Bound to be Safe

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2003 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; bond; cons; X

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Lisa started to spasm, and didn’t show signs of stopping for some time. Debra, too, after thoroughly tuning into her accomplice’s passion, and my heated attempts at escape and maneuverability, exploded out of control, without so much as a look of concern over what my frustrated gyrations were attempting to accomplish.

“What’s the matter, baby,” she chided, “aren’t you getting enough?”

I knew my pelvic struggling, and overall, under-indulged expectations were feeding Debra’s psycho sensual hunger, so I deliberately did all I could to bring her overwrought libido to a place to which only a Domme of her stature and determination could aspire. The bed rocked, Lisa’s muffled moaning got louder and louder, and Debra smiled at me, as if to say, ‘Now you’re getting it, baby.’

She played the top side of my cock against her pussy like a well-tuned instrument, stroking it roughly while squeezing it between her upper thighs, pinching her nipples, and glancing, now and then, at Lisa’s predicament. All sorts of erotic sounds escaped her wildly expressive, wide-opened mouth, an outcome that served also to feed Lisa’s kinky nature in a way I don’t think either one of them expected.

“NOW, are you going kiss me?” asked Debra, with an exhausted smile.

I nodded a ‘yes.’ The gag was removed, and I relented to the task she’d so carefully and deliberately managed to squeeze out of my insolent disposition. The kisses were icing on the cake of her victory, not only over me, but the bet she and Lisa had consummated some weeks before.

“Atta’-boy,” she said, after only a few seconds of wet ones peaked her competitive satisfaction. “How about we make things a little crazier.”

She was out from under me in a flash; lifting me up to my knees, then back down onto the bed between my widespread feet. A rope soon tethered the upper part of the arm bind to the base of the headboard. Lisa gazed up at my fully extended erection as her passion subsided and the gag was removed. Mine was then replaced. Without a word of information, Debra vacated the room, closed and locked its door, and left Lisa and me to wonder about what would happen next. It was then I first caught sight of the ceiling mirror. ‘Wow.’ My bedmate rolled over onto her side, and dozed off, leaving me unsatisfied in my astonishment, and determined to turn things around as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

20-Or-So Minutes Later

My legs ached for freedom, but all I could do was wait on Debra’s next move and watch Lisa awaken from her nap. She stared up at the mirror, and back down at my cock, instinctively moving, as best she could, in its hardening direction. I immediately realized that, no matter how hard she tried, given the way things were, there was no way Lisa would be able to get it into her mouth. She continued struggling her way towards me anyway. The journey did much to inspire a more erect, penal posture. The harder I got, the closer she got. The closer she got, the more I struggled to widen the distance between my knees, hoping to lower my groin to a more accessible elevation. 

It soon occurred to me that, if I moved backwards, not only would the torso tether loosen, allowing me to further raise myself to the desired height, but the closer I could bring my knees together. Painful as it was, I worked in that direction as I watched Lisa in the mirror and hoped Debra would not crash the party with another of her frustrating adjustments. When I was sure I could go back no further, or achieve more accessibility, Lisa’s tongue started toying with my scrotum. 

“Mmmmmm,” she said, before doing her best to get it into her mouth.

I stared up at the mirror and started to rock. 

A minute or so passed. 

My cock struck the top of Lisa’s head.

“Auhuhhuhunnnnn!” I instructed, from behind the ball gag.

But she paid me no mind as the inside of Lisa’s gaping, oral attention further surrounded my titillated balls.


I struggled wildly in the ropes Debra had so expertly and tightly used to make sure my arms would not do any damage to the fantasy fulfillment at least two of us were thoroughly enjoying. After my erection had struck Lisa on the head at least a dozen times, she caught on to the plan and backed off a bit to see just how far I could rock my cock. It struck the top of her nose just before she said, “One more time.” As is swung down for like the 25th time, she stretched her neck, opened wide, and caught it by its circumcision with her teeth.

“Mmmmmmm,” she appraised, obviously pleased with its size and rock-hardness.

Lisa’s struggling was, to say the least, fierce, as she worked her severely hog-tied and bothered body closer to me until my erection could go in no further. By the tone of her moans, I was sure she was putting her crotch rope to good use. I leaned back, hoping to give my gut a rest. But when the back of my head touched the headboard, Lisa bit down on my penis to stop it from slipping out of her mouth. I threw my head back further to stop that from happening by shifting the supportive weight responsibility to the top of my head. The move worked, but also tightened the ball gag strap considerably, adding yet another disciplinary wrinkle to the bind. ‘Shit.’

Lisa continued to enjoy her end of the situation, shifting into high gear, thus bringing the heat of my passion to a level of satisfaction it had not yet achieved that night. It was then we heard the key in the door. Debra was obviously ready for phase three of her belated agenda. When she saw what we were doing, she immediately reached for some rope and stood over us as she undid the skein. All she wore were heels and panties.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” she quipped, before fashioning a hangman’s noose at one end of the 3/8s-inch-thick, nylon line she’d chosen for her next move. “Perhaps I can help make your pleasure a bit more interesting, for ALL of us.”

Lisa and I tried not to pay our binder any mind as we continued the enjoyment of the scene, but it wasn’t long before Debra was on our case. She grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her head back, extracting my cock in the process as she slipped the hangman’s noose over her head and around her neck, with the knot in back. She then re-inserted my rock hard erection back into Lisa’s mouth and ran the rope up to the top of the headboard, threaded it through a handy hole, and pulled out the slack until the head of my penis could go no further into Lisa throat. She then tied things off and undid the knots in my arm rope tether, pulled out all its slack, and tied it off again. She did the same with the lines that secured my ankles to the right and left corners of the bed. The back of my head was now smack dab up against the back of the headboard, relieving much of the strain in my gut and ball gag strap. The noose rope knots were also undone and re-secured after all THAT slack had been taken out.

“There. That should make things a LOT more interesting,” said Debra as she backed off to admire her handiwork and remove her heels and panties.

I looked up at what we all looked like in the mirror. Debra sprawled out on the mattress in front of us and began to stroke her very wet pussy.

“And it’s only ten-o’clock,” she reminded. “Fourteen hours to go.”

I watched as her fingers toyed with her nipples, and did my best to help Lisa create as much friction as possible. There was little we could do in that area. However, the sheer, erotic absurdity of the situation was having a profoundly satisfying effect on all of us, to say the least.

“Mmmmmuhuh.” said Lisa as her first spasm broke the silence and I reached full, rock had extension.

“Oh...oh...ohohoh,” said Debra as the beginnings of her pleasure blossomed in front of us.

I was suddenly certain that all they really cared about was keeping me hard and frustrated, while they enjoyed the fruits of their conquest and the outcomes I was to inspire during the hours ahead. The realization both excited and pissed me off. Regardless, as hard as it was to think straight, I continued to ponder the situation plan a way to make both Lisa and Debra my captives before the fourteen hours were up.

In the middle of that pondering, I came, big time, which caused Lisa to pull away or choke on the outcome. As she did, the rope around her neck tightened.

“What’s the matter,” teased Debra, “bite off more than you could chew?”

I tried and failed to pull out, and at the same time achieve as much satisfaction as the dilemma would allow. Lisa writhed frantically in her bondage, fisting and flailing her fingers as she tried and failed to utter a sound, given the accumulation of cum building up in the back of her mouth. Debra observed our struggling efforts for several seconds before reaching the end of her fuse and letting go to yet another mountaintop experience in the fine art of bondage voyeurism and vicarious observation. Lisa’s choking spewed gob after gob of the white stuff out of the sides of her mouth as she got lost in the lengthiest, most intense multiple of her 32-year-old life, and I tore wildly into the ropes that held me fast until the last drop of molten manifestation and aftershock tapered off and into oblivion.

John Roper



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