Blind Date

by Tim Radges

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© Copyright 2004 - Tim Radges - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; bond; scarves; cons; X

Susan just turned on her computer and logged herself onto MSN. Johnnyboy was blinking at her screen. 'Where have you been?' The letters were just staring at her. 

Ever since she met Johnnyboy via MSN she had a nice feeling about him, but she never could have expected that a blind date with him should be the result of this, how close to soul mates they seem to be. Luckily, Sandra, her friend next door, was prepared to give her some tips, and keep a little eye on the situation from next door. 

RIINNGGG, the doorbell! That couldn't be Johnnyboy already? But it sure wouldn't be Sandra; she had the keys to her place. Upon walking down the small corridor, she saw Sandra's keys lying on the side table. So, it was Sandra. 

"Hi, I forgot my keys last night, and I was curious what your plans for tonight were." Sandra said. 

"Well, you know, actually I�m quite nervous, I never had a blind date before and I have no clue what to wear. I don't want to look too sexy to make a slutty first impression, but I also don't want to look too casual, can you help me out here?"

"Sure Honey" and they went upstairs to Susan's bedroom. Susan opened the closet and pulled out some sexy short dresses and held them in front of her. Sandra took a seat on the bed disapproving of the dresses. Then she got up and walked up to Susan. 

"Honey, listen, just take a knee length skirt, a nice blouse and put some lingerie under it. Some black stockings and a nice garter belt and that lacey bra you got. If he's hot, keep it on and just wait and see. If he's not, just let him wait just a while and quickly take the sexy shit out. Easy as that!" 

The doubt in Susan's eyes disappeared and she agreed this would be a hot idea. Susan pulled on a black garter belt, a pair of lace looking stockings, and a sexy black lace bra. She than took a white knee skirt and a satin white blouse and put it on. 

"What do you think Susan, astonishing enough or too hot?" 

"Just perfect, and as it is already 4 o�clock and you you're date is coming over at 6, you'd better keep it on from now on, so we can discuss the date downstairs. And as it is a blind date, I�ll take some of these down too." And by saying that she took a pile of winter scarves from the closet, giving Susan a strange smile. 

Once sitting on the couch, Susan looked wondered at the pile of scarves on the table in front of her. 

"Well, pick one, which one would you like to be blindfolded with for your blind date?" Sandra asked her, again with that strange smile. 

"Hmm, San, a blind date does not necessarily mean blindfold, does it?" 

"Of course it does, but just till I opened the door for your Johnnyboy, than he will come in and undo it, trust me, its a custom blindfold thing" 

Doubtfully Susan pointed the black one, a 160X30cm long acryl scarf, which was now folded over the length triple and carefully placed over eyes by her friend. A tight knot at the back of her head made Susan realise this was something hot. She felt the warm acryl press over her eyes and nose and actually it felt kind of strange but good. She was pulled up standing and felt her wrists pulled together behind her back. Before she realised what was happening, Sandra was tying her arms, she felt her elbows pulled slightly together, and then she felt a scarf being pulled under her breasts and pulled over her arms and tied behind her. 

"What are you doing to me San?" Susan said, while she was desperately trying to get her arms free. 

"San, stop this, untie me now, this is not funny at all, talk to me San, and untie me!" 

Sandra took a bandanna from her jeans pocket; she always had one on hand, just in cases like these, and folded it into a little ball. She placed the bandanna ball in her fingers, waiting for Susan to say something. 

"Susan?" Sandra said. 

"Yeehmhmhmh" not much more came out as Sandra placed the ball in Susan's mouth and kept her hand firmly over it. With her free hand she grabbed another scarf from the table, placed over the back of the couch and folded it double over the length as best as she could with one hand. She held one end on Susan's cheek and placed the long end over Susan's mouth, around the back of her head and again over her mouth ending with a firm knot behind Susan�s head. This way the scarf was wrapped over Susan's mouth twice, which looked beautiful because it was a bright red scarf which was in perfect contrast with the black scarf used as blindfold and Susan's white blouse. 

Susan shook her head and moaned into her gag, but that's all what came out, moaning. Sandra now tasted bondage really well and forced Susan to sit on the couch and took another 2 scarves from the table. The first one she tied her knees together and the second one she used to tie Susan's ankles together. She then pulled Susan's legs onto the couch and forced her to lie face down. With a dark blue scarf of 200x60cm she tied Susan's ankles and wrists together, giving Susan a colourful and warm hogtie. While Susan was moaning into her gag, the warm sensation of the fabric on all places of her body, made her also turn in to a kind of higher spiritual level. Instead of trying to get loose as fast as she could she slowly passed over in moving her body in such ways that the tied parts were rubbed and felt nice just because they were tied. She found herself pressing her face into a pillow, just because the scarves around her head then felt better on her face, and she could not help get turned on by this. 

Suddenly she heard Sandra say, "Wow, look at the time, 5,55, gotta go, your date will arrive here any minute, and damn, will this be a blind date for him!"

Susan suddenly traded her feelings of passion for panic. She wrestled with her arms, rubbed her head up and down, wriggled her feet, but could not get loose. She heard the door slam and a man's voice say: "Wow, this must be a blind date from heaven!" 

She felt her body being slightly tilted over on her side and hands fondling her breast and ass. Quickly the panic turned over to hot feelings and she started to moan into her gag. 

"Well you like being tied up and fondled heh?" 

The man removed gently scarf holding the bandanna gag into her mouth. 

"If you don't scream, I�ll take it out." Susan just nodded yes. 

She felt his lips gently touching hers, but because of her state of excitement, she pressed her tongue into his mouth, and some hot kissing continued. They explored each others mouth, Susan all tied up and not even bothered by it. 

"Wait" he said with a crackly low voice, "Let me untie this one" and he untied the big dark blue scarf holding the hogtie. 

"Here, sit up straight and let me kiss your breasts!" 

He fondled, licked and kissed Susan's breasts and she felt her whole body shaking when she reached a huge orgasm. Then he stood up, opened his pants and stuck his part gently into her mouth. Susan was so turned on she started to suck it like her life depended on it. He was looking at this blonde woman, sitting up with a white blouse, tied with a red scarf under her breasts, a black blindfold and 2 beige scarves round her knees and ankles. And this woman was giving him an oral he'd never had before, while she had no idea who he was. He saw her blonde blindfolded head going up and down felt his seed bursting into her mouth. Susan swallowed it all. 

Then he kissed her again gently on her mouth and whispered in her ear, "You were the best I ever had!" And when Susan wanted to reply, he shuffled the bandanna gag back in her mouth and wrapped the bright red scarf twice over it, tying it securely behind her head. He zipped his pants and picked up the dark blue scarf to re-hogtie the girl when suddenly his vision went black. He felt like falling on a stone floor. 

In reality, Sandra who actually never left but let Johnnyboy in and stayed in the hall, pretending she left, pulled a ski mask over Johnnyboys head, but with the holes on the back of his head. Then she pulled him into a wooden armless chair and used the dark blue scarf he had in his hands to tie his upper body to the back of the chair. Before Johnnyboy realised this was going on, Sandra took his wrists and tied each one to the side of the chair. She then tied an extra scarf over the ski mask as a blindfold and whispered to Johnnyboy, "be silent, and you'll enjoy again!" 

She rolled up the ski mask from the neck to the nose, and then tied a knot in the middle of a thick scarf, placed the knot in Johnnyboy's mouth and secured it on the back of his head. To make sure he'd be silent, she took one of the beige scarves from Susan's ankles and wrapped it twice around Johnnyboy's head over his mouth. He just moaned while Sandra opened his jeans and pulled it off his legs. She walked up to Susan, untied the other beige scarf and used it to tie Johnnyboy's ankles together to the base of the chair. Susan meanwhile was trying to get up and Sandra walked over to her and helped her stand. 

"Well Susan, so far your blind date only thought of himself, now it's your turn". 

Sandra pushed Susan into the direction of the chair. 

"Ok honey, spread your legs a little and gently shuffle forward, that�s it, that�s it�" and slowly, without knowing it, Susan positioned herself over Johnnyboy's love toy, which was now quite erect, he'd heard it all, but could not see or say anything. Sandra guided Susan over Johnnyboy's toy and watched them having sex while they were both tied. She could not resist playing with herself and imagined this would go on forever.

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