The Bondage Club

by Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Tony B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; kidnap; bond; bdsm; oral; reluct/nc; X

Marcy and I were on holiday in Brisbane.  It was winter break, and one of the best times of the year to enjoy a visit.  My name is Janet. ---  Janet and Marcy!  We are lovers, but we go both ways, as long as we’re together.  Neither of us is dom or sub, although I’m probably more of a sub than she is.  But we’re both Bi, and it doesn’t bother us, knowing we can enjoy sex together, as well as with men.  I guess that’s a strange relationship, but for us, it works!

I have to remind you that the seasons are backwards below the equator, and our winter in North America, is summer time in Australia.  It takes a bit of adjustment to deal with Christmas in the Summer, but overall, it’s not much different than ours. Anyway, we were staying at the Albert Park Hotel, just a stone’s throw from Brisbane’s downtown, but close enough to the Brisbane River that we could enjoy the various river boats and buff Aussie men, sailing  in their boats.  It was an idyllic place, even though the city, the Capital of Queensland, was one of the fastest growing cities in all of Australia.  We looked forward to riding the tourist ferryboat, seeing the city from the river.

Marcy is an airline hostess, and through her employer, got us free round-trip tickets from San Francisco, where we lived and worked.   I was a clerk at the rental car agency in the airport --- that’s where Marcy and I met.  It was over a spilled cup of coffee, but that’s not important to my story.  But we formed a fast, and lasting, friendship – almost as if we were sisters.

We usually only got to see each other when she had a layover, and I eventually talked her into giving up her apartment, and moving in with me.  Since she would only be there part-time, it would be no imposition, and would give her a chance to save up some more money for her college education.  And, I thought, it would help with the rent on my own place. We started sleeping in the same bed after only a few days.  She had just returned from her flight from Hawaii, and was dog tired.  She fell asleep quickly.

I tried to be quiet, to let her sleep.  When bedtime rolled around, I snuck into the bedroom, took a nightgown out of my dresser drawer, and went into the bathroom to change.  When I came out of the bathroom, Marcy was awake. When she saw me, she raised the blanket and beckoned to me to join her.  She was nude!  I had never been with a naked woman before, but the thought excited me. I quickly pulled off my nightgown, and crawled into bed beside her.  She smiled at me. I’ll never forget what happened next…..

As I settled down close to her, she reached out and felt my breast!  It thrilled me! No woman had ever touched my breast, except the female doctor that taught me how to give myself a breast exam every month.  But this was different!  As I looked into her eyes, and felt her squeezing my breast, I melted into her arms.  I closed my eyes, and we kissed! That did it for me!  I accepted her attention, and became a Bi Lesbian.  I WANTED her to touch me, and make love to me!

When we had the chance to holiday in Australia, virtually free of charge, it was too much to resist. It was a long flight to Brisbane, but we were looking forward to sunning our bodies on the man-made Kodak Beach.  Anything to get out of the San Francisco winter weather where it was cold and rainy. We did all the normal things, arriving at Brisbane International, going through Customs, picking up our luggage, checking into our hotel, and surrendering our passports to the desk clerk  But Saturday night was coming up, and we were both looking forward to it!

On Saturday night, we had gone out, specifically trolling for some Aussie men.  We hit some of the nightclubs in Paddington, on the northwest side of Brisbane, and ended up in a little bar called ‘Pete’s’. We found what we were looking for!  There was a party of three buff mates, who were also looking for a date.  When they found us, and we found them, we connected!  I figured that nothing would happen that we couldn’t handle, because there were three of them, and if anything did happen, there would always be one of them that could look out for the rest of us.  I was thinking of safety in numbers.  But the male mind doesn’t work that way …..

We were having a grand old time.  We danced with them, and had a few beers.  Marcy and I liked the taste of Foster’s Lager.  One of the men slipped something in our beer, and Marcy passed out, first.….  I was close behind!

When I woke up, it was day.  I could see the sun was shining.  I was in the back of a Van, and it was driving somewhere.  Marcy wasn’t with me. The sunlight was flickering in my eyes, through the leaves of the trees, and I guessed that we were traveling East. I say I was in the back of a Van…..  That’s only part of the story.  I was also naked except for my panties, was tied, hand and foot, and gagged.  I lay on the floor, in front of the back seat, and my head hurt, probably from the effects of whatever it was they put in our drinks. I couldn’t even move, because Steve’s foot was holding me down to the floor, and Tom was driving the Van.

I tried to scream, but all that came out was a pitiful little whine! – “Mmmmfff!”

More noise came out of my nose, than my mouth!  I began to cry.  I figured I was going to be raped!!!  And worse, I didn’t know where Marcy was, or what was happening to her! I tried to squirm around, to see if I could get loose, and tried to yell at Steve through my gag.  But all that came out were unintelligent sounds.

I struggled harder, and Steve told me to “Calm Down!”

That caused me to struggle even harder!!!

I was calling him everything I could think of – but nothing but noise was coming of my nose and gagged mouth!

“Calm down”, Steve repeated.  “If you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to put you to sleep again!”

I knew that he had drugged us, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again, so I tried to contain myself, and stop struggling and remain quiet.

“Good choice”, he said!

Even though I was tied and gagged, I could see giant fig trees lined the streets, through the Van window.  I knew I was being taken to ‘The Valley’ on the northeast end of the city.  And being tied and gagged, I couldn’t protest! I had been making so much noise, and thrashing around, that he took the gag out of my mouth to hear what all the noise was about.

“What are you going to do with me?”, I cried, hysterically.

“WITH you, nothing!”, he said…..  “But TO you, a whole lot!!!”

I knew that I was in for it!  It was just the way he said it.

“Where’s my friend, Marcy”, I demanded, as I tried to struggle free.

“She’s being well taken care of”, he said.  “So just relax – you aren’t going anywhere!”

With that, he pushed the gag back into my mouth, and I was silenced again.

I’d heard stories about women being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.  The same stories were told about Chinatown in San Francisco – how women were kidnapped, put in boxes, and shipped to China, where they were forced to work in brothels.   Such stories were probably told near any city in the world that had a Chinatown – except in China, of course, where they were probably told about being sold into slavery in the whorehouses of Nevada!  But those were only stories, I thought.  No one had ever really been kidnapped.  But the thought nagged at me!  Was it for real???

I wanted to ask what was happening – and what was happening to Marcy.  Eventually, I found out!  It was a bondage club!!!  They kidnapped young women, and tied them up for the pleasure of their members who liked to take pictures of helpless women, bound and gagged, and suffering other tortures.  But I don’t want to talk about that ---  I don’t even want to THINK about it! But I knew that Marcy and I would probably never use the return portion of our round-trip tickets, back to San Francisco.

After a while, I could see we were driving through a business district – there were no more trees lining the street.  And I could see signs written in Chinese.  I figured we were in the Chinatown District of The Valley.  It was much like the Chinatown in San Francisco, and I could hear firecrackers going off in the distance. Must be some kind of Chinese celebration, I thought.  But that’s the least of my worries.  I wondered how I was going to get out of this. I knew a few jujitsu moves from the self-defense classes they gave at the Airport.  But I would be no match for a real jujitsu Master – or even a Student!  And I would be putty in the hands of any student of any of the other martial arts.  The moves I remembered were all defensive moves – designed to ward off an attacker.  But not when you were tied and gagged!!!  So that was out.  Maybe I could hurt someone, but at what cost?

The greatest fear a woman has, is not about being raped or killed – her biggest fear is about the unknown!  Not knowing what was going to happen to her.  And I didn’t know what was going to happen to me, or to Marcy!  But I was soon to find out!!!

It was three days later that Tom came to see me without Steve tagging along.   I thought Tom was the better looking man of the two, and under other circumstances, would have been willing to go to bed with him. I had been chained to the bed for the entire time, but had been taken to the bathroom every two hours, by a small oriental woman.  She brought me food and drink, and took care of my physical needs.  But I was never freed.  I always wore the handcuffs behind my back.  Yelling for help would have done no good, I was being held in a cement office building, in the soundproofed basement. This time, I was alone with Tom.  I didn’t know what to expect as he gently removed my gag, and told me to be quiet and he’d tell me what was going on.  He seemed like he wasn’t going to hurt me, and I obeyed.

“This is a bondage club”, he said.  “You were selected to become a model.  If you cooperate, you’ll only have to spend a year here, and will receive a generous cash settlement when you leave.  We’ll pay you well for your time here.  If you don’t cooperate, we’ll make you.  We’ll force you to cooperate, and your ‘sentence’ will be much longer!”

“Sentence?”, I asked.  “What sentence?”

“You have been sentenced by the bondage club to spend a year with us”, he said.  But if you cooperate, I promise you that you won’t be hurt.  No rape – no punishment – and your life will be pleasant.”

I didn’t want to think about what the alternatives were!

“Selected by whom???”, I asked.

“You were selected by one of our members who works at the hotel, and had access to your records.  He had your photograph from your passport, and within hours had your complete credit report.  By the next morning, one of our contacts in San Francisco had learned more about you…..  Your lifestyle with Marcy, your job, even how many traffic tickets you had!  He was very productive, and your life was like an open book.  That’s why you were both kidnapped together, instead of you alone.  We weren’t as interested in Marcy, but she was like an extra prize in a box of Cracker-Jacks.”

I blushed at the thought.

“But how did you find me on Saturday night?”, I asked.

“You were followed – from the time you left the hotel, until the time we picked you up at Pete’s Bar.  You really shouldn’t go out like that, looking for dates.”

“I won’t ever do that again”, I said.

“I’m sure….”, he replied.

“For the first week, or so…”, he continued, “you’ll be kept chained and gagged, to make sure you don’t try to escape.  Also, we want to be sure of your attitude, one way or the other.  Later on, you’ll only wear chains or be bound when our guests are photographing you.  You’ll be our prisoner, of course, but as long as you do what you’re told to do, nobody will hurt you.”

“Is that a promise?”, I asked.

“Yes”, he said.  “I promise that you won’t be hurt or raped if you cooperate.”

“How much will I get when you release me?”, I asked.

“Enough so that you’ll be a rich woman”, he said.

“But won’t they miss us at the hotel?”, I asked.

“No”, he said.  “You both checked out on Sunday morning, and we have your passports!  Then you just disappeared.  There will be the record of a bus trip to Sydney, and that’s it, until you go back home.”

It seemed as if they had covered all the bases. Tom told me to think it over, and replaced my gag.  He unlocked the chain that had held me to the bed, and put a pair of leg cuffs on my ankles.  The cuffs were held together  by a short chain. He explained that I would be able to walk – to take short steps – but the chain would prevent me from running, or trying to escape while I made my decision.  I watched him as he snapped the cuffs around my ankles, and felt the cold steel against my skin.

He locked another chain around my waist. – He called it a ‘belly chain’.  It had two handcuffs at the waist, one on either side of my body, and a padlock held it around my waist.  Once it was in place, he removed the handcuffs that had held my hands behind my back, and secured them at my waist. It was more comfortable – at least it didn’t hurt.  The oriental woman brought another pillow over to the bed, and placing it behind my back, urging me to lie back.  I followed her instruction, and lay back.  The pillow supported my back, and allowed my arms to hang behind me, without any pain.

“Oh, by the way”, he said, “this is your bondage mistress.  She’ll care for you as long as you’re here…..”

I nodded my head to her, and accepted her assistance.

“Very good”, Tom said.  “You’re being a good girl.  You’ll get a reward for that!”

I had no idea what he had in mind, but at least I had more relative freedom.  I could get up out of bed when I needed to, and make my way to the bathroom.  And the oriental woman was always there to wash and wipe me.

It was another three days before I saw Marcy again, she was hanging a couple of feet off the floor!  She was tied, blindfolded, and gagged, and she was crying into her gag.  I knew it was Marcy because without her panties, I could plainly see the tattoo on her lower belly, which normally hid underneath them.  It was a tatt of a Teddy Bear, that she had got when she was younger.  I flashed on how much I liked it, the first time I ate her pussy! We slept together nude, and I’d had ample opportunity to enjoy sucking her breasts and clit!  She always washed it for me.  Her bush smelled good after washing, and her vagina tasted sweet, as fresh as her skin.  I liked pressing my face between her legs.  She liked mine too, but no more than I!

Her body, except for her head,  was completely wrapped tightly in clear plastic so they could see her naked body under the plastic.  Her pussy had been shaved clean.  I knew that with the tight plastic compressing her breasts and chest, she would be having trouble breathing. She was held off the floor by a chain, which had been wrapped around her body, just below her breasts!  She couldn’t do more than cry and twitch.  Blindfolded, she couldn’t see me. She was wearing a pair of headphones, and they were playing loud rock music – I could hear it from the door.  Obviously, it was meant to keep her from hearing anything else that was happening in the room while she was suspended.  There were two men, photographing her.

I felt for her.  She was completely cut off from the world, and I knew she was nearly out of her mind with fear of what was going to happen to her.  I wondered it she had been thinking of me!

“You have a choice”, Steve said.  “Cooperate, or join her!”

He gave me a moment to look at Marcy, and make my decision.

“Mmmmf”, I managed.

“Are you going to cooperate?”, he asked.

I nodded my head, and repeated, “Mmmmf!”

“Good choice”, he said.  “Marcy didn’t want to cooperate!  But she’ll come around!!!”

She should have, I thought to myself.  It won’t be THAT bad!!! I was afraid – but they had promised not to hurt me if I cooperated.  I didn’t know whether I should trust them or not, but I didn’t have any options – I’d rather be their bondage model, than be tortured.

I was sad for Marcy on the day I left.  She had never fully cooperated, and still had three more years to go on her ‘sentence’.  They just kept adding time, every time she refused to cooperate. I tried to convince her that she’d be better off doing what they wanted, but she was defiant about resisting them, and I knew it would cost her a major portion of her life.  I didn’t know she WANTED it that way!  She was more sub than I was!!!

Poor Marcy, I thought, as Tom was driving me to the airport. I had a Letter of Credit from the Bank of Australia in my purse, along with my passport.  The letter was for a million dollars – and she had three more years of pain and torment.  The difference was that I had cooperated, and she had not. A Million Dollars!  I thought about it, and Tom had been right.  I was well paid for being a bondage model for a year.  When I invested the money, I would be getting over a hundred thousand dollars a year in interest alone!  That came out to more than Twelve Thousand Dollars a month in income. -  Three Thousand dollars a week, or Five Hundred dollars a day.  ---  A lot of money for what had happened to me.

I could have anything I wanted, and money or credit would be of little concern  Meanwhile, Marcy had only her chains and strict bondage to look forward to. I had tried to convince her to submit – but she wouldn’t. 

I remembered my test.  It was three weeks since we had arrived at the Bondage Club, and I had submitted to being one of their bondage models.  But I was still kept in chains.  Most of the time it was the simple belly chain and leg cuffs, and I was seldom gagged unless they wanted to photograph me. One day I asked Tom how I could gain more freedom – how I could be released from my constant bondage.  I didn’t mind the bondage when they were photographing me, but they didn’t take pictures of me 24 hours a day.

“You have to prove yourself”, he said.

“How can I do that?”, I asked.

“There is only one way”, he said.

“I’ll do whatever is asked of me”, I replied.  I had accepted my role as a bondage model.

“We’ll see”, he said.  “There is an American Congressman coming tomorrow.  He wants to use his new Japanese Camera, and has selected you and Marcy to be his subjects.”

“I’ll do whatever is asked of me”, I repeated…..  “But Marcy won’t cooperate.”  I knew she would still resist!

“What the Congressman has asked for, she won’t have to”, he said.  “This can be a test for you both.”

The next day, Tom released me from my chains and took me to the “studio”, where club members could photograph me.  I was still guarded by the oriental woman.  She was my Bondage Mistress, and would be with me as long as I was their prisoner.  There was no chance of escape.  I knew and accepted it. I was placed on a foot-high pedestal, and told to wait.  Meanwhile, there were already six club members there, taking pictures of me, nude.  I couldn’t tell which one might be the Congressman – they all wore a black mask.  I quickly slipped into my bondage character, and began posing for them in various positions.

A moment later, Marcy was dragged into the room.  She was gagged, and her hands were pulled back behind her head and tied to her neck.  She was also nude.  But having her arms go up over her head, and her hands drawn down behind her head, made her breasts stick out provocatively.  Had we been home, I would have loved to suck on her ample breasts. Her eyes widened when she saw me.  Her eyes were her only method of communication.

She was pushed over to the pedestal, and forced to get up on it in front of me.  She was forced to kneel, and as soon as she was on her knees, her ankles were secured together with a leather strap. I looked into her eyes  I wanted to hold her, and comfort her.  I wanted to try to convince her to cooperate with them, and we’d get through this. I leaned forward, and told her once again, that she had to cooperate with them.

“Now, Janet”, someone said, “Take her in your arms, and hold her.”

I was already kneeling, and shuffled forward to get closer.  I reached out to hold her, as I had many times before.

“Closer, please”, the voice said.

I shuffled closer to her still, and our breasts touched.  I had a flash of memory of just how good that felt!

“Now pull her closer to yourself and hold her tightly”, the voice said.  I guessed the voice was coming from the Congressman who had set up this scenario.

“Get as close to her as you can, and let her head fall onto your shoulder.”

I pulled Marcy close to me, and her hair brushed against my chest.

“No, no”, he said.  “Put your head on the other side, so you can face the camera.  We don’t need to see her face right now.”

Click, click went a half dozen cameras as I obeyed.  I shifted my body so that my face was in front of the cameras, and her head was on my hidden shoulder, more or less.  Her arm was a bit in the way. I turned my face to the camera, and smiled.

“That’s it!  That’s good!”, he said, and I heard the cameras clicking away.

I was holding Marcy, and it felt good again, even if she was an unwilling participant.

I heard her whimpering in my ear.

“Don’t fight it, Marcy”, I whispered.  “Relax!  I won’t hurt you!”

I heard a sound that I can only describe as a whimper of relief, and pleasure at being held. Tom was standing nearby, and I asked him if her gag could be removed.

“It will cost you another month”, he said.

I knew the rules – they had been explained to me.  Each time I asserted myself, or asked for a special favor, it would cost me a month of my life – a month more on my bondage sentence.  But I wanted to comfort Marcy, and give her some relief, and knowledge that I cared about her.

I nodded my head in agreement, accepting the extension of my sentence.  Tom nodded his head to her bondage master – the woman that cared for her - who reached up behind Marcy’s head and unbuckled the strap that held her gag in place.  The woman pulled the gag out of Marcy’s mouth, and I heard the cameras clicking again.  The club members were free to walk around the pedestal, and photograph us from any angle they wished.  One of them even took a picture of Marcy’s ass!

“I love you, Janet”, she said.  “I’m so glad to see you, again.”

“Shhh”, I whispered…  “Go with the flow.  We’ll get through this.”

Just then a masked man came into the studio.  He was wearing only a black leather jock strap to hide his package, boots, and a leather hood to hide his face.  The worst part, was that he was holding a long riding crop, and I knew that he was going to beat us – or at least look like he was going to beat us!

“Now hold Marcy tightly”, the voice said, “and pull her to your breast.  I want to see your belly’s touching.”

I shuffled my knees again, and pulled her tightly against my body, pressing her breasts into mine and touching bellies.  It seemed so familiar!

“Good!”, he said, and the cameras started clicking again.

Marcy screamed into my ear, and her body jerked, as the hooded man brought the riding crop down on her tender flesh.

Click  Click, Click, went the cameras.  And I knew they were taking pictures of Marcy being punished while I held her immovable.

We both cried!

Click, Click, Click!!!

When it was over, my bondage mistress chained me again, and took me back to my room.  Marcy’s bondage mistress took her back to her cage in the Isolation Area.  Two men nearly had to carry her, she was in so much pain after the beating.  I knew she would have ugly welts on her buttocks for weeks!  Her screams had nearly driven me out of my mind.  I didn’t want to see her punished, but I had to cooperate, for my own safety, and I had followed their directions as I held her for her beating!

Tom followed us to my cell, which, by comparison, was luxurious.  At least I had a bed to sleep on instead of a mattress on the floor.  And I had a bathroom – Marcy had to pee in a bucket.  I was really sorry for her, and couldn’t figure out why she resisted so much.  She knew that she would be punished until she cooperated.  She had been given the same rules to follow that I had, but she wasn’t having any part of it! After my Mistress put my pillow behind my back, I laid back.  She covered me with a blanket, and tucked me in.  Tom sat on the edge of the bed.  He reached up and stroked my hair.

“You have one more test”, Tom said.

“What is it?”, I asked.

“I’ll tell you in the morning”, he said.

As I slept, I dreamed of being unbound.  Maybe tomorrow would be the day…..


In the morning, Tom brought my breakfast on a tray.  He unlocked the handcuffs on my belly chain so I could eat.  He told me how beautiful I was, and how I had done a very good job, the day before.  I basked in his praise, and waited for him to tell me. I hadn’t forgotten, he was going to tell me how I could be released from my personal bondage.  Being in bondage for photographs was one thing, but being in bondage all the time was something else. As I finished breakfast, he brought up the subject.  I was anxious to hear what my final test was going to be.

“You’re going to have to give a man a blowjob”, he said.  “But this will be no ordinary blowjob – nothing like anything you’ve given before.”

A tingle flashed up my spine, and I knew I was getting excited at the thought. I knew how to give a blowjob, of course.  I’d had men’s penises in my mouth before, and it would be nothing knew to me.  Why the big deal, I wondered.

“Your only bondage”, he continued, “will be having your hands tied behind your back, while you do it.”

That won’t be any big deal, I thought!  After being chained for several weeks, having my hands tied behind my back, would be a piece of cake.

“In order to make the most of your time”, he said, “The man will take Viagra before you do it, and you’ll have to hold him in your mouth while our club members take pictures.

Oh, no – not Viagra again, I thought.  I’d been with men before who had taken Viagra, and it was always a long, hard fuck.  The only good part, was that it gave me orgasm after orgasm, if he was any good with his tool, at all.  Personally, I could take it or leave it.  But for photographs, I knew it would take longer than the few minutes it normally took – and with Viagra involved, it would probably take much longer.

My suspicion was confirmed, when Tom told me that I would have to hold the man’s penis in my mouth for an extended period of time, and wouldn’t be allowed to let it out until he came.  They wanted to capture his sperm dripping out of mouth and down my chin, and the only way to get it realistically on film, would be to have me really giving a blowjob, with enthusiasm. And after he came, he would fuck me, for however long it took for him to cum again! I didn’t even mind that ---  I knew that the club members liked to see their models fucked, and to really experiencing sex in front of their cameras. I knew that I couldn’t escape this test, without having more months added to my ‘sentence’, and resolved to take it, without complaint!

“Do you agree to be ravished?”, Tom asked.

“Yes, Tom – I’ll do whatever it takes”, I said.

“Good!”, he said. …..  “I’ll see you in the studio.”

With that, he picked up the breakfast tray and left me. My legs were still held by the leg cuffs, but my hands were left free.  My oriental Mistress led me to the bathroom, and helped me prepare for my daily photo shoot. After using the toilet, she allowed me to wash myself, and she washed and wiped my ass. Sitting me down at the vanity, she rubbed my back to relieve any tension from being cuffed all night, then brushed my hair.  She swept my hair back, and used a rubber band to secure it in a pony tail.  She carefully applied lipstick, and did my eyes with mascara and eyeliner.  I looked at myself in the mirror, and knew that I looked very beautiful – and that’s why they had originally chosen me to be a model.

The whole process had taken about twenty minutes.  She guided me out of my cell, and down the hall to the studio.  My leg cuffs kept me from walking very fast, and we walked slowly. The studio had been redecorated overnight, and now, looked like a bedroom in a cheap motel!  The “set” had been decorated to look like a sleazy hotel room, complete with flashing “HOTEL” sign, outside the fake window. My mistress indicated I should sit on the bed, and I complied.  She removed my leg cuffs, and I was free for the moment.  There were already three club members there, waiting for my arrival, as she tied my hands behind my back.

Tom came in, wearing a Speedo Bathing Suit, and a torn T-shirt. I quickly realized that he was the one I would be giving a blowjob to, and who would fuck me later!

“Hello, Tom”, I greeted him.

“Hello, Janet”, he replied, as if there had been nothing that had ever passed between us before.

Steve came in to watch – to watch Tom deflower me, and to use me while the members took pictures.

Tom took me by the hand, and helped me to stand.  He held me close for a minute, and whispered in my ear that he wasn’t going to hurt me.  I heard the first click of  a camera, as one of the members caught Tom’s embrace. Tom told me to kneel. I needed help, and Tom held me as I knelt in front of him.  His dick was in front of my face, and it had already grown in size and was pressed up in front of his belly, held in place by his Speedo.

Click, Click, went a couple of more cameras, catching the image of me looking at his large dick!

My head was swimming with thoughts, as I thought about giving him pleasure. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his trunks, and slowly pulled them down, allowing plenty of time for club members to take pictures. As the Speedo cleared his hips, his rod popped out in front of my face, and I could see it was a big one, and thought it was staring back at me.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and forgot why we were there.  I forgot about the club members taking photographs, and forgot about Steve and my Bondage Mistress who were watching. At that moment, all I could think about was that dick, and how much I wanted it in me.  I wanted it in my mouth, and wanted it in my pussy!!!  My vagina was twitching in excitement, and I knew I was lubricating, and would soon be ready for action.  But first, I would taste his cum!

He reached behind my head, and grasped me by the pony tail….

“Other hand, please”, someone suggested.

Tom released my hair, and grabbed it again, with his other hand. He urged my head forward, and I closed my eyes, and parted my lips to take him in.  I was lost in my own private world, waiting for my lover to drive me to orgasm as quickly as he could.  Nothing else mattered.  I was going to surrender to him completely, and would be his! Funny what a woman thinks about when she is being taken for the first time!!!

It wasn’t my ‘first time’, but it was my first time with Tom! He slipped his dick between my lips, and my tongue circled it’s head several time, wetting it down so he could slip it in further. Slowly, he pressed his tool into my face, and I heard a dozen camera clicks, and knew that we were being photographed for posterity.  I didn’t care, I just wanted to taste his dick in my mouth!

I wanted him to cum in my mouth – and I wanted him to make me cum!  I surrendered to him completely.

Click, Click, Click, went the cameras.

I was his wanton whore, and knew that when he came, I would swallow every drop, and still want more!!!

Click, Click, Click, went the cameras.

Damn!  They were distracting me!

I pushed my face further up his pole, and felt it pass my tongue as I dropped it, and let him glide in as far as he could before I choked on it.  I didn’t think I could deep throat him, but was willing to try. I knew that because he had taken Viagra, that I would be on my knees, with his dick in my mouth for at least an hour – probably more, and reveled in the thought! He was holding my head, and I couldn’t escape his dick in my mouth if I’d wanted to.  And I didn’t want to!

He slowly worked it in and out of my mouth, pulling it as far out as he could, just behind my lips, then pushing it back in, as far as I had let him know that I could take him with ease.  It was almost as if he had placed an invisible mark on his dick, and would push it in that far, and no further.  I was lost in the pleasure of having his dick in my mouth! I kept my eyes closed, and did my duty!

Click, Click, Click, went the cameras again.  They were capturing every minute of my pleasure.

It seemed like forever, and he finally came in my mouth.  I felt his hot sperm hit the back of my throat, and thought I was going to drown.  But he pulled his dick out to my lips, and held my head there, while I swallowed. He pushed his dick back in my mouth, and gave me another shot as a sort of encore – dessert, if you will.  He withdrew again, and I eagerly swallowed, hoping for more. I was nearly delirious with pleasure.

Tom raised me to a standing position, and held me close while he kissed me. “That was only the beginning”, he whispered in my ear.

That was how Tom and I became lovers!

After my first experience with Tom, and after he had made me cum a dozen times in front of cameras, we slept together every night, and I gave myself to him completely. When the club members weren’t photographing me, Tom was fucking me – or I was taking his dick in my mouth.  I loved it.  I loved every minute of it!!!  I was, his wanton whore!!!

Before I left, they gave me a tattoo of the club logo on my left wrist. …  It was the face of a clock, without hands.  A secret mark, of a secret society.  I could cover it up with the wide leather band of my wristwatch, - the wristwatch they had given me - but it was there for anyone who knew what it meant. As Tom drove me to the airport, I knew that somewhere, Marcy was still resisting. …..

When I got home, my apartment had been rented to someone else, and my stuff – and Marcy’s – had been put into storage.  Like Marcy, I thought – into storage!

I decided to live at Lake Tahoe.  It snowed up there in winter, and I liked to ski.  The weather was quite different than San Francisco, which was just cold and rainy most of the time.  And, from Brisbane.  So I packed up our belongings, and moved to Lake Tahoe. A Real Estate Agent found me a nice little house, that was reasonably priced, and which was somewhat isolated.  Dutifully, I notified Tom, and the Bondage Club of my address and new phone number.  It was a requirement of my release – my promise to stay in touch because of Marcy.  I couldn’t just leave her there, she was still precious to me.  I hoped to buy her freedom one day – money talked at the Bondage Club!

But there was nothing I could do about her being there – for now, at least.  If  I notified the Police, and told them my fantastic story, they wouldn’t have believed me, anyway.  Imagine a Bondage Club in the heart of Chinatown in Australia.  The implications were almost too great to grasp.  Besides, I knew that if I failed to keep quiet, they could cancel my Letter of Credit, and I’d be poor and without a job. I also knew that knowing my address, they could take me again at any time they wished, and somehow take me back to the Bondage Club.  So I kept quiet.  You’re the first person I’ve told about all this.  …..


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