Booth Babes

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; carshow; FF/m; tease; bikinis; breasts; display; kidnap; femdom; captive; bond; tape; strip; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

God I hate going to the car show. I am not a gear head. The only cars I've ever been interested in were the ones in where the ones in Grand Theft Auto. But my family loved this place so I went with them to make him happy. Besides it was better than staying home on a Saturday right?

It was held every year in the convention center just off the state fair grounds. A large open space it looked more like an airplane hangar than a showroom. There were classic cars, new cars, concept cars, toy cars, you name it you could find it there I bet. It was going to be a long day I could already tell.

Then I saw the real reason I came. I'll admit ahead of time it's a really adolescent reason to go but hey I'm a teenager so it's OK. I think. Anyway ahead one of the booths was attracting guests with a pair of bikini clad models.


I spun my head to see my mother looking their way.

"Those women should be ashamed of themselves. Prostituting themselves like that. Come along, we don't have to watch this filth."

So my mother lead us away to the opposite end of the convention center to look at the prototypes. However my mind never left those beautiful women.

A few hours later we were on our way out the doors. Some famous NASCAR driver was coming in to sign autographs in an hour so the crowds began to swell. There was a lot of pushing and yelling and people trying to get a place in line. It was hard to see anything but elbows and shirts. Before I knew it I lost all sight of my family. I called for them but it did no good. I tried to push my way to them but the sea of people wouldn't give.

"Get outta the way," one man barked shoving me backwards.

I bumped into someone behind.

"Sorry," I muttered.

"No problem sweetie."

It was a woman.

"Here let's get you out of the way."

She led me out of the crowd deeper into the convention center. It was then I got a good look at her. It was one of those bikini models from earlier. Now I was up close and god she was a sight to behold. This one was a striking Latina woman in her early thirties. She was about five and half foot tall with long wavy black hair, a toned belly, wide hips and full heavy breasts her bikini justifiably loved to hold onto as tight as possible.

"What do you have here?"

The other model joined her friend. This one was a tall curvaceous blonde, though the brown roots suggested dying, the same age as her friend. Her breasts were a full cup size bigger and threatened to snap off her skimpy top. A massive ass completed the picture.

"I saved this cute little guy from being trampled," the Latina explained, "can I keep him?"


"Yeah he's too cute not to."

"I don't understand."

The women laughed and looped their arms around mine and led me over to one of the benches. They sat down on either side of me each one holding my hand.

"What's your name cutie?" the Latina asked.


"Well hello there Nick I'm Arianny and this sexy bitch is my girlfriend Sara Jean."

"Hi," I said weakly.

Having these two bikini clad beauties talking to me and touching me was making it very hard for any semblance of reason to make it's way through my overloaded teenage brain.

"You here alone?" Sara Jean asked.

"No ... no I'm with my family but we got separated."

"Oh you poor baby," Arianny said hugging me.

I blushed. My pants tightened.

"Do you have a cell phone?" Sara Jean asked.

"Yeah, yeah I do."

Finally a clear thought made it's way through. I pulled out my phone and called my family. All I got was a busy signal.

"They're probably trying to call you," Sara Jean reasoned, "just give it a minute."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"In the meantime," Arianny said grabbing my hands, "you need to come see our show."

I was never given a chance to agree or not, they just drug me along anyway. They lead me back to the older cars for sale we had passed by earlier. They pushed me in the driver's seat and closed the door as the music began. It was a loud techno beat of some kind couldn't tell you anymore than that. I didn't really care. All my attention was focused on Arianny & Sara Jean who were rubbing themselves all over the car.

I don't think I had ever been so hard in my entire life. They rubbed so much skin over that old muscle car they might as well have been molesting it. They constantly looked in at me through the windshield winking seductively and licking their lips like predators looking at fresh meat. Somehow I managed to make it through the whole show without blowing my load right there in the car.

When the show was over the crowd thinned at they pulled me out of the car. Arianny kissed me right on the lips getting some whoops from the crowd.

"Wow," was all I could think to say.

"Wait till you see what the rest of me can do."

Someone's phone rang. Funny my phone hadn't rang since I called Mom. Searching my pockets I couldn't find it.

"Something wrong Baby?" Arianny asked.

"Can't find my phone."

"I threw it away."


I was holding it when she took my hands. Had she really gotten it away from me? I was distracted enough.

"Why would you do that?"

"So I could get you over here away from anyone who could save you."

"Save me? From what?"


With that she kissed me. This was no ordinary kiss though. No this was more of an attack. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth pinning my own down. Her strong arms wrapped around my body yanking right against her. I could barely move. I could barely think. I could barely hear the crowd whooping it up around us. All they saw was a guy making out with a hot barely dressed woman. They couldn't see this for what it was. Whatever this was.

She lifted me off the ground and started walking away with me. It looked like I was about to get lucky I guess because the cheers from the crowd just got louder. Then they faded away. I guess we were farther back into the convention center then. It wasn't empty however. Someone bumped into Arianny. She fell forward a little dropping me in the process.

Gasping for breath I got up and made a run for it. Now don't get me wrong I definitely enjoyed the attention from a sexy older woman like this but let's face it: no one really wants to be kidnapped do they? No, fight or flight kicks in, it's instinct. As you saw for me it was flight. I didn't get very far though. I ran face first into another large set of squishy bikini covered breasts.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Sara Jean asked.

Before I could answer she yanked me up against her and locked her lips  against mine. Still weak from Arianny's assault I could nothing but let Sara Jean have her way with me. Arianny took her hand and led her through a small door to a rear parking lot. Waiting for them was an old grey van. As Sara Jean held me in her lustful embrace Arianny worked away in the back.

"Maybe he came out here."

Mom! I began to wiggle and scream trying to get their attention. Suddenly Arianny threw us against the side of the van. My mouth dislodged from Sara Jean's only to shoved right between her breasts as Arianny's covered the back of my head. I felt her wrap herself around Sara Jean and the two began to make out loudly and passionately.

"Disgusting," my mother said.

I heard her walk away. I screamed for her but the already muffled sound was covered by the women going at it.

"She's gone," Sara Jean said finally.

"Let's get him home before someone else shows up."

I heard a ripping sound and felt something being wrapped around my legs. They were tying me up with duct tape! I tried to fight back but was weak from lack of air. Still pinned between their breasts my beleaguered brain finally gave up the fight and I passed out. I came to once or twice I think. I was laying in the back seat of the van I think. All I do know is Arianny was laying with me.

"Not yet," she would whisper before smothering me with her breasts until I passed out again.

When I finally came to for real I was laying on some kind of large canopy bed with the curtains drawn. My legs and arms were still bound in duct tape.

"Hello," I called, "anyone out there?"

The curtain parted allowing Arianny & Sara Jean climb onto the bed with me. I was speechless. They had shed their bikinis and now wore nothing at all. And here I thought they were beautiful before.

"Just us," Arianny purred.

"The only people you'll ever need," Sara Jean agreed.

Arianny held up a pair of clothing shears.

"What are those for?" I asked.

"Calm down baby, everything will be alright."

Sara Jean held me still while Arianny cut away all my clothing, leaving the tape of course. Once done she tossed it off the side of the bed. Then the women laid down on either side of me and began to lovingly stroke my now naked body.

"Beautiful," Sara Jean marveled.

"And he's not finished yet," Arianny said, referring to my youth.

Sara Jean climbed on top of me shoving her shaved womanhood over my face. Arianny climbed on and mounted me with her already dripping wet pussy.

"She does you, you do me and then we switch," Sara Jean ordered.

I didn't have to be told twice. So we did just that. Then the two women made love to each other on top of me. Then somewhere in the wee hours of the morning they each kissed me on the lips and wrapped themselves around me, Arianny in front and Sara Jean in back, and we fell asleep. I awoke several hours later to find them standing at the foot of the bed dressing.

"Where you going?" I asked groggily.

"Last day of the car show baby," Arianny said.

"One last day of work," Sara Jean added.

Already, damn this was kinda fun. OK it was really fun.

"I guess this means your letting me go then huh?"

"Oh baby," Arianny said climbing onto the bed and kissed him on the lips, "I never want to hear your cute little mouth say those dirty words ever again. You're our boy now and that's forever. We'll take good care of you, don't you worry."

"We'll make sure no one ever takes you away from us," Sara Jean continued, "this is your life now and know you'll love it."

Arianny hopped off the bed and grabbed her purse.

"Rest up baby, it's payday and we're gonna celebrate all night long."

They left, locking the door behind them. I lay there listening to my mistresses leave happy in the knowledge we were one big happy family forever more. God I love the car show.


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