Bond Con Bound

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2003 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; susp; cons; X

As bondage damsels went, Marnie had been around the block as often as one could, without stopping for gas or asking for directions, an accomplishment worthy of Guinness World Book Record attention. Yet, the void she'd opened in her 16th year, when a close girlfriend initiated the gullible teen into her first bondage experience, had yet to be filled, and showed no signs of being ultimately satisfied, where orgasmic mountain tops were concerned.

Now that she was 30, and romantically uninvolved for more than she cared to admit, Marnie decided to go on a quest, one that, she hoped, would culminate with the finding of a man who not only had the talent to fulfill the deep cravings she'd thus far, doggedly cultivated, but also give her reason to affirm the belief that there was someone out there with whom she could actually find soul-mating bliss. The first place she earnestly searched was a bondage convention in New York City, where she set up a booth, got into her most provocative outfit, and waited for the first bite. 

Since Marnie�s modeling career had topped off in her 28th year, after having dealt with the usual phases gals of her talent and endowments plow through en route to super stardom, she did her professional best to weed out 'The Critters,' as she liked to call them, and dove headlong into the serious business of finding a lover worthy of her attributes and tastes.

But as each day passed, Marnie Briscoe�s hopes dimmed in the shadows of a bygone career that could only be described as a few inches short of state-of-the-art, and spectacularly mismanaged. 

It wasn't until the last hour of the last day of the convention that Adam showed up to ask, in a tone of voice that sounded more like that of a clergyman than a wide-eyed, devoted fan, "I would be honored if you would do a shoot with me."

Marnie looked up at the tall, slender gentleman in the black-leather jacket and tight, tan cords, and said, "I get 200-an-hour, and require references."

She immediately regretted the business-as-usual vocal posture her autonomic side blurted out when the look in Adam�s eyes met the one in hers and all but demolished the professional force field Marnie tended to activate at bondage conventions.

The dark-haired Master smiled and made the object of his fantasies an offer she could not refuse. "How about I throw in dinner, help you pack up your booth, and drive you home when we're finished?"

�Home? What makes you think...�

�I know you�re only an hour from here.�

Adam's smile was disarming, to say the least, and spoke volumes to Marnie's instincts.

"How many hours did you have in mind?"

"As long as it takes. And as for the references, why not give Mel a buzz."

Briscoe turned to see if her trusted but played out friend was still in his booth. He was. When she turned back, Adam handed her his cell, on which he'd already placed the call. The reference picked up immediately. 

"Mel Standard here."

"Hi, Mel, it's Marnie. Can I trust this guy?"

Mel gave Adam a split second look and said, "I'd steer clear of that one if I were you. He's off the map, and way too heady for your disposition, my pet."

Marnie closed the cell and extended it to its owner�s waiting left hand. 

With his right, he offered a handshake invitation and said, �Adam Tyler, but friends call me Ty.�

Marnie reached out to accept the formality, and said as she noticed the gentle but firm way her latest prospect handled the social nicety, �Hi, Ty. Mel a friend of yours?�

Hard as she tried, while showering and getting ready for their dinner date, Marnie could not get Adam Tyler out of her mind. The eye contact had already told her more than she needed to know about their inner kinship, and where the possibilities its go-ahead green light could lead. All that remained, in the way of confirming scrutiny, was the familiarity gap that separated them from getting into some serious fooling around. 

Adam was seated at an out-of-the-way table in the hotel dining room when Marnie showed up in her �classiest,� micro-mini-dress, highest heels, pony tailed hair, and a generic expression on her lightly tanned features.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," she said, rather unconvincingly.

Adam's answer was not unexpected. "I'm sure it won't happen again." His eyes stared Marnie down before he stood, pulled out her chair, and got on with the business at hand.

"Thank you," said Briscoe while laying her black leather purse on the table and watching a Bloody Mary arrive by way of a waiter who'd been well instructed in advance as to how things would go from then on. 

"Looks like you did your homework," said Marnie as she grabbed her glass and took a sip. "Mmmm, not bad."

"Glad you approve."

"What other tidbits of personal trivia have you managed to unearth about me?"

Adam wasted no time putting his cards on the table.

�More than you�d care to admit, I�m sure,� he quipped, while raising his Bloody Mary and toasting, �To a long, stimulating and profitable relationship.�

Their eyes met for a second and half before Marnie shot back, �I�ll drink to that. And who might you be referring to, if I may ask?� She gulped her favorite mixed drink, averted her gaze, and waited for the new Master in her life to respond to the playing-hard-to-get dig.

He took a sip of his Mary, placed it back on the table, and said, rather dryly, �I was hoping to fulfill that prophecy with Shelly Poke.�

Marnie almost choked as she turned away from Ty�s totally unexpected comeback, and spit out a mouthful of red stuff, just as the waiter arrived to inadvertently stop the uncontrollable spray of Bloody Mary from reaching a customer on the table adjacent to theirs.

�...Would you folks like to see a menu?� asked he, while briefly examining his bright white, but seriously red-speckled shirt, and wondering if Lestoil would once again come to its rescue.

Adam smiled. �That will be all for now, Richard.�

Without so much as an �excuse me,� Marnie turned to her obviously well informed date and asked, �What are you, some kind of stalker, or something?�

�No,� said Adam Tyler, �just someone who thinks it�s high time you had a career worthy of your uniquely qualified persona, tastes and disposition.�

When their eyes met this time, a whole new aura of respect and deliberation passed between them.


�Very,� said Marnie Briscoe before asking, �Would you mind not speaking that other name, ever again, in any way, shape or form, for as long as we know each other?�

�Only if you promise not to embarrass me in front of Richard again.�

On The Way Up In the Elevator

Neither one of them had pressed a floor button yet. The doors opened on the 4th. A bondage model and her man got on and selected a destination. 

When they got off, Marnie asked, �Where are we going?�

�Depends,� answered Adam Tyler, without verbal coloring. �Where would you like to go?�

�My room.�

�Then go.�

Marnie pressed the 2nd floor button and asked, �Now what?�

�How about we just play it by ear. Enjoy the meal?�

�Immensely,� remembered Briscoe, in a burst of uncontrollable candor. A second later, the business end of her nature was back on line. �Am I supposed to show my appreciation in some way?�

Adam said nothing, but his eyes reflected an inner understanding that once again shattered his possible partner�s force field, and caused her to think, �Why do I get the feeling I know this guy?� 

When the doors opened, Marnie got off and headed down the hallway, without looking back. When she reached the fourth room on the left, she turned and noticed that Adam had not gotten off the elevator. However, its doors were still open, and remained that way for the next several seconds.

A recalled line from dinner echoed in memory. �If you�d rather listen to Mel�s advice, you�ll never see me again, and your career will, more than likely, end up like Patty�s did.�

Marnie knew she was at a critical crossroad in her somewhat overexposed career, and that Adam was not a Master to trifle with, given her present circumstances.

�He knows me,� she figured. �The son of a bitch really knows me.�

The elevator�s, innocuous, computer generated �Time�s Up� feedback began to goad Marnie�s indecisiveness as she fumbled to find her key card and ponder the moment, which, by now, was reaching critical mass.

�I don�t know if he even has a room here,� she realized. 


�Yes, Ms. Briscoe?�

�Are you, or are you not going to help me pack and get the hell out of this hotel?�

�Are you, or are not going to get back on this elevator?�

She found the key, but opted to dash back up the hall and into the lift, saying, with a stab of annoyance in her tone as she did, �Listen, Ty, let me be clear about this. I do not like to play these kinds of games.� The doors close behind her. �Nor do I appreciate being blackmailed with information about my past.� The elevator descended. �So please drop all the tactical crap and...� 

She turned to notice that the above-door number lights indicated they were headed for an unauthorized, lower level. A chain, dangling from a turned key on the bottom of the button panel, also revealed an unexpected wrinkle was about to unfold into Marnie�s professional history. 

She looked up at the indicator lights again and asked, �Where are we going?�

�You did say 200-an-hour, didn�t you?� was all Adam said.

Marnie suddenly flushed with unexpected arousal, and was instantly beside herself with indecision. �That I did... That I did.�

The doors opened to a gray-walled, black-floored hallway. Adam turned and removed the access key and said, �After you,� as he waved his right hand towards the next surprise.

Marnie froze in her tracks. �No thanks.� 

Meanwhile, her starving-for-adventure side continued to make a case against not continuing by sending some serious moisture into Briscoe�s vitals and saying, �DO it!�

A few seconds passed, after which Adam stepped off the elevator, walked to its opposite wall, turned, and placed his hands into his jacket pockets. The eye contact blistered with erotic nuance. The elevator doors closed. Adam smiled. The doors opened again. Rosalie stepped forward. Adam indicated a direction. They walked slowly to its next surprise.

The hallway was spacious, and lined with doors. Some were open. When they reached the end door, Adam used another key on his chain to unlock and open another wrinkle. He then extended his hand to Marnie�s redlining trepidations. She tried to look inside, but the lights were out, making it impossible to discern the room�s function. She took Adam�s hand anyway, and the business side of her thought, �He�d better tip me good for this.�

Adam slowly closed and locked the door behind them, consuming the horny duo in complete darkness. 

Marnie tightened her grip on the hand of her new client, and asked, �You the janitor, or something?�


�Then how...�

�Head of security,� said Adam Tyler as he let go of his model�s hand.

A tiny, dim-green light suddenly appeared before Marnie�s nose. It was a watch face, indicating the time was 10:10 PM.

�Shall we start the shoot?� invited Ty.

�It�s your money,� blurted Briscoe�s business side again. And, again, she instantly regretted making the remark.

�Remove your dress.�

It was off and hanging from the doorknob in no time. The purse lay on the floor in front of it. Except for her 6-inch, black, patent leather heels and black thong, Marnie was naked.

�Do I get to see what I�ve gotten myself into, or...�

�Shshshsh,� said Adam. �Hands in front of you, palm-to-palm.�

Marnie took a deep breath and exhaled saying, �Cash only,� as she extended her hands and rolled her eyes. An uncommon rush of fearful passion raced from the top of her chest to the fire down below. 

�Will hundreds be OK?� asked Adam before applying five circles of three-eighths, black nylon rope to the task at hand.

Another wet spot twitch accompanied Marnie�s reply. �C-notes will be fine.� 

The wrist cinch wasn�t all that tight, giving Adam�s latest damsel reason to believe some other configuration would soon remedy the application�s shortcoming.
She was then guided to a specific spot on the floor, marked with a glow-in-the-dark star.

�It�s Showtime,� remarked Adam, with a flare, as he stepped back.

Suddenly, a bright flash filled the room with blinding light. Four more soon followed as Marnie reacted to the next surprise, instinctively pressing her upper arms against the sides of her full, firm breasts to add a subtle but visually enhancing effect to the opening phases of the shoot.

�Nice,� praised Adam before pulling a bright-red ball gag from his leather jacket pocket and saying, �Open wide.�

Marnie knew what was coming, but made an effort to keep things in their proper perspective. �Don�t I get a safe word or something?�

The ball gag was quickly applied and strapped tightly in place.

�Not for 200, cash,� decided Adam. Five more flashes of illumination punctuated his somewhat disturbing announcement. 

Marnie�s pussy responded by raising its tingle meter another several notches, while she thought, �And the ball gag is one size bigger than a perfect fit.�


She then felt something hard being slipped under one of the wrist cinch turns. It was a brass hook, connected to a line that ran to an overhead pulley.

�Mel told you to stay away from me, didn�t he?�

Marnie next felt the embrace of a wide, leather belt around her waist. It was buckled in back as tightly as its hard-pressed, 24-inch dimension would allow.


�I want you down to 22 in two months,� commanded Adam, as if he�d already signed on as Marnie�s trainer.

She immediately knew what he was proposing, but decided to play dumb to see how he would react. �Huh?�

Adam ignored the question as he got behind his model and started pulling on the suspension line until Marnie�s wrists were as high above her head as the heels would allow. The line was then passed between her legs, up to and under the waist belt, and forward to a tie-off point, 5-feet directly in front.

�Shoes together.�

Marnie did as she was told and felt the pressure of the half-inch thick suspension rope center on her now, thoroughly saturated and throbbing pussy.
The rope was secured. A series of camera flashes quickly followed.

�If you knew I was too hot to handle, why did you come this far? How about I answer that for you.�

The room was suddenly bright with fluorescent illumination. As Marnie adjusted her eyes to it, Adam further enlightened her inner eye as well.

�Does the name Casper ring a bell?�

The flashback took but a split second to impact Ms. Briscoe�s consciousness. Meanwhile, her ankles were quickly and tightly bound together. Marnie had been occasionally chatting and exchanging email online with a man named Casper for almost six-months. While Ty bound his chatter�s lower thighs, he made his intentions perfectly clear.

�Now that we understand each other, how about we drop all the BS and get down to some serious truth or dare.�

Marnie looked up at the portable, black-led pipe, suspension frame she was hanging from, then to her left, where a neatly appointed desk suggested this was her date�s office. Adam stood from the completion of his current task and walked around in front of his new model. Their eyes met. 

�Can I assume everything you told me online was accurate, gospel truth?�

The question sunk deep into Briscoe�s unnerved reasoning, setting off all sorts of second-thought regret.

�What�s the matter, cat got your memory?� 

Marnie was now way too upset with shock and kinky passion to volunteer any further cooperation. Instead, she played the damsel in distress by struggling wildly and making it perfectly clear she wanted out. While she did, her peripheral vision caught sight of the video camera trained on her now seriously frightened countenance.

�I see,� was all Ty said as he took off his jacket, flung it over a chair, and walked over to the tripod atop which his digital camera was mounted. While taking a few more pictures, he said, �Is that moisture between your legs all you�re going to admit to this evening?�

Marnie continued to check out the room, and the several lengths of rope hanging from the black-pipe frame above, but remained silent as her first time, fantasy-come-true unfolded. Ty grabbed a pants hanger off his desk and walked back to his damsel while saying, �Remember the picture you raved about all the time, the one with the pants hanger and the fishing sinker weights?�

Marnie watched as her new master set the clips on her rock hard, pencil eraser nipples, and undid the thin line he�d tied to its closet pole hook. He threw the tether over the second overhead pipe. It was about four-feet in front of the one to which his frantically writhing fantasy girl was suspended. 

�How many ounces did you say you wanted to try on for size?�

Another online recall flooded Marie�s critically flabbergasted awareness as Ty slipped a 5-ouncer onto the hook at the end of the new overhead line.

�Five?� He let the sinker dangle. �Ten? Twenty?�

Marnie was beside herself with dread as she watched Ty walk to a desk drawer to retrieve another four sinkers, which he placed on the floor in front of her. In the process, another camcorder caught her eye, placed to capture the action from another, tighter shot angle. Another line was then tied to the ball gag strap in back, then down, under and between the ankle cinch. It continued up to the bondage damsel�s ponytail.

�Head back.�

Marnie tried to resist, but had no choice in the matter as her head was forced back and her eyes caught sight of a third, overhead camera. The ball gag pressure increased considerably when most of the slack was pulled out and the line secured to the ponytail. Ty then undid the crotch rope suspension line from its mooring, only to pull out more slack, which lifted his sub�s heels off the floor and triggered the beginnings of her first multiple.

�There,� he said while tying things off and reaching for another sinker. 

�Ahnk!� commented Marnie after it was placed on the nipple hanger hook.

�You must have not looked at the picture I sent for quite some time, or you might have recognized me.� 

A third sinker was added.

�Aren�t you glad the picture you sent me was a phony? If it was really you, I might not have added this.�

Sinker number 4 drove home the point.

Marnie did her best to get her feet back on the floor by tilting her head back as far as it would go. The move worked, but she knew the physical demands it made would soon take its toll.


Several more pictures were taken...

It was then that something very unexpected happened, something so far removed from the spirit of the moment it literally swept the bondage sub off her feet.

�When we get back to your room, I�m going to make love to you,� whispered Ty as he gently but feverishly kissed Marnie�s neck. �I�m going to hold you in my arms and make all kinds of mad, uninhibited love to you.� His hands joined in by teasingly caressing his date�s shoulders, breasts and ears.

She did her best to emotionally appreciate the moves, but the ropes that bound her, and the spasms that overwhelmed her awareness kept dominating the event to a point most bondage models never get to enjoy when in the hands of your run-of-the-mill rigger/photographer.

�My best guess is we�re going to be in love, Marnie Briscoe, and very much a part of each other�s lives,� prophesied Ty. �On top of that, we are also going to rock the industry with some of the best bondage imagery it has ever put out there.�

Suddenly, Adam shifted gears into a much rougher course of seductive action, grabbing and pulling at Marnie�s bondage, while swatting her ass cheeks and lifting her up and down to make sure the crotch rope was operating at peek efficiency. Biting, neck kisses accompanied the barrage of erotic foreplay, giving his model a taste of things to come and a second green light to obey en route to her next pit stop. Then, as quickly as her date�s attentions began, they stopped. 

�Later,� said Adam Tyler while walking to his desk, pressing the play button on a tape machine and opening the door. �I�ll just leave you to your suspended animation. I�m sure you have a lot to think about and savor.�

He slammed the door, for effect, before locking it and heading for the elevator.

The tape spelled out Marnie�s current future.

�Hi Dawn. (That was the name you used online.) If you�re tied to my pipe toy, it means you didn�t recognize my voice or face, which means I also won a $500 bet with Patty that you wouldn�t. Of course, it has been four months since this tape was made, so do your best to pay attention, and learn the lesson it imparts.� 

As Marnie listened and dealt with her impossible bondage situation, deep inside, her respect for Adam�s mastery tripled. What followed on tape were key cuts from that 47-minute conversation.

�I have yet to meet a man who could take me where I want to go with bondage,� confessed �Dawn,� on tape.

 �Where do you want to go?�

�Where I�ve never been before, and I have been places 95% of every sub out there can only dream of going.�

�Then you�re into sadomasochistic bondage?�

�Yes, in small to medium doses, but I don�t want to be permanently scarred, nor do I like verbal abuse. I just want to be tied up, really tight, by a man who knows what he�s doing, and who will do it to me often.�

�How about safe words?�

�They�re no fun.�

�Then you want to lose complete control.�


�You�re sure?�


Marnie�s multiple continued to dominate her priorities. She struggled wildly, pulling on the gag/ponytail line to get whatever friction she could on the crotch rope when her heels touched the floor and the tension loosened a bit. She could only imagine what she looked like, but knew that the video and stills would be state of the art, and that she hadn�t done a shoot of this caliber and intensity in too long a time.

�How about spanking?�

�Yeah, I like being swatted, especially when I have no choice and the crotch rope is properly tied.�

�What if you want out and I am either not there or too busy with my own agenda.�

�Then I guess I will just have to bite down on my ball gag and bear it.�

The tape continued, getting deeper and deeper into the details of both the sub�s and her binder�s preferences. Marnie lifted her heels off the floor to relieve the pressure on her neck and gag, and thought, �HELP!!!� as she screamed, �AHAHN!! AHAHAHNK!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!�

That�s when the truth of the dare caught up with her hindsight, flashing her back to forgotten cuts from the phone conversation that she now wished she hadn�t role-played. For in an effort to keep Adam�s kinky side aroused and interested, she�d said things like, �Oh, yes, I love that,� and �That is one of my particular favorite bondage predicaments,� when, in fact, Marnie had never actually had any of the various things Ty spelled out done to her.

�Oh, noooooo!� realized Briscoe as each description of outrageous erotic foreplay replayed into her frantically overwhelmed sensibilities. 

�I love being left alone for hours in super-tight, damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don�t bondage,� heard Marnie from her own lips as the multiple continued and she thought, �I�m fucked; totally FUCKED!�


Meanwhile, Up In Room 404

Patty had been enjoying a strict hogtie for a good 90-minutes, currently hoping Adam would soon come back to undo her before things got too out of hand, pain-wise. �This wasn�t necessary, but I�m sure glad he thought it was.� The pleasurable, hogtie measure had been taken to keep Huston�s meddlesome nature out of Ty�s hair for as long as it took to win the bet. When she heard the door unlock and open, a renewed sensual excitement flooded her crevice as she looked up and thought, �Geeze, I hope it�s him.�

�Hi,� said Adam before undoing the ball gag and adding, �You owe me 500 bucks.�

�...I don�t believe it� were Patty Huston�s first spoken thoughts. �She�s actually bound and gagged in Simon�s office, as we speak.�

Ty set about to undoing his old friend�s hogtie line. �Yup.�

�This I gotta see.�

�You will.�


It was Patty�s picture that was sent to Adam online when he asked for one of Marnie. That�s how he knew it was a phony, which set in motion a concerted effort to find out who �Dawn� really was. It wasn�t until Ty played the phone conversation tape for Patty that they realized it was Marnie, for the two knew each other well, and had done a few shoots together. Since Briscoe didn�t know that Adam was intimately connected to the industry, or that he had an extensive collection of bondage pictures, some of which were of Patty, she thought it a safe bet to send him a bogus shot.

Ty had purposely maintained a low profile online with Marnie, feigning an uninformed posture so as to keep the relationship on a track that would not only ensure his anonymity, but also cloak his efforts to find out who she really was. And since Briscoe was not aware of the friendship that existed between Patty and Adam, setting up the evening�s episode became a piece of cake. 

�How did you do her?� asked Patty after she�d been freed from the precaution.

Adam pulled a Polaroid shot of Marnie�s fix from out of his shirt pocket and said as he handed it to his partner in crime, �How about we wait another 20-minutes before pushing another of her buttons?�

Patty smiled at the photo and said, �Great. That will be just enough time for me to shower and get ready.�

20-Minutes Later

In all of her life, Marnie had never experienced anything like the fix and situation she she�d gotten herself into with Adam.

�How could I have been so stupid,� she scolded to the side of her that had been starving for just such a situation since the first time she ever felt the inescapable embrace of tight rope around her 16-year-old body. Now that the fun part of the fix had dissipated somewhat, a more lucid, realistic side had taken over. �How the hell did he find out I was Dawn?� she wondered.

Just then, the sound of an inserted door key, followed by the turn of tumblers, and of the creak of slightly rusted hinges inspired Marnie to writhe and moan pleadingly for the next several seconds. She was certain her ordeal would soon come to an end, but, being the pro she was, she played the moment to the hilt, directing all of her eye contact and body language to the overhead camera lens.

�Hi Marn,� greeted Patty. �Havin� fun?�

Briscoe was instantly stricken with a kind of fear she had yet to appreciate. Huston positioned herself within her competition�s field of vision to make sure she could savor the expression on her face when dropping the next bomb on Briscoe�s emotionally charged awareness.

�There�s one more sinker on the floor. I was sent down here to top off the fix with it.� Patty stepped into the overhead camcorder frame to deliver her next line. 

�Unless, of course, you would prefer to pay me the 500 I lost to Ty by doing this shoot for nothing. I wagered you would never let yourself be tied up and photographed by him tonight, and without a chaperone.�

Marnie�s eyes pleaded back at Patty�s, hoping to appeal to the side of her wherein the bond of their bondage modeling sisterhood dwelled. 

�If you don�t agree, I�ll have to give him a free shoot, and this next sinker will join the rest on the nipple clip tether.�

Marnie�s head did its best to say �yes� to the proposal.

But Patty was way too drunk with mischievous power to let the golden opportunity slip through her fingers.

�Nah,� she blurted, flippantly, before walking over to the sinker hook and slipping the last one on. �Enjoy.�

Marnie watched as Patty left the room and said, before closing and locking the door behind her, �I heard the tape of you two on the phone, and couldn�t help but wonder if that, and the use of my picture suggested an attempt at payback for when the shoe was on the other foot at LAST year�s New York convention.�

...Adam was right outside. �Well?�

�I don�t think she can handle more than another five minutes,� said Patty Huston as she gave the key back to her trusted friend and headed back to the elevator, to which she also had a key.

�Thanks,� whispered Adam Tyler.

Patty smiled. �Don�t mention it.�

John Roper

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