Bondage Barbie!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; leather; nc; X

Bondage Barbie 1 & 2 by Anne Gray 

Chapter 1 - The Requisition

Just after dark around 6 pm, I had slipped the lock on the side door and now waited as she returned to her house through the connecting door from the garage. The leather bag with a drawstring opening was ready. As she moved passed me with her arms full of packages, I whipped it over her head and pulled the string closed around her neck. The packages fell as I reached around and grabbed both her wrists forcing them behind her back. Before she could react I snapped on a pair of handcuffs; there was no chain between them so they held her wrists tightly together.

Hooking a leg around in front I tripped her to the floor and sat on her back. Ignoring the muffled noises coming from the bag I swung around to sit on her legs, pulled some cord from my pocket, and tied her ankles together. She was wearing a pair of low heeled, soft suede boots that were designed to come over the knee and I pulled them up before knotting more cord around her legs.

Re-positioning myself to sit in the small of her back I took a leather ball gag from my bag of supplies and loosened the drawstring of the bag.   I pulled her head back and reached inside the hood to stuff the gag in her now gasping mouth. 

Pulling the bag completely off I fitted the leather pads of a blindfold over her eyes, strapped it tightly behind her head and relaxed for a minute - she was not going anywhere

Rolling her over let me fit ear plugs before pulling a heavy rubber swim cap over her head and tucking in her shoulder length blonde hair; the chin strap fastened under her left ear. Using a roll of wide surgical tape I ran it across her mouth and around her head. Three turns and the gag was held firmly in place.

Hollow stiff rubber inserts went in each nostril before I rolled her over again and added the gleaming black leather discipline helmet.  Lacing it tightly down the back of her head I pulled it just snug around her neck and then finished with a matching strap over the mouth.

As usual, the beautiful full-length brown leather trench coat she wore was unbuttoned with the wide belt undone. She was about to learn that leather needs to be worn properly.  I knotted some cord around her elbows pulling them closely together and then hauled her to her feet.  Leaning her back against the kitchen wall I did the coat up the way it was designed to be worn but left the hood resting across her shoulders.

As I let go she slid down the wall to sit on the floor and I left her there while quickly crossing out through the garage to move my car inside from across the street to the empty spot beside hers. I grabbed the automatic door control from her car visor and closed the garage door.

Using the elbow cords to pull her across the floor, it only took just a few minutes to get her settled in the back seat of my car. A length of cord round her ankles attached them to the front seat bracket and the lap belt went tightly across her thighs.

There was a D ring at the front of the helmet's neck strap that I snapped a dog leash through and pulled the other end around the same seat bracket. Pressure on the back of her neck forced her to bend and I took up the slack until her chest was almost at her knees.  A light blanket covered the helpless women.

Back in the house I picked up and loaded the dropped packages in my trunk. Moving through the house I collected her handbag and packed a large selection of her clothes, boots, shoes and accessories into some suitcases before putting them in the car. She really liked leather and had a number of outfits, some combining it with suede, that were very attractive.

The desk in her home office yielded a return airline ticket to Atlantic City leaving in two days. Inside the folder were traveler’s cheques for a substantial amount and back at the car they went in my purse.

I shut off the lights and used her keys to lock the doors then backed out of the garage using the remote to close that door. It was dark by now and no one saw me leave. I had worn gloves all the time and left no traces of my visit.

Nearly an hour later I pulled in my own garage and the door closed automatically behind the car. There was a wheelchair ready and it was a simple matter to release the bindings holding her in the car and move her to the chair. I lifted her bound arms over the back of the chair to allow her to sit upright. Using cord from the car I tied her feet to the footrest, ran another piece from the handcuffs to the brace under the back of the seat and wheeled her into the "playroom". Then I went to change my outdoor clothes for a comfortable top and pair of soft leather slacks.

She was breathing heavily through the nostril inserts when I returned and got her out of the chair. I held her standing between two 4' high metal posts set in the floor; each of them had an adjustable clamp on the top. Unlocking the handcuff on her right wrist I bent the arm out until I could fit the wrist into the clamp and tighten it down then, holding tightly to her left wrist, I untied her elbows and pulled that arm across to the other post closing the clamp on that wrist.

There was a bar about 8" off the floor running between the two posts and I secured her legs to it with a few turns of cord. Just in front of the helmets eyelet's at the crown of her head was a D ring that I attached to the end of a rope from the ceiling pulley. Tension on this forced her to remain upright. Blind, deaf, unable to speak, she was completely unaware of who had done this to her - or why!

I took my time loosening the belt on her coat and undoing the storm flap before opening the rest of the garment. This revealed a green suede suit with fairly tight, knee length skirt and a matching jacket with green leather lapels. 

A brown satin blouse showed through at the neck and cuffs. She wore brown leather driving gloves which I peeled off and then, loosening one clamp at a time, I removed the coat, jacket and blouse leaving her with just a bra above the waist; except, of course, for the bondage gear from the neck up.

She had a beautiful figure and her breasts almost put mine to shame as they thrust out from her chest. I had no need to be jealous though because in height and build we were very similar which is why I had been researching her over the last few months. Now I had her to treat as my own personal "Bondage Barbie Doll" - her given name was Dawn.

continues in Chapter Two - Settling In

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