Bondage Table

by Marylynn

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Our bondage club meets every other Saturday night. We have anywhere from 8 to all 16 members present for our meetings. After a short session to take care of club business and collect dues, we engage in bondage sessions, with either volunteers or names picked from a coffee can as the subjects for that nights bondage scenes.

At a previous meeting, a committee was appointed to design and build bondage devices that could be made by the club members.  We already have the usual restraints; handcuffs, leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, bondage hoods, gags of various types, chastity belts, single armed gloves, bondage mittens, etc that would be found in any bondage clubs collection. We have also built some devices including a bondage chair anchored to the floor, standing and kneeling stocks, a spanking bench, a suspension harness and a bondage cross.

One of the committee members suggested we build a bondage board supported by two saw horses with several restraints attached to it for securing the subject either face up or down.  The board would also be useful in wrapping subjects in Saran wrap and duct tape for mummifying them before restraining them to the board.  Other members thought we could do better than that simple idea.  So tonight we would try out the "Bondage Table" the committee designed and built for the club on our first "victim".

The device consisted of a foam padded, black leather covered table 4 feet wide by 8 feet long which was supported at the four corners by 4x4" posts anchored to the floor.  The table had foam rubber lined cutouts in it for the subjects face, breasts, genitals and feet.  The idea was to strap a member, either a male or a female, face down in a spread-eagled position for whatever punishments were decided on by the members present.

There were six couples present that night.  A drawing was held and Gloria's name was pulled out of the container to be the first subject to try it out. Her name being picked was poetic justice because she has been the most demanding of punishments to be meted out to other club members in the past.  Gloria was assisted by Jeannie and Donna in removing her dress and brassiere.  She was then fitted with an inflatable rubber gag attached to a head harness with straps around and over her head.  The gag was then inflated by Donna.  Gloria protested with "MMMMMPH's" as the gag was inflated to its' fullest. She had on only a waist-cinching corset gartered to her black stockings and black patent pumps with 4" stiletto heels.

Gloria was lifted on to the tabletop by Michael and Benny.  Her arms and ankles were stretched wide apart and fastened to leather cuffs attached near the four corners of the padded tabletop.  Her exposed position became clear to her when her face was pushed through the hole made for it.  The oval cutout allowed just her face to extend through to the underside of the foam-padded hole.  Neck and head straps were next fastened, forcing her face tightly into the oval. 

Under the table, mirrors had been placed and she could see her breasts pressed part way through the two holes for them.  Her exposed pussy could also clearly be seen as she looked down into the mirrors beneath her. Several straps were then buckled around her elbows, chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles to immobilize her. Since her titties were too large to go through the holes provided for them, Jeannie went under the table and pulled each titty fully through.  The bases of her huge breasts were too small for the holes, resulting in her suspended tits now looking like two huge globes captivated by tight bands.

Jeannie sucked on her nipples and caressed them with her fingers to arouse Gloria, who "MMMMMPH'ed" into her gag again and again as Donna continued sucking on them until they were enlarged and hardened.  Then, as she had been secretly instructed to do by Michael beforehand, she fastened a steel nipple clamp on each of her hardened buds.  The alligator teeth bit into her and Gloria's whole body strained to get rid of the awful things. 

As Jeannie's job was done, Michael took the next step in Gloria's punishment.  He placed a large electric motor with a shaft of each side atop the mirror directly below her bulging tits. Each of the motor shafts had an eccentric cam wheel attached to it.  Attached to the outside of each cam wheel was a rubber band a half inch wide, which had been cut from the inner tube of a trucks' tire.  These were quite stretchy but thick enough to exert a lot of pull when stretched to the maximum.  Michael attached each of the inner tube loops to the steel nipple clamps on Gloria’s' tits.

When Michael had finished making sure the motor was positioned correctly, he came out from under the table and retrieved a remote control device, which turned on the motor and set its speed.  He eased the control knob past the ON position and the motor began to rotate the cams, thus causing the rubber loops to expand and contract. He could see that it worked just as he had planned.  Each of Gloria's huge tits was being stretched in turn causing her immense pain.  Her response was to moan and moan as her body shivered in the relentless restraints of the bondage table.

Michael, with a devilish grin to the other members, suddenly moved the remote control knob to HIGH. Poor Gloria's tits were now just a blur, as the machine did its' assault on her body.  Michael eased off on the control again.  Now, each breast was again slowly being stretched and relaxed again, at the rate of about every five seconds.  The relentless clamps would not come off as they were designed to tighten even more when pulled on.  Gloria was being paid back in full for the pain she had previously inflicted on the other club members.

Next, Jeff demonstrated a device he had built for the club.  Jeff is a retired electronics engineer and his device consisted of a cassette tape player connected to a powerful audio amplifier and loudspeaker. Ordinary enough stuff, available to just about everybody.  But Jeff's idea was to use these common items in a very unique way.  He connected a transformer to the two wires from the amplifier output to the input side of the transformer.  The output wires from the transformer, (which would greatly step up the voltage from the amplifier) were connected through a long cord to a pair of solid brass dildos.  One of these was 5 inches long and the other 7 inches.  Each had a large tip tapering to a small base where the wires had been attached.  Jeff lubricated each dildo and then inserted one into Gloria's pussy and the other into her anus.

Gloria's eyes widened as she watched this intrusion to her womanhood in the mirrors beneath her.  The shape of the dildos kept them firmly in place.  Jeff placed a tape in the cassette and turned on the amplifier to a low volume.  As he slowly increased the volume, Gloria was mortified to feel the electric impulses travelling between her pussy and rectum.  Jeff had selected a tape of a violin concerto that also contained lots of drumbeats and cymbal clashes.  Gloria could feel the music throb within her.  The electric current from the violins was actually rather soothing and caused her pussy to contract and expand slowly in time to the music.  But the drumbeats sent a series of very intense shocks to her clit. 

In just a few minutes, the members could see her cum ripping from her pussy in the mirrors below the table.  Jeff turned up the music volume to loud.  The members watched in amusement as they could see Gloria's ass react violently to the drumbeats and especially the cymbal clashes. Her orgasms came one after the other as she clenched the dildos tighter within her, as she struggled to continue the painful, yet blissful music deep within her loins.

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