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Storycodes: Solo-M; furry; storm; library; write; discovery; F/m; bond; rope; tickle; tease; cuffs; spreader-bar; susp; sex; climax; cabin; wrap; cocoon; encase; boxed; stuck; cons; X

A cougar gives a mouse shelter from the storm … in her ropes. All animals are human sized. Sorry no Zootopia cleverness here.


He almost went off the road.


The wall of white obscured all but the closest few feet ahead. The winding mountain pass was a nightmare to drive in weather like this. Then Brian had hit the ice. God, his heart was still beating madly. He had to pull over, now. Slowly he crept along until he spotted a small library tucked away in a rocky alcove.

"Thank God!"

He parked as close as he could and bolted inside. God it was cold! Mouse fur was not made for blizzards! Oh thank God it was heated inside! Despite the fact that he seemed to be alone, besides the cougar librarian, he still scurried into a back corner. He wanted no one to see what he was writing. He never did. He wasn't even sure why he brought it with him on this business trip. He was glad he did now however. He fired up his tablet computer and began writing his femdom novel about a shark who enslaves a dog.

He was so lost in his own little world he forgot about the librarian. Then he felt something large and soft press against his back. He felt breath on his neck. A sexy whisper tickled his ear.

"That's wrong."

He jumped out of his seat. The busty cougar smiled wickedly at him.

"Sorry to snoop like this ... Greysteel," she said, reading his manuscript, "really?"

"I'm still working on the penname."

"What's your real name?"

"Brian Houser."

"Adorable, just like you."

"I'm Madeline DeCourt."

"Nice to meet you."

"This is all wrong by the way."

She gestured to the screen.

"What is?"

"The bondage scenes. They're all wrong."

"No they're not."

"Have you ever been tied up?"


"Tied anyone up?"


"I can see that. You're inconsistent. In this passage the bindings would be so loose they would fall off. In this one it would strangle them to death."


"Boy you need some real life experience."


"Lucky for you I'm a bondage expert."

"You are?"

"It's very lonely up here. A girl's gotta have hobbies."

"If you say so."

"I can give you a ... hands on demonstration."

"There's ... there's no need to do that," he said, blushing.

She pointed to the storm outside.

"Got anything better to do?"

Was he really doing this? Was he really allowing some strange woman tie him up in the back room of a library in the middle of nowhere? It sure looked like it. He sat down in the metal chair.

"First the hands."

She took his arms and gently placed them behind his back and the chair's back.

"Wrap them around both wrists and knot it in the middle. There now you can't slide them out like your dog could have. Next your legs. Repeat what you did for the wrists to the ankles. There. Next the body, wrap it snugly in a coiling motion, like so. Then bind the legs to the chair and the arms. Viola, you're trapped!"

He sure was.

"This is good for robbing someone. You're now helpless to stop me from taking anything I want. I can steal money. I can steal your watch. I can steal what you're carrying. I can steal kisses."


He gasped as she straddled his lap and kissed him. It wasn't a little peck either. It was forceful, hungry, dominating. Her tongue forced his into submission. He moaned at the pleasure of her oral assault. She untied him.

"Now let's work on your kidnapping scene. That tie would cut off circulation to his hands. Here make two fists."

He did.

"Now double the space between them."

Again he did.

"Lay the rope over his arms. The middle of the rope is between the arms. Take the right hand side and wrap it around twice, stacking them horizontally. Then do the same for the left. There should be five bands. Take the two ends and cross them under the arms. Pull them up. The end hanging from the front should go under and up behind the bands. The end hanging from the back should be pulled under and up the front. Wrap the ends around the bands, making new bands heading for the victim's wrists. Leave a little space. Take the ends and feed them through inside to out and there. You now have bondage cuffs."

She was right, his hands were useless.

"How do lead them? Shouldn't there be a rope at the end?"

"Lead? No, no, you should carry them."


She grabbed the cuffs in one powerful paw and lifted him right off the ground. His dangling arms left him helpless.

"I love doing this. It gives me free range."

"For what?"

Her other paw went for his chest. A barrage of tickles ensued. His screams were drowned out by the howling winds outside.

"It's also useful if you have a hook like I do."

She placed the cuff on a wall mounted metal hooking leaving him dangling again.

"It allows me to do pervy things like this."

She pulled off his socks and shoes before forcing his toes straight into her mouth. His nerves exploded into a wave of pleasure as her tongue played with his little digits. His eyes rolled back in his head from the sensations as the hours went on. Eventually she did untie him.

"Now for that sex scene."

He blushed at those words.

"I mean spread eagle in bed? So vanilla. It's too slow. It lacks passion, it lacks lust."

"How ... how would you write it?"

She smiled wickedly again. She reached into a box pulling out a wide metal bar with leather cuffs on either end.

"What's that for?"

She locked the left cuff around his left ankle. She spread his legs apart as far as they could comfortably go, locking the right leg into the right cuff. Back into the box she went this time pulling out leather cuffs. She locked them on his hands and then attached them to the hook. His arms were forced into acute angles.

"This is called the Eiffel Tower. It gives your shark full access to her puppy prisoner's bound body. She can then pull down his pants ..."

Down his went.

"... his tighty whities ..."


"... then her cougar pussy can ravage his mouse cock."

"You ... you mean shark and dog, right?"


She took off her pants, revealing she wore no underwear. He gulped. She then straddled him, forcing his mousehood deep inside her. He gasped at the warmth and pressure. Then she fucked him. She ravished him like the predator she was. She pounded away for hours and through multiple orgasms each. When she's done he's too weak to move.

"That was amazing," he told her.

Madeline looked out the window.

"Storm's cleared."

"Good," he said weakly.

As she untied him he collapsed into her arms.

"Before you go there's one more scene we need to work on."


She let him rest against the wall as she redressed them both. She then scooped him up and tossed him over his shoulder.

"What ...?" he asked weakly.

"I don't have what I need here."

She then carried him out a back door and up the hill to an even more remote cabin. She laid him on the floor before locking the door.

"Where are we?"

"My home. Now let's talk about the scene where she hides him in the quilt box. There's a missed opportunity there."

"How so?"

She undressed him again.


"Tell which of these is more exciting."

She then grabbed him, carried him into her bedroom, dropped him in a quilt box and closed the lid. She then carried him back to the living room.


She grabbed some more rope and before he knew it he was mummified. She then went and got the quilt out of the box and brought it into the living room. She spread it out across the floor. She picked him up and laid him on the blanket, head sticking out, on the corner. In a wild spiral Brian found himself cocooned even further. Then she mummified the blankets in rope. Once he was secured Madeline scooped him up and carried him back to her room. She placed him back in the box as before.

"This. This is better," he told her.

"Good, now there's something I want you to think about."

"What's that?"

"You came to my library at the spur of the moment. No one knows where you are. You have no way to call them. You've put yourself totally under the control of a complete stranger. The only way you can leave my cabin is if I let you."

She leaned in, whispering sexily into his ear for full impact.

"I will never, ever, do that."

She licked his ear and kissed him hard on the mouth again.

"Wait, what?"

She closed the box and locked him inside.

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