Bondage Slave's Tale

by Jvstin

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© Copyright 2006 - Jvstin - Used by permission

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"So, would you like for me to tie you up, Robert?"

I sat on the stool in Madeline's kitchen, regarding my hostess.  Although this was not exactly the kind of typical conversation gambit one might expect from my almost-middle aged friend, I had learned by now that she did not treat such things as a game.  So, neither would I.

"I'll do it."  I replied, as she continued to play idly with the three ply nylon rope that had prompted her question in the first place.  As she directed me to put my hands behind the back of the backed stool I was sitting on, I thought on how exactly I had wound up in her kitchen, about to be casually tied up then and there, like a bizarre Home Depot demonstration.

Madeline and I had finally made plans to meet, at Boston's Natural History museum.  When people who have talked only via the Internet meet in real time, it is a scary and often confusing event, even relatively innocuous meetings.  We both lived in suburbs of the city, I to the north in Revere, Madeline hailed from Braintree.  Since I was a museum-head, I suggested the Natural History museum as a place to greet and meet, figuring it would be less crowded than the Revolutionary War sites so packed with tourists on spring days like these. Which is not to say, all things considered, that I did not flirt with her while we walked around the museum, even though I was more than a couple years her junior.  However, it was not quite in the manner you would expect.  Or maybe you would, considering Madeline's interest in tying me up.  You see, Madeline is a Domme.

Indeed, but not an ordinary one, I thought, as my hands were now firmly tied behind my back and Madeline made sure I was comfortable before presenting yet another length of rope and telling me of her intentions of tying my ankles together next.  To most people familiar with the word, Domme, or the more familiar Dominatrix, conjures images of leather clad amazons, cracking whips ferociously at their hapless slave.  While Madeline indeed owned quite a nice pair of thigh high boots, as well as a couple of implements, I had learned long ago, online, that her interests were more in the power exchange of submission rather than simply being a sadist.

"Having a man, or a woman, tied to my bed begging and pleading with me to stop tickling them or to let them climax is a hundred times sexier than turning their bottoms red, Robert."  Madeline had explained to me once, while chatting online.  As I said, this is not quite the pre-conceived notion one has of someone who is into bondage, but it made for flirting with her in real life much easier. I could almost sense the rising hunger in her eyes when, while looking at a case of Protoceratops fossils,  I went to my knees, turned to look at her, and then lowered my eyes.

It was a first time real life meeting, though, so nothing actually came of it... she didn't kiss me, or do anything, really while I knelt or after I stood up.  However, I think it resulted in her tendering an offer to visit her home, ostensibly to play Magic and to pick up a dubbed videocassette from a laser disc she had made for me of the widescreen version of '2001'.  I eagerly accepted, not expecting really, to be, several hours after arriving in her home, to have my hands and now my ankles bound, making myself rather tied up, pun intended.

"Would you like a drink, Robert?" Madeline asked, noting my glass of 7-Up was just a teensy bit out of reach.

I eagerly nodded.

"You can ask better than THAT." Madeline said, teasing, her eyes brightly upon me.

"Can I please have a drink Lady Madeline."  I figured using a title was a good touch.

"Yes you may, Robert."  She then took the glass into her hand, and took a long sip but did not swallow. I didn't quite realize what she was going to do until she leaned into me and pressed her lips into mine, forcing the soda from her mouth into mine.  I gasped a bit as I tried to take in the fluid from her mouth.  She released my mouth when done, and smiled.

"Do you want some more?"  

The intensity of the experience had convinced me to lay off it for a bit, so I shook my head.  "No, milady Madeline.  I am fine."  This illicited a smile from her.

"I'll be right back Robert.  Don't go anywhere!"  With a laugh she left the kitchen, and left me to my own devices. 

As I sat there, tied up rather literally, I thought about our online interactions that had ultimately lead to us making plans to meet. I had been wandering channels on IRC, Internet Relay Chat.  For the uninitiated, let me say it essentially the Internet-wide analogous system to the infamous Aol "chat rooms" you sometimes hear about on the news.  However, it is more complex, flexible, and varied.  I had been using it for several months, and even had what are cutely called net.relationships on them.

One such relationship had gotten me interested in Dominance and submission.  Although she no longer was with me, and indeed had for various reasons left the Internet altogether, she had gotten me interested enough to occasionally explore the channels, as the chat rooms are called, relating to it. I had found a couple of comfortable channels as of late, channels where people could just talk and be friends instead of the more uncivilized notion you might have of continual and never ceasing "being on".  In other words, a submissive, or sub, could feel free to just come in the room and talk with the subs, Dom/mes or switches as regular people.  Get to know them.  Of course if a D/s couple came in, they generally stayed in that mode, but free subs, and Free Dom/mes were not obliged to keep the mask on, so to speak.

So the channels I preferred to talk in were like that.  I am a switch, which means I like both sides of the power equation, although I confess I lean toward the sub side a lot more.  It came rather naturally to me.  Anyway, the key to getting to know a sub or a Dom/me when you are the either is to be NOT PUSHY.  I had seen hundreds of sub males come in during the course of a month and annoy the Female ( and occasionally Male) Dominants.

Speaking of Female Dominants, there was of course Madeline.  As is the usual custom on IRC, nicknames were the rule.  My nickname was rather dull by most standards, but metellius was rather unique.  I had never seen it elsewhere.  Madeline, on the other hand, had the feline nickname Golden_Lioness.  Usually shortened to GL, and Lady GL if you were addressing her AS a sub. Which I found myself doing one day.  It was a rather dull rainy afternoon.  The whole East coast was like that, so the channel was rather crowded and no one was saying much.  I had occasionally chatted with Madeline the last few weeks, so I decided to break the boredom.
   >>metellius goes over and kneels before Golden_Lioness
   >>"Can I get you a drink, Lady GL?"

 I wasn't really anxious, I don't think, thinking about it again as I awaited my hostess' return, wondering what WAS she doing.
  >>Golden_Lioness smiles down at metellius
  >>"A cup of coffee...extra light and extra sweet."

 And so I was commanded.  I tend to like detail, so instead of a boring "metellius brings back a cup of coffee for Golden_Lioness" I went into more flowery detail.  I learned soon after, chatting with Madeline that it was one of the things that impressed her about me.
  >>metellius enters the kitchen and opens the cabinet, choosing a cream colored coffee mug.  As the coffee brews, he takes out the milk and sugar.
  >>Golden_Lioness watches metellius, a smile on her face as he busies himself

Encouraged, I continued.
  >>metellius sees the coffee is ready and pours a draught into the cup, leaving plenty of room for the milk and sugar which soon follow it.  Mixing it with a spoon, and adding a stirrer, he takes the cup and brings it back into the main room, kneeling before Golden_Lioness and offering her the cup
  >>Golden_Lioness takes a sip of the coffee.  "Very good metellius, thank you.  Kneel here by my feet."
  >>Golden_Lioness smiles down at the obedient one.

Sure I thought, as Madeline came back in with a riding crop, it was a small thing, and it may seem silly, but it slowly grew and I gained more net.privileges in serving Madeline.  People in the channels soon expected me to serve her... and serve her I did.  Over time, I went from making her coffee to all sorts of ways to please her... and chills went down my spine in delight each time she would put me to a new use in the channel.  She once had me act as a footstool, a position I delightfully ran in my head over and over again for days afterwards.  She loved putting me in bondage, and it was one day, when she had tied me up good, that we fell to talking about museums, and the possibility of us meeting to visit one together. Which of course led eventually to this.

"This is a riding crop, Robert."  Madeline's voice came, breaking me out of my reverie.  She patted it gently against her hand.  "I've made your bottom a little pink online with it, haven't I?"

"Yes Lady Madeline."  I said truthfully and dutifully.

"Next time you come here, perhaps, I'll have you strip when you come into my house, so you can feel this properly.  In the meantime." She lifted the light shirt I was wearing.  Of course she couldn't remove it, thanks to my bound arms, but my entire chest from nipples to bellybutton was exposed.

Without a word but with a smile, she began tapping my stomach with it, just gentle tapping, all around.  It felt different, and of course I couldn't move, couldn't get out of the path of the odd sensation. Madeline got a gleam in her eye, and then began tapping the right nipple. Softly at first, and then with palpable pressure.  I began to moan, and twist my head slightly.  It felt undeniably good and I could feel my manhood starting to rise. I have always had sensitive nipples, and I had mentioned it to her in channel once.  She reacted to the news the next night in channel by producing a set of nipple clamps, fastening them to a ring on a collar around my neck.  I winced as I imagined it... If  I moved my head much, it would pull on the clamps.  So, much to the delight of the audience in the channel, she found different ways to get me to move my head... having me get up at her whim and change the Cd player... fix her coffee, and in one particularly charged moment, pulled my hair back and kissed me.  Hair pulling, both as a switch and a dominant is a big turn on for me, so I felt rapturous to imagine the channel events...nipple and hair play in one action.

Madeline licked her lips and looked at me.  I could swear she was reading my mind, because she stopped the tapping, set down the riding crop and took a nipple between her thumb and forefinger.  She then began to kiss me, almost prying my lips apart to dart her tongue between. As if this was not enough, I felt more and more pressure on that nipple as she surely and consciously began to squeeze it, harder and harder.  I moaned loudly as I could into her waiting mouth, my submission to her turning her on as well.  Finally, she released my mouth and nipple, but not the latter before a sudden last twist.  She soon had my shirt back in position.

"Did you enjoy that Robert?"  Madeline asked as she went behind me, and expertly freed my hands.  

"Yes, Lady Madeline.  It was a new experience for me."

"Good."  She finally said, as my limbs were freed and I stood up, noting the clock on the wall that had cursed me and her with the knowledge that it was almost time for me to return home.

"I think you can repay me, can't you pet?"  She began dangling her shoes off of her right foot, as she sat on the counter  and regarded me.  I got the cue and removed the shoe gently before taking the largest toe and kissing it.

I knew Madeline liked foot worship, in addition to her other fetishes.  I had not had much experience in it, although a friend of mine at work had a strong attraction to them, much to the teasing of our co-workers.  So it was a rather inexpert kiss. My Hostess didn't seem to mind.

"Next time Robert, "she said as I replaced the shoe and she lead me to the door to go home. "I'm sure you will lavish much more attention on my feet... perhaps I will get a pedicure between now and then.  My pet would like to worship my feet, wouldn't you?"  I nodded with a smile and a wave as I left her house.  I talked to Madeline online the next night, and she has  asked me to visit her house next Wednesday.  She has promised to continue my real-life "training."

I can hardly wait.

Part II: Senses

The blindfold went over my eyes, and my vision was plunged into utter darkness.  It was not exactly your typical visit to someone's house, I thought, as I felt large bulky headphones cover my ears--the kind that block out hearing things even without loud music. 'My name is Robert, and I am a sub'  I thought jokingly to myself, in mental imitation of an a.a. meeting.  Except my addiction, if you want to use that term, was to the presence of Madeline. I had visited her house for the first time a few weeks earlier, having met in real life and, to borrow the phrase, liked each other's smell enough for me to visit.  She had, on that occasion, tied me up in a literal way.  Since then, I had visited her house a couple of times more, learning about her style of sexplay.

Madeline is, as you might infer, a dominatrix, of a sort more inclined to submission than pain.  She highly enjoyed tying me up that first time, and the second time I visited her house featured my introductions into other fetishes of hers.  I had learned how to kneel at her feet, and worship her toes with my mouth, amongst other things.  Now, I was kneeling on her bed, blindfolded, hands tied behind my back, and she had just slipped on these headphones.

"Sensory control, Robert"  she had told me, before ordering me to her bedroom for this scene, "can be highly arousing."  Then again, she was aroused by the submission of her pet, as she often termed me.  I had, apparently, blossomed well under her care, as it was, and I had enjoyed every moment of it... even when she decided to give me a spanking the last time I came here because I was late.

 My ears began to hear music, at a languid level.  I recognized it as one of her favorites, Enigma.  Mood music, I thought, since she had employed it on the main speakers of her stereo a couple of times I have been here.  Now, it was the only thing I could hear. And that thought excited me, and made me delve further into what she had patiently described as subspace.  She had control of my major two senses... I could not see, and I could not hear save what she desired.  Hands tied behind my back, kneeling on my bed, I had no idea what she could, would or might do next.
I had only my thoughts, and they focused on my captoress, my hostess. Wondering what she was doing... wondering when she would return.  And most importantly, what she would do when she did return.

With my sense of sight and sound so handicapped, It was completely unexpected when I felt a thin object touch my lips.  I figured what to do with it... I kissed it, and the taste seemed to indicate to me that it was her riding crop. I did not have long to wonder what it was, since it was soon removed from the vicinity of my mouth.  A few seconds later, a sting on my ass told me that it, indeed, was the crop.  The horror and deliciously inventive set up that this was, I couldn't know where it might hit next, since I could neither hear or see it coming. The Enigma played in my headphones remorselessly as the crop stung me on the ass, on my thighs, and even on my lower back.  After the second, I realized what Madeline was expecting out of me.   I began thanking her.

"'Thank you ma'am"
"Thank you ma'am"
"Thank you ma'am"

This hit and response continued for a couple of minutes. and I began to moan from the pleasure... it being a decidedly erotic experience, to be tied up and spanked in this way. And then, just as suddenly as it began, Madeline stopped. I did not have long to wonder what was coming next, as I suddenly felt lips... her lips... pressed to mine, trying to pry them apart with biting and pushing her tongue.  Not exactly having a choice in the matter, I opened my mouth to her. I felt her tongue begin to probe and stab into my mouth, exploring it as if it was it's own, her teeth slipping onto my lower lip and beginning to feast on it.  Kissing with your eyes closed is one thing...kissing while blindfolded, and unable to use your hands is a quite different experience... it almost mandates you to be more passive in the kiss than normal.

Which is of course, what I was... Madeline was kissing me, and was preventing me from getting too aggressive or uppity in the kiss... many guys, myself included, tend to try to take over kisses... a macho sort of thing, I guess.  Well, I couldn't do it now, and my submission only made my captoress more agressive in her kissing, finally letting go. A few moments later, Madeline continued her play with me... with a feather of some kind... and she began tickling me with it... right on my hips, a VERY ticklish spot for me.  I began squirming, uselessly, laughing all the while.  I couldn't cover the area with my hands bound behind my back, and so I was helpless against the assault, with that damned Enigma in my ears playing relentlessly, the languid music feeding into my skull.

I laughed and laughed, knowing that, perhaps, Madeline was getting excited by this.  But then, she stopped tickling me.  And, it was almost as if she read my mind.  I felt a finger press between my lips.  I opened it to suckle it, and I noticed a distinct taste and scent on the finger. I had smelled and tasted this before, when Madeline has had me crawl to her on the bed and pleasure her with my mouth, my tongue delicately licking her clit.  Yes... she must have rubbed herself with the finger... and thus my submission had to be exciting her, I thought, as I licked and sucked the finger.

I felt a hand pat my head, as she withdrew the finger from my mouth.... slowly enough that I moved my head in a vain attempt to follow it... she teased it out, and then left my mouth empty, desiring for a longer taste of her sex.  What I got instead was a sudden sharp tug on my nipples, both at the same time. My manhood jerked involuntarily.  I didn't need to see to feel how full it was, how bursting with desire with release.  It felt like a lead weight between my legs.  And I knew I would have to earn and beg for my release, if even I was granted one.

I hissed from the nipple pulling and my cock's response to it.  This deprivation of my sight, and the fact I could not not even hear myself moan, continued to arouse me... almost by way of compensation, I thought I felt things more intensely as a result... perhaps that was my imagination, however. What was NOT my imagination, however, was the next sensation I felt.  I didn't hear the sound of the latex glove snap on her hand, but I did suddenly feel a rubber clad finger running up the crack of my bottom.  Almost involuntarily, I pushed my butt back against it.  Madeline seemed to enjoy my response as she pressed her finger harder into the crack, right up against the opening.

I moaned, pushing harder, almost dancing on the latex wrapped finger.  Madeline stopped and withdrew it, only to bring it back a few moments later.  I felt something cool and moist on the finger... I supposed it was some sort of lubricant.  It then stopped.

I felt the earphones come off, and then felt my  hands come undone.

Madeline's voice came to me. "Keep your eyes closed and then open them slowly, to get used to the light."

I then felt the blindold removed, my eyes shut.  I gently started opening my eyes.  I began seeing details of her bedroom take shape. 

Madeline soon purred into my ear. "Now, lie down on your back.  I want to watch you watch me take you, Robert."

With a moan, I fell backwards onto the bed.   My eyes found my captoress' and she smiled down on me, a hand clearly visible in the crack of my butt... indeed, she had been stroking me there with a finger.

"Now... time to get what you want, Robert... and I want to hear every moan and every cry as I fuck your cute little ass with my finger."

She spread my legs apart, getting easier access to my butt.  Madeline slowly began working the finger into my ass, my cock inches from her head. She smiled, and then licked the cockhead delicately, as she continued to open me up wide with her finger.

"Beg me pet.. Beg me to lick your cock." she rasped.

"Oh please Lady Madeline... please lick and suck my cock... please give me release."

I continued pleading in this way for a couple of minutes, Madeline still licking her lips over my manhood while continuing to wiggle her finger into my ass, going deeper with it, rubbing against my prostrate from the inside... making me add moans to my pleas to Madeline to suck my manhood. Madeline never verbally responded to  my pleas, but gently began slipping my cock, oozing with precum, between her lips, sucking on it gently at first, and then more forcefully, sucking in time to the finger fucking.

"Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" I started to moan, wiggling my ass, dancing it on her invading finger.  Madeline looked to me with a smile, sucking harder and faster, her finger pumping and out of my ass.  The sensations were incredible.  Penetration was an intimate act indeed... for the receiver as well as the one who penetrates, a fact that most guys do not fully appreciate.

I was fully appreciating it, now.  My cock quivering in her mouth, close to release... feeling the absolute bliss of her finger inside me... I was assaulted with the pleasurable sensations in my lower half of my hands clenched the sheets.

"Lady Madeline... Lady Madeline" I moaned.  "I'm going to come!"

She took my cock out of her mouth, smiling. "How badly do you want to come, pet?"

I groaned and hissed. "Please Lady Madeline... SO much... please let me come.  Please let your pet have release..."

She seemed amused at my pleas and finally responded. "All right pet... you may come... but you thank me as you do... You may come... NOW."

I groaned and strained, finally letting myself release into Madeline's mouth.  As the torrents released, I did as she ordered.  As I came, she thrust her finger in and out furiously and hard, wiggling her finger in and out of me. "Oh thank you Lady Madeline... thank you for letting me come... thank you for letting your pet come... oh thank you thank you thank you."

I bucked my hips slightly as I released, my come dripping down the sides of her mouth a bit sloppily.  Finally, I stopped releasing, and Madeline pulled her finger slowly out of my ass with an audible pop. She leaned her face up to me.  I almost, but not quite steeled myself for her next request.  I had never tasted myself before, and this was going to be a first.

"Pet, please be a dear and clean my face up, will you?  Can't do to have a messy face, now."

Madeline grinned evilly as I leaned my head up and tentatively began licking my gooey come off of her chin and around her lips.  Finally, she kissed me on the mouth.

"Did you enjoy that Robert?  Having your senses blocked, not knowing what was going to happen to you next?  Submitting to me in that way?"

I nodded as I stood up and Madeline checked I was hale and hearty.  One of her interesting traits... she always makes sure her subs are all right, mentally and physically.  It sort of puts paid to the notion of the whip cracking Dominatrix who cares not a fig for the slave at her feet.

"Yes ma'am.  I did, thank you for introducing me to it... it was so intense."

Madeline smiled to me, and I quickly dressed.  It was, alas, time for me to go, again.  As she walked me to her front door, she kissed me and then whispered deliciously into my ear. "Next time pet, we'll make your butt a little more... full."

I shuddered and smiled, walking out into the night, already anticipating with delicious fear and dread of my next encounter with Madeline.