Bondage Cards

by TS

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; chair; gag; tape; bfold; secretary; tease; cons; X

My husband, Tom, and I have over the past few months devised a bondage card game, and if you carry on and read this story you’ll see what it entails.  Perhaps you’ll make up your own variations ?  Let me know if you do.


I was on my way home, the train was pretty crowded and I was glad of a seat.  It gave me chance to get my phone out to text Tom.  He had also left work and we were both heading home, albeit on different lines, and would arrive back at the flat at a similar time.  It was a Wednesday and I didn’t fancy cooking, in fact I fancied suggesting we got a takeaway and played ‘cards’.  I soon texted this suggestion to Tom and after pressing the send button my mind started to wonder to what my card selections would be, and the horniness started to build.  I glanced around at my fellow passengers and wondered if any of them would end up the night in knots, or applying them !

My eager anticipation took a setback when I received Tom’s reply as he reminded me that he was going to the football match with Mike later.  And now he said it I do remember him telling me this morning, it was an important cup game for the team.  Oh well it would be the TV for me.  But then I thought, we can still play our card game but it would need me to make certain sacrifices and concessions.  Well the thought of this soon got me warmed up again and after texting Tom my suggestion the rest of the journey flew by, especially as Tom’s reply was simply ;))

I was first home and after getting a quick shower I prepared a very quick and simple snack which was ready to eat as soon as Tom returned home.  After finishing eating, rather too quickly, Tom also showered and got ready to go out to the match.  This is what we had agreed.  But before going out we had a few cards to play.

Perhaps now would be a good time to explain a little about the bondage cards we have made ourselves.  There are a number of sets which cover a range of bondage options, for instance who gets tied, what position to use, how we may be dressed and what gag will be used.  For each round we both chose two cards each, they are then shuffled and when the top card is turned over it determines that stage of the bondage session.

I’ll use an example with what is usually the first set we use.  It comprises of cards with one or other of our names on it.  We both have 2 with ‘Tom’ on and 2 with ‘Sally’ on (ie 4 each).  We each then decide which two to put forward in to the ‘selection pot’ which will then have 4 cards in it.  If I was in the mood to do the restraining I would put my two ‘Tom’ cards forward, or if I felt losing control I would play my 2 ‘Sally’ cards.  Of course I wouldn’t know what cards Tom may have played.  The result would be that the selection pot would contain between 0-4 ‘Sally’ cards (and the ‘opposite’ number of ‘Tom’ cards) depending on what we’d played.  When then shuffled the pack and turned over the top card which would determine who would be tied up.  We have found this allows the game to retain a good degree of chance, but also an element of each of us trying to influence the decision.

Anyway back to the evening’s game.  This first round would not be needed as Tom was going to the football and therefore in agreeing (or was it suggesting) to play the game I knew I’d have to be the one getting tied.  So the first round we would play for proper would determine how the person being tied- me,  would be dressed.  At this point it is worth explaining that we do play 2 variations on the game.  The first is that all our selections have to be made before the first option (which is usually who is to be tied) get revealed.  This means that our subsequent selections are made without knowing who is to be tied and this has resulted in some wonderful combinations (seeing Tom in my lingerie was quite a sight !).  The other option is to take it a round at a time so that each time we have to select a pair of cards each we both know what the result of the previous round is.  Tonight we had decided to play the second variation.

So the next cards selected would determine how I would be dressed.  The options we had (both of us having two cards of each of the choices) included naked, female lingerie, male underwear, female casual, male casual, female office, male office, female costume & male costume.  As I knew I would be tied up whilst Tom was at the match my 2 selections were chosen to keep me comfortable so I went for 2 of the ‘female casual’ cards.  Before showing these to Tom I watched as he made his two selections and when he had done so we turned over all four cards.  He had chosen ‘female lingerie’ and ‘female office’ – well at least he didn't want to leave me naked for a couple of hours !  So these, along with my 2 ‘female casual’ would be the four cards going into the selection pot.  They were then shuffled and the top car turned over.  It turned about to be ‘female office’ and so this would determine how I would be dressed.

The next set of cards would determine the position I’d be tied in.  The options were cuffs only (wrist and ankle), hog tie, pole tie, spread eagle standing, spread eagle lying down or chair tie.  Again given the time I’d be tied up for I went for comfort again, but with a little variation so chose a chair tie & cuffs only.  Tom also took a little pity and selected spread eagle lying down and chair tie.  Again the 4 cards were shuffled and the top one drawn.  This indicated a chair tie.

The next round was for gags.  The options were none, ball, cleave, bit or a tape gag.  Again I went for comfort and went for 2 ‘no gag’ cards.  Tom picked tape gags for both of his cards.  This meant the draw was a straight 50/50 and the tape gag was turned up.

For tonight’s game the last selection to be made was the blindfold selection.  The choices were none at all, scarf or hood.  By this time I wasn’t too concerned other than to avoid the hood which I felt would be a bit too restrictive for a prolonged period.  I also felt that not being blindfolded would not be so beneficial over such a time period.  What I wanted to avoid was the hood.  So I suggested a deal to Tom, I wouldn’t put my ‘no blindfold’ cards in to the pot if he didn’t play his ‘hood’ cards.  He was at this point in a rather teasing mood and said he wouldn’t agree to the deal but would ‘take into account my views’.  Oh how magnanimous I thought.  Anyway to at least try to get some moral high ground I selected 2 ‘scarf blindfold’ cards, and so did he.  No need to draw from this set of 4 as all pointed to the scarf.

The last set of cards we would normally use would determine the minimum and maximum period the person being tied would be restrained for.  But tonight these weren’t used as Tom would go to the match leaving me tied up at home and then return to untie me, to then satisfy both of our heightened aroused states.  But that was some way ahead, next was for me to let Tom tie me as ‘directed’ by the cards.

I went back upstairs to complete the dressing part of the game results.  I wasn’t too surprised when Tom followed me up and we both made our way into the bedroom.  Tom suggested as I had got away with some degree of comfort I should let hem select my ‘female office’ outfit for the rest of the night.  I agreed as long as he picked out items that I had in the past worn to the office.  He first went to my lingerie drawer and picked out a matching set of purple bra, knickers and suspender belt.  I couldn’t complain as I have worn this combination to the office and, admittedly,  it did make me feel sexy.  Next he chose a pair of black opaque stockings.  It wasn’t long before I was dressed and I wanted for Tom to pick the next items.  He was somewhat distracted and needed reminding that he’d have to set off soon if he was to get to the match.  He went to the wardrobe and came back with a dark grey, knee length skirt and a black V necked sweater top.

We then went back downstairs and moved one of our kitchen chairs into the lounge.  I sat down and let my arms come to rest at the side of the chair.  Tom moved behind me and then bought my hands together behind the back of the chair.  This set off a few butterflies in my stomach as I thought this is where I surrender my control and I leave things to Tom.  I didn’t get long to dwindle on this thought as my wrists were tied to each other in an X shape, and then a rope was attached to them pulling them down towards one of the bottom rungs at the rear of the chair.

I could only watch as Tom returned in front of me, dropped to his knees as he started to tie my ankles to the front legs of the chair, pulling my legs apart.  For more immobility my knees were tied to the top of the front legs of the chair.  Although my legs weren’t drawn apart very widely, the inability to move them left me feeling rather exposed and vulnerable.  Additional ropes were tied around my chest above and below my breasts forming quite a pressure, and this left me feeling really quite restrained, although quite comfortable.

Tom then fetched the roll of tape and came round in front of me.  He sung a leg over mine and sat on my lap.  I couldn’t lean forward, or bring my hands forward as I would have liked to have done and had to leave it him to move closer to me and as he laid his hands at the back of my neck he moved his face close to mine and we were soon at each other’s lips pushing our tongues forward rather lustfully.  He drew back rather too quickly and said that would have to wait.  Bending down he picked up the tape and told me to keep still as he pushed the tape firmly onto my face covering my lips together.  I was surprised as he added more strips in a criss cross pattern and as I tried to protest all that could be heard was a ‘mmmppppph’.  He caressed my head in his hands as he stood up.

Whilst I was being bound I felt deprived of my physical movements, but there is something about being gagged that takes this to the next level.  My immobility was the same but I couldn’t express myself and this seemed to deprive me of so much more freedom and the inability to talk to Tom surrendered even more.

I then saw Tom rummage in one of my drawers and return with my thick black scarf which was folded over into a 4cm wide belt and then Tom disappeared behind me.  My next views were brief as the scarf came forward over my eyes and it was soon settled over them as I felt it being pulled taught behind my head and then tied off.

The restraining was complete and wow did it make me feel horny.  This feeling was enhanced as after Tom had applied my blindfold he remained behind me and let his hands run down over my gagged mouth, pushing on the tape and then further down over by breasts, tracing the outline of my nipples.  Then the hands were gone.

Without announcement I was then aware of Toms hand reaching up my skirt, following my stocking until the top was reached, then his hand moved around to the top to find a strap of the suspender belt.  He gently pulled at this before releasing  it and pushing up further brushed up against my knickers giving a rub over the most sensitive area.

All too quickly his hand was removed and I heard him put on his coat.  Just as he left he said “I forgot to tell you that’s it’s a cup game tonight, I hope for your sake they don’t play extra time”.

As I heard the door shut I tried to recall what was meant by extra time and how long I would remain tied, gagged, blindfolded and waiting for release.


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