Bondage Shoot

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; susp; gag; toys; cons; X

“Jessie, ten minutes.”

Jessica Walters sighed, dropping the towel that was her only covering.  Looking into the mirror, she admired her large breasts, flat stomach, toned legs.  Her face was a study in beautiful innocence, dominated by large blue eyes, all framed by flowing auburn hair.  With another sigh, she turned away to get ready.

Jessica had come to Hollywood two years earlier, hoping to become a star.  In a way, she had.  Billed as Jessie Jane, she’d quickly risen to the top of her specialty.

Some specialty, she’d often thought.  Because of her looks, and her air of innocence, she soon found herself cast as the helpless victim in a series of low budget films.  Ineptly tied, it had taken all of her acting ability to appear to struggle helplessly for the camera.  At first, it had seemed a challenge.  Now it was just boring.

Today looked to be no different.  This movie was about a serial rapist.  Jessica played as one of his first victims.  According to the script, she is a jogger who is grabbed by the rapist.  He ties and torments her, then panics and flees at the sound of sirens, leaving her to struggle helplessly.

Jessica reached for her costume, then stopped with a grin.  She reached into a drawer of her dressing table and pulled out a vibrating egg.  Still grinning, she turned the egg on low, then slipped it inside her.  Quickly, she drew on the satin shorts and tank top her role called for, the left the trailer.
Arriving on set, Jessica waited, trying not to squirm as the egg vibrated slowly inside her.  It should, she thought, provide a nice distraction from the tedium of her role.

“Jessie?”  At the sound of her director’s voice, she turned to face him.  “Jessie, this is George, our new set specialist.  He’ll be helping you get ready for your scene.”

Jessica eyed George with a frown.  Young, slim, not bad looking at all.  But with her little friend buzzing away inside her, she wasn’t sure she needed an attractive man’s hands on her right now.  Still, she did have a job to do.  Shrugging, she nodded.

The script called for Jessica to be bound standing in a deserted building.  Stepping into the building, the first thing she noticed was a small step ladder in the middle of the floor, a long rope coiled beside it.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“It’s to help get you ready,” George replied.  “Step up, please.”

Puzzled, Jessica complied.  For Bob, her regular rigger, this would be a simple matter of tossing a rope over the rafters, binding her hands with a sloppy knot, and letting her do her thing.  This looked a bit more complex.

Once she was in place, George took one end of the rope and passed it around her waist.  After three wraps, he tied it off at her stomach.  George then passed the rest of the coil between her legs, moving to stand behind her.  As she watched, he carefully fed the other end of the rope beneath the wraps, slowly drawing the considerable length through.  As he did, the part passing between her legs was drawn up to press gently against her crotch.
Once the rope was fed through, George looked up and waved.  Down came a hook, to which he tied the end of the rope.  Quickly, the hook rose, pulling the rope with it. Almost as quickly, the end of the rope dropped back down to dangle in front of her.  Jessica glanced up to see that the rope now passed over a rafter.

George smiled.  “Hands, please.”

Holding her hands out, she watched as he raised them to just above her shoulders.  After passing the rope between her wrists, he made three wraps, then used the remaining length to cinch the wraps down.  Finally, he tied the end off.

As George stepped back, Jessica examined her bonds.  Far from the sloppy ties she was accustomed to, these bonds were both neat and secure.  She pulled and twisted her wrists, but quickly realized she was going nowhere without help.

“Open wide.” 

Looking up, she saw George holding a foam ball to her mouth.  Jessica opened her mouth to question this, only to quickly find that mouth filled with the ball.  Surprised, she did nothing as George placed a finger under her chin, pushing her mouth closed, then sealed her lips with tape.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Take it out,” she replied, but what emerged sounded more like “Mmmmm mmmnnn hmmmm,”

This, too, was different.  Bob usually wrapped a kerchief around her head, knotting it behind her.  With the kerchief in her mouth, she looked gagged, but could speak almost normally.

Silenced, she could only watch as George quickly bound her legs together at ankle and knee.  Experimental tugs showed these bonds to be every bit as secure as the one holding her wrists. There would be no acting required.  This time, she was indeed completely helpless.

‘Ok,” George said, “let’s get her down.” 

Down?  Jessica was puzzled.  Why do all this just to take her down again?

Her question was answered as George stepped up and wrapped his arms around her waist.  He began to lift her, then released her and stepped back.  Glancing up, he smiled.

“Feels like someone has company,” he said.  Jessica blushed, realizing he’d felt the vibrations from her little friend.  “This should be an interesting shoot,” he finished.

Jessica could only close her eyes and blush as he wrapped his arms around her again, lifting her from the ladder.  Then he began to lower her.  As he did, her arms were drawn up over her head.

When her feet hit the floor, Jessica moaned.  The length of the rope was perfectly measure to not only hold her hands over her head, but to also draw the rope between her legs tightly against her pussy.

“Ok.”  The voice of Kenny, the director, distracted her from her new situation.  “Jessie, the rapist has just fled.  You’re alone, hoping to be rescued.  Now, I want this to look as real as possible.  So squirm, struggle, look like you’re really fighting to get loose.  Ok, ready everyone?  Action!”

At the last word, Jessica threw herself into the part, twisting and tugging on her bonds.  But every time she pulled on her wrists, the rope between her thighs pushed against the vibrating egg in her pussy.  Slowly, her struggle became for a release of an entirely different sort.  Finally, in desperation, she grabbed the rope above her wrists and began pulling herself up.  Slowly, hand over hand, she drew herself upwards, the tension of the rope between her thighs pressing the eggs firmly against her most sensitive areas.  Her slow climb lifted her about two feet from the floor before her body tensed with her long awaited orgasm.  For long moments, she hung with hands clenched tightly on the rope, then dropped to hang limply, spent.

“And cut!”  Slowly, Jessica opened her eyes to find Kenny standing in front of her beaming.

“Jessie, that was great!” he exclaimed.  “The way you struggled, I almost thought it was real.  And when you tried to climb up the rope, that was brilliant!  George, get her down, and we’ll get set for the next scene.”

When George untied her hands, Jessica sagged against him, finding it almost strange to be standing on her own.  Setting her on the ladder he’d brought with him, he untied her legs, then slowly removed the gag.  As he worked on the rope around her waist, Jessica looked down and smiled.

“Um, George, do you think we could convince Kenny that we need to do another take on this scene?”


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