Block Party

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; M+/f+; bond; rope; gag; outdoors; naked; party; group; reluct; X

Janice Walker woke with a slight headache.  Worse, she woke to find her hands somehow tied behind her.  For a moment, she tugged at her bonds, then, slowly, she rose to her feet.  Thinking quickly, she moved toward the kitchen, heading straight for the knife drawer.

Janice turned her back to the drawer, fumbling with her bound hands until she was able to pull it open.  Carefully, standing nearly on her toes to raise her bound hands high enough, she reached into the drawer, only to feel nothing.  She turned, staring in disbelief into the empty drawer.

Where are all my knives? she wondered, absently pushing the drawer shut with her hip.  More important, what can I use to get myself free?  Carefully, but with increasing speed and urgency, she checked every drawer she could open, but it was no use.  It seemed everything that she might use to cut herself free had been removed.

The same proved to be true throughout the house.  The scissors at her craft table, the letter opener on Dan’s desk that always seemed just a bit too sharp.  Everything was gone.  Finally, standing in the center of the living room, she paused to consider.

If there were nothing in the house she could use, the only other alternative was to go outside.  She could wait for Dan, but she had no idea when he’d be home, nor did she really want him to come home and find her like this.  Maybe she could sneak through the back yard to a neighbor’s house.

Janice hurried back into the kitchen, moving straight to the back door.  Turning, she was able, just barely, to reach the  handle.  Fumbling, she got it to turn, but when she pulled, nothing happened.  Turning, she saw that the deadbolt had been thrown, and it was much too high for her to reach.

That left only the front door.  Janice wasn’t very happy at the idea of going out onto the sidewalk with her hands bound behind her, but it didn’t seem like she had much choice.  At least I’m not naked, she thought, glancing down.

As she did, she realized that, while she wasn’t naked, she also wasn’t wearing what she’d had on before.  She now wore a light dress, held up by straps that tied over her shoulders.  Her legs were encased in sheer nylons, and she could feel a garter belt wrapped around her waist.  A slight hint of draft informed her that she wore no panties, while the brush of the material against her breasts made it obvious there was no bra underneath.  The dress reached only part way down her thighs, meaning her modesty was safe, but only if she didn’t bend over very far.

Carefully, she moved to the front door and peeked through the window.  The Walkers lived near the open end of a fashionable circular road.  The next house down belonged to Alice and Ben Moore.  If she could get there, and if Alice were home, she’d be free.

Fumbling, Janice got the door opened and slipped outside.  Nervously, she peeked around, then a thought made her glance upwards.  It was nearly dusk, and the lights would start coming on soon, so she had to hurry.

In this neighborhood, there were no street lights.  Instead, each home had its own light, mounted on a short pole behind the sidewalk.  Strangely, the lights never came on all at once.  Instead, they came on in sequence, starting at the Walker house, then moving around the circle at regular intervals.  Intent on being away from the light before it came on to illuminate her predicament, Janice hurried next door.

For a moment, she stared at the doorbell button.  How was she going to reach that?  Finally, seeing no other option, she bent slightly and pushed the button with her nose.

“Hello, Janice, how are you this fine evening?”

“I’m fine, Ben.  But I seem to have a slight problem.”  Turning, she waved her bound hands.  “Could you please help me with this?”

“I see,” Ben murmured.  “Yes, you definitely have a problem there.  And I have just the thing for it right here.”

With a sigh of relief, Janice waited for her hands to be freed.  Instead, she felt rope slip around her arms.  The rope quickly drew tight, pulling her arms together until her elbows touched.  Stunned, she didn’t move as the rope was cinched tight.

“Yes,” she heard Ben say, “much better.  Have a good evening, Janice.”  With that, she heard the door close behind her.

“Ben, no, wait!”  Janice tugged helplessly at the rope binding her, then froze as the light in front of her house came on.  It would only be minutes, she knew, before the light fronting the Moore home came on.  With no choice, Janice hurried toward the next house,.

Alan James opened the door, gazing at her with interest.  Janice blushed, realizing that her elbow tie caused her breasts to thrust out against the front of her dress.  Turning quickly, she presented her bound arms to Alan.

“Please,” she said, “help me.”

“Of course, Janice,” Alan replied from behind her, and then Janice felt rope encircle her legs, just above the knees.  Janice glanced down, shocked, as the rope was cinched tight, holding her knees together securely.

“Just the thing, don’t you think?  Enjoy.”  And with that, the door clicked shut behind her, just as the light at the Moore house blinked on.

“Damn!” Desperately, Janice rushed toward the next house.  The knee rope meant she could only take small steps, so it took a bit longer.  Knowing the next light could come on at any time, she desperately pushed the doorbell with her nose.

“Please,” she begged, as Bob Woodward opened his door, “get me out of this!”

“Oh, dear,” Bob said, examining her.  “It would seem you’re in quite the pickle here.  Well, never fear.  Turn around.”

Gratefully, Janice turned.  “Oh, thank you so muppphhh.  Mmmmpphhh!”  As she spoke, something round and rubbery pushed between her lips.  Straps were quickly wrapped around her head and buckled securely.  Hearing the door shut behind her, and seeing the light fronting the James house come on, Janice hobbled desperately to the next home.

Mathew Long simply smiled as he gazed at her, before reaching up and pulling the ties holding her dress up.  Janice’s dress fluttered to the porch at her feet, leaving her in only her garter belt and stockings.  Afraid of what might come next, horrified at the thought of being seen this way, Janice could only hobble to the next house.

Michael Scott gazed at her for a moment before turning her to face away from him.  As she stood helpless, Janice felt a rope passed around her waist, then felt the ends pushed between her thighs.  Michael reached around her, feeding the ends beneath the part wrapped around her, then back between her thighs.  She felt a tug, then nearly rose to her toes as the rope was pulled tight, the strands slipping between her nether lips as the rope was tied off.

There was only one more house, directly across from her own.  Naked, helplessly bound, and now with the rope between her thighs causing a most unwanted distraction, Janice hobbled to the door.  To her surprise, it was her own husband, Dan, who answered.

“Hello, dear,” he said brightly, ignoring the muffled sounds coming from behind her gag.  “You made good time.  A record, I think.”  Smiling at the stunned look on his wife’s face, he took her arm and let her into the living room.

Hobbling through the door, Janice froze at the sight that greeted her.  The whole neighborhood was present, but in a most unexpected way.

Alice Moore lay on the coffee table, her bound hands and feet drawn together by a short length of rope.

Alicia James stood bent over an easy chair.  Ropes secured her ankles to the rear legs, keeping her own legs spread, while longer ropes stretched from her wrists to the chair’s front legs, holding her securely in place, her ass jutting out behind her.

Joyce Woodward lay on the floor.  Leather straps bound her legs together, while more straps held her arms imprisoned at her sides.

Michelle Long stood against a wall.  Ropes led from her wrists and ankles to hooks placed in the wall, holding her with legs spread, her arms stretched over her head.

Amy Scott lay on the floor near Joyce.  Amy’s arms were bent behind her, tied forearm to forearm.  She lay curled into a ball, with rope holding each knee against her upper arm, while more rope bound each ankle back against a thigh.

“Welcome, Janice.”  Eric Freeman, this home’s resident, stepped forward with a smile.  Behind him, Janice saw Ellen Freeman emerge from the kitchen.  Ellen’s knees were bound together, while her lower arms were secured to the sides of a tray she carried, on which rested a number of iced drinks.

Like Janice, each of the other women wore only garter belt and stocking.  Each wore a different type of gag, and each woman had rope around her waist, more rope passing between her thighs.  For a moment, Janice stared at the sight before her, then turned to Dan, muffled sounds coming from behind her gag.

“Last month,” he told her, smiling, “I found out that our neighbors have a very interesting hobby.  They actually have their own bondage club.  Once a week, they get together and spend the evening binding their wives securely.  Then the women are played with, teased, brought slowly to the highest level of arousal possible without allowing them to orgasm.  I’ve been told it can last for hours.”

“There are a few rules here.  First, nothing dangerous or painful.  A little discomfort is acceptable, but nothing more.  After all, the women need to enjoy this as much as the men do”.

“Second, any man can touch any woman however he chooses, but only with his hands or his mouth.  Actual intercourse can only be between husband and wife, and only after the evening’s festivities are over.  Each man carries his wife home, still securely bound, and does with her as he pleases for the rest of the night.”

Janice was stunned.  She’d known about the weekly get-togethers, each time at a different house, but she had no idea what went on.  Since they always seemed to last well into the early morning hours, she always seemed to be asleep when they broke up, so she’d never seen the others heading home.  She’d always assumed it was just a weekly cocktail party.  Never had she dreamed it could be something like this.

“Of course,” Dan said, breaking her train of thought, “Ellen’s bonds are slightly less restrictive than the others.  But she is the hostess after all.  She’ll get her turn next week.”  Dan grinned, then turned serious.

“Janice,” he said softly, taking her gently by the arms, “I know this was a strange way of initiating you, and I know how you must feel.”  Reaching up, he gently removed the gag.  Janice swallowed several times before finding her voice.

“No, Dan,” she said in reply, “you don’t know.  I was confused, scared out of my wits, completely humiliated.  What if someone had found me like this?  They could have done anything they wanted, and there would have been absolutely nothing I could do about it.”

Dan shook his head.  “No matter how it seemed,” he said, “you were perfectly safe.  As soon as you left their doors, Ben and Alan went to the road to make sure nobody came in here.  The only ones who saw you were the men who bound you.”  He smiled.  “And me.  I followed you the whole way, just to be sure you stayed safe.”

“What happens now?”

“That’s up to you,” Dan replied, holding up her dress.  “If you want, I’ll untie you.  You can get dressed, we’ll go home, and I’ll never mention this again.  Or, I can put the gag back in, and you can spend the evening finding out just how turned on you can get without cumming.  The choice is yours.”

Janice glanced around.  Each of the other women, she noticed, had started moaning softly.  She watched as their bodies began to writhe slowly, the ropes between their thighs drawn tight against their pussies, starting them on the climb to arousal.  Even Ellen, standing behind Eric, moaned softly, her hips rocking rhythmically.  Finally, she turned her gaze back toward her husband.

“It was a terrible thing you did to me,” she said sternly, watching as he nodded in reply. “ It’s going to take a lot for me to forgive you.”  Her gaze moved to each man in the room.  “Any of you.”  Her eyes turned back to Dan.  “So,” she continued, “I suggest you get started.”  Janice opened her mouth and waited.

For a moment, Dan simply stared at her before moving.  Moving as if afraid she’d change her mind, he quickly, gently, placed the gag back into her mouth, buckling the straps securely.  Leaning forward, his lips brushed her ear.

“By the way,” he whispered, “since this is your first night here, you’ll be pretty much the center of attention.”  Even as she heard his words, the other men gathered around her, and Janice felt several sets of hands roaming her helpless body.  With a soft moan, she closed her eyes, surrendering to the feelings that had begun building, unacknowledged, since she first discovered herself bound.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, locking with those of her husband.  Janice tried to say with her eyes the things her mouth no longer could.  Then her eyes closed again as another moan slipped from behind her gag.  A hand tugged at her crotch rope, digging the strands between her thighs deeper between her lips, bringing a gasp and a final thought before she gave herself to the sensation:

Oh well, so much for boring weekends!


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