The Bondage Wheel

by Anon

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© Copyright 2013 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/fff; tv-show; lingerie; corset; heels; bond; cuffs; straps; hood; gag; bfold; auction; slaves; cons; X

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story line is drawn from another I read on the internet. In that story it was prison guards playing hangman with a prisoner and the prisoner was not only the guessing the letters but was the hangman suffering the consequences. This story is based off another use of the word game hangman and is a based on the popular long running game show. This story is purely fiction including the characters and any resemblance to any real person is coincidental.

Susan was in the dressing room with her two co-contestants getting dressed for the show. Each was required to wear a corset with thong panty, the corset having coned shaped bra cups and forced the three women to squeeze their waist down by up to two inches. Stockings were required to cover their legs, which for all three women were white seamed with lace tops and held up by garters attached to the corset. The three women wore their panties over the garters as instructed in case they end up losing the game and to prevent the destruction of that garment. Over the lingerie the three would wear a white halter style blouse that was close fitting helping to emphasize the cones of the bra cups.

A pencil skirt that reached to the top of her knees was added, with the difference for each woman being in the color of the skirt. Susan would wear a red skirt. A pair of patent five-inch high-heeled pumps in the color of her skirt completed the game show costume for each woman. With Susan would be a six foot tall blonde, Tricia wearing a white skirt and pumps. The blonde hair came off her heads in waves to reach her shoulder blades. The third woman, Yvonne was a five foot nine-inch tall blonde and she would wear a true blue skirt and pumps. Yvonne’s blonde hair was also wavy and its length was to her shoulders. In contrast to the two blondes was five foot two inches tall Susan with shoulder length straight auburn hair.

For twenty-year-old Susan this was a tough decision for her to make. While in high school she had attended technical courses that assisted her in becoming a secretary in short order after graduation. She had not had a date in high school due to her plain looking appearance and lack of curves. She would not blossom with curves until six months after her graduation. The only job she found after graduating was one with a temp agency in which she was farmed out. And though she would earn some money most of what she earned was to pay rent to her parents and buy professional looking clothes to help her get better jobs. Yet she still had not been offered any permanent jobs though she got great marks for her work.

Susan wanted to go to college and earn an MBA but lacked the money to pay for the schooling. She had applied for grants and scholarships to attend college but was turned down every time. She then hoped to get on a game show in Hollywood, California to earn the money but never got a call back to her applications to be a contestant. She was aware of this game show, but was leery of it, as was everybody else since it had a serious consequence if you lost to counter the great rewards for winning. She eventually decided to at least see if she would be accepted. Four months after submitting her application she was called in for an interview, then two months later was offered a chance provided she would learn how to wear a corset and high heels in six months. Neither of these had she done until that day.

After five months they gave her a date for travel and taping of her show. The show would tape the same day it aired but up to an hour and forty-five minutes before airing. It was explained at that time before boarding her flight she would have to sign a contract in which she was acknowledging the risks of playing in the game show plus her participation was totally voluntary. After a fifteen-minute talk about how the show functioned, the rewards of being on it and the risks she signed the contract as witnessed by a government official. She then boarded her shuttle, which took off for the space terminal on the moon. There she transferred to a liner that would take her out of the Earth Solar System and take her to the Irving Solar System where the show was taped. Another space terminal led to another shuttle at the other end to a planet's surface where the show was taped. They put her up in a hotel and gave her two nights before she would have to report for the taping of her episode, which would require her to be at the studio at four thirty in the afternoon. It was her arrival at the studios blue room that she met Tricia and Yvonne.

Susan always thought she was at a disadvantage with small breasts until that day she joined Trish and Yvonne in the dressing room. Though she had only 34B-breast size, they were firm and perky, as they should be for a woman of her age. She would soon learn that Yvonne had 32B and Trish had 34C breasts. But what would really help her was the corset she had learned to wear which would give her measurements of 34B-22-34 so that when she wore tight clothes it really showed an hourglass shape. Trish was a 34C-24-34 and Yvonne was 32B-18-30. They were told to wait to be summoned after getting dressed to head for hair and make-up. That wait was only five minutes before leaving the dressing room to the hair and make-up room. Not much was done there except to help set the hair to look its best and make-up to avoid a sheen on camera and the pale skin look. Then they went to the green room where they were to wait for the start of the show. They arrived there just in time to see the previous episode finish its taping.

The show aired in the galaxy on a game show network four times a day, which required four tapings a day. The first taping would begin at two fifteen in the afternoon to be aired at four, with a fifteen-minute break between tapings. That break was to give the host and hostess of the show a chance to change clothes for the next taping. The two had learned to be very proficient over the years and fifteen minutes was plenty of time. Susan, Trish and Yvonne were all contestants on the third episode to be taped that day that meant the taping would begin at three forty-five.

But they arrived in the blue room in time to see the end of the first episode of the day and that episode had a strange ending. The blue room was the first waiting room she was in prior to the dressing room. It was a very rare event when the show would end with three losers. Only about one in every thousand episodes had that happened, but it happened that day. The second episode had a winner going to the bonus round with sixty thousand galactic credits but lost the bonus round sending her home with only her basic winnings. Also there was one who finished in second place with twenty thousand credits and survived to go home with her money. The third contestant lost the game on her final spin, but won fourteen thousand to give her a chance to buy her own freedom later.

Sitting in the green room seemed like to take an eternity, which made all three women very nervous, and then the floor manager of the show summoned them. Once out on the floor, Yvonne had the position closest to where the host would stand. Trish would stand in the middle of the three contestants and Susan would be on the far end. Once in position things began to happen with a flurry of activity in the two minutes before the opening music began to play. Then the host and hostess were introduced. And just like the more noted version of the show on earth, they halted mid-stage to take their bows and then split. The male host coming over to the wheel area while the beautiful blonde hostess went over to the big board. After a brief hello they started the show off with a toss-up round worth one thousand credits. It was a nine-letter puzzle with the category being people. The letters started to appear on the board slowly, but after the third letter a nervous Yvonne buzzed in.

“Yvonne?” said the host to her.

“ICELANDERS” an excited Yvonne answered.

“I’m sorry. That is incorrect”, said the host. “Unfortunately that wrong answer will cost you your skirt. That also means you’re out but we will continue for the other two.”

Yvonne started to remove her skirt as soon as she was told that wasn’t correct and the board put another letter up before Trish buzzed in with an answer. Susan figured it out, but a split second too slow.

“Yes Trish?” asked the host.

“ISLANDERS” answered Trish.

“That is correct,” the host said with a smile. Everyone applauded with Trish having a big smile before the host continued. “You are Tricia of Calgary, Canada?”

“Yes sir.”

“You are a thirty-two and an aspiring actress?” he asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Anything else you wish to add?”

“No sir.”

“And next to Trish is Susan of Billings, Montana. Welcome Susan.”

“Thank you Jack.”

“You are a twenty year old secretary, is that correct?”

“Yes sir” answered Susan.

“Is there anything else we should know about you?” the host asked.

“No sir.”

“And finally we have twenty-six year old Yvonne of Sydney Australia, welcome.”

“Hi” answered Yvonne.

“And you are a?”

“Ballroom dancer” Yvonne finished. “I’m currently without a partner though.”

“Anything else you’d like to add?”

“No sir.”

“Very well then, I’ve got another toss-up puzzle for the three of you and this puzzle will determine who will spin first to start us off with the next three rounds. This puzzle is worth two thousand credits and the category is on the map.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The toss-up blank puzzle appeared on the big board and letters starting appearing randomly on the board. When Susan buzzed in first the board looked:

L A S _ _ _ _ _ S , N _ W M _ X _ _ _

“Susan?” the host said after she hit her buzzer.

“LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO” Susan said with assurance she had the right answer.

“I’m sorry,” replied the host crushing Susan’s joy. “That is not correct.”

Another letter was flashed on the board as Susan reached to remove her skirt and followed by Tricia buzzing in.

“LAS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO” she said after the E appeared in the Mexico.

“That is correct and you have on both of our toss-ups plus the first spin of our first round.” The audience was applauding enthusiastically once the host said correct. “And now for our first round. The category is ancient TV show catch phrase and Trish you will be the first to spin.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Trish spun the wheel landing on six thousand credits. She looked up and gave the letter of her guess. “Es (S),” she said.

“I’m sorry, there are now esses in the puzzle, and that will cost you your skirt. Susan?”

Susan bent over and spun the wheel getting a two thousand five hundred space to appear under her arrow.

“Tee (T),” said Susan.

“There are five tees worth a total of twelve thousand five hundred,” said the host. The audience erupted with an enthusiastic applause as the hostess lit up the tees on the board.

T _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

“H” Susan said after spinning a seven thousand five hundred dollar space on the wheel.

“There are three of those,” said the host.

T H _ T H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ T H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

Her next spin got her a Free Dom Play.

“Now Susan, with that you may undo one thing of bondage or you may call out a vowel without ruining your chances as the bonus at the end or you may call out a consonant of which no matter what you can’t be punished for a wrong call and you would get to spin again.” The host explained the spin.

“I’d like to say E,” was Susan’s response.

“And we have four of those for you” said the host.

T H E T H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ T H E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ E _ T

“You have thirty-five thousand credits what would you like to do now?”

“I’ll spin,” Susan said as she bent over to spin again. “R” she said after the wheel settled on a thousand-credit space.

“There are two of those” he replied, “worth another two thousand credits.”

T H E T H R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R _ _ _ _ T H E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ E _ T

Susan began to spin before the host could even say another word and this time she landed on lose a turn. This got her ankle cuffs and secured together with a lock. Yvonne then spun landing on a bankrupt, which earned her a pair of ankle cuffs.

“D” said Trish after spinning a five thousand credit on the wheel.

“There are two of those,” said the host.

T H E T H R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R _ _ _ D T H E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D E _ E _ T

“N” Trish said after spinning a thousand credit space on the wheel.

“There are two of those.”

T H E T H R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R _ _ N D T H E _ _ _ N _ _ _ D E _ E _ T

Trish spun another thousand credit space and chose “L” for her letter.

“There are two of those” announced the host.

T H E T H R _ L L _ _ _ _ _ T _ R _ _ N D T H E _ _ _ N _ _ _ D E _ E _ T

The next spin for Trish was a lose a turn and it cost her a skirt. Susan followed it with a ‘lose a turn’ space as well resulting in a leather strap being secured to her legs just above the knee. Yvonne spun the wheel guessing “M” for her two thousand-credit guess and being told that wasn’t it. Yvonne would get a leather strap locked on her leg just above the knee as well. Trish would then spin her second lose a turn in a row causing the host to comment.

“The wheel has turned nasty”. Trish got her ankles shackled with cuffs.

“SEE (C)” Susan said after spinning a one thousand credit spaces.

“There is one of those,” said the host.

T H E T H R _ L L _ _ _ _ C T _ R _ _ N D T H E _ _ _ N _ _ _ D E _ E _ T

“You currently have thirty-eight thousand credits. You may want to solve the puzzle now, or spin the wheel again or maybe buy a vowel?”

“I’ll spin” Susan said determined. This time her spin came to a rest a hair breath from going bankrupt. “F” Susan said.

“There are three to bring you up to forty-one thousand.”

T H E T H R _ L L _ F _ _ C T _ R _ _ N D T H E _ _ _ N _ _ F D E F E _ T

“I’d like to solve the puzzle” Susan then said.

“Okay, but if you do, you will not get the ten multiplier bonus for getting all of the consonants without buying vowels.”

“I’ll solve it” Susan said.

“Okay, what is it?” asked the host.


The audience burst out in roaring approval almost drowning out the host’s response that she was correct. And he came over to shake Susan’s hand before announcing their first commercial break. During the commercial break Susan’s legs were freed of her bonds and she was allowed to put her skirt back on. When they came back from the commercial the host announced the category to the next puzzle being before and after with Susan being the one to start off the puzzle. The puzzle was as follows:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Susan started out with a bankrupt space, which cost her the skirt. Yvonne spun and got a five thousand-credit space and guessed “R” to hear the host say, “there are two AREs.”

_ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R

Yvonne would spin again and she got a thousand credit space and would guess “S” of which there were none and she got her hands cuffed behind her back. Trish would also get her knees strapped she hit a bankrupt space. Susan would spin and get a ‘Lose A Turn’ space resulting in her ankles being shackled. Yvonne would get the Free Dom Play space twice in a row getting her handcuffs removed along with the knee strap, but then hit ‘Lose A Turn’ to get the knee binding back. It came back to Tricia who spun five thousand credits and asked for a “T”. “There are five,” was the host’s response.

T _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ T _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R

“H” was the next guess by Trish after spinning a thousand credit space. “And there are three of those,” was the reward from the host.

T H R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ T _ T H _ _ _ _ _ - _ H _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R

“You now have twenty-seven thousand credits,” the host said.

“I’ll spin again” she said quickly and spun seven-thousand five hundred-credit space. “N” was her choice and she was rewarded with, “there are two of those.”

T H R _ _ _ N _ _ _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ _ _ N _ - _ H _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R

“That gives you forty-three thousand so far.”

“I’ll spin again” she said and spun a three thousand on the wheel. “G” she asked. “And one of those.”

T H R _ _ _ N G _ _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ _ _ N _ - _ H _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R

Then Trish spun a ‘Lose A Turn’, which resulted in her hands being cuffed behind her back. Susan spun the wheel and guessed “M” when she hit on two-thousand. “I’m sorry there are no Ms in the puzzle,” and got the strap locked around her knees. Yvonne spun to end on three thousand to guess “D” to be rewarded with “there is one”.

T H R _ _ _ N G _ _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ _ _ N D - _ H _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ R

On her next spin Yvonne would land on four thousand guessing “P” which was wrong and got her hands cuffed again. Trish spun one thousand credits on the wheel for her next guess of “C”. And there were three of those to give her a new total of forty-eight thousand.

T H R _ _ _ N G C _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ _ _ N D - C H _ _ _ _ _ _CT _ R

Another spin, another thousand credit space on the wheel and the guess of “W” of which there were “two of those to change the total to fifty-thousand credits.

T H R _ W _ N G C _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ W _ N D - C H _ _ _ _ _ C T _ R

On her last spin the wheel stopped on ten thousand and Trish called out “L” and was rewarded with two being in the puzzle. Her spin though nearly went all the way to a bankrupt, which scared her.

T H R _ W _ N G C _ _ T _ _ N T _ T H _ W _ N D - C H _ L L _ _ C T _ R

“I’d like to solve the puzzle” Trish announced.

“You will lose the bonus if you solve it now.”

“I know, but I want to solve it.”

“Okay, for sixty-nine thousand credits, what is our puzzle?”

“T H R O W I N G C A U T I O N T O T H E W I N D - C H I L L F A C T O R”

“That is correct,” the host said. He would recap the scores, Yvonne now lead with sixty-nine thousand credits won, Susan had forty-one thousand credits and Yvonne had thirteen thousand credits. He reminded them that Yvonne would start next round before departing for commercial. At the end of round two, Susan wasn’t wearing her skirt, had her ankles shackled and her knees locked together with a leather strap. Yvonne was one step ahead of Susan with her hands cuffed behind her back. Trish who had no skirt, no blouse, ankles in shackles, knees locked in a leather strap and her cuffed hands, was freed and dressed herself during the commercial.

When they returned from Trish was ready and it was time for Yvonne to go first. Since she had her hands cuffed behind her back, the host spun the wheel for her after announcing the category for the next puzzle was same letter. That is a puzzle where each word starts with the same letter. The spin for Trish ended on three thousand credits and she guessed “T” of which there was one.

_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The next spin for Yvonne was ‘Lose A Turn’ and her blouse was removed. Trish would follow with a ‘Bankrupt’ to lose her skirt. Susan also spun a bankrupt to get her hands cuffed. Yvonne’s next spin ended on two thousand and she guessed “S”. She was rewarded with four Esses and eight thousand credits.

S _ _ S _ T _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The host then spun a ten thousand credit for Yvonne and her guess was “R” and again she was rewarded with one being in the puzzle.

S _ _ S _ T _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The host would spin another ‘Lose A Turn’ for Yvonne on the next spin earning the blonde an arm binder over her arms. Trish would spin a ‘Lose A Turn’ getting her ankles shackled again. Susan would have the host spin for her and he managed a bankrupt for her getting her blouse removed. Another spin for Yvonne was another ‘Lose A Turn’ earning her a posture collar. Trish, the only one still spinning for herself got a five thousand credit space on the wheel and a guess for “N” of which there were four.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ _ _ _ R _ N _ S _ N _ _ _ _ _

Another spin by Trish got her the ten thousand credit space on the wheel for her guess of “D” of which there was one of those too.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ _ _ _ R _ N _ S _ N D _ _ _ _

On her next spin she would guess the letter “P” and end up getting her knees strapped together. The spin for Susan ended on ‘Lose A Turn’ for her and an arm binder on her. The host managed to spin another ‘Lose A Turn’ and a posture collar being placed around her neck. Trish would spin again and end on a one thousand credit space on the wheel. She would correctly guess a “B” in the puzzle.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ B _ _ R _ N _ S _ N D _ _ _ _

Next Trish would spin a four thousand credit on the wheel and guess “M” of which there was one.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ B M _ R _ N _ S _ N D _ _ _ _

Next she spun two thousand for her guess of “H” of which there was one.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ B M _ R _ N _ S _ N D _ _ _ H

The next spin got a thousand credit add to her total when her guess of “C” had one in the puzzle.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ B M _ R _ N _ S _ N D _ _ C H

Guessing “W” earned her another two thousand credits.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ _ S _ B M _ R _ N _ S _ N D W _ C H

An “L” guess netted her the last four thousand she would earn on the puzzle.

S _ N S _ T _ _ N _ L S _ B M _ R _ N _ S _ N D W _ C H

At this point Trish opted to solve the puzzle and did so with “SENSATIONAL SUBMARINE SANDWICH” earning her an additional thirty-six thousand credits plus a bonus of twenty five thousand credits. So after three rounds and two toss-ups Trish led the players with one hundred thirty-three thousand credits, Susan was still second with forty-one thousand and Yvonne in third with twenty-four thousand credits.

But before going to commercial the host would point out that Yvonne without a win had her credits still in danger. But Susan wasn’t worried about the credits being in danger so much as the host causing Susan and Yvonne to lose the game. They were well aware that the host was good at spinning certain spots on the wheel and practiced it constantly. Once they were cuffed and he was spinning for her his job was to have her reach losing before the show was over. Once again during the commercial break, Trish was allowed to return to her original show opening condition having won that last round too.

“Welcome back” said the host when they came back from commercial. “We have one more toss-up to determine who gets to start the first round, but in this toss up unlike the previous toss-ups, besides a wrong guess getting a level of bondage, but those who don’t win the toss-up will get an additional level of bondage. Before we get to the toss-up let’s refresh everyone where we stand. Our leader is Tricia with one hundred and thirty thousand credits guaranteed as she has won two rounds. In second is Susan having won the first round and guarantee of forty-one thousand. And in third is Yvonne with twenty-four thousand, but it is in jeopardy. For this toss-up the category is rhyme time.”

B _ C K _ _ _ _ _ CK

Trish would buzz in when the board showed the letters of one B two Cs and two Ks to give the correct answer, “BACK ON TRACK”.

“That is correct Tricia and that now gives you a grand total of one hundred thirty three credits.” Susan got a posture collar added to her while Yvonne had a bondage hood without the mouth gag or blinders on it yet added to her torment. “You will also get us started on the next puzzle and the category is phrase”.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The first spin for Trish was worth one thousand per letter. He choice was “S” that got her two.

S _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The next spin was worth six thousand per letter with only one “T” in the puzzle.

S _ _ _ T _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Another spin netted four thousand per letter, there being two “H’s” in the puzzle.

S _ _ _ T H S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ _

One thousand per letter on her next spin got her one “M” in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ _

Eight thousand credits per letter came next on Tricia’s spins and she fond one “D” in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ D

Tricia spun again and came up with another one thousand per letter spin for the one “N” in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S _ _ _ _ N _ _ H _ _ D

Another one thousand per letter spin for her correct guess of a “G” in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S _ _ _ _ N G _ H _ _ D

Then she opted to buy the vowel “A”, which cost her two thousand five hundred credits to buy the vowel and the bonus for solving the puzzle without any vowels. There were three A’s in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S A _ _ _ N G A H _ A D

She bought a second vowel costing her another twenty-five hundred dollars to find two I’s in the puzzle.

S M _ _ T H S A I _ I N G A H _ A D

“I’d like to solve the puzzle,” Trish decided.

“For twenty-two thousand credits what is the phrase?”


“That is correct Tricia. You’ve added to your lead and have left us enough time for another puzzle. Living Thing is the category for this puzzle and I will give the wheel a final spin. We will add a one to the front of the number and ask you give us a letter. If you guess correctly you will be given three seconds to solve the puzzle. Each letter will be worth twelve thousand credits.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Susan, we will start with you.”

“I’d like and S please.”

“There is one S and you will have three seconds after Julie gets out of the way.”

_ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Yvonne?” said the host after Susan couldn’t guess.

“I’d like a T please.”

“There are two.”

_ _ S T _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _

Three seconds passed quickly and the buzzer on Yvonne.

“R please,” requested Tricia.

“There are three.”

_ _ S T _ _ T _ R R _ _ R

Trish couldn’t guess so Susan was up next.

“P please.”

“I’m sorry, no P’s in the puzzle,” said the host as Susan got a bondage hood.

Yvonne would ask for an “M” which was not in the puzzle getting her blindfolds attached to her hood. Trish asked for a W and lost her skirt. Susan asked for C and got her blindfolds attached to her hood. Yvonne asked for “L” to end up with a red ball gag in her mouth. Trish would guess an “H” to get ankle shackles again. Susan asked for “F” and she would be gagged just like Yvonne. Yvonne asked for a “G” but it came out of the gag sounding like she asked for an “E” and she was rewarded the answer there were two.

_ _ S T _ _ T E R R _ E R

The host told Yvonne and Susan where the E’s appeared but Yvonne wasn’t able to make her guess understood and got buzzed. Tricia asked for an “N” and was rewarded with one in the puzzle.

_ _ S T _ N T E R R _ E R

Before the hostess could clear from the board Trish blurted out, “BOSTON TERRIER” and was rewarded for having the correct answer. The host came to her, shook her hand and congratulated her on winning that round. Then he asked her not to move that he’d be right back. Then he turned to Yvonne.

“Yvonne, I’m sorry but you lost the game with the gag being the last straw in losing but you will have forty-eight thousand credits to maybe buy your own freedom. Thank you for coming and good luck in the auction.” He walked around Trish to Susan’s side.

“Susan, I’m sorry but you too have lost the game. But you will walk away with fifty-three thousand credits to work with in a bid to buy your own freedom. Good luck to you at the auction.”

“Well Tricia you are our big winner with two hundred and seven thousand credits which means you will be going to the bonus round right after this commercial.”

As soon as they cut to commercial Susan felt two sets of hands on her removing the ankle shackles and the locked leather strap at the knees. When that was done they guided her off the wheel platform and backstage to the live auction that would be held in an hour.


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