Bound to Order

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; kidnap; toys; nc; X

It was a dark and stormy night!

No, really, it was.  Well, in fact, it was late evening but it was dark and the rain was pelting down as I waited for my prey. The one I was after seemed to go for fashion rather than practicality and obviously, as I had counted on, didn’t bother listening to weather forecasts.

I had watched her entering the office building earlier, before the forecasted rain started; dressed in a very smart, fawn coloured hip length coat.  Smart yes, any protection in even a light drizzle no. She was very beautiful and very vain about her appearance.  Now me, I was completely waterproof.

Once she was inside and would be, I knew, for five hours, I drove home and watched the storm front approaching on the TV’s weather channel.  As soon as it was a certainty that heavy rain was going to hit I started my preparations.

The black leather of my form fitting cat suit was supple and would not hinder my movements.  The knee boots with 3” block heels were also black but the material was rubber as were the three designer fastening straps that held each one snugly around my legs.

The raincoat was a masterpiece and my pride and joy after my leathers.  From a standup collar the gleaming sleek black rubber fell to just above my ankles.  Buttons every 4” closed it down the left side to a few inches above the hem.  The skirt was cut to allow full movement of my legs yet fitted enough that it would not flap around too much in a wind.  The wide belt pulling it tightly it in around my waist had a double pin buckle and, inside each sleeve starting at the elbow, was a second thin rubber sleeve that ended in tight black latex gloves.

The wrist strap buckles matched the larger one on the belt and, even though only the bottom ones showed, those on the boots.  Yet another buckle closed under my chin holding the fairly stiff collar in place.  It was higher at the back of my neck and then gradually got lower, brushing my ears before dipping under the sides of my mouth.

The wide brimmed hat matched the coat and was based on the sou’wester style.  It had a snug fitting crown and then the longer back of the brim almost touched my shoulders so that I was fully protected from any rain or wind on my back.  The front brim curved across my forehead drooping down almost to my eyebrows. The whole thing was held firmly in place by a delicate strap under the chin.

Oh yes, except for the oval of my face, which was done with understated makeup, I was waterproof and I loved wearing this outfit out in the rain. When every one else was huddled against the weather I enjoyed it.  Tonight, however, the hat and coat were just part of the equipment to get a job done.

The left slash pocket had strips of Velcro just inside that were easy to open but made it airtight when closed, as it was now.  I slipped a small wallet in the right hand pocket with my keys and a couple of other things, picked up the large umbrella that matched the coat and left to see what else I could pick up!

A taxi dropped me at the opposite side of the multi-building office complex and I used the covered connecting walkways to reach the foyer of my target’s building.  The timing was just right and I only had to wait a few minutes before she came out of the elevator and walked across the deserted foyer to stare out the glass doors at the heavy rain.

I moved over to stand beside her and, after a few moments, said, “Oh dear, you are going to get soaked aren’t you?”

I almost held my breath waiting for a reply because, if I had misread her vanity, the game could well be over.

She turned a worried face to me and replied, “I don’t mind about my coat or shoes, they will dry, but I just spent a small fortune getting my hair done.”

Bingo, the game continued!

“Well, I am dressed for the weather; I’m not in a hurry and I have this big umbrella so if you like we can both get under it and I’ll walk you to your car!”

“Would you mind, really, I’m parked quite a way away, it was the only spot open when I drove in.”  I already knew exactly where she was parked and the fact that it was well off to one side in the now nearly empty lot.

“Just let me get outside to open the umbrella then you come out and we’ll see if we can get you to your car with your hairdo intact.”

As I spoke I pushed open the door and stood under the overhang then thumbed the button on the handle of the umbrella.  There was little wind to speak of, even though the rain was very heavy, so I could manage it with just my right hand.  She came out and I beckoned her to my left side then put my arm around her as she ducked under the umbrella.

We giggled like a couple of school girls as we splashed through the rain and puddles.  When we got close to her car I dropped my left hand to pull open the coat pocket and reach inside.  She had her car key ready and as soon as it was in the lock I moved directly behind her, pushed forward flattening her against the side of the car with the weight of my body then covered her nose and mouth with the cloth in my left hand.

At the same time I thumbed the umbrella closed, dropped it on the roof of the car and circled her body with my right arm.  So much for the hairdo!  I reveled in the feel and sounds of the rain bouncing off my coat and hat as her struggles rapidly came to an end until she went limp.

Holding her in place with one arm I unlocked the door and reached in to pop the lock on the back door.  A couple of moments and she was sprawled face down across the back seat.  Taking a quick look around and seeing nothing to be worried about I rescued the umbrella, threw it inside, shoved the cloth back in its pocket and then joined her on the back seat.  The belt of her coat was quite long enough to let me get a couple of turns around her elbows, pull them together behind her back, then tie it off around her wrists.

A simple piece of cord held her ankles to the seat post looking after her legs and the ball gag from my pocket was a tight fit but I managed to get it in her mouth buckling the strap at the back of her head.  I didn’t expect her to wake up but, in my business, you don’t take chances.

Climbing out in the rain again I rolled her to the floor between the seats, shut the back door and climbed into the driver’s seat.  Twenty minutes later I parked the car beside mine in the double garage closing the automatic door to hide it from view.

A quick check told me that little Miss Vanity was still out cold and I moved through into the house to towel most of the moisture from my rainwear then took them off and hung them to dry in the laundry room.  I took the cloth out of the pocket, threw it in a bin and then wiped out the pocket.

Back in the garage it took minimal effort to get the limp form out of the car and settled in a wheel chair then push her through to my special guest room.  Checking the belt tied around her arms and wrists was secure I left to change my boots.  The over the knee stiletto heeled pair matched the leather of my cat suit; I left my hands free of gloves until I finished working on my new acquisition but did take time to brush my shoulder length blonde hair that had been somewhat crushed under the rain hat.

Untying her except for the gag I stripped off all her clothes and fitted her neck in a padded stock.  Her wrists clamped against each end of the board that extended just passed each shoulder.  By this time she was giving indications that the chloroform was wearing off so I hooked chains from a ceiling pulley to the eyehooks near the ends of the board and thumbed the switch.

Once her body was hanging straight down I lowered it just enough for her bare feet to touch the floor then buckled cuffs around each ankle hooking them to short chains from two floor rings.  That done I dried her hair, completely wrecking anything left of the expensive “do” but I couldn’t have her getting a chill.

I left Gail, for that was her name; to finish waking up while I went to my home office and contacted my buyer to advise her that the order had been filled and the contract could be completed as agreed.  She advised me that it would take a week or so to finalize the pickup but they would add a nice bonus to the payment if I would look after the package until then.

I thought about the girl in the other room; she was beautiful, very well endowed, completely at my mercy and I was going to get paid to play with her for a few days.  Some decisions just don’t take much thought!

Selecting a few items from my collection I carried them through to the hidden room leaving them on a table while I moved over to stand in front of the girl.

“Well now Gail, next time, if there is a next time, I suggest you just let your hair get wet instead of accepting help from a perfect stranger.”

Her huge dark eyes looked me up and down, taking in the skintight leather covering my body and muffled sounds came from behind the ball strapped in her mouth.

“Never mind Gail, I’ll answer your questions later, in the mean time it is getting late and I want to get to know you better so I’m going to let you share my bed tonight.  But, for that, we need to get you dressed in something appropriate and, I’m afraid, suitably restraining.”

I pulled down another ceiling chain, buckled the strap at its end around her right leg just below the knee and then, after undoing the ankle cuff, shortened it until her foot was lifted almost to waist height.

“This is called a ballet boot Gail and they can be very uncomfortable if not fitted properly.  So I’m going to slide this one on your foot and then lower your leg.  You will put all of your weight on the toe to settle it in place.  Do you understand?”

She was trying to shake her head in the stock so I grabbed a nipple and twisted until she got the message and straightened the leg, putting her weight on it until the foot slid the last inch or so into the shoe of the boot.  I raised her leg again and started the job of lacing the boot to just below her crotch, stopping part way through to adjust the ceiling chain to hold her leg up by the ankle

That done I hooked the ankle back to the floor ring and repeated the process on her left leg. As I was working I held a one way chat.  “Oh I know it might seem strange to be putting these boots on you to go to bed but they are such a turn on and, believe me, you had better get used to wearing them.  I’ll fix things later so you don’t tear my satin sheets.”

The corset was a thing of beauty in black leather with bright red leather trim and I fitted it around Gail’s waist, closing the front zip from just above her crotch to under those beautiful breasts.  Moving around to the back I started closing the laces until she was breathing in short gasps through her nose and the edges touched.

After resting for a few minutes I started on the seven half body straps across the front over the zip.  The corset was already tight but I managed to get enough pressure on each strap until they were all closed to within one notch of the maximum.

The effect of the corset and the boots on her already shapely form was quite breath taking and I had trouble keeping my hands off her as I joined them together with several leather suspender tabs from the bottom of the corset to the top of the boots.

“Now then Gail, this little gadget is a nipple clamp but it’s a very special kind.”  I held the cone shaped piece of metal in front of her face.  “How it works is that I tie a little piece of string around your nipple and feed it through the cone.  Then I put the whole thing over your nipple until the bottom is nice and tight against your lovely breast and use the string to pull your nipple through this hole in the top. Now this little ring at the top tightens to hold it in place, the string comes off and then I take this threaded screw with a very sharp point and start it in this hole part way down the clamp.”

Her shocked expression as she followed my pointing finger told me the message was getting home.

“Here we go.  There, now with just one turn of the screw you will feel the point against the base of your nipple, right?

She couldn’t nod but I could tell the sound coming from behind the gag was very definitely a yes.

“Good, here is the second one.”  I rested the other cone on the stock board right in front of her chin.  “And here is the deal.  I’m going to release your right arm and you are going remain very still and do exactly as you are told.  If that second clamp falls off the board because of you moving then I will take a complete turn on the screw of the first one.  You can guess what that will feel like and you don’t need any imagination to understand what it will do.”

It worked and she stood like a statue as I opened the clamp on her right wrist and bent the arm down until it was in a position where I could work on the elbow length kid glove, lacing it tightly in place.  Following that I folded her fingers into a fist and laced that inside a tight leather mitt.  A wrist strap attached to a D ring at the side of the corset.  She gave me no trouble as I repeated the process with her left arm.

“That’s a good girl Gail, now let me take off that nasty old nipple clamp.  You might like to know that if you had acted up you would now have pierced nipples with nice big rings through them.  Just remember that they can go back on anytime I feel like it so don’t get me upset.”

I released her ankles from the floor rings but kept them connected with a 8” length of chain then lowered the tension on the ceiling chains and removed the neck stock.  I steadied the girl as all her weight came on the toes of the ballet boots and she had trouble balancing without the use of her arms.

I led her over to the bathroom turning her so she could settle on the toilet.

“You have five minutes Gail and believe me, you are better off taking advantage of them than spending the next few hours getting progressively more uncomfortable so don’t bother being embarrassed.”  I left her alone but stood just outside the door in case she was stupid enough to try something; she wasn’t and when time was up I went back in, cleaned her up and pushed the flush lever.

“Good girl, now let’s get back to work.”

I hooked a small padlock through the rings at the ends of the fist mitts then released the clasps holding her arms to the corset.  A padded cuff went around each of her arms just above the elbows and I joined them with a strap across her back pulling on it until her lower arms and wrists were held tightly against her sides.

As she tottered along in the unaccustomed boots I held her elbow guiding her towards the narrow leather covered table.  Backing her up against one end I pushed at her shoulders until she fell on the table and I could push her along it until it supported her body from head to upper thigh.  Several straps kept her from moving and then I released the ankle chain and used the ceiling pulley to hook on the ankle cuffs and pull her legs up and as wide apart as possible.  Oh boy, it took all my resolve to concentrate on getting her ready for bed instead of just diving on top of the beautiful, helpless girl.

I leaned over and stared down at her tear streaked face with its ruined makeup and widely stretched mouth.

“You’ve had that ball gag in for some time now Gail but as soon as I get another couple of things done I’ll take it out for you.  I think you would make too much noise if I took it out right now.”

I pulled on a pair of tight rubber gloves and held the butt plug up where she could watch as I coated it with lubricant.  That done I ran a finger softly up and down her vagina.

“I bet you think that this is going in there, don’t you?  Well I’m afraid it is a little small for there.  I picked this size because I’m guessing this will be a new experience for you and I’m going to introduce you to them gently.  It’s called a butt plug Gail because it goes right in here.”

I settled the knob over the puckered rosebud of her anus and gave it a little push, then a twist and a harder push.  Her head was shaking from side to side and muffled grunts made their way passed the gag.  Another twist and a final shove and the smooth, hard rubber shaft slid home to the flange at the base.

“Now this one is a much better size for your love tunnel.  Does it need some lubricant?  Oh Gail, you naughty girl, my fingers are sliding all over the place and just look at that cute nub peeking out.  I guess the butt plug wasn’t so bad after all was it?”

As I spoke quietly to the helpless girl I eased the large dildo in place and pushed it home.  There was a narrow crotch strap attached to the back of the corset that I pulled through, centered it over the bases of the two toys and then fed it to the buckle at the front.  Once that was nice and tight I took the wider leather crotch cover and attached it over the strap with the studs along the bottom edge of the corset.

Lowering her legs I reattached the hobble chain and pulled her along the table until her feet reached the floor and I could get her standing upright on the tiny toes and sharp heels of the ballet boots.  Guiding her over to a heavy straight-backed chair I told her to sit.  I laughed as her rear end met the seat, because of the surprised look on her face, as the butt plug made itself known.

Just one strap around under her breasts and the chair back kept her in position and I unbuckled the head harness, put one hand on her forehead and used the other to work the ball from between her teeth. 

She didn’t say a word as she watched me cross the room to the sink and fill a glass with cool water.  I also ran the water to warm for soaking a face cloth, threw a towel over my shoulder and returned to hold the glass so she could drink.

The glass empty I put it down and gently wiped her face to remove the tear stains and damaged makeup.

“Does that feel better?  I’m glad you didn’t start screaming and yelling because nobody but me would hear you and I do so dislike unnecessary noise.  I guess you are in a little bit shock with the last few hours aren’t you?

She looked up at me and then down to study her naked breasts, the corset and the boots on her feet and then opened her mouth to speak.

I am an expert and as her mouth opened, I jerked her head back with a handful of hair, slid the ring gag behind her bottom teeth, pushed down and then in so it settled fully in place.   The ring was threaded on the inside and had a narrow leather band around the outside with a strap that I pulled tight and buckled at the back of her neck.  That produced some weird and completely unintelligible sounds through the mouth opening.

Taking my time I used a rat tail comb and a brush to get her hair into some semblance of order.  There was nothing left of whatever she had paid so much for but she did have a lovely head of long dark hair and, after I had all the tangles out, I pulled it back into a neat ponytail.

“It’s really getting late now Gail so let’s go and get some rest.”

I didn’t expect any trouble from her so I took off the ankle hobble then the strap around her torso and the chair.

“Come on now Gail, stand up and come with me.”

The inserts were obviously bothering her but I put an arm around her and led her up to my bedroom.  I peeled back the covers, pushed her down on the bed and grabbed her legs to swing them up.  The soft sheepskin pouches covered the boots to her ankles and then I added a short hobble chain hooking it, in turn, to the rail at the foot of the bed.

I adjusted her body until her head was on one of the satin pillows, told her to stay still and then went for a shower.  My long satin nightgown rustled as I came back to the bed and looked down at Gail.  I leaned over and stuck my tongue in through the ring gag for a little tongue tag then picked up the insert from the night table and screwed it in place shutting off the whimpering.

Climbing in on the other side of the bed I pulled the covers up over the two of us, pushed her over on her side and made like a pair of spoons.  My right arm pulled her tightly to me and I cupped a breast, playing softly with the nipple and I whispered in her ear.

“We have at least a week to go together so get some sleep and we’ll have more fun in the morning.”  I didn’t mention the vibrator waiting on the night table!

Then, with the order filled, the contract complete, my bank account substantially fatter and a week of fun ahead, I drifted off to sleep.


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