Bondage for Art's Sake

by Techie

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© Copyright 2015 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; naked; outdoors; bond; cbt; collar; cuffs; chast; display; bdsm; spank; tease; torment; denial; oral; cons; X

By now the world (especially our family) must know that Techster and I enjoy challenging each other with some very "adult XXX rated games". Once again we had a discussion about "simple bondage" and I told Techster that I could win any "bondage simplified" challenge with just one item. What I didn’t tell him was that I had a plan using nothing but a combination lock. Of course I planned to use an existing eyebolt on our privacy fence and the "Ring of steel" collar that he always wears.

Warm weather had Techster looking great as he worked without a shirt. In spite of being nearly seventy old his strong, muscular, sweaty torso always turns me on. I thought, "I’d like to see him bound like that." So I thought how I would "capture" him. I prepared and held the padlock behind my back as I asked him to step over to the fence post. I rubbed his back and ran my fingernails down his sides.

He shuddered and said, "Ready for some play time?"

I agreed, "Yes, let’s play!" As I slid my fingers under his collar. "Now close your eyes. "

I loosened his belt reached into his slacks down past his CB6000 male chastity device and started massaging his balls. "Step up close to the fence and spread out."

Techster eagerly stepped up close to the fence not knowing that I had used my fingers as a diversion and slid the loop of the padlock under his "ring of steel collar". As soon as he got really close to the eyebolt I slipped the end of the loop of the padlock through the eyebolt and snapped the lock shut. Techster heard the lock click and reached down to his collar, "No fair! That was sneaky one! Enough already! Let me go and I’ll do what ever you wish!"

I still had my hands down his slacks. I unzipped the fly and pulled his underwear down past his knees. Techster struggled briefly as his slacks and underwear fell to his ankles. I laughed and told him, "You are doing what I wish. I wish to have you naked, on display and ready for my teasing. But you can escape easily. That is that combination that you had on your sharp knives, chisels toolbox to keep the grandchildren out of it. The combination is T – O – O – L. Just unlock it and you are free ! After all your hands aren’t tied!"

"Thanks for nothing!" Techster responded sarcastically. "I can’t see the dials"

"Now you won’t be bored you have something to do, you can fiddle with the dial. There are ten letters on each dial. There are four letters in the word 'TOOL' so is the number of possible ten to the fourth power? I wasn’t that good at math. Ten squared as the second power is known is one hundred. I do remember that!"

Techster was getting irritated, "OK, warden, How long will I be stuck here?"

I replied, " Lets add an element of chance to it where you determine how long your sentence will be. "

"And just how do you plan to do that?"

"Stay there, I’ll be right back with the answer to that question." I announced as I hurried back into the house.

I went back to the kitchen and took an empty Mason Jar off the pantry shelf. The next stop was to my desk where I located a die, as a single unit of a pair of dice are called. I closed the die in the Mason Jar. Finally I went into the garage and cut a piece of plastic pipe. I also got a coil of clothesline rope. And a pair of heavy scissors. I gave the Mason jar to Techster. I didn’t let him see the pipe or the rope. While he looked at the jar I doubled the rope and slid it through the pipe. I cut it off with about two feet of line left over. The remaining rope I tied into a hangman’s noose.

"Now give this a good shake and we will see how long your sentence is. The worst it could be six hours, the least one hour. So go ahead and shake the jar." Techster shook the jar, when he stopped the die read four. "Aw, shit, four hours! Can I try again?"

"Yes you can but the higher of the two numbers is the length of you sentence. "

He thought for a few seconds and said, "I guess I’ll have to live with four hours."

"Lift your right foot!" I ordered as I removed his slacks and put his foot through the loop at the end of the pipe. "Now lift your left foot." He complied and didn’t say a word until I asked him, "Now spread your legs."

I pulled the loop tight quickly, wrapped the end of the rope around his left ankle and tied it tightly. "Hey, now what are you doing?" he said as he realized just how bound he was.

I laughed , "I’m just making certain that my captive doesn’t wiggle around too much! Just relax your torment is just beginning. Remember when you said that you wished your balls hung lower so I could tease you better? " I slipped the noose over his balls and tightened it against his scrotum as I said, "Your wish is my command! Now how much weight do we need?"

"No, No! Not that! You know how sensitive my balls are!" he begged.

"OK, I’ll go light to start, just one brick. You be good and I’ll let the weight of the brick down gradually. If you don’t cooperate I’ll drop the brick and that will hurt!"

Techster was a good boy and stood still as I gradually released the brick . He gasped as the weight began tugging on his balls. With his neck being locked to the post he could not reach down to release the weight that was pulling on his balls. I took a small tape measure that I keep on my work belt and measured the distance from the top of his cock to the bottom of his balls. It measured three and one quarter inches.

From my point of view he looked beautiful standing there, nude on display, a little perspiration running down his back. I decided to put on my "seductive artist" outfit of a thin mesh blouse with no bra and a long mesh skirt, with no panties. I thought, "I am going to have some fun with my bondage slave model and make him want me."

I came back out our home, tugged lightly on the rope, massaged his balls and told him, "Relax you are going to be my model for an erotic sketch, my naked slave." Then I stood close so he could see me in my minimal outfit. "Do you likke what you see?"

He replied, "the word is love!"

I went into my studio and got my folding easel, a large drawing pad and my assortment of Cassel coloured pencils. As I was about to go out of the kitchen door the phone rang. It was our neighbor, Stephanie, who asked, "What are you doing this beautiful afternoon?"

"Oh, I’m just headed out to the privacy paddock to do some sketching."

Stephanie asked, "What are you sketching, some of the spring flowers?"

"No, I’m doing a figure study using Techster who is posing as a bound naked slave." I answered.

"Sounds neat mind if I set an easel? Would he mind if I join you?" Stephanie asked. (Stephanie is a cute little 50 year-old divorcee who lives next door. At the Halloween party last year when she had too much to drink she came on to Techster and he explained to her not to take it personally, but he couldn’t do her even f he wanted to because his cock was locked in a CB6000 and I had the key, Since then we have been friends)

"As I said, Techster is posing as my naked, bound slave. He really doesn’t have any say about it. Grab your easel, supplies and come. See you in a few minutes. Come in the front gate to the paddock. I’ll unlock it." I paused went back to my studio and got a ball gag out of our "toybox".

"That should prevent any protest when he discovers he will be on display." I thought as I put it in the basket with my eraser and pencils.

I set up my easel placed the basket with my supplies on the ground. Then I realized I would like a small table and a stool. Before I went back into the house I told Techster, "Open your mouth you are going to get a gag."

Techster has been gagged before so he willingly opened his mouth I slid the gag into his mouth, tightened the buckle and used a small padlock so he could not remove it after all his hands were free. After the gag was buckled I told him, "By the way Stephanie is coming over to sketch you."

Techster said some curse words that were muffled by the gag but quickly realized he was in no position go protest! Then I heard Stephanie knocking on the front door to the paddock, so I walked down and let her in. She was carrying her easel and a folding chair. "I’m ready to start drawing where is out subject?"

As the paddock door closed I pointed to Techster who was on display near the back end of the paddock. She took a look at Techster , "Techie, I can see what you mean. He does look great! Hey, why is that brick tied to his balls?"

"Oh, he once told me he wished his balls hung lower so what you see is called ‘ball stretching’. Later I’ll measure the distance from the top of his cock to the bottom of his balls again to compare with when we started. If it is not enough I may add another brick."

Stephanie set up her easel alongside mine, stood her pad on the rest, clamped the top of the pad in place, and placed a small box that her supplies on a little table that was attached to the ledge on her easel. "I want to feel the texture of his skin, may I touch him?"

"Sure, go ahead, after all even though his hands are free he is locked by the neck to the post, his ankles are kept apart with a spreader bar, and he is gagged. Oh and one more thing; his cock is locked in a male chastity device. In essence he is on display, our pet eunuch. So, touch, tease whatever!"

Stephanie opened her box of supplies and took out a stiff brush that she used to mute the colours from the drawing pencils and gently drew it down the centre of Techster’s back to his balls. Next she drew it down the back of his right leg from buttocks to ankle. Techster grunted through the gag, wiggled and I could see his skin rise in what are called "goosebumps" obviously he was aroused by this attention.

"Stephanie, stop! " I ordered, "Let me use that brush for a second I think we can have some real fun!!"

I knelt down between Techster alongside the post he was locked to, keeping my head and hair out of reach of his hands, and started working the brush on his balls. Techster made a high pitched sound that was just barely audible through the gag.

"Ok, Techster, now it’s time to get serious!" I slid the bristles of the brush through the slot in the end of his CB6000 male chastity device and started working the bristles over the tip of his cock. I could see his cock trying to become erect and straining against it’s prison. I kept teasing his cock while he struggled and grunted through the gag. All the time that I had been teasing Techster Stephanie had been drawing; she had even paused to take a picture with her Iphone.

"Why the pix , Steph?" I asked.

Stephanie pointed to her drawing of a section of Techster’s back and answered, "When he strains like that it brings the detail of the muscles in his back and butt. I imagine it would bring out the details in his shoulders if his arms were tied outward."

"That can happen, let me get some supplies from out bondage toybox." I ran inside and got a drill, two eyebolts, two wrist cuffs, two pieces of rope and a chromed dog leash. Next I drilled pilot holes in the posts to his right and left, then threaded the eyebolts into them. When all was complete I ordered, "Techster hold you wrists out to your sides!"

He shook his head, "NO!"

"I can change that attitude!" I exclaimed, "Remember that leather work belt that was on your slacks?"

He shook his head, "No!" again.

I reached down, picked up his slacks and took the belt from the waist. It was a wide, thick, heavy belt with metal grommet holes every inch. I doubled the belt and laid several hard swats on his butt. He still shook his head, "NO!" I started to swing again and Stephanie screamed, "Stop, the redness is messing the colour of his skin which ruins that wonderful definition of his muscles. Can you hit him somewhere it doesn’t show on his back?"

I thought for a second and told him, "Give up, put your wrists out to your sides!"

He shook his head, "No!" once again.

I knelt in front of him and said, "Give up now or I can make you beg to be tied!"

I swung the belt delivering a hard swat across his balls that were tight from the weight of the brick. Techster wiggled and screamed through the gag. He shook his head, "Yes!" and stuck his wrists out to each side. I quickly buckled the leather cuffs on each wrist tied the rope to each cuff and then to the eyebolt.

Now Techster really looked beautiful his legs were spread, his wrists tied out and up to each side and lastly his balls, visible below his butt were shiny as the tension from the weight of the brick pulled them downward. Stephanie and I took turns drawing while the other teased the tip of his imprisoned cock through the slot in the CB6000 that he was locked in and from time to time lightly tapped or slapped his swollen balls.

I had just about finished my black on white pencil sketch, which had great definition of his muscles in his legs, butt and lower back when it occurred to me that there was no strain or definition to his upper back or shoulder area. "Hold it Stephanie, let me go get something to increase the definition of his upper back, shoulder and arm muscular definition."

I dashed into my studio and came out with the suede flogger that we used when using "subspace". I held it up and announced "This will tighten up his back, arms and shoulders!" Techster’s upper back, shoulders and arms tightened up after the first few switches. "See, Steph, that tightens him up but doesn’t ruin the definition with redness or discolouration."

By now Techster still struggled, but was resigned to his fate as "toy" and bondage model. As a matter of fact I think he was actually enjoying being on the edge of "subspace" The sun was starting to go down so I announced, "Let’s pack up our gear and head inside. "

I said to Techster, "Will you cooperate? I’m going to tie your wrists behind you."

I untied the ropes from the eyebolts and tied his cuffs together behind his back. Then I removed the spreader from his ankles, measured the amount of ball stretch, which by the way had grown to four inches, clipped the end of the leash to the loose skin on his ball sack. Finally I unlocked the combination lock that held his collar to the eyebolt, tied the shirt he had been wearing like a skirt around him and led him into the house.

Stephanie carried both of our easels and supplies. As we walked into the house she remarked, "I would have thought you would have clipped the leash to his collar."

I advised her, "Believe me this is the best way. No man will struggle when he is led by a clip on the skin of his balls! By the way there are few nerve endings in the base skin of the scrotum."

Once inside our home I removed the gag from Techster’s mouth and gave him a cold soda with a straw. He asked, "May I please be released now?"

"Not quite yet." I responded, "You still have and hour and a half left on your bondage sentence. We’re going to have you do some poses in the living room while we sketch."

Techster shrugged his shoulders, "What next? I am I a pet, slave or what?"

"Thanks, you gave me a great idea, Stephanie has not seen your dog costume."

With a mild whine Techster agreed, "OK, but do I have to have my legs strapped up? That cramped and hurt like Hell!"

"How about just lightly strapped so you cannot stand?" I said to negotiate.

"I can go with that. Get the gear. If I get the chance to lick your clit until you scream."

"Agreed, I’ll look forward to that." I said as I ran to my studio to get Techster’s canine outfit. In less than 5 minutes Techster was strutting around in proper doggy fashion complete with his ball-like paws and his long upward curved tail posing as asked for Stephanie and I. Stephanie had him sit, lie down, rollover and wag his tail. Then it was my turn, "Show me how a horny dog acts."

Techster began licking my legs wrapping his "paws" around my legs and humping on me. I shifted my position, lifted my skirt and he stuck his head under it and began teasing my clit with that skilled tongue of his. Stephanie took a few pix with her iphone and began madly sketching away. "Now I know why you two are so much in love; you have not forgotten how to play together! Carl, my last ex-husband used to play together, but age and the demands of business ended our sex life. I knew you guys played some after I saw you at the Halloween party, but I never thought a couple who are 70 years-old and retired would play young games! "

I was on the edge of an orgasm as I gasped, "A relationship is like a foreign language, if you don’t use it, you lose it!"

Techster pulled his head from under my skirt, grinned and said, "Tastes great too and it doesn’t have any calories!"

I reached down and freed Techster from his doggy costume, he stood and gave me a passionate kiss. As Stephanie packed up her gear we all looked at our sketches, then Techster gave me a great idea, "We could work a little more on this art, touch it up with water colours and have an underground erotic art show."

I grabbed the phone and called Dominatrix Bonita who has a dungeon that is literally underground and suggested, "Bonita, my friend, Stephanie have are working on some BDSM oriented and erotic art. Would you like to come over and talk with us about renting your dungeon for a BDSM and erotic art show and sale?"

Bonita’s reply was, "Great!! I’ll be there in 5 minutes."

While we were waiting Stephanie and I went to our studios and retrieved all of our sketches that we thought Bonita might be interested in. I gasped when Stephanie came back with a full folio of over fifty erotic sketches. "I didn’t know you were into this?" I told her.

Stephanie answered, "These drawings are not of reality, they are my wishes, my dreams, my fantasies. I make no apologies about it."

I laid my drawings, sketches and paintings out on our dining room table. "These are my reality. Techster is featured in every one. Now for the real eye-opener he has a collection of BDSM erotic photos that feature me." I paused as I asked Techster, " Please go get some of your photos."

Techster answered, "No! I think this should be an artists’ event. Compared to you two ladies’ romantic renderings photos are almost trashy!"

Bonita knocked and we brought her in to see what we had done, her eyes opened wide as she exclaimed, "Let me know when these are framed and ready. I will contact my select clients about a coming event. I will post it as a local artists’ erotic and dungeon art show and sale. In the mean time I will contribute to the framing costs by purchasing these fifteen pencil sketches for one thousand dollars. Since they are all originals please sign them. You may use a pen name if you are nervous about knowing who drew them."

She pointed out the sketches that I drew today and Stephanie’s sketches of Techster in the dog costume, "These are great !"

Then she held up one piece. "This piece of a penis encased in a male chastity device looking hard as it is swelling against the openings and dripping cum is off the grid. I’ll give $500 for this one when it is framed."

We senior citizens have a lot in common with the younger folks, we do get horny, we love erotic art. Next time you see an older artist drawing in a park ask to look at their sketches, especially the hidden sketches! You may be surprised.

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