Bondage Girl

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2011 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; M/f; fugue; costume; bond; gag; susp; hogtie; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Kristen has always wanted to be a nurse, to be able to help people and do good things. When she finished her training in abnormal pysch nursing and this job opened up, she jumped at it.

She worked in a special ward of a famous and discrete hospital that catered to people from around the world with a strange, but apparently, given the waiting list, common problem. The patients in this ward were people who were afflicted with a need to participate in bondage activities. There were people who wanted to give bondage and people who wanted to be put into bondage. Some wanted both. All had stepped over some line and embarrassed themselves or their families and had run afoul of the vanilla world. To be sure there were some dangerous predators in the locked portion of the ward that would never see freedom. Kristen didn’t work with them. She focused on people who just couldn’t seem to keep themselves out of problems. They were not dangerous, except maybe to themselves and they were likely candidates for rehabilitation and re-entry into the vanilla world.

They had been sent to this hospital and this ward for help. It was Kristen's job to help them. Kristen got to interact with all these people in formal and informal counseling sessions.

The job was not without risks. From time to time, a staffer would fall victim to one of the patients and spend some uncomfortable time dealing with that patient’s particular issue. One nurse had just recently quit after having been stringently bound and gagged by one of the more notorious patients. It was Kristen who had discovered the poor nurse and who had talked the patient out of doing even more devious things to the nurse. Kristen had a gift for dealing with these unusual situations and, although she didn’t want to see the staff endangered in any way, she relished the times when she could step in and resolve a problem.

Kristen worked the night shift. She liked it, because, after giving out meds, everything quieted right down. Since the people in this ward weren't really sick or really dangerous, she was the only person on at night. At night she could do her one-on-one counseling, update her charts and plan strategies for treatment without interruption. Oh, there were a few emergency calls here and there, but generally it was quiet. When people did call was when she was at her best! She used the opportunity to help them resolve their problems. She found it extremely rewarding when one of her patients, particularly one which whom she had worked, was released from the ward to return to real life!

And when things got really quiet, early in the morning, after the cleaning crew was gone, she could read. She didn't do it every night because she was a conscientious person. But if she was caught up on her work and there was nothing else to do, she read. Kristen had a little secret! She was addicted to romance novels. They weren't the everyday potboilers that most people read. These were novels based in the bdsm lifestyle. She wasn't sure how she started reading these books. She just picked one up one day and was hooked. She rationalized that, given her chosen field of practice, her interest in bondage as related in these novels helped give her insight into her patient's lives.

That these stories just plain turned her on kept her buying a steady supply of the paperbacks. She had her favorite authors and had quite a library at home, which she kept hidden in her closet. Kristen was a virtuous girl. She would give the occasional hand job to her long suffering boyfriend, but that was the extent of it. She was saving her gifts for marriage. And although she invariably masturbated whenever she read, it would never occur to her to ever actually engage in the things she read about. Never!

Now at this point in this narrative a reader must suspend their belief in common sense and accept that there are beings among us normal mortals that have super powers. I know; that is a ridiculous statement, but who among us can say that it is absolutely untrue?

For several years, rumors had swirled throughout the hospital about a beautiful super heroine who roamed the bondage ward helping patients with their afflictions. Her existence was denied by the administration and, in truth, staff had never actually seen her, but patients who had seen her and had been helped by her swore she was real! Not much credence was given to the patient’s accounts, because after all they were a bit nuts, weren’t they?

Kristen, when questioned about this super heroine, laughed it off as just a rumor, a figment of overactive imaginations. And who should know better than the nurse who was in the ward most evenings?

This evening, around 3:00 a.m., Kristen pulled out her latest book and settled down at the desk to read a few chapters. This particular book was about a girl has been kidnapped and taken to a mysterious mansion for slave training and who continually tries and fails to escape. Kristen, diet Coke at hand, began to read. Not more than two pages into the juiciest, bondage-centric part of the story, her chin dropped down onto her chest and she appeared to be asleep, except that, after several minutes of apparent sleep, she closed the book and got up from the desk!

Something was different about the Kristen that walked down the hall and entered the locker room. She walked tall, her chest out and her head high, strutting almost. When she emerged 5 minutes later, for sure she was different!

She had changed from her nurse's uniform into a footed, turtleneck black leotard that fit her like a second skin. Over the leotard she wore a pink bustier that emphasized her natural figure in all the right places. She wore knee high, black lace up boots with skyscraper heels. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a black mask, which hid the top part of her face. From a gold necklace, a gold pendant lay on the slope of her breasts. The pendant was in the form of script initials. ‘BG’ were the initials, shorthand for Bondage Girl.

That’s right! Virtuous nurse Kristen morphed into the mysterious super heroine whenever she got deeply into one of her novels. It only happened here at the hospital. Why this happened was a part of the mystery; Kristen herself was unaware of the change. After one of her forays in the wards, she would have no memory of what transpired. When patients mentioned the visits of the voluptuous super heroine, Kristen would listen sympathetically and then note on the patient’s chart that he/she seemed to have experienced a hallucinogenic episode.

At the desk, she picked up the roster of patients and ran her gloved finger down the list and stopped at the name of Kathy Rice then continued down the list and found Charles Everhard. She was going to make visits to these two patients tonight in her never-ending quest to aid the bondage afflicted! She strode down the hall, heels clicking, a medium size duffle bag in her hand. The bag contained equipment that she sometimes used in her quest to help her afflicted charges. After first scanning the hall to make sure no one was up and roaming around, BG entered Kathy Rice’s room. She slipped in, locked the door behind her and woke Kathy.

Kathy wasn’t pleased to be roused from a deep sleep until she saw who it was. This wasn’t the first visit to Kathy for BG. BG had been to visit all the patients at least once and had visited Kathy several times. When BG visited most patients, she dispensed much appreciated advice and counseling for which she was much beloved. Kathy was quite different and received specialized advice.

“I believe we should continue your therapy, don’t you, Kathy? I think you are making great progress.”

A huge smile spread across Kathy’s face. “Oh, yes! I couldn’t agree more. I believe I have made progress in visualizing what I would like to do to my vict… ah, subjects and how to approach them in a non-threatening way!”

Kathy climbed out of bed and began to rub her hands together in a ‘let’s get started’ gesture.

BG placed her bag on the bed and unzipped it. She poked around in it and found what she wanted. She laid out several coils of rope and turned to Kathy.

“I think you should work on your elbow ties. I noticed that there was some slack the last time that really shouldn’t be there. Shall we begin?”

Kathy eagerly grabbed for the rope as BG turned her back and placed her arms behind her.

Over her shoulder, she said to Kathy. “Now remember, Kathy. No gags! We need to communicate as we work through this therapy.”

Kathy, behind and out of sight of BG, performed a world-class eye roll. “Sure thing! I remember from last time.”

Kathy recalled that BG had remarked that one of her super powers was being able to get untied from anything as long as she wasn’t gagged. Why had she blurted that out? Remember! Beneath the sexy exterior of BG she was still guile-less Kristen who always told the truth, a mistake that certain unscrupulous patients used against her. Kathy had plans for BG tonight. She was going to surprise the super heroine and slip a gag into her mouth and see what happened. She had been thinking about it ever since BG had told her about her power. Kathy wanted complete control of BG, because, quite frankly, Kathy wanted to get her hands on BG in a very sexual way. BG was sexy and attractive and Kathy was particularly prone to tying up and …well, molesting pretty young women.

That was what had gotten her an almost permanent room here in the bondage ward. She was in and out on a regular basis as her wealthy and well-connected family struggled to stay ahead of her escapades and to keep her out of jail. Her latest adventure involved a sorority house full of young women three of whom ended up suspended, naked, by their ankles from the upstairs sorority house porch railing. She was lucky that the incident was written off to hazing rituals. The liberal distribution of her family’s money also played a big part in the resolution of that affair. So she was back in the ward for more counseling and treatment!

She had heard the stories and the rumors about the presence of BG in the ward at night, but until a month ago, she had never actually seen BG. On that night, BG came to her room and spoke to her about some issues and actually helped Kathy, but not in the way BG had imagined. She had provided Kathy with some clever methods of tying that Kathy was going to put to good use once she was out of here. BG thought that she was showing Kathy that she didn’t have to tie her subjects so tightly. Kathy, being a devoted bondage freak, took BG’s information and perverted it such that the ties she had learned were converted into excruciatingly torturous methods of restraining someone. She couldn’t wait to put them to use out in the real world!

Tonight, though, she was going to gag BG! It was a challenge that Kathy could not ignore!

Kathy got BG’s elbows tightly tied and then bound her wrists. BG tested her bonds and, after complimenting Kathy on her work, immediately shed the ropes and was free.

Kathy thought, what the fuck, this is going to be harder than I thought!

BG offered her some advice as to how to do the tie but not as uncomfortably. Fuck that, Kathy thought, the more uncomfortable the better! She watched intently as BG described what she should do, but what she was really thinking as BG talked was that she really, really wanted to eat this super heroine’s pussy. Kathy nodded her head attentively at all the right places, while planning her next move.

“Let me try again, please”, Kathy asked, “I want to get this right!”

BG graciously turned her back and let Kathy re-bind her arms. She tied BG’s elbows extremely tightly. As BG opened her mouth to comment on the tie, Kathy was ready with a cloth and jammed it in and covered BG’s mouth with her hand. It was like turning a light switch! BG froze right were she stood. Taking advantage of this, Kathy quickly tied a cleave gag into BG’s mouth, which pushed the first cloth further in.

That should hold her, Kathy thought. And indeed, it was a different BG now. She had regained the ability to move, but now she was moaning in what appeared to be heat! Kathy was amazed at the transformation. BG was obviously horny and turned-on. Kathy watched as BG closed her eyes and sensuously tested her bondage. This change in BG’s personality made Kathy wet with desire. Gone was the naïve little twit, replaced by a sexy, willing slut!.

Kathy roughly pushed BG over to the bed. BG was still moaning, twitching her ass and trying to talk through the packed cleave gag. It was difficult to understand her, but it sounded like she was begging for attention of the sexual kind, which further fueled Kathy’s desire to molest this wonderful piece of ass! She forced BG to bend at the waist and tied her over the footboard of the bed. She pulled BG’s arms up and stretched them forward until they were pointing straight up at the ceiling. She used a length of rope tied off to the corners of the headboard to hold them in place. Kneeling behind BG, she spread the helpless heroine’s legs and bound her ankles to the legs of the bed, stopping to admire the fine leather boots BG wore as she did so.

Once she had BG secured, Kathy inspected her work. BG’s head and torso were bent down and her head rested on the bed covers with her arms pulled away from her body and sticking straight up. Her body was bent at the waist with the top rail of the footboard against her stomach, which caused her ass to stick up prominently and accessibly. BG was still making horny little sounds and twisting in her bonds. Kathy wound a rope through BG’s ponytail and yanked her head up and tied this hair rope off to BG’s elbow rope and then back to the footboard on either side of BG’s body.

Satisfied that she had BG where she wanted her, Kathy undid the crotch snaps of BG’s leotard and pushed the fabric out of the away. She pushed her fingers into BG’s pussy, noting that the bitch was wet already. She withdrew her fingers and used BG’s juices to lubricate BG’s rosebud. Kathy worked her finger into BG’s anus, enjoying the writhing and moaning that it caused. She wished she had her little expandable plug to fill this orifice with, but, alas, she hadn’t been able to smuggle it in. Maybe next time, she thought. She spread BG’s anus with a second finger and played with that for a while as BG pushed back against the invading digits. Then she moved on to BG’s pussy.

As she finger fucked the not-so-super heroine pussy, reaching around and pinching the bound women’s nipples through the fabric of the leotard. It was a fun game to work both of these venues and BG responded with remarkable alacrity, pushing against Kathy’s intruding fingers and moaning with increased intensity. BG orgasmed quickly and Kathy overcome with desire then knelt and began to lick and probe BG’s pussy with her tongue, driving the bound super heroine to yet another intense orgasm.

Kathy needed some relief herself, so she removed the hair rope and adjusted the other ropes and positioned BG so that she, Kathy, could lie on the bed and push her pussy right into BG’s face. BG obviously had to remain gagged or the moment would be lost, but BG was able to achieve the goal of getting Kathy off using her nose and chin and just plain abandon. Kathy writhing in ecstasy and release. Kathy was slightly disappointed that BG was unable to bury her tongue in Kathy’s pussy, but as she reclined recovering from her still most excellent orgasm, she was trying to figure out how to return BG to her super-heroine status without getting herself into big trouble.

She had no idea how BG would react. Finally, she roused herself and began to carefully and slowly untie the captive heroine. Kathy got the super heroine standing upright after freeing her from the bed footboard and wiped her off, closing up the crotch opening. She turned BG and placed her in the same position she was in just before Kathy had inserted the gag. BG was slumped in post-coital bliss, but had lost, for the moment, the intense horniness that she had shown when she was first gagged.

This should be good, Kathy thought as she untied and removed the cleave gag. With the packing still in her mouth, BG was still technically gagged and she didn’t react at all to the removal of the first cloth.

Kathy wiggled her fingers and stretched them and her arms, anything to delay the moment when she had to remove the cloth.

Why don’t I just keep her gagged, she thought, a lot of kids have super heroine dolls? Why couldn’t I have an adult model?

Finally, she could delay no longer. She had to do it. She slipped her fingers into BG’s mouth and grabbed the slimy cloth. She yanked the cloth free and dropped it onto the floor. The moment it cleared her lips, BG froze and became inanimate for a split second. Then she came back to life, chattering about what a good job Kathy had done on this particular tie job. BG shook herself free of the ropes and turned to pat Kathy on the shoulders. Kathy thinking the worst, flinched away, before she realized that BG had no memory of what they had been doing to her for the past half hour.

So cool, she thought, we will have to do this again!

BG gathered her things, all the while chatting with Kathy. She said it was late and she had to get on with her duties. BG complimented Kathy on the progress she had made. It was all Kathy could do to keep from bursting out laughing at the hapless super heroine. Kathy savored the taste BG had left on her lips as she thanked her and watched her leave the room. Kathy fell back onto her bed, exhausted, and began to plan for the next visit of the luscious crusader!

BG left Kathy’s room feeling a strange, but wonderful tiredness. A more experienced woman would have recognized it as a post-orgasmic reverie, but BG was not an experienced woman in these matters. Well, actually she didn’t remember her experiences! In the time she had roamed these corridors she had been molested dozens of times by men and women alike, but because of the strange power of the gag, she didn’t know it. Hoisting her bag onto her shoulder, she set out for the room of her second patient of the night.

This one was a true challenge. He had been placed here after an unfortunate incident involving stalking and kidnapping a rock star. Charles Everhard was one of the more dangerous people in this ward and he was kept in a more secure area, but he wasn’t deemed hard core enough to be placed in the super-max locked ward. BG felt she could help him and relieve some of his suffering. BG had visited Charles several times before and he had spent most of his time after her visits planning the method of her next restraint, masturbating, and waiting for her to return.

BG entered the code to unlock Charles room. She found Charles to be a little odd, but very receptive to her advice and counseling and a real challenge to her therapeutic skills. She remembered that she always left Charles after a counseling session with a good, energized feeling and she looked forward to another good session with him tonight. She felt he was really making good progress!

Charles for his part was playing with himself again and thinking of what he would like to do to the little nurse who was on the day shift. In the back of his mind, he wondered when that dippy super-heroine would return. He had given her a good fucking the last time and he could use a bit of that tonight. She dropped in only sporadically so he had no real idea of when he would see her again, but he could hope. She reminded him of the bitch that got him sent here in the first place, that Cody Bell. Whenever he got his hands and dick on and in the super heroine, he really put the boots to her just because she looked like that fucking rock star. Charles couldn't wait to get out of here and pay a little visit to that bondage slut. He knew she was in Alabama. He would hang her out to dry, literally.

But that was in the future. At this moment, he was fondling his penis and dreaming of the little day nurse.

He heard the door and knew instinctively that it was the super-heroine come to counsel him. Who else would it be at this time of night? What a joke! She had let slip the first time she visited that she could get out of any tie, as long as she wasn't gagged. What a fool she was for telling him that! The next time she came to visit him he was ready and shoved a wad of cloth into her mouth before she could even start her bullshit counseling!

Oh, what a time he had with her! Tying her over the visitor's chair and power fucking her, what appeared to be, virgin ass. Man did she ever howl when he buried his cock in her and on top of that she seemed to enjoy it! He had a little problem with that gagging thing though. He would like to get his cock down her throat, but if she was gagged that wasn't possible.

After some thought, though, he was able to work that out in occupational therapy class. He made a ring that was just a bit larger around than his cock. He called it a key ring and they actually believed him, the asshole losers! He coated it with that black rubber stuff and attached a lanyard that could double as a gag strap. When he got it back to his room he added another strap on the other side and, voila, he had a ring gag for the super heroine. Now it looked like he was going to get a chance to use it!

She edged the door open and entered, calling out Charles' name to wake him. Charles was, of course, already awake, engrossed in his almost perpetual practice of masturbation. He slipped his hand off his cock and sat up in bed. BG walked to the bedside and spoke to Charles.

"We should talk about your desire to punish women when you have them tied, Charles. I think if you just tone that down and tie them without all of the torture and choking and other things, you will have made significant strides toward recovery and release."

"I am so glad to see you," said Charles, "I was just thinking about you! Yes, I believe you are right. Our last session was very... rewarding." He slid his hand under the blanket and massaged the head of his throbbing penis.

BG smiled. "That is wonderful to hear, Charles! You have made great strides. I feel totally comfortable letting you tie me and helping you learn that bondage by itself can be a wonderful thing. It isn't necessary to hurt someone to have fun, is it?"

Charles was rhythmically squeezing the head of his penis, an action BG didn't seem to notice and was slow in answering.

"Um...what...oh yes, you're entirely correct! I... I so want to get out of here and you have been such a big help!" He managed to force his hand away from himself and focus on BG.

He gazed at this extraordinarily attractive, but naive woman. She was gorgeous, and the uniform she wore only emphasized her body. Charles particularly loved the boots she wore, lace-up affairs that came up to her knees and had sharp 4-inch heels. Charles' cock stiffened further and rose as if it had a mind and eyes of its own and wanted to get a look at BG. It chafed against and caused the sheet and blankets to bulge. He casually placed his hand over it and groaned softly as he pressed it down. BG misinterpreting his groan for distress at his situation, tried to comfort him.

"Don't worry, Charles! You are well on your way to recovery and rehabilitation! Why don't we try another bondage session? OK?"

Charles almost lost control right then. He gritted his teeth and willed the muscles of his cock to stand down. Sweat appeared on his forehead as he struggled to keep from exploding and ejaculating his plans right onto the sheets.

BG, again misinterpreting his distress, stepped forward and hugged his head to her bosom. "Don't worry, Charles, everything will be fine!" Charles, his head crushed against BG's soft breasts, held his breath and thought of other things to distract himself until he was certain that he wouldn't come.

The moment passed and BG released him and began to withdraw her equipment from the bag, chattering away about straps versus rope and armbinders and this and that. Charles, back in control of his organ, had his own plan. He knew she would react to anything that was like a gag that he could get into her mouth. He wanted to use his ring gag and figured that if he could shove a cloth in first that would immobilize her and then he could put in the ring gag and pull out the cloth.

While she was distracted with her equipment, he rose from the bed, a washcloth he had kept near his bed to catch his semen discharges, in hand. He bunched up the soggy cloth and when her back was turned, he pressed it against her mouth and was able to lodge the cloth deeply in her open oral cavity. BG immediately froze in place and then snapped back to consciousness. As before, this BG seemed to be a more sexual, wanton individual, languidly moving her body and sighing, her cheeks bulging from the cloth. Charles, naked, his hard cock bobbing as he pushed her down onto the bed, was ecstatic.

"Now we'll see how much progress I've made, bitch!"

He retrieved the ring gag from his night table drawer and lodged the ring behind BG’s gums. Her mouth was forced wide and Charles was able to pull the cloth out through the opening. Charles would have loved to get all BG's clothes off, but the damn leotard was too much of a pain in the ass to deal with, so he left her clothes on. He was mostly interested in her mouth this time anyway!

He tossed the cloth aside and lifting BG onto the bed, set about binding her. She sighed and moaned as he began to bind her hands behind her. She clutched at his erection and he had to pull away to prevent a premature discharge. She cried out in disappointment and tried to grab him again. Using her rope he quickly rigged the super heroine into a tight hogtie. He passed several long ropes around her body and connected a few others to her elbow ropes and ankles. All the while BG tried to talk through the gag. The gist of her almost–intelligible sounds seemed to be that she needed, wanted to be fucked! That was music to Charles’ ears and he hurried to complete the rigging of the horny super heroine.

This room he was in had a ring set into the ceiling, which in the old days was used to hoist people in and out of bed. These days they used a portable hoist, but the ring was just what the doctor ordered for the bound and gagged super heroine, or rather for her captor! Charles stood on the bed, his erection jutting out in front of him and managed to thread the bunched ropes through the ring. He got down and sorted out which rope was which and arranged them so that he could pull them and hoist the helpless super heroine up off the bed. BG was lying on the bed, squirming sensuously. Charles was beside himself with desire. He rarely dealt with someone who really, really wanted to be used and abused by him. He could not wait to get his penis into her mouth!

With all the rope in hand, he steadily pulled on them and began to lift BG off the bed. She grunted in surprise, but did not protest. By manipulating each rope, Charles was able to lift her up and level her off about a foot and a half or so above the bed. The ropes were long enough that he could tie them off to the footboard of the heavy hospital bed. Just for the hell of it, Charles twisted BG around and around in the same direction, tightening the rope and raising her even further up. When he let her go, she spun around like a child's top, first one way and then the other. Poor BG was dizzy and disoriented from this little game and whined in protest, the first time tonight she had demurred from his treatment of her. Charles didn’t care and spun her several more times, enjoying her protests.

Finally Charles tired of this torturous routine, and slid onto the bed. He positioned himself so that his erection was poised right under BG's head. By lifting his hips and pulling BG down towards him, he was able to slide his cock through the ring and into her mouth. He rearranged himself and put a pillow under his butt, so that he was perfectly positioned to fuck her mouth with as little effort on his part as possible and then began to do it. BG swung freely on the ropes, so he could move her where he wanted her and he was able to pull her forward and down and make her deep throat him.

He lay back and pulled her onto and off his cock. All was forgiven apparently on BG’s part, because she enthusiastically did all she could, given the restrictions of her gag, to pleasure his penis. Every so often he would hold her down tightly against him, his erection buried in her mouth. When he had her mouth stuffed with his cock, he would pinch her nose shut and watch as she gurgled on his hard penis. He would slid her off and allow her to regain her breathe and then pull her back down, wiggling his hips and driving upward, even as he held her tightly to him. She welcomed his attentions, sighing and murmuring throughout. Charles was building toward a massive ejaculation. He jetted his load of cum deep into her throat and watched as she tried to breathe and swallow and keep from choking. He reluctantly withdrew from her mouth.

His cum and her saliva poured out of her mouth onto him. Charles, being a fastidious bastard, was disturbed by this turn of events and just as quickly lost his temper and vowed to punish the suspended super heroine for her, to him, disgusting behavior. Charles scrubbed off the mixture of cum and saliva with the bedclothes. He was disgusted by BG’s failure to swallow the load, conveniently forgetting that she was hanging with her mouth pointed down. He washed up in the lavatory and returned with revenge on his mind. He used BG’s scissors to cut the ropes holding her in suspension and caused her to crash down and bounce around on the bed. She grunted in surprise as she plunged into the bedding.

He wasted no time in changing her bondage. He undid the hogtie, leaving just her hands and elbows bound. Dragging her roughly to the edge of the bed, he positioned her with her feet on the floor and spread. Charles tied her legs at about mid-calf to the bed rail and, walking around to the other side of the bed, bent her over the bed using a rope tied around her neck and over the edge of the mattress to the opposite bed rail. She was again begging for attention, which only served to excite Charles even more.

He rummaged around in her bag and found a leather strap. Poor BG whimpered as each blow contacted her shapely ass, but via her distorted gag-talk he knew she was begging for more. Charles was pleased to oblige, directing some blows upward and onto her pussy. Charles undid the crotch snap of her leotard and slid the fabric open as wide as he could pleased at the sight of her reddened flesh. Charles was hard and ready from the thrill of beating his captive and turned his attention to her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and plunged into the sweet wet orifice. He pushed until he was fully buried within her, reveling at the tightness of the passage.

Gripping her hips, Charles began to move in and out of the tight hole, pounding away at her. BG squirmed and moaned and pushed back with fervor. For several minutes, the only sounds in the room were the slap of flesh on flesh and BG’s pleasure-tinged moans. Charles came much too quickly and almost collapsed from the shear pleasure of the orgasm and ejaculation. Charles quickly pulled out and wiped himself clean. He reluctantly slipped back into his pajamas.

He hated to do it, but it was going to be necessary to untie her and let her go. It was late and he knew, despite his obsession with binding and fucking her, that there was a limit. If she was to return again, and he knew she would, he had to release her so that the day staff wouldn’t catch them. He untied the gasping super heroine and stood her up pulling her leotard closed and snapping the crotch shut. Charles removed all the ropes until the gag was the only bondage device she wore. He unbuckled the gag and popped it out of her mouth, watching fascinated as she almost immediately began to talk as if nothing had ever happened. The rope and strap marks disappeared.

BG was talking about what a good session they had had; Charles ignored her and policed up the bed and surrounds so that the hapless super heroine wouldn’t see the mess they had made. When BG turned to face him he was all attentive and sucked up to her, agreeing that it had been good and thanking her for her efforts. It was all he could do to keep from slapping her down, gagging her and starting all over again. BG gathered up her equipment and packed her bag, oblivious to how the things had gotten out of the bag and how they had been used.

Charles slipped into bed and adopted a pose of subservient patient, even as he began to massage his already hardening dick. BG patted his shoulder and told him she would be back soon and to keep trying for improvement. Charles nodded and murmured agreement and stroked his cock under the covers.

BG let herself out and relocked the door. She didn’t have to check the wall clock in the corridor to know that she had no more time to help the afflicted this night. Some innate internal workings triggered an alarm that caused her to head for the locker room, shed her super heroine uniform and become the mild mannered and selfless nurse again.

Kristen jerked awake just as the sun began to rise. She roused herself and put the book back into her purse. A quick trip to the girl’s room and a splash of water brought her alive. She felt strangely contented and a bit horny, although her butt was sore for some reason, probably from sitting in one place for so long.

She blushed bright red when she thought that maybe today was a good time to give Ronnie, her boyfriend, his weekly hand job! She allowed as maybe she might even let him get to second base!

Darn, those books really set me off!