Bondage in the Woods

by Knotmaster

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Storycodes: M+/f; bond; cons; outdoors; gag; sex; cuffs; spreadeagle; oral; X

Part One

Destiny goes part way!

It was to be a picnic lunch in the woods. After lunch the girl was going to be stripped, tied down to a mattress and climaxed repeatedly. Mr. Ed was bringing lunch and Dustin was to bring the girl and meet in the woods off the Parkway. The girl was going to have signed the invite with her choices and permission to be tied, fondled and more. .

The choices on the invite included being tied up, and climaxed by fondling & licking. It also included a choice for penetration by a dildo and even getting fucked. A third choice was a request to be punished. All of these choices required a signature to ensure everyone was on the same page and nobody got more or less than they wanted.

Dustin was on his third time approaching a girl with the bondage proposal, when Destiny had accepted his typed sheet and said she would get back with him. She had gotten pregnant at 17 and the father had run. Her son was now 19 and she had no time for serious relationships while she raised him. It was time to change that. She had been a cheerleader in high school some time ago and had been quite since then. Showing off her body was not a problem for her, but getting tied naked in the woods was something new and she had to think about it.

Destiny studied the proposal and tried to put together a decision. She had never been tied for sex and realized the danger of it, but she knew Dustin and trusted him to follow thru with what he said he would do or not do.

What would it be like to be tied up for sex? Having your legs tied out wide like doing the splits, and to have the men to see her stretched out pussy. Can I handle being tied hand and foot and having two men or even one man touch and lick me without being able to stop him? Would I get even more excited by being tied up? Would they make her suck on their cocks? Is that part of the penetration?

Could I stand to have them whip my ass some, or use some nipple suckers on my tits? I wonder when they would use the squirt gun. Would they use the squirt gun while I still had clothes on or when they have me naked and tied. Spare dry clothes would be a good idea. Do I have any black old underwear I could wear that I don’t really care about? ? If I chose to have them use a dildo, I might as well have them fuck me as well. If I checked block #3 or skipped the panties, wouldn’t they be surprised? Would this be considered rape? No, I would be signing the consent agreement freely. Wait a minute,… am I really thinking about checking box #1 and using black underwear for #2 & #3? It would only be a couple of hours max and I could really go for some over the top sex.

A week later, Destiny returned the proposal form to Dustin. She had signed the bottom line and had checked just block #1 and thought she would see where that lead her.

Proposal for bondage in the woods – Consent form

The experience of being restrained while being climaxed over and over by having someone lick your clitoris & play with you till you climax can only be described as intense. Adding some penetration and some light pain from punishment will put the experience well over the top. If you think you could not handle 6-12 climaxes in one afternoon, then this is not for you. There is always someone who will jump at the chance to do this. Read the whole thing before you turn it down.

1 - You would wear cheap underwear, a blouse or T-shirt, a short/med length skirt, walking shoes and socks, that’s all. You would agree to be tied up in the woods by Dustin and his older friend Mr. Ed, to some trees and/or on an air mattress. You would be tied up, blindfolded and climaxed multiple times by fondling & licking by both men. There will be absolutely no penetration unless you have requested it. There will be a donation for the replacement of your clothes if they get soiled or ruined. You might want to bring along a second set of clothes just in case.

Signature (Tie me up and climax me)


2 – Check this box if you decide you want to try penetration while tied. If only a dildo to be used for limited penetration, wear white panties, and you get a clothes donation.

Wear black panties or no panties, if you want unlimited penetration. Condoms would be provided & required for all men, each and every time they fuck you. (ABSOLUTELY NO Anal) A donation will be yours to replace any clothes that got ruined, if you sign for unlimited penetration.

Signature (I want limited penetration)


Signature (I want unlimited penetration)


3 – Check this box & sign below if you want to accept some light punishment using

nipple suction, nipple clamps, a crop, a strap, a squirt gun, and a whip. Wear a black bra or no bra, to request punishment. Deviation from the clothes guidelines in box #1 will also be viewed as an invitation by you to get punished. A donation would be donated for replacement of any clothes that got soiled or ruined.

Signature (I want to be punished)


If you choose to accept this offer of bondage in the woods, please Sign & check the boxes above and wear the suggested clothing above, to request the actions you are willing to do or have others do. With your signature above & below, you agree that you are over 18yrs old and that you are not under duress and you freely accept this offer as a consenting adult.






Mr. Ed had carried a lot of stuff in to the site of the picnic. Dustin walked into the site with an elegant & beautiful ebony lady just in time for lunch as they had planned. Her name was Destiny she said when Dustin presented her to Mr. Ed. She had worn a skirt & blouse like the Invite had requested. She was 36yrs old, 5’ 8” tall with a mature filled out figure. She was about 145lbs with wide hips and large breasts that really filled out the blouse she was wearing.

Mr. Ed took her in from head to toe with his eyes and thinking to himself, Wow, she is beautiful and I can hardly wait to see what she has hiding under those clothes. With hips like that I’ll bet she can do the splits & probably have a nice ass to go with it too. We could tie her legs out so wide her pussy would be spread open for a great view.

Destiny wondered if she could go thru with this whole picnic and bondage thing as she watched Mr. Ed appraise her. She flushed some, when she thought Mr. Ed could see right thru her clothes. Mr. Ed was wearing a kilt and she had not been around any men that had worn one. She had heard that, the kilted guards in Scotland went “Commando” (no underwear) while on duty. She would wait until after the picnic lunch to finally decide if she had the courage to go thru with getting tied up by these two men. Mr. Ed had stopped at the Pizza hut and the smell of pizza was everywhere. There was an old chair, two upside down buckets, a mattress, a small ice chest and a bag with ropes and stuff. Mr. Ed had the Large Pizza wrapped in a blanket to keep it warm.

After introductions, Mr. Ed offered drinks including beer and even a rum & coke. Destiny asked for a rum & coke and Dustin wanted one of the beers. They all sat on the chair and buckets for lunch. Destiny sat primly on the chair with her skirt pulled down and legs together. Mr. Ed made every effort to keep his kilt nicely draped over his legs and down the side of the bucket he was sitting on. The pizza was delicious, the drinks cold and there were smiles on every face. With the pizza almost finished, Mr. Ed wanted to turn the conversation to the invite. He asked Destiny if she had signed the consent form. With some trepidation, because this was the point, when if she handed over the consent form, she was committing to getting tied up and climaxed. What the hell, why not, she thought. Mr. Ed seemed to be a nice guy and she knew Dustin, so she was going to let them tie her up. Digging into her pack, Destiny withdrew the consent form and handed it to Dustin, who then handed it to Mr. Ed. Yes, she was over 18 and she had signed and checked the first block of the form. She had indicated that she would be willing to be tied and climaxed but no penetration or punishment.

Destiny had never been tied up naked before and had decided that if she went through with the bondage thing, she would have them, take off her clothes. It sounded good, because that way she was not volunteering to strip for them. She was glad Mr. Ed had brought the rum because it was just what she needed to calm her a little before they got started. When everyone had finished eating, they all just sat there politely just looking at each other. Mr. Ed finally suggested that maybe Destiny might want to use the bathroom before getting tied up. She thought it was a good idea and went off to find a bush to hide behind.

When she returned, Mr. Ed turned to her and said, “Time to get started and I for one, can hardly wait. I think it is time we become a more friendly. Let’s start the foreplay.”

Mr. Ed then took off his shirt but left his kilt on, not wanting to let Destiny know what he had on underneath. Dustin followed his lead and removed his shirt also. Mr. Ed pointed to the short plastic stool and asked if Destiny would stand on it. Mr. Ed moved behind her and reaching around her, he fondled her breasts as he kissed her neck. Dustin came up in front of her and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tight and kissed him. His hands explored her body, especially her ass, thighs, crotch and her breasts. They hugged & kissed for a bit until she pulled away. Mr. Ed came in front of her and took her in his arms, kissing her and fondling her legs and crotch. When he stepped away, she asked, “I guess it is time to have you tie me up. Where do you want me?” She was warming up and ready to get naked and tied.

Mr. Ed directed her to stand next to the end of the mattress so they could start taking off her clothes. Destiny was shaking a little as Dustin started unbuttoning her blouse. When he opened the blouse, he found that she was wearing a white bra that was nearly see thru. Her nipples were standing out and he could see her dark areolas thru the fabric. He folded the blouse off her shoulders and slid it off her arms. Mr. Ed started unhooking the back of her skirt and then unzipped it. Sliding it down he uncovered a white cotton pair of panties. Destiny kept looking around the woods thinking someone might walk by and see her when the men had her tied naked.

Mr. Ed noticed looking around and told her, “Don’t worry Destiny, almost nobody comes out here but me.“

By now Destiny was nervously shaking some again, so Mr. Ed again asked her to stand still so he and Dustin could give her a hug and kiss her before she was to lie down on the mattress. Dustin went first with a long kiss and a firm hug. Then moved behind her to caress her body starting at her breasts and then down her stomach to her crotch. She leaned into him savoring his touch. Mr. Ed was next to kiss her and hug her. He could feel her full covered breasts pressing against his chest and her stomach pressing against his cock while he stood hugging her. He fondled her breasts and then moved down to the cheeks of her ass. He kneaded them for a bit then moved his hands to her front to caress her crotch some. The hugs and kisses really helped and now Destiny was as ready as she would ever be.

Mr. Ed had Destiny sit down near the end of the mattress, then lie back. Her legs were hanging over the end some and her head nearly in the middle of the mattress. Mr. Ed had screwed two anchors in the ground about 3 ft out. The other two anchors were also about 3 feet out but near the top corner. Each of them had a length of rope attached to be used to tie her down. Digging in to his bag, he pulled out a number of items including wrist and ankle cuffs. Destiny watched the men as they put the cuffs on her arms and ankles. They each picked up an arm and her arms were tied out & up. Mr. Ed told Dustin to draw his rope up tighter and Mr. Ed did the same. After her arms were securely tied to the anchors, Destiny pulled on the ropes some to see how much slack they had given her. She still had her bra & panties on, but Destiny shivered from nervous tension as the she lay there waiting.

“Surely they would tie her legs too,” she thought. She was ready to get climaxed. Pulling on each leg, the men slid her down a bit which tightened up her arms even more. The men started pulling her legs apart. Destiny grimaced when she thought about her legs that were being spread out so far and that her pussy was also getting spread out. With her legs spread out as much as they could spread them, they tied the ropes and stood back looking at her tied out nicely. They had gotten her legs spread almost 160 degrees.

Her butt was resting right on the edge of the mattress so when her panties were removed, the men would have easy access to her pussy. She was starting to get turned on just thinking about what they were going to do to get her climaxed. Mr. Ed picked up the blindfold, and straddled her kneeling on each side of her body. Leaning over, he picked up her head and put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head. Then with a quick motion he lifted her head again and inserted a gag in her mouth so her screams of pleasure would not be too loud. With her blindfolded now, Mr. Ed picked up his camera from his tool bag and took a couple of pictures. Dustin picked up the scissors and warned Destiny to be still because he was going to cut off her bra. He slid the blade under the side of her bra-strap and cut. Then slid the scissors under the other side strap and cut it. He lifted the bra in the middle and sliding the scissors up the middle, he cut the bra up between her breasts and pushed the now useless bra cups to the side exposing her ample breasts.

Her breasts were amazing. She had large dark areoles, with firm erect nipples. With her breasts exposed, Dustin started tenderly fondling them. Mr. Ed just watched for a minute admiring the view. Then Mr. Ed took the scissors and after warning Destiny to be still again, started cutting away her panties. Cutting the waist band in two places and down each leg a little, He laid the scissors down. Grabbing the top of the waistband in the middle, he pulled hard downward. Her panties ripped loudly as her bald pussy was rudely uncovered. Telling her to lift her butt up, he pulled the panties away from her, and threw them aside. She had a shaved pussy that was so spread out that her clitoris was standing out ready to be fondled. Her pussy lips were engorged already and just begging to be licked. The cool air on her pussy felt good. She couldn’t help it but she was really turned on as she lay there spread out naked and exposed. Having her panties ripped off like that, had sent a small jolt of excitement to her pussy.

When he was finished, Mr. Ed told Dustin to fondle her pussy some and he would work on her breasts and nipples. After saying that he motioned for Dustin to reverse the roles just to confuse Destiny. Dustin knelt down at her side and started caressing her breasts and nipples. Sliding into the V of her legs, Mr. Ed touched her pussy with his tongue an licked a little. Destiny felt the tongue and jumped a little from the contact. Then wondering which one of the men it was, she decided it had to be Dustin. The tongue on her pussy lips really felt good. He licked the lips of her pussy for a whole then he moved to her clitoris. Her heart started pounding with excitement when she felt his tongue flicking her clitoris. He stopped licking and she felt fingers on her thighs up near her pussy and then he started licking again. Her clitoris was his main focus, She was getting hot and then wished he would put a finger inside her. She tried to tell him to put some fingers in her cunt but it only came out with 'uut inggerr iinn eee' Then she realized she should have marked the penetration box on the consent form for limited penetration. She could have specified pussy penetration with fingers and/or dildoes only.

Why had she been so cautious? Whoever was licking her pussy was really good. He would bring her up to a high and then slack off delaying her climax. Destiny was getting frustrated and even hotter because of it. She was right there and then not. Mr. Ed must be the one doing it, she decided because with his age, he would have lots of experience. She had been fooled. She could not stop shaking trying to get to an orgasm. Dustin, meanwhile was busy caressing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Finally, Mr. Ed gave in and gave her the climax she wanted. She exploded with pleasure, arching up her back and screaming into her gag.

“AAAWWWWWGGGG” was what came out. “God that was great.” She thought. Then she felt him pushing with his thumbs to spread her pussy lips out further so he could run his tongue up the whole length of her pussy.

Damn he is good, she thought, as she shook all over, then arched into a second climax. He continued to focus on her clitoris and she climaxed four more times before he backed up and gave her a break. She could hardly catch her breath as the men switched places and once more a tongue touched her pussy and started licking.

Dustin did not need any encouragement, and quickly moved to her pussy. Mr. Ed knelt beside her and started fondling her large breasts. Her ebony skin was like silk. Her nipples were standing up straight. She started moaning again as soon Dustin started licking her clitoris. Mr. Ed continued to knead her breasts with both hands while he watched her stomach rapidly rise and fall as she got close to climax. When Mr. Ed thought she was going to climax, he made an extra effort to pull on her nipples lifting her breasts up. As she lay there panting she thought, I am going to climax and they have not even put a finger inside of me.

Between the stimulation of Dustin licking her clit and Mr. Ed pulling on her nipples, she climaxed violently, arching up and screaming loudly. Mr. Ed leaned over and putting his lips on her right nipple he started sucking. Dustin did not let up at all and within seconds she arched up even further with another climax. Mr. Ed sucked some then put his teeth on her nipple and closed down gently on her nipple. Destiny switched her attention for just a moment when she felt his teeth on her nipple and then went back to focusing on her hot pussy. She climaxed twice more before Dustin pulled away and motioned for Mr. Ed to have another go at her.

The two men switched places again and started in again before she was able to catch her breath. With Dustin sucking on her breasts this time and Mr. Ed licking her clit again, she climaxed over and over again. When Mr. Ed came up for air, he pulled himself up over her and removed her gag. Then lying on top of her, he kissed her mouth, while savoring the feel of her hot and sweaty body under him. Destiny was out of breath and tired but it felt good to have Mr. Ed lying lightly on top of her. They had climaxed her 13 times all together and she was exhausted. Mr. Ed eventually rolled off her and stood up. They had given Destiny what she had signed up for. A great time, with some great climaxes.

Dustin and Mr. Ed slowly untied her, wishing she had signed up for more. When she was untied and they removed the blindfold, Mr. Ed asked her if she wanted a drink. She downed a coke in nothing flat. While she stood naked before them, the men watched her bend over to get new underwear from her bag. Her back was turned toward them but they could see her fully engorged pussy when she bent over. She knew she was putting on a show. The two men did not care if it was intentional or not, but continued to watch her as she got dressed. When she was dressed and calmed down a lot. She told them she could not believe how much fun she had and that she wanted to do it again sometime. She told them, she had worried that they would take advantage of her being tied and that they might even hurt her.

“I really want to come out here again soon, I know now that I can trust the both of you to do only what I sign up for. I will have to look over the consent form closely for more possibilities when I sign up to do this again. I should have signed up for limited penetration for this time. I really wanted one of you to put some fingers or a dildo in my vagina. I tried to tell you that but you could not understand me. I guess that would not have worked anyway because I had not signed up for it on the consent form. Next time it will be different. There will be a next time, right?”

“Absolutely,” was Mr. Ed’s response.

When Destiny got home that night, she spent quite a lot of time reviewing the events of the bondage in the woods. “Dustin had told her that Mr. Ed was an OK guy but she had to be sure. She could have had a lot more fun if she had been a little more adventurous. She had followed the invite guide. She wore white underwear instead of something more flashy. She had worn a skirt & blouse but had forgot to put on perfume. She did not try to flirt with Mr. Ed. Why was that? Did he look too old? He sure as hell did not act old. Actually Dustin acted older than Mr. Ed.

I will contact Dustin to set up a second bondage in the woods, but this time I want to sign up for a lot more. Next time will be very different.


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