The Bondage Burglar

by Helios

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Alicia was enjoying the day off from work, not quite sure what to do first after sleeping in a little bit before having breakfast followed by a hot shower. After she finished drying off her hair she put on a black strapless bra and pair of pink cotton panties, followed by her bathrobe as she went out the front door to pick up the morning paper. Alicia was a young woman in her early thirties in age with an average build and light blue eyes, with light brown hair that went to her shoulders with some pale freckles on her face, giving her a much younger appearance to the casual observer. 

"Let's see if there's anything going on in town today..." thought Alicia as she pulled out the local event calendar. Little did she know, a masked burglar had entered her home through the bedroom window, carefully cutting a hole with a glass cutter in order to sneak his hand inside to unlock it. The burglar wore a black ski-mask along with his matching black clothing as he overheard Alicia in the living room skimming through the newspaper. The burglar patiently waited for her to return to her bedroom as he pulled out a bottle of ether from his pocket and poured some onto a cloth. He then pushed over some items off her dresser, falling onto the floor to get her attention.

"What was that?" thought Alicia innocently as she got up and entered her bedroom, seeing some of her things on the floor. As Alicia knelt down to pick it up the burglar struck, covering her nose and mouth from behind with the ether soaked cloth.

"MMMMPPPHHHH!!!!" cried out Alicia as she slumped in the floor, knocked out cold from the ether. The burglar removed her bathrobe, admiring Alicia's body as she copped a quick feel of her petite breasts.

"Now to find something to keep you out of my way." though the burglar as he searched through her home's utility drawers, expecting to find rope or duct tape. Unfortunately for him, he only found some thick, course rope in the garage.

"I'd hate to hurt that tender skin of hers with this stuff...hmmm...." thought the burglar as he got an idea. Removing the covers off of Alicia's queen sized bed, the burglar pulled off the large bed sheet and laid it flat on the floor. The burglar then picked up the sleeping Alicia and laid her onto one end of the sheet, placing her arms at her sides and legs together as he proceeded to roll her up in the sheet, leaving only her head protruding out. Afterwards the burglar took the coarse rope and tightly wrapped it around the makeshift sheet cocoon he made in order to prevent Alicia unrolling herself.

As the burglar finished tying the knots Alicia awoke, finding herself unable to move.

"Hi there." greeted the burglar as he straddled over her cocooned body. "Can you move?"

Alicia struggled, unable to move. "No, I can't..." she replied in frustration.

"Good. Thanks." politely said the burglar as he searched around, finding her purse and took about $100 in cash before deciding to return to the bedroom, finding Alicia still struggling on the floor.

"Get me out of this thing..." grunted Alicia, unable to work her arms free of the many layers of the sheet he wrapped her up in earlier.

"Why? Can't you escape?" teased the burglar as he straddled on top of the mummified Alicia, still bound up tight. 

"No!" angrily replied Alicia.

"Are you ticklish?" asked the burglar as he gently began tickling underneath Alicia's chin. Alicia tried to resist, as she snickered and shook her head trying to avoid his fingers. 

"I'd love to stay, but have to go...thanks!" politely said the burglar as he slipped out her bedroom window.

Several minutes later Alicia managed to work herself out of the sheet cocoon and called the police, reporting the burglary. As the police were on their way to her home to get her statement, Alicia put on some clothes, discovering how wet and moist her vagina became from the whole experience.

With that in the mind, Alicia blushed. The burglar, in the meantime, remained at large.

Part 2

Shortly after his first robbery, the bondage burglar soon realized that in order to successfully bind up his captives and rob their homes, he would have to better observe the place in advance in order to study the routine first and also bring his own binding supplies. A tailor by trade who worked at home as outsourced labor from local costume companies and clothing producers, he had a full workshop in his basement complete with the latest and best sewing machines and access to the toughest materials on the market. With this new strategy in mind, the bondage burglar went to work in preparing for his next daring robbery.

In the upscale part of town, an attractive and voluptuous school teacher named Rhonda caught the bondage burglar's eye as he casually passed by her neighborhood. She lived alone in what appeared to be a three bedroom duplex shared with another, who was a businessman who took frequent out of town trips, evident by his observations of Rhonda caring for his rather large German shepherd dog. Rhonda herself was a formidable sight, standing around 5 foot 9 inches tall with long, naturally curly reddish brown hair, blue eyes, had a voluptuous build, and the bondage burglar could readily see that she worked out on a regular basis and was a very strong woman.

"I'll have to custom make something special for her." realized the bondage burglar as he drove away and went to work that night in his basement. Taking an old leather body bag, the bondage burglar sewed in light cotton lining from the inside, making it soft to the skin on the interior while still remaining a strong leather exterior. He then installed a large, heavy zipper to open and close the leather bondage bag he was crafting, along with several belts up and down the bag. Once complete, he measured the dimensions one last time and compared it with his own mental estimate of Rhonda's height and figure.

"A perfect fit." smiled the bondage burglar. 

The next day for Rhonda was not much different from the day before, as she reported to work, had a fun day teaching her students, graded some papers after school followed by heading over to the local YMCA for a light aerobic workout with some free weights followed by swimming a mile. Preferring not to be crammed in the women's locker room, Rhonda simply dried herself off, put on a pair of sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and sandals as she packed up her gymbag and left for home. It was already early evening with the sun already set when Rhonda arrived at her home as she unloaded her car and got inside. 

After unloading her things Rhonda went to her neighbor's side of the duplex, where upon entering she was greeted by the neighbor's dog as she refilled his water dish and filled up his supper dish with dog food stored in the garage. As the German shepherd happily began eating, Rhonda decided that it was dinner time for her also as she returned to her side of the duplex. 

Unknown to her, the bondage burglar had entered into the garage earlier and slipped in a mild pet sedative into the bag of dog food earlier that evening. The German shepherd soon felt drowsy after eating a couple large mouthfuls. As the German shepherd yawned and went into his pet bed to curl up to sleep, the bondage burglar happily smiled, knowing that one major threat was peacefully neutralized.  

Back in Rhonda's side of the duplex she had finished her dinner, which was a salad and some leftover chicken teriyaki from the night before. Rhonda got up, cleaned off her plate, then went to her bedroom to undress and shower up after her workout and swim at the YMCA. As she entered, Rhonda flicked on the light switch only to find the room still dark. Thinking it was a burned out light bulb, Rhonda turned to go to her utility closet to get one. Suddenly, from the shadows the infamous bondage burglar struck, covering Rhonda's nose and mouth with cloth soaked with ether.

"MMMMMPPPHHH!!!!" cried out Rhonda as she instantly succumbed to the ether's effects, slumping into the bondage burglar's arms as he gently lowered her. Rhonda was significantly large than he was, as he used all his strength to lower her down so that he could drag her into the bedroom. Once inside the bondage burglar screwed the light bulb back in, as the bedroom illuminated once again.

"There we are." smiled the bondage burglar as he unpacked his small knapsack, revealing its contents as he laid it out flat on the bedroom floor. The bondage burglar removed Rhonda's sandals, then pulled off her sweatpants and sweatshirt to reveal her voluptous body adorned in a black swimsuit.  

"Hmmm. Nice body." commented the bondage burglar as he gently placed Rhonda's legs first into the custom made bondage sack, placing them together. He then picked her up from behind and maneuvered her inside, lowering her into it as he then placed her arms at her sides. Afterwards, he zipped up the bondage sack which went from her toes all the way up to her neck, tightening itself around Rhonda's body. Then, the bondage burglar began cinching and tightening the thick leather belts on the bondage sack, which went around her ankles, then her shins, then her knees, then around her arms at her wrists, elbows, and then finally right underneath her chest. The bondage burglar pulled hard to tighten the belts at her buckled them, reinforcing the already restrictive bondage sack that kept Rhonda in a tight leather padded cocoon that left only her head protruding out.

The bondage burglar then placed her head underneath a pillow he took from the bed and went to work, stealing Rhonda's DVD player, VCR, and cash he found as he loaded into his knapsack. He then started his search, trying to locate any hidden cash she may have stowed away.

Rhonda began to stir, shaking off the effects of the ether as she awoke. Rhonda tried to sit up and move but soon realized he couldn't, as she kicked and thrashed about on the floor.

"You've recovered already?" commented the masked bondage burglar as he returned. "You're stronger than I thought."

"UNGH!" grunted Rhonda angrily, looking down on the leather bondage sack she was tightly trussed. "What IS this thing?! I can't move!"

"That's the idea." replied the bondage burglar. "Custom made, just for you, I might add."

Rhonda gave a sour expression of disgust as she tried to work her hands up the bondage sack but couldn't because of the tight belts around her arms. She then tried flexing her legs but still couldn't move either. Before long, Rhonda was panting heavily, exhausted from struggling as the bondage burglar look on, admiring her heroic but futile efforts in escaping. 

"LET ME GO!!! UNGGGHHH!!!" grunted Rhonda again.

"Comfy?" asked the bondage burglar. "There's cotton padding on the inside you know."

"Not really. I can't move." protested Rhonda. "Why am I all tied up like this?"

"A precaution. You're a very strong woman." replied the bondage burglar. "With a very nice body."

"Thanks...I think. What're you going to do to me?" nervously asked Rhonda, still flexing her arms and legs.

"Nothing. I got what I wanted." replied the bondage burglar as he found her cell phone in her purse and activated a delayed dial command and placed in near her head. "In about twenty minutes it'll automatically dial 9-1-1 for you. By that time I'll be long gone. Bye."

"NO!!!" yelled out Rhonda as she struggled. "COME BACK HERE AND UNTIE ME!!!!"

The bondage burglar slipped out as quickly as he came in, hopping into his car with the stolen goods and cash and drove off. Along the way he passed by a fabric store, offering a 50% clearance sale on selected items.

"Oh the possibilities...." smiled the bondage burglar as he pulled into the parking lot.

The End...for now


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