you going to wear them for me. I asked my husband once and that killed all the passion." Seizing this opportunity for kinkiness, I replied I would if she was willing to do something for me. "Okay, but as long as it not too strange!"

Alex then went to her underwear drawer and removed a selection of stockings and tights from inside the drawer. She then demanded that I put the stockings on. I slipped the stockings onto my legs and secured them with a black suspender belt.

I went into Alex's en-suite and to her laundry basket. I took off my underwear and put on a pair of Alex`s black cotton worn panties instead. I went back into the bedroom. "Mmm very sexy" Alex said lustily. "Can I undress now, I`m waiting with anticipation at what you want me to do".

Alex removed her black bra, and I was met with two small but perfectly rounded breasts with beautiful pink rose bud nipples. Alex was about to remove her panties but I stopped her. I ordered Alex to lie on her bed. I picked up two of the unused stockings off the floor, and gently tied them around Alex`s wrists, securing her wrists above her head to the bed-frame.

"Mmmm, I`ve never been tied up before," said Alex, smiling. I took Alex`s right breast and put her nipple in my mouth and softly bit down on it. "Mmm yes," moaned Alex, "please hurry and fuck me" she said. I was surprised, this wasn't the Alex I knew and saw everyday. The Alex I knew would never swear.

"Just wait there`s more to come", I said. I was then about to get a pair of tights to gag her with, when I saw the grey duct tape lying on the floor. As I picked it up, Alex said to me, "What are you going to do with that?" Tearing off a strip, I gently kissed and licked her lips and said to her, "I`m going to gag you", and quickly placed the tape over her cherry lips, sealing her mouth closed.

Alex released a small, stifled moan from behind her gag. I then moved down to Alex`s hips and rolled her black panties down off her to reveal a neatly trimmed pubic area. I then took Alex`s legs and tied them to the bed with the remaining stockings. Alex was there, bound, spreadeagled and gagged on her bed. And I was in heaven!

I then entered Alex, with my tongue pleasuring inside her, licking and tasting her sweet juices she was producing. Alex moaned and writhed but couldn't move as she was secured tightly and couldn't scream because she was firmly gagged.

Alex`s moaning and writhing became more intense and the quicker and deeper I pleasured her inside with my tongue, the faster the moans of pleasure came. Alex suddenly reached her climatic peak and shuddered violently with a thunderous orgasm, her back arching in pleasure, her nipples firmly erect. "See," I whispered to her, "you don't need me to fuck you. My tongue does it just as good".

I carefully removed Alex`s gag and untied her. "That was possibly the best orgasm I have had in ages", Alex purred, trying to catch her breath, small streams of sweat running down her breasts, pooling on her stomach and in her navel.

However, unbeknownst to me we hadn't finished. Or rather Alex hadn't finished with me.

Alex pushed me on my back and sat on my chest. She quickly tied my wrists to the bed, using the stockings that were still there, having been used previously to tie her to the bed. She then slid down my body, avoiding my erect penis, which was protruding out the top of her panties, of which I was still wearing. She then secured my legs with the stockings, so I was now securely bound and spreadeagled.

Alex then picked her panties up from off the floor and slowly wiped herself with them. She then placed them under my nose. I have always enjoyed the smell of a womans used panties and this was an additional treat.

Alex said to me in a forceful, domineering manner, "When I said that I wanted you to fuck me, I mean I want you to fuck me," emphasising the word 'fuck'. "Now it`s my turn to fuck a man who can't resist and scream". Alex then stuffed her used, wet panties into my mouth, then tore a strip off the duct tape and stuck it across my mouth, securing the panties in my mouth. I was firmly tied. And gagged.

Alex then took my now, hard and bulging penis from out of her panties that I was wearing and placed in her mouth. I thought I was going to instantly cum but Alex gently nibbled my shaft and said aggressively, "Don't you fucking dare cum, I'm not finished yet".

Alex then slid herself onto me and I entered into her. She was warm and wet, and slowly started sliding herself up and down my hard shaft. She began to bite my nipples quite hard but because I was firmly gagged and bound I could offer no resistance. Alex began to ride me hard and faster. She tempted me with her pert breasts and erect nipples around my mouth. "You want these, don't you, but that nasty gag is just in the way!" I tried to moan a response, but my firm gag just stifled it.

Alex rode me faster and faster. My body shivered as I exploded inside her. I gave a long moan of pleasure, silence by the gag. Alex's body stiffened as gave a scream of pleasure as she orgasmed. She then rested her body on mine, enjoying the waves of pleasure sweeping through her, our juices mixing together as one.

After a few minutes with her body wrapped around mine, Alex said, "I suppose I better untie you", she said, "although it would be nice to have a human sex toy already tied and waiting for me, for my pleasure and use!!".

She removed the tape from my mouth and pulled out the panties and gave me long, sensual kiss. She then released me from my bonds. We cuddled, our sweat ridden bodies entwined and talked. We both agreed that it was the best pleasure that we have had for a long time.

I got dressed and left her house, having completed her DIY.

Although we both love our respective partners, neither of our partners want to try bondage. We both agreed for this to be our dirty little secret and that we would play again in the future. I said that I would get a ball gag and handcuffs for next time and maybe try some spanking. Alex said that she is already getting wet with excitement. And that is another story.

So the next time your forty something housewife neighbour looks at you in a different way, just remember all is not what it seems.


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