Bondage Barbie 18

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; leather; susp; toys; con; X

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Chapter 18 – Suspended Surrender


It was hard to believe that after all we had put her through over the last few months Dawn still had a spark of defiance left.  Beth had been careless and that allowed Dawn to swing a free arm and catch her across the mouth with the back of a leather-covered hand.  The damage had been minimal, except to Beth’s pride, but I was determined to extinguish that spark.

After a lecture about how useless it was for her not to accept her fate I told Dawn that there was one sure way to put out sparks.  Now she was in dire straits.  We had been working on her for over two hours with a costume I had been developing for weeks.  Leather, molded plastic, straps, cords and metal brackets were involved and now we were nearly finished.  A temporary ball gag had kept her reasonably quiet as we laced her in a crotch less, skintight kid leather cat suit.

Disposable gloves covered the tight kid on her hands and we taped the fingers before clamping elbow length, hard plastic clamshell sleeves on each arm.  The sleeves were rigid and very snug once I tightened the screws in the flanges that ran the length of the join from fingertip to elbow.

Each taking an arm we twisted them back and up between her shoulder blades then, while Beth held them steady, I used small bolts through holes in the flanges and locked them together.  Her elbows gradually came together as I tightened the nuts and then, finally, met in the small of her back. With her arms secured in that fashion it forced her chest out and the top of her breasts bulged through the holes in the cat suit.

To get her breasts settled into the cups of the hard plastic bodice we tied thin cord to each nipple and then fed it through holes in the plastic.  Pulling on the cords we fitted the form fitting shape around her chest and attached it to the flanges of the arm sleeve.  Keeping the nipple cords taunt we attached clamps to the bra cups of the bodice and tightened them around the top of her breasts.  There was no retreat as we released the cords.

Straps from rings at the fingertips of the sleeves came over each shoulder and attached to the upper edge of the bodice.  Dawn’s upper torso was now completely rigid.

We laced her legs into stiletto heeled thigh boots and attached a spreader bar just above her knees.  Bending her legs at the knee we strapped her ankles to her thighs.  Fitting a wide bondage belt around her waist we lifted the hapless girl and clamped her form off the ground between two floor to ceiling posts.  Metal brackets attached to the hard plastic bodice held her upright and the ends of the spreader bar bolted to the posts.

We added pressure to her insteps by running cord from the toe rings on the boots to the back of the bondage belt.  With her body immovably suspended and completely available we could now work on her openings; we started at the top with her mouth.

Out came the ball and in went a jaw spreading ring gag that clamped in place behind her teeth and had an 1 ½” diameter hole at the center of her mouth and hard rubber flanges that fitted over her teeth.  Beth pushed plugs deep into Dawn’s ears then pulled a heavy rubber cap over her head and tucked in her hair.

Now I used tape to seal the ring gag in her mouth running several turns around her head to secure everything in place.  The hole in the middle of the gag remained uncovered.  While Beth held Dawn’s head I wedged an insert up each of her nostrils; they were hollow but threaded on the inside. Now a leather helmet was tightly laced down the back leaving just her eyes, the center of her mouth and small openings under each nostril not encased in gleaming black kid.

Her groans were silenced as I screwed a hard plug in the hole in the gag.  I used a short gold bar through two gold eyes in the plug to tighten it in place. The plug filled the opening and went in far enough to hold down her tongue but not enough to block her throat.  It had a small diameter hole through it that was capped for the time being.

A stiff plastic neck brace matching the bodice fitted in place on her collarbones and attached to the unit covering her torso.  It reached high under her chin and had metal rods on each side that attached to the two posts with brackets.  Dawn could only whimper as I showed her the hollow gold extensions before I screwed them in the nostril inserts.  The extensions were just long enough to reach each end of the gold bar through the gag plug and attached to it forming a small triangle.  The bar did not cover the cap over the small center opening in the gag.  Dawn was breathing evenly through the inserts and we moved downwards on the helpless girl.

Beth clamped a small tray to brackets from the posts so in was positioned just below Dawn’s breasts.  It held a small pump and two short hoses that ended in suction cups.  We each attached one of the suction cups to the edges of the bra openings in the bodice so they covered that portion of her breasts that was bulging out.  Besides the clamps holding them to the bodice we also used nipple clips inside the cups to heighten the effect.  I flipped a switch to test the pump and shut it down as soon as I was satisfied it was working properly.

Dawn’s breath started to whistle through the nostril extensions as she reacted to Beth’s invasion of her rectum with a large butt plug attached to an impaling pole.  The plug had a switch that was wired to a multi outlet power bar.  When it was fully buried Beth attached the other end to the middle of the spreader bar holding Dawn’s legs wide apart.  There was a rubber flange around the base of the plug and we taped over that for a complete seal.

Now we had a special treat for her vagina.  The huge dildo was not only hollow it also had holes in several places around its circumference and, at its base, a small threaded opening.  When we had pushed it all the way in, taped and strapped it in place, it also became a massive catheter. 

The transparent length of plastic hose was threaded at both ends.  I screwed one end into the opening of the dildo and fitted the other end in a holder near Dawn’s mouth.

Beth attached an electric vibrator to the crotch strap and secured it to the bondage belt while I went for a large jug of water and a funnel with a 90-degree angle in its stem.  Uncapping the hole in the gag I inserted the funnel and slowly started pouring in water from the jug.  Before she got the swallowing process timed properly she gurgled and coughed a couple of times and I let up until she was breathing evenly again.

After several minutes the jug was empty and it was Beth’s turn to refill it and start pouring again.  After the second jug I screwed the end of the hose in the gag until it was locked in place.  The only thing she could move was her eyes and we left her that way until after lunch to give the water time to work through her system.

Now it was time to start the various sensations for her.  When the pump was running smoothly the suction rhythmatically kneaded the bulging tops of her breasts pulling and releasing each one every fifteen seconds.  I switched on the butt plug and adjusted the action of the vibrator pad to maximum.

I watched her eyes as the actions of the equipment started to make her lose her concentration, she had one orgasm, then another and then lost control of her bladder.   Pale yellow rose gradually up the hose and passed the loop in front of her eyes before disappearing into the gag.

Tears streamed from her eyes and I looked closely as I wiped them away.  Despite the outrageously tight bondage she could not help herself and spasms wracked her body yet again.  As the sensations continued the spark in her eyes changed to acceptance and, perhaps, relief that her fight was over and her fate sealed.



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