Bondage is No Trivial Pursuit!

by TS

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© Copyright 2009 - TS - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fmm; F/f; bond; cd; oral; sex; toys; cons; X

“Well it’s all set for Friday night” Sally told me. “That was Lisa texting me to say she and Mike will be here at 7:00 - and they will bring their bag of goodies”

Sally and I had been married for 5 years and had known Mike & Lisa for about 2 years, but it was only recently that we had discovered that they were also into bondage, as we were. To make an entertaining Friday night we had decided to arrange to play Trivial Pursuit - with some alternative rules. The rules are provided at the end of the story, but read on to get a taste for the new game ....

After finishing the takeaway meal we all took our wine into the lounge and set the board up in front of the real fire which had warmed the room up nicely - for those about to loose their clothes that is !

The game got started and Sally soon won the first cheese of the evening. She then asked Lisa, Mike and I a ‘forfeit’ question each. Unfortunately Lisa & I got the question wrong so we were forced to strip to our underwear. I was in dark blue briefs and Lisa was sporting a rather colourful purple bra & French knickers set - no wonder Mike had a big grin on his face. However that was soon removed after I collected my first cheese and Mike got his question wrong and was down to his boxer shorts. In the same turn Sally also lost her clothes and found herself playing the next round in her white bra and knickers - somehow looking quite innocent. Mind you the way she seductively removed the short grey skirt and black blouse she had been wearing was far from innocent.

Mike was next to collect a cheese (his second) and so had a chance to ask us each a question each. This time I got mine right, but Sally & Lisa didn’t. It seemed such a shame for the girls to have to jettison their underwear - but rules are rules. It didn’t take too long before Mike and I were also naked and we were all looking for our third cheese.

The third cheese was going to be interesting as it allowed the recipient to start to dictate the forfeits as the losers would have to be ‘dressed’ any way the winner of the cheese dictated. I landed on the geography square and soon answered the question right so I got to call the shots. But first my intended 3 victims had a chance to postpone the event by answering a question correctly. Mike did so, but Sally and Lisa didn’t. The result ? Well I got to choose how to ‘dress’ the losers.

I’m a sucker for stockings and suspenders and so this was the call with both girls having to kit themselves out in opaque black stockings, suspenders, knickers and a matching bra. Sally swapped her white underwear from earlier in the evening for a sexy black set - she knew how to hit my spot ! Lisa was back in her purple set but this time complete with the black stockings. As Mike and I sat back the girls said that revenge would be sweet !

And revenge wasn’t far away as Sally got her art & literature question right. Mike and I got our bail out questions wrong and so were soon at Sally’s mercy. Not that she knows the meaning of the word ! Mike and I got worried following some conspiratorial whispering between the girls. Soon all was revealed. Mike was first as Lisa handed Sally a bondage harness for Mike to get into, with some help of course as the buckles were at the back. This included straps around his chest, waist and thighs which were connected by vertical straps.

When my turn came Sally was all too gleeful to explain that as I liked stockings and suspenders so much I ought be given the chance of wearing them. She disappeared upstairs only to return a couple of minutes later with a black suspender belt, stockings, lacy knickers & a bra ! I was duly helped into the clothes by my wife who took great pleasure in twanging a taught suspender after it had been attached to a stocking. To get her own back she had also got me in the black opaques I love so much on her.

I think I must have protested too much at this treatment as when I thought she had finished she put me right by departing back upstairs for more. I couldn’t think what might be next given the extent of the forfeit but she soon returned with a skirt and blouse explaining that the rules didn’t say the dressing couldn’t include more clothes than may have been intended. My continued protests were soon beaten down by the others and I succumbed to pulling on the knee length black narrow skirt that had been chosen for me. The lining of the skirt produced a cool refreshing feeling as it slid over my stockings and I realised I was getting turned on by the feeling. It zipped up at the back (little did I know that my hands would soon return to that position!) and the white blouse was not quite opaque enough to hide the black bra. The arms of the blouse were three quarter length as Sally explained this would make sure there was enough room for the handcuffs that were soon to come! Well we were all now on three cheese each.

I was next to collect a cheese so had a chance to ask the others their forfeit questions. Sally got hers right but Lisa and Mike didn’t. Sally and I decided we would cuff a victim each. Sally got to apply cuffs to Mike and I worked on Lisa. I put on her ankle cuffs first and to do so bended down onto to my knees in front of her to do so. This prompted her to remark on how she could see down my cleavage! Next were her hands and it felt good to draw her hands behind her back, attach the wrist cuffs and then join them together with a padlock.

Well it was time for the game to continue and Sally soon collected her 4th cheese. This meant it was her turn to apply the cuffs. As Mike and Lisa were already cuffed Sally moved in my direction. She sat down next to me on the settee to apply both cuffs to the wrists and then to my ankles. She then got me to stand up as she linked the ankle cuffs together. She then turned me around and pulled my arms behind my back and it was in no time that my wrist cuffs were padlocked together behind my back. At this point she took advantage of my situation and whilst leaning into my back she bought her hands up and around to my chest and let them roam over my bra, down to the top of my skirt and then continuing downwards still further smoothing my skirt as she went. The tinkling feelings felt earlier were turning rather more horny! She could tell this was the case and announced it was time to continue with the game.

With our hands cuffed behind our backs it was left to Sally to roll the dice and hold up the question cards. After a few more turns she had her hands cuffed (but as the last to receive this treatment she had the ‘benefit’ of having her hands tied in front of her) and we were all eagerly anticipating who would be the first to get the 5th cheese.

After getting an entertainment question right this honour went to Sally and she was soon asking the 3 of us our forfeit questions. We couldn’t believe it as we all got our questions wrong. This meant that an orifice each would be filled in a manner chosen by the cheese winner. Sally chose a butt plug for each of us. After Sally took care of Mike and Lisa she moved over to me.

She got me to stand up and shuffle around to the arm of the settee facing in to the seating area. She then approached me from behind and I soon found the weight of her breasts resting on my back. This prompted me to cup my right hand and extend it towards her crotch - there was little choice in the direction it could take with my hands tied behind my back! I made contact with her knickers and started to move the fabric to one side. After a moment of hesitation (when presumably Sally was looking forward to a little finger exploration) she snapped back to our game and reminded me I was in no position to act in that way.

My position literally soon changed as she bent me over the arm of the settee with my bottom facing out. She then hitched my skirt up exposing my lacy clad bottom. After loosening the chain between my ankle cuffs my legs were moved apart and my rear passage was cleared to make way for the butt plug she had chosen. After some lubrication was applied with her fingers the ‘toy’ was inserted and she soon rearranged my knickers and pulled my skirt down. After taking some delight in pushing me back into the settee (and yes this did apply more pressure into the area you are thinking about) she reattached my ankle cuffs. But she didn’t stop there as she applied some rope to my knees lashing them together explaining this would help me sit more like a lady should. I guess this was in response to me inadvertently flashing the tops of my stockings earlier.

Sally was on a roll as she collected her 6th cheese having (somewhat surprisingly) got her sport & recreation question correct. This enabled her to ask the more stringently bound trio of us our forfeit questions. Mike and I got ours wrong, but Lisa pulled an answer right out of left field to get hers right. The result of which was Sally applying a blindfold to both Mike and I.

We really felt quite vulnerable now - and not a little suspicious as any potential cheating could take place without us being able to see (literally so). Perhaps this explained Sally’s rather swift return to the centre of the board to seal her victory. Lisa (rather stupidly in my opinion - or was it another conspiratorial deal?) asked Sally an art & literature question. Thomas Hardy was always one of her favourite subjects and she had little difficultly in answering the question correctly.

This meant that Sally was in the driving seat as to apply further bondage to the losers. Before gagging each of us, Sally had to establish what bondage positions we would each be tied in to. The positions we were to find ourselves in would be determined to how many questions we would get right from a single card that Sally would ask us. The more questions we got wrong, the more stringent the bondage position would be.

Mike went first and was only successful in answering 2 questions correctly - this meant a hogtie. Lisa was next and (girly swat that she is) got 5 correct which meant a more ‘relaxed’ spread eagled bed tie. I was just behind Lisa (if only !?!) and got 4 questions correct - this meant a chair tie. But first was to be the application of gags.

Sally picked out a ball gag for Mike and Lisa and soon had them in place. It was fun to hear the muffled grunts that followed. She left the couple sat next to each other and I could hear her laughing as she watched them gag kissing each other. My turn was next and the first I was aware of my fate was as I felt cloth being pushed against my closed lips. They were soon parted and as the wedge was pushed into my mouth I could identify a taste. A taste of Sally that is, as she must have removed her knickers which were now in my mouth. They were then sealed in with some black tape.

As Sally was in the driving seat she elected to take Lisa upstairs first. She was taken into our large bedroom and was tied to our bed in a spread-eagled position as dictated by her 5 correct answers. Mike was led upstairs next and was soon hogtied on the fluffy rug that sits at the foot of our large bed. Being blindfolded he couldn’t see his wife in the vulnerable (but inviting) position on the bed. Sally returned downstairs and led me up. Having got 4 questions correct I would be tied to a chair.

Sally pushed me back into a high backed chair we keep in our bedroom. My wrists were released from each other and were moved to the back of the chair and attached tightly to the vertical side bars at the rear. Next my ankles and knees were released as my legs were forced apart (and ankles drawn up off the floor) so that they were attached to the rear bars of the chair). After I had been secured Sally took advantage of my helpless position by letting her hands wander over my body. This swapped from rubbing my (or should that be her ?) underwear through my clothes and running her hand up my skirt to make contact with my exposed thighs. My thoughts at this point included hoping that Sally felt the same way when I ran my hands over her body (including her stockings) on other occasions !

After Sally had got me ‘prepared’ she turned the chair round and removed my blindfold. I was positioned at the end of the bed and looking up between Lisa’s spread eagled legs. Next Sally moved over to Mike and also removed his blindfold allowing him to take in the situation. As he was on the floor he didn’t get the same view as me (was I glad I got 4 questions right to determine my position). Sally then moved over to her toy drawer and took out a vibrator.

It came as a surprise to Lisa (who was blindfolded) to feel the tip of the vibrator start to enter her pussy, but it didn’t take long for her to get excited at the experience. Mike and I were also getting excited at watching this unfold. Before Lisa could climax Sally stopped and leaned forward, straddling Lisa and told her she was about to remove her gag and if she made satisfactory performance in using her tongue on Sally she would be allowed to climax. Mike and I saw Lisa nod and the gag was soon removed.

Sally then moved her body up and positioned her sex over Lisa’s mouth and her face was soon lost to view. However what was becoming obvious was the pleasure Sally was getting. Mike and I exchanged glances as we both figured Lisa has earned her release (sexual rather than from the bindings). When Sally had been satisfied she moved off Lisa’s face and put the ball gag back in. This caused some moans from Lisa but they weren’t as loud as the moans Mike and I soon began to hear as Sally really got going with the vibrator. Lisa started to really pull on the ropes keeping her taught on the bed as she arched her back trying to reach the toy. It may have eventually been the source of Lisa’s release but it was getting me horny! After Sally had finished with Lisa she replaced Mike’s blindfold with the words that he was not going to see what was coming next.

I was to be the subject of what was coming next as Sally made her way over to me. She informed me that I had been ‘excused’ my normal oral duties as Lisa had done such a good job. This explained why my gag was left in place. Instead Sally intended to head straight for the main course and started to hitch my skirt up revealing my bulging knickers. Adjustments were soon made as my manhood was allowed to stand pound and Sally soon positioned herself over me and settled herself down. By this stage lubrication was unnecessary but I was soon reminded of my predicament as Sally transferred her weight onto my seated position and the butt plug was finding ever more sensitive parts! Sally took great delight at controlling the pace, but we were both ‘keen’ and it didn’t really take long to come. After Sally removed herself I saw her hesitate a little, although I tried to make enquiries these were muffled by the gag. As Sally heard these I saw a grin take over her face - it wasn’t just a satisfied grin but also one of mischief.

Sally tossed the keys to Mikes handcuffs on the floor and removed his blindfold. She explained to him that he would have an hour to get free and untie Lisa at his leisure. Meanwhile after being untied from the chair I was led down stairs. My hands had been retied behind my back and after reaching the settee downstairs my ankles were once again tied together. However my knees were left apart. Sally then put one of our favourite bondage DVDs on to watch explaining that we had do something whilst Mike decided what he wanted to do with Lisa.

It didn’t take long before Sally was horny again and she started to run her hands over the top of my skirt seeking out the profile of the suspenders to run her fingers along. This was also having an effect on me, and although I was still gagged I wouldn’t have protested at her hitching my skirt up to expose the tops of my bare legs above the stocking tops - god was I getting excited. She then said she wanted to fix herself a drink and went off to the kitchen. I took the opportunity to stand up so that my skirt would drop down towards my knees. She returned with 2 drinks and said I could earn the release from my gag if I agreed to let her have her way with me again. I immediately agreed by nodding and was expecting the gag to be removed, but Sally had other ideas.

She first of all got me to stand up and moved behind me so that she could let her hands wonder over my body once more. Again she concentrated on tracing the lines of my underwear - it was surprising the effect this had on me and not just when she was lingering along the suspenders but also where the bra wrapped around the side of my chest. I made a mental note to remember this when I had my chance to do the same to Sally. I was then turned around and Sally removed my gag, as she leaned forward to kiss her hands moved to my rear and she unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was soon left in stockings, suspenders and bra with my hands still cuffed behind my back. Sally moved to the rear of the settee and started to lean over the back and said she wanted me to take her from the rear. Dressed as I was this seemed not a little unusual, but with a little guiding we were soon ‘there’ and my arousal over the last 30 minutes or so delivered a firm response.

I was then released from my handcuffs but Sally asked that I keep my clothing on as we cuddled to watch the last of the film. Mike and Lisa, both with huge grins on their faces, joined us after they had showered and had got ready to leave. They said they would tell us what happened another time, but in the meantime explained they had left the ties still attached to the bedposts. Sally got another of her mischievous grins as she told me to get upstairs in preparation for using them as she let Mike & Lisa out. Who got to use the ties will have to be saved for another time.....


Same rules apply for the normal game of trivial pursuit except for the following:

The first player to collect the first, second, third etc cheese gets to ask the others a question in turn. If the player doesn't answer correctly then the following forfeits apply:

1st cheese: strip to underwear
2nd cheese: strip naked
3rd cheese: has to get dressed in whatever way the cheese winner directs
4th cheese: has to wear wrist & ankle cuffs which are then connected (wrists connected behind the back with the exception of the last person who connects them in front)
5th cheese: has an orifice filled in a way chosen by the cheese winner
6th cheese: is blindfolded

As each player collects a cheese the others have to answer questions to avoid a forfeit, so even the player in the lead will still be losing their clothes !

The winner is the player who having collected all their cheeses answers a question correctly as picked by one of the other players. Each of the losing players will then be gagged, but not before they 'choose' their bondage position. This is done by answering as many questions on a card correctly. The more correct the more comfortable the bondage position as follows:

6: Just left with wrists & ankles tied together
5: Spread eagled on a bed
4: Tied to a chair
3: Tied to a post
2: Hogtie
1: Strappado

The winner of the game then gets to 'play' with the losers in whatever way they wish ....