Bondage Ballet Blues

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/mf; bond; susp; leather; kidnap; mum; reluct/nc; X

I apologise for not talking to you, but this gag is stuck firmly in my mouth and I cannot say anything audible, so you will have to have a course in mind reading! I would like to take the gag out and tell you, but my hands are well, sort of tied up at the moment!

It started out as an ordinary week end. Margaret wanted to do something different.  I just fancied going down to the pub as usual. But like an idiot, I gave in to her. She told me she had seen an advert for a ballet! Me and ballet? There is more chance of finding out Santa Claus really exists than me liking ballet. Bloody namby pambies. They should get a real job instead of prancing around like a bunch of lunatics! I told Margaret what I thought that. She still wanted to go!


So the big day came. I still went to the pub first to have a few drinks. 5 pints with whisky chasers. That should see me through the performance. I asked her if I could stay in the pub while she went, but she wanted me to go!  Oh dear, that is when it started. I got the sulks from her, then the "You don't love me any more!" bit, quickly followed by the tears that flowed enough to water Egypt . Funny how quickly they stopped when I agreed to go to see this rotten ballet!


Well, it must have been my snoring that did it. I was shaken by Maureen and the danseur of the company. Between them they woke me up. I was having a nice dream as well. I was on this desert island tied spread-eagled on the beach with 20 bikini'd girls taking it in turn to use and abuse me! It was much better than the ballet!


I asked what the idiot in the pants was doing. Shouldn't he be up on the stage? Margaret kept quiet. The theatre manager came along and had a go at me. That is when I said I could do what this idiot was doing. The danseur told me that my snoring had ruined everything for the group and the audience and told the audience what I had said. He asked if they would like to see me do a ballet! The audience all shouted for my blood. I was hauled back stage!


The ballerinas were there along with the danseurs. I was too drunk to stop them from stripping me. Some tights were pulled onto my legs, I asked for the lunch box cover but the girls insisted I wore a leotard.  A little skirt was put around my waist that turned it into a tutu. Two of the girls found some ballet shoes and tied the ribbons rather tight. The shoes were a bit on the small side for me, so they crushed my feet!


I was told to try and lift the girls up, but as strong as I was, I could not do it. I gave a few impromptu turns which got me some applause. But the skirt was removed and a harness was put on me. A costume went over that. It seemed to have rods in it like a corset, but there were no ties. It was forced over my legs, pulling my leotard and tights up even further! I could now sing soprano! I looked at a mirror one of the girls was holding! I was looking like an angel. No one had warned me that someone had connected the harness to a wire and without warning I was shot high into the air. I was left there hanging around for the rest of the night while the ballet continued below me. I could not sleep up there in the scene galleries. I tried as the audience could no longer see me!


Margaret kept trying to get them to lower me down, but they refused, even when it was over her we came here to the ballet!


But at the end of the evening, I was in for a bigger shock. I was stripped of all the clothing I had on. Someone had found a leather leotard. It was way far too small for me, but they soaked it and stretched it to fit me. I felt the bones inside the leotard holding my chest and stomach in. I must say I admire women for wanting to wear these things! They are not for me whatever!


I was gagged and had my hands tied behind my back! Margaret was seized as well. I never saw where they took her. I was turned to face the other way!


I was blindfolded and shoved into a van. I heard a thump and presumed it was Margaret being thrown into the back of the van! I "mmmppphhhd" but the "mmmmmmph!" that came back was not that clear!


We must have driven for about a half hour before the van stopped and the doors were opened. I was dragged along on some grass for a while and left lying on the ground. I heard a lot of activity. Water was splashed all over my leotard once more. I didn't know why at the time! I was soon to find out.


They stood me up and released my feet and hands from my bonds. My blindfold was removed as well! But I was not to be in ignorance for long! Leather cuffs were put on my wrists and strapped up. Some long leather straps were tied to the cuffs. I saw the water running off of them as they were removed from the plastic containers. I was stood on a box. One strap was thrown up to a man who had climbed a tree. He put the strap over the branches of the tree, passed it around the trunk and tied it to itself! He climbed down off of that tree and climbed up the one next to it. The operation was repeated on that hand. I was standing on a box with my hands held wide apart like I was praying!


The girls came along with those ballet shoes. I tried to keep kicking out, but was swaying against the leather straps holding my wrists. My body kept swaying backwards and forwards, held only by the straps! They held one leg and I felt my foot being pushed into one of the shoes. The laces were tied even tighter than before! That leg was put down and they did the same to the other foot! My feet hurt now.


One of the girls said she could not resist it and produced a little skirt looking thing made of net! Fortunately, they had left the van lights on pointing straight at me! I could see everything that they were doing apart from when they walked directly into the beam of the lights. The girl took the skirt and put it around my waist and tied the two ends together. I was back in a tutu again.


I could not see my feet because of the skirt. But I did see them banging some stakes into the ground. What good were they if I was standing on a box? My question was answered by them kicking the box out from underneath me. I strained against the leather straps and although I could not see my feet, I felt them having wet leather straps put round my ankles. I was standing on tiptoe as it was, so I was going nowhere! But they were not content with that. They fastened the ankle straps to the stakes in the ground. I could not lift my foot up to take the weight off of my toes!


The crowd walked off and the men came back with something under their arms. I could see it squirming! They carried it up to me and left it in front of me. It was Margaret. They had mummified her! All I could make out as she was in the direct line of the lights of the van was her eyes and nose. One of the girls took some bandages and tied it around Margaret's feet and tied it to one of the trees next to me. Margaret was as truly fastened as me! I watched as the crowd jumped into the van and drove off! It all went quiet apart from me moaning against the gag that my feet, wrists and ankles hurt, and that I was soaking wet!


Margaret was making "mmmphing" noises and now and then. I could hear her breath out a deep breath in one quick go!  Apart from that there were only the noises she made squirming about trying to wriggle out of the bandages.


I noticed that because of the heat of my body, my leather leotard was drying out and seemed to be getting tighter. I must be imagining it!  I heard the birds singing. Their song of freedom was enchanting!


I could now see Margaret. She was wrapped in tape and had a white nylon balaclava type thing on her head that only showed her eyes and mouth. It was like those helmets you see racing drivers put on under their helmets! I could see a dark shape over her mouth, so I knew they had duct taped her and the helmet would not allow her to push the tape away with her tongue! It was very tight on her.


Margaret looked very seductive in that outfit. I felt that I needed her more than any time in the past few years! Shame I could not get to her. Even if I were free, she was still impossible to use to give myself some sexual relief!


Margaret had not stopped wriggling all night. She was certainly working hard at trying to escape. I have tried without success on my bonds, but they have held fast.  I have stopped for a while to rest.


The sun has now come up. I guess it must be about 5. We have been here for around 4 hours now!  Margaret has managed to slip the bandage off of her ankles. She was part of the way free at least. All she needed to do is get herself out of those tapes! But I could see they had severely fastened her arms behind her back, so she could get no help from her hands at all.


Margaret looked at me and "mmmmmpppphhhhed" once more. It took her ages, but she turned around to face the little house that stood out on it's own on the top of a hill some 3 miles away.


She started to wriggle her way towards it. I knew it would take her hours to reach it. And then we did not know if there was anyone at home!



The sun is shining brightly on my leotard and is drying it out rather quickly. I can feel it starting to pinch my pride and joy. The length of the leotard is getting shorter so it is pushing my wedding tackle, squeezing it tighter. The straps around my wrists are now being pulled tighter. I do not know what hurts the most, my wrists, ankles, stomach and chest or Margaret's wedding present!


The sun has flooded the area with heat and light. My ankles are being forced apart by the drying straps! Hurry Margaret! I don't know how long I will last like this. I think my arms are being pulled out of the sockets. I can't move now because of the tightness of the bonds and the leather leotard!


Two hours have gone by and in the distance, I see Margaret rolling down the hill. She had turned sideways to allow her to roll and save time I suppose. These straps are killing me! So are those shoes. I won't tell you what this ever shrinking leotard is doing to me with its bones, but I think my chest is being crushed. I seem to have lost 2 inches from my waist!


Another hour gone by, there are some clouds going by. Perhaps it will rain and stretch the leotard and straps for me.  Anything for a bit of relief! Another hour and it is once again a perfect sunny day. I don't know what the temperature is, but I am roasting, or rather being stewed in this rig out.


I can see in the far distance a white shape going up the hill towards the house. "Well done Margaret, not long now girl!" It must have been 4 hours now she has been on the road!


So will you forgive me if I do not talk to you as the gag is still hurting me! Not as much as the leotard and straps, I will give you that. Maybe not even as much as the ballet shoes where I am still just about standing on tiptoe!  If you are free, perhaps you would not mind releasing Margaret and I!  If not, I just hope those people in that house are friendly!


I wish those birds would shut up chirping, and stop flying about making me envious of their freedom!



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