Bondage Barbie 16

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; packed; transported; con; X

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Chapter 16 – Bound to Return


Dawn was going to be riding home from the chalet in style, but not a style she would appreciate.  On the top of my van was a streamlined luggage container.  It was permanently attached to the roof and the curved front presented little wind resistance.  The hinged top opened lengthwise for loading and then clamped down to be completely weatherproof; the unit had originally been designed for skis and duffle bags. Two padlocks allowed me to lock it securely.

I had made some modifications by installing protected slots on each side, just behind the “nose” of the container and another at the base of the tapered “tail”.  This allowed a controlled airflow through the length of the unit.  A small oblong window, with tinted glass and an electric shutter, was in the center of the front end.  Several tie-down points had been installed inside along with a 2” thick pad of foam rubber lining the bottom.

I had pulled the van into the heated garage under the chalet and a set of wheeled steps gave me easy access to the vehicle’s roof.

Beth and I were readying Dawn for her trip and had started by filling her orifices with substantially sized inserts front and back.  A large ball gag, held in place with a head harness, stifled her moans at the intrusions.  Latex panties prevented any leakage.  Her gloved hands were taped and laced into pointed leather mitts.  She was unable to resist as we each took one of her arms and worked them into the sleeves of the kid leather jacket and corset combination.  I held her still while Beth laced the jacket down the back and installed the neck strap.

Bending Dawn’s arms up between her shoulder blades we hooked the rings at the ends of the mitts to the snap hook on the neck strap and then pulled on a strap across her elbows until they touched in the small of her back.  Skintight leather pants laced down from the back of her knees to the ankles and then I tightened a crotch strap from the front of the waist belt to the ring at the point of her elbows

Strapping her legs together at several places we then took our time getting the single leg stiletto heeled boot laced on as evenly and tightly as possible.  Leaving her laying helplessly on the living room floor we went into the bedroom to get ourselves ready for the return trip home.

Beth stripped naked and bent over so that I could easily insert the butt plug and dildo she would carry inside her for the next few hours.  Latex panties first then a kid leather bra were followed by a corset that crushed her already slender figure into a wasp-waisted hourglass.

Tugging on the laces of the corset I made her breathe in and hold it, this raised her diaphragm and allowed the boned leather to conform to her body.  After she pulled on elbow length kid gloves I treated her hands the same way as Dawns and laced them into pointed leather mitts with rings at the tip.  A long sleeved, high-necked sweater clung to her torso and I helped her into a pair of tailored leather slacks and tucked in the sweater before lacing on knee boots with incredible heels.

A crotch strap ran between her legs and attached snugly to the front and back of a wide belt around her waist.  A fitted bolero style jacket matched the slacks and buttoned neatly to just below the belt.

We had packed the van the night before except for the outfits needed for the drive home and now I dressed in one that matched Beth’s.  Needless to say, I didn’t bother with the inserts but was comfortable in my favorite material.  Beth went through into the living room to sit with Dawn while I toured every room in the chalet closing it down until next time.

All the windows had electrically operated metal shutters on the outside; the cover was on the hot tub and the automatic heating system set back to minimum.  The outside doors were steel and practically burglar proof.  When I had double-checked everything I returned to my two girls in the living room and completed their bondage.

Dawn’s ball gag was replaced with a large leather pear, earplugs went in and the rubber cap snapped in place over her hair.  Tape firmly applied around the mouth then the hollow nostril inserts were followed by a kid leather discipline helmet.   I laced that down the back of her head.  The gag strap that I pulled tight across her mouth had a D ring on each side just under her ears.

Because the container was not heated I fitted her into a quilted leather, form fitting sleeping bag and zipped it up to under her chin.  The hood came up over her helmeted head and I pulled the drawstring snug before knotting it so it framed her leather-covered face.  Beth’s hands were useless but she could wrap her arms around Dawn’s legs and, with me taking the shoulders, we carried her down to the garage.

Standing the helpless form against the garage wall I knotted a piece of rope around her waist and through a couple of metal brackets to hold her upright and able to watch what I was doing.

I held out a full-length hooded leather trench coat so that Beth could slide her arms into it.  I settled it on her shoulders and then guided her hands into, and through, the pockets.   Now the rings at the tip of her finger mitts hooked onto a fastener at the middle of the crotch strap.  I buttoned the coat properly and buckled the wide belt firmly around her waist.  The storm flaps fastened across her chest and then I led her over to the van and helped her settle into the front passenger seat.

The shoulder harness seat belt was pulled tight and then I took a neat strap and buckled it around her ankles so they were held motionless against the bar between the front legs of the seat.  Returning to Dawn I slipped a harness from the ceiling pulley around her body, released the rope holding her against the wall, and easily pulled my victim off the ground as I swung her over to the container on top of the van.

Standing on the top of the steps beside the van I guided the bound girl down into the container until she was lying on her stomach on the bottom pad.  I removed the harness and then ran thin straps back and forth across her body between the tie-down points from her shoulders to her feet.  Taking two pieces of cord I tied them to the rings under her ears and back to the tie-down points on either side of her waist.  This pulled her head back and forced her to look straight ahead.  Her eyes were now level with the small window.

A short metal rod fitted into a bracket on the floor of the container just in front of her neck and I adjusted it until the cup at the top of the rod fitted neatly around her chin.  Straps from either side of the cup buckled to the D rings under her ears locking her head in position.

Closing the lid of the container I hooked the two padlocks through their clasps and locked them.  Back on the ground I moved the steps off to the side and approached Beth again.  I don’t think she was too pleased to see the tongue clamp in my hand but realized there was little point in trying to argue and opened her mouth for me to fit it in place.  I followed that by touching up her bright red lipstick before covering her mouth with a piece of transparent tape.

If anyone did get close enough to look at her through the tinted glass she would seem quite natural.  I pulled the collar of the coat up around her ears and adjusted the hood to frame her face.  As I made one last tour of the chalet I pulled on my own coat, buttoning and belting it neatly.  Settling comfortably in the driving seat I checked the switch to make sure the shutter on the container window was closed and that I had the remote controls handy for the inserts buried inside my traveling companions.

The garage door shut automatically behind us and twenty minutes later I turned on to the main highway southbound.  At this point I triggered the switch to open the shutter on the window in front of Dawn’s face and, just in case she had her eyes closed, I gave her a quick jolt on the remote controlled inserts.  I could imagine what she must feel as from her vantage point we would seem to be hurtling along even though I was being very careful with our speed.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Beth’s body arch against the seat belts as I gave her a dose of the vibrating inserts.  This process was repeated with both of them over the next couple of hours and then I closed the shutter on the container window because Dawn still did not know where home was and I didn’t want her to see the route I took as we got closer.

The batteries in Beth’s inserts were getting weak but they had done their job well and she slumped, exhausted, against the seat belt harness.  Once I had the van parked in the garage I untied Beth’s ankles, released the seat belts and supported her as I led her into the playroom.  Undoing her coat I unclipped the mitts from the crotch strap, removed the coat and immediately pulled her arms behind her back and snapped a small padlock through the mitt rings.

Lowering her face down on the floor I used strong cord to tie her ankles again then slipped the cord through the hasp of the padlock and hauled her into a hog tie with her feet touching the points of the mitts.  Stripping the tape from her mouth I removed the tongue clamp, gave her a mouthful of water, and replaced it with a large ball gag.  Cord from each side of the gag went to the join of her ankles and hands and I pulled on it until her head was strained back and I knotted the ends.  This gave a whole new set of her muscles a work out while I returned to the garage.

Opening the container I released the restraints holding Dawn in place and used the ceiling pulley to lift her out and down beside the van.  Her body could bend enough to fit in the seat of the wheelchair and she soon joined Beth on the floor of the playroom.  Leaving her wrapped in the bag and looking at me with fear still in her eyes from the ride back, I took off my own coat and went through to change into a black leather cat suit and another pair of high-heeled knee boots.

Taking my time I unloaded the luggage and equipment putting it away in cupboards or on hooks around the playroom walls.  I got Dawn out of the bag, removed the gag just long enough to give her a drink then added a padded leather blindfold, tied her ankles and knees to floor rings and then lifted her up to a sitting position.  I ran another cord from her ankles, through the ring in the crown of the helmet and then through the mitt rings.

Standing behind her I put my knees on either side of her shoulders and gradually added my weight until her breasts were squashed against her legs.  Then I tied off the cord.  Neither of them was going anywhere.   I made myself a drink and relaxed on the couch after the long drive.  Studying their helplessly bound forms I let my mind wander for new ideas as to how they could be used to give me even more satisfaction.



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