The Bodystocking

by William

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© Copyright 2003 - William - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sbm; toys; bond; cons; X

Since having broken up with what was the most sensual woman I have ever had in my life, time had really rather become boring. I wasn't dating and really filled my life with work, work and more work. I had though perfected several methods of self bondage that I used to keep myself sane and practiced this whenever I could. I suppose living alone helped somewhat.

The relationship I had had with Tania was indeed one to mourn. We had fallen so easily into mutual bondage and she even encouraged me with my penchant for a little cross dressing. Fridays were always our nights for the most fun. After getting home from work, we would both take showers and would put out the clothes we wanted the other to wear. Tania always looked so hot in her black stretch velvet mini dress, stockings and heels but she looked hot in anything!

Still it was over now and I went about life with a little reserve, certainly not wanting to be hurt again but not wanting to give up the things we had discovered. We used to cruise lingerie shops and the occasional adult shop, looking for that "something" that would make us both pause and look at more than once. Though I didn't feel comfortable cruising the lingerie shops anymore, the adult shops were different.

Apart from the bondage, I had developed a liking for anal toys. Starting off reasonably small, I had graduated through a number of butt plugs until I had a number of very large ones in my collection. My favorite is still a 5" jelly one that I can and have worn all day on a number of occasions.

When cruising an adult store one day, I noticed a new line of lingerie had come in. One thing that caught my eye was a body stocking. I hadn't seen one quite like it before. It was a total cover one. One that came all the way up to a turtle neck and had long sleeves and feet as well. I had wondered how you would get into it, but then I reckoned the manufacturer would have figured that out before making it. Studying the packet told me it had an open crotch - yum!  Regardless of the fact I had no one to give it to, I just had to buy it.

Now I'm not a big one on fate but I do know about putting things out to the Universe and over the next few weeks, I thought about Tania a lot, particularly wearing the bodystocking. I knew she had moved from the area but thought she was still reasonably local. That was confirmed when quite by accident, I ran into her in the street. She still looked fabulous - the body any woman would kill for but she had cut her long hair shorter. She looked even hotter than before. We did the small talk for a while then she mentioned she was back in town for a short while relieving at a local branch of the company she works for.

Without another moment of hesitation, I invited her round one night. We had been talking about home theatre systems and as I had recently installed one, showing it off was perfect. She suggested she would bring the movie and the wine and I could do the nibbles.

The next few days waiting for the appointed evening to arrive fairly crawled by. I was trying to think of a way to give her the body stocking with enough hints that I wanted to see it on her but couldn't apart from being right out blunt about it. I had to get prepared though!! While wrapping it for her, I couldn't help dreaming about what she would look like in it and how she would feel with it on. 

The evening arrived when she finally came round. Tania had no idea that I was going to give the body stocking to her but then she always expected the unexpected when we were together. Tania had phoned during the day to ask about what DVD to bring but I had left it totally to her. It mightn't be very interesting for me she reckoned but that was OK, wasn't it? 7.30 be alright - yep, no problem.

7.30 came and went and the anticipation of her arrival was getting the better of me. Finally at 7.50 I heard her car arrive and the door open then close. Footfalls on the path stopped at the door and Tania knocked lightly. I had left it locked so when she tried to open it, it was with some surprise that she had to wait for me to unlock it.

Tania walked into the room carrying a gym bag and immediately put it down and gave me a huge hug and a light, fleeting peck on the lips. She hadn't done that in a long time and it brought flutters to my heart. I had the DVD all set up and the nibbles all ready so all that was required was to put the disk in and sit and watch. She reached into the bag and retrieved the disk and a bottle of wine that she asked me to open. It was a rather nice red that I had seen in numerous wine shops but still hadn't got round to buying so was interested to try. I poured two glasses, handed one to her then settled down to watch the movie.

After about 10 minutes she casually asked whether it bored me. All period romance certainly wasn't my sort of movie but then I had watched through movies like it before. I made some of the right sort of noises about not really being my sort and that I might go and play on the computer or something. Again equally casually she suggested I might like to go and play on the bed like I used to. 

Now that was a good idea but it totally bowled me over. Here I was trying to orchestrate a trying on of the body stocking and here she was trying to orchestrate me tied up for her. It didn't take me long to reach my decision. I hadn't been totally immobilised for anyone for quite some time and thinking of being that way for her made my mouth water.

OK I said, I'd go and make myself immobile but on one condition. After the movie when she came to release me, I wanted to return the favour and tie her up. Tania thought for a minute then asked would I like her to come and help me get tied up? Did that mean a yes to the condition? She just nodded. I suggested she give me about 10 minutes then come and check to see if I needed any help but in the mean time, no problem I had done it before!

My mind raced to try and figure what to do. I thought I'd like to get very immobile because I couldn't do that by myself and still get free so I rapidly went through my mind thinking about what gear to use. Finally, I settled on a set of gear. I started by stripping then putting in a large butt plug. It took a bit to get it in but eventually it sat in very nicely and I knew I would be able to have it in for a long time. 

Next came the body harness. This is a leather harness that I had made myself out of wide belts I had cut from a hide I bought just for this purpose. It has straps over the shoulders that meet centrally between my shoulder blades and on my sternum. Here straps go round my chest and do up with a large buckle. From the centre connection, another strap goes straight down between my legs, splits round my scrotum, then between my arse checks to again buckle at the back. The waist belt goes round the lot holding it all together. I did the straps up good and tight, the crotch strap pulling the plug hard into me. 

I agonised next about a collar then finally decide yes. The collar is again a home made one but fits extremely well and is based on a pattern I saw on the web. It is leather and rather strict, being high and unbending. I buckled it on and checked to make sure it wasn't too tight.

Getting all the other pieces out from under the bed, I arranged things so I could buckle and lock them in place then got onto the bed myself. The ankle spreaders are long piece of broom handle with leather cuffs attached to each end. There is an eye bolt in the centre to padlock a chain to. I had attached the spreader to the end of the bed with a short chain before hand. I buckled the cuffs in place then wriggled up the bed to get them pulling hard on my ankles. 

Next came the wrist cuffs. Again they are home made and attach to the bed corners by a modified luggage strap which has a one way locking mechanism on it. You can pull the slack up and the lock holds it there until a little lever is pressed on the lock. Of course the lever is out of reach of my hands. I placed the cuffs on my wrists and clipped them to the straps ready for the straps to be pulled tight. I was just about to put the blindfold on when Tania walked into the room. 

While I had been getting all prepared, she had been changing into different clothes. She now stood there wearing that black stretch velvet dress and black stockings and a very broad smile on your face. Just thought she'd help get me in the right frame of mind she said. I was in seventh heaven and nothing had really happened yet!

She took the blind fold from me and put it aside then pushed me down to the bed, holding me down as she pulled the straps to my wrists up snug but not too tight. OK? she asked but of course it was great! She leant over now and kissed me firmly on the lips. Of course I couldn't move my head because of the collar but I wouldn't have anyway. She next glided up onto the bed as a cat would and sat astride me while looking down onto my spread-eagled self. I could feel her pantyhose rub against my rigid penis as she pushed her vaginal lips against me. I pushed back and she broke into another broad smile. 

With that she bounced off the bed saying she was off to watch the rest of the movie so you hoped I was comfortable and be a good boy and lift my head a little so she could place the blindfold on. She placed it carefully on then turned and went to leave. Suddenly I called her back and told her about the package I had wrapped and left for her on my computer keyboard in the spare room. Would she please open it and wear it when she came to release me.  Of course, she said.

I settled down to the sensation of being totally in her power. There was no way at all that I could get free from my bondage and the feeling was delicious. Every so often I was aware that she came down to my room to make sure I was alright but then left without saying a word. Time seemed to stop and my mind was able to wander about thinking about feelings and sensations that I hadn't felt before. I thought too about how I was going to tie her when I had the chance very soon.

What seemed like hours went by when I heard the sound on the TV abruptly stop. After that all I could sense was the odd small sound that I guessed was Tania changing into the body stocking. Eventually I heard her moving in my room. She still hadn't spoken to me but I could hear her moving about and definitely lighting candles because I could smell matches.

At last she spoke. She loved the body stocking and the way it fitted her all over. Did I want to see it? Of course I did, so she took the blindfold off me. Even the glow from the candles was bright after being in total darkness for the last 1½ hours and I squinted until my eyes accustomed themselves. She looked fabulous of course. The stocking covered her magnificent figure beautifully, revealing all the right things yet hiding deliciously all the equally right things.

She moved cat like again onto the bed and sat astride me as she had before. This time though there was no nylon between her lips and my hard member as she sat heavily and ground herself into me. She leant forward and started systematically kissing her way round my face and mouth before moving to kiss me heavily and deeply on the lips. Her tongue roamed round my lips and eventually thrust into my mouth to plunder my tongue. We were both getting very aroused not only from the kissing but the contact that other parts of our bodies were having.

Tania pulled back and sat up after a time and just looked down at me all the while stroking my chest with her hands and very gently and slightly moving her hips back and forth, rubbing herself on my penis. Her nipples stood proudly up, making little dents in the stocking. 

"Do you want me", she asked. Now what a crazy question when given the situation and definitely the fact that I had an erection like a steel pole and she was very wet! I nodded as I couldn't trust my voice to work at that moment. The smile on her lips and the sparkling of her eyes was acknowledgement that she knew just what was in my mind.

She very slowly raised herself up until she was hovering just above my penis then reaching down she gripped my member and held it against her pussy lips, rubbing the head of my penis slowly and gently round the entrance to her love tunnel. As she did this, the look in her eyes was all I needed to see. It was pure pleasure, desire and lust.

She closed her eyes then and still without haste, she now started to lower herself onto my turgid cock. She was so wet, my pole slid straight in without any hesitate at all until Tania now sat hard onto my pubic bone, grinding herself as far down as she could to try and get more of me in her. Sitting very still, she opened her eyes and looked down at me and started to laugh.

What was so funny I wanted to know. She said she had really wanted to do that for a long time but had felt there was no way she could approach me to ask as she knew how I had hurt so much when we split up. And yet here and now, it all seemed  so very much in the past and this moment was exquisite. I took that opportunity to remind her that we had a deal. Her surprise was very real - what deal? I reminded her that after she released me, I got the chance to tie her up. She looked serious for a moment then laughed that light tinkle of a laugh again then reminded me that I was still very tied up and would stay that way until she decided.

That comment certainly had a way of focussing my mind. Indeed I was very much in her power but having the next day as a work day meant she did have to let me go to go to work - didn't it?

A thoughtful look crossed Tania's face then without any warning she raised herself off me and leapt from the bed. I had no idea what she was up to. She dived under the bed into the bags of various bondage gear we had accumulated. I didn't know what she was looking for but very quickly found out.

She appeared again carrying a few bits and pieces in her hands. The most notable one was a large strap on gag. I had bought it quite recently and Tania hadn't seen it before but having found it amongst the bits and pieces, she was determined to use it. She pushed the gag into my mouth, filling it very effectively then went about buckling it in place with the three straps. Can't have you interrupting my fun she reckoned. 

She then reapplied the blindfold. This was a different lady who had been impaled on my penis a few short minutes ago. This was a lady who knew what she wanted and was going to get it regardless of what I wanted or thought. I was now totally in the dark so to speak - both literally and figuratively. I now had to work by pure senses of sound, smell and touch.

I felt her moving about, still astride me but resting more on my stomach. Suddenly I felt her mouth on my right nipple. For a male I have very sensitive nipples and she had remembered this well. She sucked and nibbled at them, making them hard and proud just like hers had been then as suddenly she stopped. The next sensation was very quickly coming as she now placed nipple clips on me extended nipples. Even with the gag in, I couldn't help a sharp intake of breath at the sensation it gave. Were it not for the level of sexual arousal, I am sure I would have screamed at that point.

I felt her move again, this time sliding further down my legs until she was perched lightly about my knee level. I felt her take my ball sack in her hands then felt her wrap a cord about the base of the sack and my penis. She had never done this before. She wound the cord round and round the base then looped it through between my balls, separating them and holding them tight. I felt her tie the cord off then she moved back up the bed again, repositioning herself on my thighs.

She told me then that she was going to pleasure herself using me as a living dildo. She intended to use me as long as she could but she knew I performed well without coming for a long time, the cord round my balls would ensure that time was extended somewhat longer. All I had to do was lie back and enjoy because I was totally in her control and would be for quite some time yet.

Well I thought, this is what I had dreamed about and fantasised about for many a year so I may as well do what she suggested and just lie back and enjoy.

She got off me at that point and I could hear her moving about the room and going into the bathroom next door. I had no idea what she was up to but then I couldn't really do much about it anyway. When Tania returned, I heard a little tear then felt her putting a condom on me. This was very strange as I knew she didn't like condoms and besides, we were both extremely careful lovers so there was no need. Still that was what she was doing.

Once the condom had been put on me well enough, I felt her climb up onto the bed again and sit astride me like before. I was still very hard particularly as the cord round my sack and penis made sure of that. She again gripped my penis and pointed it at her pussy and like before, lowered herself slowly onto my pole. A small sigh escaped her lips as she impaled herself fully onto me. 

Not contented to just sit there this time, she started gently raising and lowering herself on my penis, building inexorably to the inevitable orgasm. I really had no idea what she was up to. Normally she wanted to draw things out and judging by what she had said earlier, I thought that's what she was going to do but here she was, plunging headlong into a quick and mindblowing orgasm as soon as she could. Within seemingly seconds, I heard that gutteral cry that was so hers when she had reached that point of ecstasy. 

She collapsed slowly onto my chest, crushing the nipple clips into me and creating an exquisite pain in my nipples. She held her mouth by me ear and told me she just had to get that out of the way so she could now have a decent play and work on some really good orgasms. I was doing well she said but we had a long way to go!

I felt her reach over to the corner of the bed and then felt the strap holding my right wrist in place, get pulled tightly. She then repeated the procedure with the left wrist. She couldn't have me thinking this was too easy she reckoned. 

She now raised herself off me and I could feel her shimmy up the bed a bit. Not far, perhaps only about 3 - 4 inches but she was very particular about how far she shifted. Next there was some movement that I couldn't describe. It felt like she was rubbing something onto herself but what, I was not immediately able to figure. I next felt her take my still hard member in her hand and start lowering herself closer to me. I knew she had moved up the bed and couldn't quite figure what she was up to until it dawned on me. She was going to fuck herself in the arse using my penis. We had never done that before but had talked about it and I gathered she really liked the idea of it. Now it was going to become a reality.

I could feel my penis being pushed against what felt like an unyielding opening. Tania moaned slightly, telling me this was another thing she had dreamed about but hadn't managed but now was the time. She moved ever slow slightly and slowly, rocking back and forth as though trying to coax my penis into her. She lowered herself a little more and I felt her open slightly and my penis slip a little into her. She gasped and pulled away then gathering courage, tried again.

It felt so big, she told me, but she had tried butt plugs before and didn't I have one in now. I nodded and she laughed, perhaps she would have to use a strapon on me one day she pondered. I nodded vigorously at that - another fantasy about to come true?

Tania lowered herself onto me again and carefully aligned herself with my penis. This time when she applied pressure, she didn't pull away and I slid gently into her. I was just inside her and no more but she held herself there, waiting for the initial shock to wear off. She then lowered herself a little more, wriggling slightly to make me slide into her better until almost without realising it, I was right inside her. She just sat there, no sound, no movement, nothing, then she let out a most satisfied sigh - she had done it.

Having got used to the feel of me inside her, Tania now started to slowly pump herself up and down. Her anal opening was very tight to start with but as she relaxed and started enjoying the feelings she was getting, her muscles let go and she started fucking me for all she was worth. She pounded up and down on my shaft and I could feel my own pressure rising, what with my predicament and the fact that I was up one of the cutest arses I had ever seen, it was almost too much. Suddenly though, with no warning at all, Tania came in the most earth shattering orgasm I had ever heard. She wailed and screamed, cried and laughed and eventually collapsed again onto my chest, pulling herself off my penis as she did so.

She lay there on my chest for a few minutes, coming slowly back down to earth then sat back up. Reaching forward she took the blindfold off me, causing me to squint and blink again even in the candle light. She reckoned that was one of the most fantastic orgasms she had ever had and really wanted to do that again and not too far away either. She also said it was getting late and we both had to work tomorrow. We did have a deal though so would I be open to her coming back round tomorrow night and as it was Friday, we could use as much time as we liked. I readily agreed by nodding my head enthusiastically.

Tania laughed suddenly and reached behind me to take off the gag that had so successfully silenced me during the last hour or so. We talked a little about what had happened. About the feelings we had felt, about the pain/pleasure she had inflicted on my nipples, about the anal play and most importantly about tomorrow night. Would she be round straight after work? Definitely! I could call the shots? Definitely! Should I go and buy a strap on? Up to me!

Tomorrow at work was going to go very slowly - we both knew that, but for now, Tania untied me, changed and disappeared into the night. Tomorrow was another day.


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