Bondage Magic

by SubDude55

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© Copyright 2007 - SubDude55 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; dragonskin; toys; magic; cons; X

Hermione moaned in pleasure, biting down hard on the ball gag stuffed in her mouth as Ron finished buckling the last dragonskin leather strap around her left ankle, tautly spreadeagling her on their bed.

It was funny, she thought, how she'd so busy helping Ron and Harry fight Voldemort--not to mention keeping them from flunking out of Hogwarts--that she never had time to think about pleasure, much less sex. Now that Voldemort was dead and she and Ron were married, they'd discovered they liked nothing better than a good old-fashioned fuck.

And they'd discovered that the wizarding world had much to offer in that respect. While shopping on Diagon Alley one day, they'd stumbled upon Carn Alley, a short, hard-to-find street crammed with wizarding sex shops.

Having discovered they both loved bondage after Ron accidentally hit Hermione with a bodybind jinx one day, they'd been overjoyed to discover fetish clothing and bondage gear made of dragon skin. Smooth, black and shiny, it glistened like Muggle patent leather, but never needed cleaning or polishing. In fact, it was totally impervious to scratches and scuffs--it was so tough even a wizarding knife would only dull itself trying to cut it. They'd bought an assortment of restraints and scampered home.

Ron straddled Hermione's hips, his cock throbbing in anticipation. Slowly, he lowered himself into Hermione as she arched her back, bucking her hips in frustration and tossing her head from side to side.

Ron grinned at her. "You just can't STAND being gagged, can you?" he snickered. She glared at him, torn between exasperation and lust as he slid in and out of her, expertly bringing her to the brink of orgasm but not letting her come.

He abruptly slid out of her, leaving her gasping and panting in frustration. "Oo 'et 'ack ere!" she tried to yell at him.

Laughing, he picked up a shiny dragonskin hood and dragged it over her bushy brown hair, lacing it up tight. The form-fitting leather molded over her face like a second skin, cupping tightly under her chin and melding smoothly into its built in posture collar.

Ron stood back and admired his handiwork for a moment, then picked up his wand and approached her as her eyes bugged out in fear.

"Relax," he said. He tapped the cuffs and chains at her wrists and ankles, murmuring "Reducio!" Each shrank until she was stretched so tightly on the bed that she could barely wriggle her fingers.

She glared again at him. "Don't you know how dangerous it is to combine wandwork with sexual activity?" she tried to say, but all that came out was a muffled series of grunts--following by desperate panting through her hose as she realized to her surprise that she was far more aroused than she had been before. Her hips ached, trying to leap off the mattress toward Ron as she felt herself growing wetter and wetter, thrashing in erotic agony in her inescapable bonds.

"That's more like it!" Ron gloated. He pointed the wand at her dragonskin corset and the hood, murmuring "Reducio!" again.

Hermione gasped as the corset and hood began to shrink. The corset, which molded tightly over her pubus and hips, sweeping up to cup her breasts,  was already so tight she could feel the delicious, unyielding pressure compressing her ribs with every breath. Now it squeezed her so snugly she felt as if she was floating; her waist began to take on an unbelievably sensuous wasp thinness as Ron finally stopped the reducing charm.

And the hood! If it had felt like a second skin before, it felt as if it WAS her skin now. As it slowly, relentlessly crushed against her she felt it pressing her lips ever more tightly against the ball gag, forcing it deeper into her mouth as it mashed her teeth ever more tightly against the ball, clamping her jaw down more and more tightly. Her lashes fluttered as she wondered how much more she could endure.

Ron traced a finger idly up the corset, then caressed the hood. Hermione gasped. The dragonskin was so tight it felt as if it had come alive; Ron's touch shot waves of sensuous agony through her like Muggle electricity.

Still holding his wand, Ron straddled Hermione again, again entering her. Hermione's eyes rolled as his cock filled her to bursting. She'd been aching for him since he got up, but the radically tightened bondage had so increased her lust that she thought she'd pass out at the intensity of the sensation.

Suddenly her eyes snapped back into focus--something was changing. Grinning wickedly at her, Ron had pulled his throbbing cock halfway out, pointed his wand at it, and muttered "Engorgio!"

Hermione tried to yell at him again. Didn't he know that arousal disrupted wizards' ability to control the power of their spells? Wizards who used wands during sex had had horrible things happen to them! If only she'd forced Ron to read "A History of Magic" himself! But Ron had done such a good job of tightening her gag and hood her furious protests were reduced to faint mewling sounds.

Ron set aside his wand and eased fully back into Hermione as his cock began to swell. Hermione screamed through her nose, yanking at her bonds in futility as she felt him swell deep inside her. If she thought he had filled her to bursting before, now she felt ready to split in two. It was like being raped by a troll--but, she thought with aroused amusement, without the body odor and halitosis.

Hermione's thoroughly gagged whimpers of protest turned to groans of pleasure deep in her throat as Ron grunted, slamming his huge, distended cock deeply into her. She could feel his balls--now the size of Muggle tennis balls, she thought wildly--slapping against her ass as he thrust into her.

A white-hot, tingling warmth began building deep inside Hermione. Ron's magically enlarged cock filled her so tightly she couldn't tell where he ended and she began. She tugged hopelessly at the dragonskin cuffs imprisoning her wrists and ankles, wanting to claw at Ron's back.

Ron had enlarged herself so much she could feel her body trying to bulge against the ironhard corset encasing her. She tried to whip her head from side to side, but the posture collar mercilessly gripped her head and neck, freezing them into place. Her gag was so tight she felt as if she had no mouth at all. She looked into Ron's eyes; they were mad with lust. She knew he was drinking in the sight of her eyes, trapped and staring wildly from the mask above a smooth, glistening unbroken expanse of dragon skin where her mouth and face had been.

The white-hot warmth finally spread to Hermione's head, enveloping her in a rush that dimmed her vision and hearing. Her orgasm, denied for so long as Ron magically tightened her bonds, exploded as Ron did, bursting through her body like nothing she had ever felt before. It was as if her entire body was coming, twisting and wringing her like a wet rag as she raged insanely against the chains and leather binding her, the tightness of the bondage, the erotic creaking of the leather crushing her and the pleasure of Ron hammering away at her all coming together in an explosion of pleasure.

Ron shuddered and collapsed against her, panting. They looked into one another's eyes and smiled--at least Ron did, although Hermione's eyes crinkled.

"You're in for it now, buster," she thought. "I read about a charm that can make an orgasm last for hours--let's see how crazy I can drive YOU as soon as you untie me."

Ron pushed himself up on his elbows, gently pulling his cock free of Hermione with an audible POP. He glanced down at it; even limp, it looked as big as a Thermos, dripping with what looked like gallons of cum.

"Surprised that didn't shoot out your ears," he chuckled. Grabbing his wand, he reduced himself to normal size. As Hermion began to drift back down from the heights to which he had driven her, she tried to frown at him again from inside her crushingly tight hood--but the supple, impervious dragonskin didn't budge a millimeter. She ached from the pressure of the hood and corset. They'd felt so erotic and delicious just a moment before, but now they were unbearably tight and she was anxious to get them off.

Ron tucked his wand under his arm and chuckled at Hermione's furrowed brow as he began tugging at the buckle of the cuff on her left ankle.

"I know, I know," he said. "You're going to lecture me for using magic unsafely soon as that gag comes off, aren't you?" She tried to nod, but the posture collar and hood still gripped her so tightly she felt cast in concrete.

Freeing her ankle, Ron moved to the other one. "Oh, accidents happen, but I think what's more dangerous is when wizards and witches get mad or jealous at each other when wands are involved." He chuckled again as he started tugging at the buckle trapping her right ankle. Hermione sighed in relief, stretching and flexing her left leg and wriggling impatiently in the rest of her bonds, especially the corset, collar and hood.

"Fred and George showed me some pictures in a dirty magazine once," Ron continued. "This wizard walked in on his wife screwing a Floo Powder salesman and used a Permanent Sticking Charm on them." Hermione winced at the thought of being permanently joined with someone--at the genitals. No witch or wizard had ever found a way to undo a Permanent Sticking Charm.

"They finally had to get a job in a freak show on Carn Alley," Ron laughed. "They called them 'The Double-Backed Beast.' " Hermione giggled through her nose, feeling guilty for being amused. Tragic, but funny! Ron grunted, struggling to undo the buckle on her right ankle. He had stretched her across the bed so tightly he couldn't get it loosened.

Hermione yanked at the cuff, grunting at Ron with annoyance. She wanted to get out of her corset, gag and hood!

Ron glanced at her. "Oh, c'mon," he said. "I don't know what you're so worried about--we're married! It's not like anyone's going to come busting in here yelling Adhesio Totalus"-- He jumped as a fountain of blue light erupted from the wand that was still tucked under his arm. Hermione tried to scream, tried to roll away as the blue light washed over her, but she was still tightly fastened to the bed by one ankle and both wrists.

The blue light instantly spread over the corset, posture collar and hood as Ron yelled in alarm, dropping his wand and fumbling after it on the floor. The blue light writhed on the brutally tight dragonskin bondage gear, then abruptly sank out of sign into it.

Ron pointed his wand at the three remaining cuffs, yelling "Relashio!" The cuffs popped open and, despite the tightness of her corset, Hermione leaped up from the bed, her eyes bugging out in horror as her hands flew to her face. "Take it off!" she screamed, but nothing beyond a quiet "Mmmf!" escaped the hood and gag. Her fingers scrabbled at the seam around her eyes, then at the base of the stiff posture collar.

But the seams were gone. Ron's accidental Permanent Sticking Charm had welded the hood, gag and collar to her so firmly that she couldn't even feel where her own skin disappeared under the dragonskin. Ron fumbled around the back of her corset, yanking at the now-permanent knots at the top of the laces. "We'll cut it off," he gibbered in panic. "We'll go to Hogwarts and talk to Dumbledore's portrait--"

But Hermione knew it was no use. She tried to say so, but the gag allowed only the tiniest squeak to escape.

She wondered if she'd be able to get a job somewhere on Carn Alley.


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