Blood Bank

by Druid5

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The college dorm was quiet, Sam and his rugby mates had run out of ideas. It was only a few days until the Halloween party, and they had the job this year of setting it up. The drinks were mixed, the venue booked, the problem was picking a theme. Every year tended to be the same generic look, tacky decorations hanging from every wall, things hidden behind doorways. It was boring, for their final year it needed to be a party to remember. The parties that truly stood out were the ones the football team arranged, they went all out to get people into character, the last one had groups of zombies breaking into the building, the drama students taking their roles seriously. Running through the college hallways half terrified and half drunk was something you didn’t forget. Their only mistake was choosing the college, so many things were broken to try and escape or set up barricades. Not to mention how many sports teams decided to fight. When someone had to be taken to hospital, the college came down hard. Despite that no one had managed to tip it since.

With no ideas on their wall, the team had got together for a movie marathon. There had to be some inspiration in one of those films. Empty cans, bottles and popcorn littered the room, but still they kept on watching. Sam’s girlfriend from the hockey team was cuddled up to him as they moved onto vampire films. They were watching one when Rachel’s arm clenched his a little. It wasn’t from fear, this was her enjoying the film a little too much. She had a thing for being tied up that they had been exploring in secret. On the screen the actors had just discovered a storage room where people were sealed in plastic and suspended in rows as some kind of blood bank. Sam hit the pause button to cries of complaint from the others, the film was getting to a good part. He pointed at the screen and began to outline how they could copy the effect for their party. There was a quiet moment as they thought about it, it was quite daring but they weren’t using the college, and it would be more than memorable. More joined in with the suggestions and the plan began to take shape. Rachel added some of her thoughts, but she was struggling to contain herself, they were talking about one of her fantasies and making it real. As soon as everyone had left, taking with them a list of things to prepare, she barely waited for the door to lock before she dragged Sam to the bed and jumped on top.

Now they had a plan, things came together quickly. Deliveries began to arrive at all hours, and they began to recruit the volunteers they would need. Rachel went on a recruiting roundup. She had a few friends that shared her kinks, but she would need more than that. A few rounds of drinks and both the hockey and volleyball teams were on board. She met up with Sam at the abandoned warehouse they would be using. The guys had gone all out working it over. From the outside it looked run down and covered in graffiti, all but one of the doors boarded up. The remaining entrance had a small slot to check people before they got in, all very safe house style. Inside it was pristine with glyphs and signs welcoming people to the blood bank. Various graphics of famous vampires lined the hallways, red smears painted on the floor led into various alcoves, dummies with neck wounds left propped against the walls. It was already quite the set piece before they reached the main room. The huge space was blacked out, split into sections. The DJ was setting up at the far end, black lights and lasers all around his coffin lined booth.

The bar was lined with all manner of concoctions, bottles and kegs all hooked up. Most were hooked up via clear tubes that ran along the floor, they would have their use once the main decorations were installed. Various chains had been suspended from the ceiling, some separating the dance floor from the bar, others along the walls. At the bottom of one, several guys and Sam were waiting for her. They wanted to do a trial of the gear to make sure everything was safe. Rachel stood and listened as Sam explained things, the others took her silence for fear, but he knew she would be trying not to show off her excitement. On the floor was a rectangle of thick but flexible plastic sheeting. Completely transparent, it had a few items already on it. Some old phone was attached to some wires, it had what looked to be a fake heart monitor dancing across it. Several tubes were also present entering at various points. In between them, Rachel laid herself down and tried to get comfortable. Sam passed her the breathing tube that she would need to keep in her mouth before adjusting the other tubes. She felt the cold wires as they were slid just into the top of her bra, it would look like it was her heart rate on the monitor. It was a good job they weren’t real, or it would have been racing across the screen. There was a slight nudge against her crotch as a folded tube was passed under the pleats of her skirt. This was clearly Sam’s idea being transformed.

With everything set, another piece of plastic was unfolded and lined up above her. Both pieces had metal rivets through it top and bottom. The guys lowered their sheet down until those rivets clicked into each other. Rachel bit hard on her air tube so that she didn’t let go, soon she’d be reliant on it. An adhesive tape has been prepared on one of the sheets, the guys peeled off the protecting layer and began to seal the edges together. Soon Rachel was in an airtight sack. A single port on the front was opened and a vacuum cleaner hooked up. Rachel clenched her hands, this was all her fantasies rolled into one. As soon as the vacuum began to hum, the plastic began to shrink around her, she felt the air swirling towards the vacuum, replaced by the smooth plastic flowing over her curves. It began to press in on every inch of her body. First it caressed her body, a massage almost. But soon it became a grip, a compression, she was squeezed tightly until there was no air left and the plastic had formed a perfect shell around her. The vacuum was turned off and the cap put on the one-way valve.

Rachel couldn’t see as her eyes were shut, her hearing wasn’t ideal either, but she could make out some of the conversation going on. The guys were leering over her sporty figure and how it was now perfectly displayed. Her clothes did nothing to hide her shape, not that they did much when she wasn’t sealed in plastic. Her short skirt and cropped top were made to show off her abs. What none of them had expected was just how detailed the vacuum left her. They could see her nipples pressing up, the outline of the bra that she was wearing, even the seams of her thong under the skirt. It was an incredible sight. Sam had already decided that any spare material was going back to the dorm at the end, this was not something they would forget in a hurry. Rachel tried to move inside her cocoon, lifting her arms or legs. It was a strange sensation, she could flex them, but the plastic moved with her. She couldn’t lift one arm without it trying to move her whole side of her body. Not one to give up, she used her fitness training and sat bolt upright. It was an impressive act, but she wasn’t expecting the plastic to stop her short, the guys had to catch her before her head could drop back against the floor. She squirmed a bit more to confirm that the seal wasn’t coming loose before giving up and lying there.

First test done, they now needed to see if the plastic and more importantly the vacuum would hold off the ground. Directing the others to a corner, the guys used the rings to pull the whole package into the air. Rachel was left suspended between them, her body remaining perfectly encased. She wriggled a bit, the plastic flexing, they found the tighter they pulled on the rings, the less movement their trapped victim had. To test it even more, they began to swing the plastic from side to side, from the sounds coming from the breathing tube, Rachel was loving it. Next came the tricky part, they walked her over to where the chains were dangling. Two huge hooks were attached to both the chain and then to the metal rings. Those at the top end let go and went to begin winching the chains. Rachel felt her whole-body bend as she began to move from her horizontal pose to being vertical. As the guys at her feet walked forwards, she was bent in half before straightening out. At first, she could swing her legs back and forth, loving the sensation of swaying yet remaining so tightly compressed. Sam didn’t want her to damage the seal and accidentally fall so he got two more hooks and stretched out the bottom loops to the nearest chain links.

Suspended and now frustrated at the sudden increase in restraints, Rachel could only wriggle in protest. All around her the guys were getting a good look at their handiwork. Now she was up in the air, her body was even more captivating. If they walked to the side they got a perfect outline of her shape, with only the plastic line down the middle. Her tight rear curved out behind her; her chest proudly puffed out with her ample breasts. It was little wonder that most of them were jealous that Rachel had chosen to hook up with Sam. Not that it was the first time that they had seen her exposed, when the sports teams got drunk, they tended to go all in, there were still videos of the girls topless dancing on the pool table in the lounge going round the internet. It was when one of them began to comment on how her skirt was pulled up into her butt showing off her full shape that Sam decided that it was time to move things along. First they had to test the chain fully, to get the effect that the film had, they planned to have several such packages in columns. Making sure that Rachel was still comfortable, Sam watched and directed the winches so that they moved at the same time. Slowly but surely his girlfriend began to rise up above them all. At least now they didn’t have such a close up view of her to comment as much.

Rachel had no idea what the view was like from her lofty position, only that most of the sounds from the guys were scarily far beneath her. She had no fear of heights, but the lack of sight was somewhat disturbing. She could easily have been just a few feet above them and they were toying with her, or she could be at the roof of the warehouse and facing a long drop to the ground if something went wrong. She was just twitching her feet to see if there was any let up in the vacuum when her entire cocoon was shaken. The DJ had chosen that moment to test his speakers, not only was she getting the full volume from the raised speakers, but she could feel the base vibrating the chains and her plastic prison. Her entire body trembled with the beat, combined with the sensation of being held aloft, unable to escape, and she was in heaven. If this was going to be her position on the night, she hoped the party was going to go on for days.

From the ground, Sam was testing the lighting effects. It was amazing what happened when they collaborated with other groups, some of the art students had talked with the chemists and come up with the idea for the lighting. In addition to the LED strips at the top and bottom that would illuminate the victims, the tubes that were running up to and around them would be filled with the solutions that went into glow-sticks. A glowing red liquid that would pulse around the various bodies and down to the bar as though it were serving their fluids for real. A test batch had just been placed into one of the pumps. They watched as the bright glowing substance flowed up to Rachel’s suspended body and back down again. The effect was excellent, yet they were still promising more wonders. They were working on a new batch that would glow faintly white until it came into contact with heat where it would turn vivid red. Sam guessed they wanted to get that heat by having the tubes run around the people inside, for his partner, he had other ideas.

With the setup tested, they promptly began to lower Rachel back down to earth. Sam made sure to keep the guys busy where he could, he didn't want them to notice the small damp patch that was just starting to show around Rachel’s crotch. He wouldn’t need to ask her how she felt, that much was quite obvious.

They hadn’t planned for this when heading to the warehouse, having walked from the bus stop. With no change of clothes, Rachel would be facing an embarrassing trip home. He looked round to see if there was a solution to his quandary, if there was a costume or something lying around. Nothing was helping until he noticed the van that they had used to bring some of the materials. On either side of the spacious cargo area, a metal bracket with holes along its length allowed straps to be ratcheted up to stop things moving around. He glanced back at the loops in Rachel’s cocoon and an idea began to form. He beckoned over some of the guys and used the excuse that having her in her cocoon was too good of an opportunity to waste. They grinned as he explained his plan, always eager to help a guy out, especially knowing what the outcome was going to be back at the dorm.

Rachel was still being held vertically on the chains when she heard people around her moving about. Nothing out of place until she heard Mick’s tell-tale snigger, he never could keep a straight face when something was going on. Assuming that she was the target of some joke, she could hardly respond to them trapped between the layers of plastic. There was a motion as people began to jostle her about, she assumed that they were detaching her from the chains ready to get her out of the plastic. Sure enough her body was bent in half again as they lowered the chains so that she was horizontal again. Only she couldn’t feel the floor, they weren’t putting her down, instead she was being shaken about as they struggled to move in step with each other. She was being carried. She really wanted nothing more than to be able to look around and see what they were up to. She knew them too well for it to be nice and innocent. There were a few swear words and some tugging for a moment as they realised her tubes were still trailing and had reached their length. Not one to be stopped in his tracks, Sam cut the tubes rather than break the vacuum seal.

Knowing that she was completely at the mercy of Sam and his friends wasn’t the greatest comfort, but Rachel had to admit the thought was adding to her experience. It was the ultimate expression of the bondage they had been trying out, to be completely cut off and exposed to anything that they wanted to do. She just wished she had placed her hands over her crotch, not to prevent them looking, but so that she could’ve rubbed herself as they moved her. She didn’t care how many people might be watching, she was aroused and frustrated at not being able to take advantage of it. As they walked her, she could feel a bounce in whatever was holding her, like it had some stretch to it rather than the chains that had been rigid. There was a slight disruption to their procession followed by her upper body being raised up, another pause and her lower half was raised to be level again. She was confused and disoriented, there was nothing in her head that might explain what they were doing. Her worst fear was they were putting her out into a public space to be gawked at by strangers. As much as that turned her on even more, it also terrified her.

There was a metal-to-metal clanking followed by the sound of ratchetting, at the same time her plastic shell began to become taught again, held aloft by something other than hands she assumed. There was the patter of feet on some kind of wood before something was slammed, leaving her in a quiet darkness. She tried to bounce around in her new position, she had a little give in the straps, but none from the plastic still. All she could do now was lay back and wait. There were a few more slamming sounds before something she knew all too well. Mick had a van that he took great pride in, usually it took the kit to any games they played. It also had a sputter now and then that everyone recognised, almost as much as his sniggering. At least that explained her movement, the lifting up must have been them lifting her into the back of the van, which meant she was now spread out right in the middle of it. She hoped Sam was there with her, Mick could be a boy racer when he got moving.

The drive to the dorm took a while, the warehouse was in a part of town that was well away from any housing. It would allow them to rave all night and not risk a noise complaint getting them shut down. What made it more interesting were all the junctions, the turns and the bumps. Each one caused her body to shift in different ways, bouncing around yet safely held tight at the same time. When they stopped sharply her body tried to shift towards her head, her body contorting upwards for a moment before the straps reached their limit of stretch. She wondered if they could do this again but using bungee cords next time. The thought of truly bending and flopping around as the van drove left her in bliss.

It came as a bit of a disappointment when they pulled into the car park near the dorm. Sam was hoping that because it was dark and the early hours, no one would see what they were doing. He didn’t want anyone thinking they had kidnapped someone and having to explain the truth. Rachel began to hear a subtle pattering, in the back of the van it was echoing. At first she began to sigh to herself, she was going to get wet when they moved her. She braced as the van doors opened, another car delivering the others to help move her along. It was cold as she was jostled out between them, as they lowered her feet first to ground level, she could feel and hear the rain hitting her plastic coating. She tried to chuckle to herself, it was the ultimate raincoat, why had she been worried? They were moving quickly, trying to get into the building unseen.

Now she really was being tossed around, her body contorting with how they held her. She focused on her hearing to try and track where they were going, the click and buzz of the front doors letting them into the lift area. There she wondered which they would choose, stairs or lift. Easier to prevent people running into them on the stairs, but a lot of effort to reach their top floor room. The bell ding told her they had picked the lift. She hadn’t considered how they would fit in, she was so glad that she was flexible as they moved both ends together, folding her almost in half so that she was pressed against several pairs of legs. She guessed they were blocking her from sight if the lift stopped on another floor. Was it her imagination or was that a collective sigh of relief as the lift stopped only on their floor? She took a long breath as she was flattened out again to carry along the corridor. She listened for the tell-tale sound of doors opening to catch them, but they were all in bed, not all asleep from the sounds but definitely in bed.

It was a great feeling when they finally dropped her onto a nice soft object that wasn’t rocking or moving around. Even though she hadn’t done anything, she felt exhausted, all the excitement had gone to her head. She was thankful when she heard Sam saying his thanks to the others for their help before closing and locking the door. She thought that he would come straight into the bedroom and release her, but she was left there for a while, unable to move or get his attention. Was this what it was like being treated as an object?

When he did get around to her, he came to lay down beside her prone form. She could feel his hand moving across her wrapped body. There was a sudden chill where he touched, she shuddered as it ran along her breasts, swapping between them. Curse him and his ice cubes, she thought. It wasn’t the first time she had been left writhing beneath him as her body was attacked by ice. She loved her bondage and he loved teasing her, it was their thing. she could feel her nipples stiffen and press against the plastic before he took the ice and began to travel down her body. As much as she hated him for it, she had to admit he knew how to use it to make her dance around in his clutches. She was bending in two when it reached her skirt, he felt around with the melting shape, using her reactions to find the sweet spot. As he found it, he quickly swapped the ice for the vibrating wand she kept trying to hide from him. As soon as she felt its hard tremors, she had to give in, she had never failed to squirt when that was used. She felt him press it down onto her before his weight vanished. She tried to shift and force the vibrator off, but it wasn’t moving. Sam was at the side of the bed making a video on his phone, the tape he had used holding the vibrator right on her clit. He counted out as she came not once but four times, the last two almost forming one long orgasm.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Sam wedged the phone and decided to try to beat their record. She would be falling asleep from the exhaustion if left on her own, but he knew how to keep her going. He leant over her, found the areas where her skin was exposed to the plastic and began to tickle her. She had been sitting still during her previous orgasms compared to now, he continued his assault on her, rotating between her sides, her feet and her arms. He could hear her gagging from laughing so hard down the breathing tube, it was working better than some of their gags, though he would have to swap the pillow where her drool was spilling out.

She was sat up, with him fingering her feet, when he felt the trembling, her body convulsing madly as she came hard, the damp patch on her skirt spreading. He waited as her legs pulsated, trying to pull inwards, only the buzz of the vibrator and her mewling from the tube making any sound. And then it was over, she dropped back onto the pillows, she was completely done and out of it. Sam tore the vibrator off her now limp body, just as her skirt began to really darken as she stopped holding back her bladder.

Perhaps I should have released her earlier, Sam thought. It was more awkward carrying her on his own still in the plastic, but he managed to cradle her as he did when she came home too drunk to make it to the bed. He ran a shallow bath and deposited the plastic into it before he carefully cut open the top end of the plastic. The air rushed in taking him by surprise as her body suddenly slumped, the suction-hold on her gone. None of the bathwater had entered the plastic, yet Rachel was already damp, it was clearly very warm between the layers, added to her little accident. Rather than try and pull her out, he just cut away the rest of the plastic and threw it in a waiting bin bag. When Rachel woke the next day, she was tucked up in bed, her clothes already in the wash and her very attentive boyfriend ready with breakfast. She couldn’t remember all of the night before, but what she did, made her smile.

Party Time

The days before the main party went by in a haze, everyday a constant list of jobs and things to prepare. The team behind the preparations kept getting bigger as did the guest list. It was going to be less of a party and more of a full-on rave if half the people turned up. Rachel had been round as many places as she could think of recruiting blood donors as they were calling their growing volunteer band. As more people joined their list, the guys had to churn out more of the plastic sheets and the rings, but they were getting good at it now, almost at a production line rate.

Rachel still couldn’t believe that it was happening, not just one, but dozens of them would soon be wrapped and packed and suspended amongst hundreds of party goers. Not needing much herself, she helped Sam to pick out some vampire costumes, they weren’t looking for old fashioned Dracula style, more of a subtle approach, more makeup and accessories with more of a club vibe. Sam had a few extra items for her though he refused to show her what they were until the night.

The party day arrived, and it was all hands on to get everyone ready. As the groups of girls began to arrive, Sam split the rugby team into small groups, each would take an area around the room to see to the installations. First the donors were sent off to the cloakrooms where some of the art students were ready to add a few extra touches. Rachel didn’t join them, Sam had already helped her with her own items. The others trailed back into the room in groups where Sam arranged them by their preferences.

Some were quite aware of how exposed they were going to be given the descriptions and had requested they keep some of their clothes. They had been dressed up as a fantasy cheerleading squad with props provided by the actual team. They would be in the rows that provided the background behind the DJ. They were sent off to meet their packers led by Mick.

From there they got progressively more provocative, some were happy to wear just black lacy bra and thong, those would be positioned between the dance floor and the bar area. The ones closest to the floor were the ones that were going topless for it. One or two were already stripped down, only their folded arms helping to cover themselves in the cool warehouse. The final group were the ones that had either been drinking already or were persuaded by Rachel to go that extra step, here Sam was having to focus on the task at hand given that a dozen volleyball and hockey players were standing in front of him completely naked. The only thing that they had was a lacy masquerade mask to cover the top of their face to help prevent them being identified in any photos that would inevitably end up on the internet.

Over at the back of the building a few cheerleaders were being winched up, they had been carefully posed so that when they were in a line, their encased bodies spelled out blood bank with the others holding out pom poms that were now flattened in the plastic, a pair of glittery circles rather than the dancing ribbons of tape they should’ve been. As another girl was raised up a level, Sam turned back to his own group. Several guys had laid out the first plastic sheets, however there was a little hesitation as to who was going to go first. Rachel pushed her way through and without any fuss plonked herself down on the nearest sheet.

Sam quickly joined her to help get the tubes in place as well as to hide some of her extra accessories. From his pocket he quickly swapped the fake phone display for his own phone, it still looked like the others, except it was running other things in the background. As Sam began to hook her up, he kept up a running commentary for the others so that they knew what things were for.

First was a pair of ear plugs, they would help with the vacuum on their ears as well as the sound from the speakers. Gone was the single breathing tube, instead it was a pair of tubes that ran into a nose plug, this kept their mouths free for a tube linked to a water bottle. If they were going to be in there for the entire party, they were going to need hydration. Sam helped Rachel get comfortable with her breathing before he made his way down to her chest, here he took the wires from the phone and placed some pads on to her chest, now it would look even more like a heart monitor.

Further down and he reached her open crotch. She had shaved to make sure that it was pristine, and that people would notice exactly where the tubes were going. Like the others, Rachel already had one tube dangling from her. The others had felt mortified when they were helped to insert a tube into their urethra; once the balloon at the end was inflated, they were left catheterized. It was one bonus those that were wearing uniforms could avoid, they could have pads to help with any need to go to the loo during the night, the rest had all suffered through the unusual sensation of having something pass the wrong way up their pee hole.

Sam left the clip attached as he hooked her up to the tube that would remove any water that she produced. Next was the more enjoyable part. The chemists had only partly succeeded with their colour changing water. They couldn’t get it to change with just a short time looping round the body. Instead, they had provided small boxes with soft linings that could be attached to areas on the body. Sam had already attached a couple to arms and legs, but the final one he and the guys had remodelled and fit inside some cheap silicone dildos.

Rachel hadn’t seen them doing this and when Sam held out the floppy shape, she turned red. It was one thing to already be naked in front of the others, but for him to start sticking things inside her, that was truly embarrassing. She chose to look up at the ceiling as he rubbed some lubricant on it and began to rub her opening until it parted easily to accept the shape. There were some gasps as they watched him slide it into the tip, before letting her body's natural movement pull it in the last inch, swallowing it whole. Only a pair of tubes protruded out now, the dildo invisible to those that hadn’t seen it go in. One of the girls piped up about how they planned to get it back out now it had gone all the way in, Sam simply pulled on the tubes until the tip reappeared, much to Rachel’s further embarrassment. He let her swallow it back up, trying desperately not to let on to the fact that she was feeling rather aroused already.

With the tubes in place, Sam made sure that she was in a pose that she was happy with, in her case it was spread-eagled, with her arms up as if she was pressing on some glass to let her out. Sam chuckled as they lifted the second piece of plastic into place. Just before they sealed it down, he made sure to unclip her catheter tube. They took their time making sure that the sheets were fully sealed together, gone was the tape, they had found in further tests that it could leave small gaps, they had been lucky with Rachel’s test. Instead, they were using an adhesive that melted the two pieces together around the edge. It couldn’t leave gaps as they put plenty of it on. Happy that she was properly sealed, they opened the small port and attached the cleaner.

All the girls gathered closer, fascinated, as Rachel was rapidly encased in a skintight layer of plastic, left looking like a piece of meat in the butchers aisle. Sam backed off so that they could get a good look. This time because of the mask that she wore, Rachel could look back. They had chosen them so that they kept the plastic off just the eyes enough for it not to force them closed. Apart from that she was back to being trapped and helpless. A few fingers touched her to see how it felt, that strange texture having a plastic shell but soft, warm flesh underneath. They were all impressed at how it had completely covered her perfectly, getting into every nook and cranny. One of them was pointing out how it had even pressed into her nice clean slit around the tubes that were buried deep. Some were more enjoying her head, unlike her previous time, Rachel hadn’t worn her hair up. Her naturally red hair was now completely flattened in a fan-like shape that spread out, it was almost like it was framing her head as a picture. A couple of them had already taken out their own ties to try and replicate the effect.

With Rachel now vacuumed in, several more of the girls laid down on the plastic and took up poses while the guys helped to get them fitted with their tubes. The others were still waiting to see Rachel installed, it was one thing to be packed on the floor, but there were still nerves about being lifted into the air. Sam and another of the guys each took an end, then treating her like she was just a rag cloth to be folded, lifted her into the air. Rachel had been looking forward to this, that utter submission combined with floating in the air. Except that she instantly noticed one of Sam’s improvements. The dildo inside her moved, no wonder she couldn’t find them the other day, he must’ve taken her Kegel balls and put them inside the dildo. It meant any movement would cause the ball bearings to move and make small vibrations that she would feel. She tried to push the sensation out of her mind as she felt the plastic tighten above her head, she must’ve been hooked onto one of the chain pairs.

Moments later she began to bend as she was slowly raised up over the bar and into her vertical position. The bottom clips were fixed and she was almost ready, they just had to hook her tubes into the main supplies and they could raise her to any height and it wouldn’t matter. As they began to raise her a little more, there were a few pointed fingers, Rachel couldn’t hear them and had no idea what they were gawking at. From the floor they had watched a glow move along one of the tubes, it took a minute for it to pass down into a bottle behind the bar. There was a row of empty bottles just the same, each one just labelled as essence. One thing that the science nerds had managed to do was line the catheter tubes with something that glowed in UV light when it was in contact with certain bodily fluids. In this case Rachel’s bladder must’ve emptied as soon as they turned her upright. The glow disguised the fact that they were hooked up to pee through. Even now the bottle on the shelf was glowing faintly.

As Sam turned on the LEDs in Rachel’s plastic, more of the naked group were being vacuumed in and hooked up. Chains began to be heard throughout the venue as more and more of the plastic damsels were raised up into their positions. Rachel found herself taken down to the ground for a while as they fitted another package above her, Sam had arranged for her to be right in the middle, the centrepiece of the display.

When their donors were all hooked up, Sam took his guys to help the larger groups still getting people ready. Sam looked over the impressive range of bodies. There were all sizes, shapes and colours represented. Some of the shapes were slender with little to the chest, but a set of hips to impress. Then there were some that should have been hooked up to give milk rather than blood, their impressive chests perfectly rendered and shown off in the lasers and lights that were starting to switch on ready. It took another hour to get the final people in place, their bodies forming the walls of the event.

The final ones were not the squeamish type, from the first arrangements of people, they made sure the ones at the bottom knew what they might expect. Their bodies were completely in reach of the guests, who would likely get more hands on as the night went. To help them, they had a rota in place for patrols to look out for anyone that got too intimate. They got some photos from various angles, taking in the various poses around them. Where they had the choice of pose, many had gone for a very mundane legs together arms by their side. the others mainly a more spread-eagle style. Some were far more interesting. One of the cheerleaders had elected to go in almost doing the splits, topless and with her thong having shifted as she posed, she may as well have invited people to see how far the plastic had pressed into her holes. Another had adopted an almost foetal pose, curled up sideways to the others. Sam chuckled as more than one of the guys snuck off to find a strong tissue in the toilets.

The bar was stocked, the decorations were up, all they needed to do now was get the music and lights on. The floodlights were turned off, plunging the entire area into darkness. The guys set up some video cameras to capture the moment that the tubes were activated. Already some had a little glow from the catheters, but now a faint white glow was snaking its way up between all the packages. It entered the various attachments they all wore, made to look like entry points for harvesting. Moments later, the linked tube began to glow bright red, descending to join the other lines in flowing towards the bar. The girls were all amazed at what they could see from their limited angle, but from the floor it was stunning, rivers of colour lighting them up in different patterns, shadows highlighting curves. Next it was the turn of the LED bars top and bottom of each person, a whiter light, giving things a surgical look. Row upon row of semi-nude girls lined the walls and created them. It was a wonder to gaze on. At a signal the DJ turned on the dancefloor lights and the first track blared out.

Rachel was trying to get used to the vibrations in her pussy, the tubes were pulsing to one beat while the chains and the building worked to the music. Neither one was strong, but it was enough to get her body aroused again. She looked down as the first groups began to arrive for the party, they had all heard rumours that it would be themed around a human blood bank from a film, but they had imagined a few dummies here and there like in the corridors leading in. The first thing that people were drawn to was the scale, just how many bodies were suspended in the air for them to see and enjoy. Then there was the realisation as they twitched and stretched toes, that none of them were fakes, that there really were girls packaged and suspended. Some began to wonder if the drinks were proper alcohol or if they were really draining blood. Rachel loved the faces that stared up at the bar, the rows of completely naked women there for their viewing pleasure. At least no one would complain if they had to wait to order drinks.

Sam’s final surprise began to reveal itself to Rachel when orders began to come in. There were four main mixers on offer, the phone that was displaying her heart rate was also listening for the keywords, each one causing a reaction. The two cheapest drinks earned her an electric jolt through the electrodes, that would explain her missing muscle stim device. It also explained why her chest monitors were overlapping onto her breasts. Each side got a jolt depending on the drink. The cocktails gave her a vibration in the dildo inside her, and the special, that did all three combined. The worst part was the fact that she couldn’t hear a word of what was being said. It would take her all night to join the dots and link it to the drinks. For now, she thought it was on random, set to drive her mad throughout the evening, getting her to the edge of a climax but never quite enough. What was worse was if one of the partygoers worked out that she was actually having an orgasm, all those people watching her, yet why did that secretly appeal to her.

As the place began to fill up, so too did social media, soon everyone was sharing pictures of the displays. There were a few of the guys that worried it may get back to the college, but then the advantage of the warehouse, they had no say. The mood was getting louder, and the drinks carried on flowing. Behind the bar there were frequent runs of essence into the bottles, the UV stickers matching the ones that were stuck on the plastic cocoons. As the lights flashed over them, details such as blood type were soon out of mind compared to staring at a pair of shiny breasts. Rachel just felt sorry for the ones in the bottom of the other areas. The number of photos with guys and girls fondling the packages and their contents were rising rapidly. She saw one end up with a drink splashed across her, at least it was a simple task to clean up. Below a group had turned up, all of them fairly tipsy, but already for another round. Rachel had just begun to figure out the relation between her devices and the drinks she could see when the tender began to fetch extra shakers, they were all wanting the house special.

Already worn down from the constant but short episodes, Rachel should have been ready for the release of a climax. Except looking down she noticed that one of the groups was her sports coach and tutor. Of all the people to be in the crowd, that had to be the worst. They weren’t too old, not too far ahead of the students, but definitely out of her comfort zone. They on the other hand seemed to be enjoying the view of the girls on tap. As they waited for their drinks, she could see the group looking up and looking at the details, Rachel was grinding her hips as much as she could without too much attention being drawn, perhaps if she could force herself to reach the end quickly, it wouldn’t be a significant one and she could look forward to following up later. Even as the idea formed in her head, she knew it wasn’t going to work. Exposed to the world and completely vulnerable, there was no bigger turn on for her, no matter what she tried to picture in her head, she couldn’t keep her attention focused. The dildo was trembling inside her, a tiny pocket rocket, now that it was on for longer its strength was so much more. Her fingers tried to curl as she felt the tension in her muscles. She tried to clench her legs but that just drove her dildo deeper.

Outside the music was reaching a furious pace, the bass of it sending tingles through her. Her breasts were trying to bounce with the electric current that was pulsing at her. She imagined that every face was turned towards her, that the whole college would see her weaken and cum. She tried to gulp some water but that didn’t help, her breathing was getting more rapid, her heart thumping away. Over in the distance she spotted Sam, right there she didn’t know if she wanted to kill him or marry him. Nor did she figure the answer, her trembling became a surge of strength as her muscles clenched up. She didn’t dare look down until the moment had finished, she didn’t want to know who might’ve seen her orgasm. Sam however was very happy with the slow motion capture he had taken.

It was the first of several mind-blowing orgasms she got through during the evening. Everyone was having such a good time that they were still going early into the morning. It was when the bottles of essence were nearly at the top and the first rays of light began to shine through the roof skylights that the guys began to herd people out. Many of them wanted to stay and see the girls unpacked, but out of respect for their volunteers, they were politely refused.

Only when the venue was cleared out and the music was off did they begin the task of lowering down the donors. Taking them down was fairly quick, working as a single team this time, they gathered at the bottom of a chain and walked each one off in a line, keeping going as the next one came down behind them. The row was cut free and handed a cheap bathrobe and directed to the showers where they could clean up and change. Clear the plastic to the side and repeat for the next chain. The cheerleading groups were first, getting them down and out of the way of the people packing up the sound and lighting gear. Next was the wall of lingerie, they were slightly slower to deal with as they had more tubes to disconnect or clamp.

A parade of towels was now moving around the corridors, some were silent, still trying to digest what they had just done and all the feelings it invoked. Others were smiling and laughing about the experience. Rachel’s group was last, they all needed a little time when released from the vacuum. They may not have had the extra vibrations and shocks that Rachel had enjoyed, but more than one of them had managed to cum from the slow pulsing of the tubes in the dildos. They came out much wetter than when they were put in. They too were robed and headed off to clean and wait for the minibuses that had been hired to do shuttle runs back to the dorms. Rachel however was left till last, she watched as they approached her now prone body, in their hands were sets of bungee cords. She looked from them to the waiting van with its doors open into the loading bay, guess that was the way to the after party she thought.

The blood bank had been popular and memorable; that and profitable. They had raised enough to almost pay for the warehouse, given its run-down area. With more people chipping in, they turned it into a full student social building. They didn’t often have rows of students hanging on the walls, but at Halloween, everyone thirsted for the blood bank’s return.


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