The Birthday Present

by Abrank

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© Copyright 2006 - Abrank - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; leather; toys; cons; X

Sarah closed her eyes and lay back in bed feeling really pissed. Patrick had left for work without mentioning her birthday, hadn't even given her a kiss. Perhaps it was time to end the relationship. He didn't seem to care any more, and the sex had become less frequent and less passionate, almost mechanical.

She fingered herself to an unsatisfying orgasm then got up and showered. Hope stirred within her as she was dressing. Perhaps Patrick wanted to surprise her and had left flowers and a present for her downstairs. Surely there would be a card. As she descended the stairs she became more hopeful, certain that he would have left something. But there was nothing in the kitchen, just the usual dirty dish from his cereal. She checked the other rooms; hope fading as each one proved empty.

‘The bastard,' she thought bitterly. ‘Couldn't even remember my birthday.'

She tidied up and made herself coffee while she planned her day. She was a kindergarten teacher, and it was summer vacation, so her only appointment that day was with Angelina who had invited her for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Sarah decided to seek Angelina's advice about Patrick.


“Most men are insensitive slobs,” Angelina said at lunch, “and the only reason to be with them is for sex or money. It sounds like the sex isn't good any more, and since he isn't rich the answer looks pretty clear to me.”

“I know,” replied Sarah, “But we've been together for over a year and it's going to be really hard. I don't know what to do.”

“I'd invite you to stay with me,” said Angelina, “but it's rather inconvenient at the moment. I've just met this man, and we're at a rather delicate stage. But if you're really desperate I'll put him off for a month.”

“No, no, I wasn't thinking of that. I don't think Patrick will be violent. I was just worried about how best to break the news to him.”

“Give him an ultimatum; ask him to shit or get off the pot. Say you want to get married. That ought to drive him away.”

“He might accept and really propose. Then what would I do? I don't want to actually marry the creep.”


Angelina dropped Sarah off at the house still undecided as to what she was going to say to Patrick. As she walked up the driveway she saw a large cardboard box outside the garage door, hidden from the road.

‘Oh! He remembered after all,' she thought. She opened the garage door and carried the box into the kitchen bursting with curiosity about what Patrick had bought her. She quickly tore the box open and dipped a hand into a sea of plastic popcorn.

The first thing she found was a large brown envelope. She brushed off the clinging popcorn and opened it to reveal an illustrated color catalog showing leather bondage items and related apparel.

‘Oh my god!' she thought. ‘I didn't know Patrick was into this. He must have been afraid to tell me. This must be his way of letting me know his fetish. I wonder what else is in here.'

She dug deeper into the popcorn and fished out a plastic pack containing leather cuffs and chains. She read the label, Leather Bondage Bedset with Chains. Her heart skipped a beat. ‘Oh god! He wants to chain me up to have sex. I wonder why? I've never refused him.'

She placed the pack on the kitchen table and continued her search. The next package was a bra. Bra with Nipple Covers, read the label. ‘That's strange,' she thought. ‘I thought these were for breast feeding.'

Placing the bra next to the cuffs she pulled the next item from the box, expecting it to be a skirt or g-string. Instead she found it to be a complicated thing with straps and buckles. The label read Leather Bondage Head Harness 2. It looked formidable, and she gingerly placed it in the table. ‘I wonder what he was smoking,' she thought. ‘There's no way he's going to get me to wear this!'

She continued her search but found only popcorn.

She straightened up and looked at the three packages on the table. Her resolve to break with Patrick had weakened. ‘Maybe I'll give him one more chance,' she thought.

She made herself a strong margarita with two shots of tequila, and carried the packages into the TV room. Placing them on the coffee table, she sat in the armchair and sipped her drink. ‘Maybe Patrick didn't want me to open the box,' she thought. ‘Perhaps he wanted to surprise me tonight.'

She was curious about the items Patrick had ordered, and the alcohol took the edge off her apprehension, so she picked up the bra. She thought this was the one thing she would be willing to wear. She opened the package and inspected it. The bra was of soft black leather with snap-on nipple covers. It was beautifully made and she was tempted to try it on for size, just to see how it felt. She took off her top and bra and put it on. It seemed about the right size, perhaps a little small. There were laces at the front and she threaded and tightened them so that the bra squeezed her breasts. She removed the covers and adjusted her breasts until her nipples were centered in the openings. She tightened the laces further, compressing her breasts and forcing her nipples to protrude through the holes. She gently ran her palms over her projecting nipples, enjoying the novel sensation. They grew hard and she began to feel aroused. ‘Hmm, I could get used to this,' she thought. ‘I wonder what Patrick was planning to do.'

She opened the pack of restraints and buckled on the two wrist cuffs. Hard tugs on the attached chains persuaded her that they would not slip off. She closed her eyes and fantasized she was a prisoner, helplessly chained and at the mercy of Patrick who had transformed into a prince. She decided that she was in a medieval castle, and had been selected from the village girls for the prince's pleasure. If he were pleased with her the village taxes would be reduced. If not, she would be executed and the taxes raised. She had to do her best to satisfy him even though handicapped by chains.

She opened her eyes. She had been subconsciously massaging her nipples, and had become quite aroused. Her pussy was wet and her right hand automatically descended to her crotch, dragging a chain across her thigh. The sensation surprised her and was mildly erotic.

An idea sprang into her mind. She would act out the fantasy and chain herself to the bed allowing Patrick to have sex with her as he had evidently planned.

Picking up the ankle cuffs she walked into the kitchen. She wrote a note for Patrick, I am ready and waiting in the bedroom for you, and left it on the table where he would see it when he came in.

She walked upstairs to the bedroom and secured the ankle cuffs to the bed frame, one on each side. After removing the wrist cuffs, she secured their chains to the top corners of the bed. She undressed, leaving only the leather bra, and sat on the bed. She spread her legs, buckled cuffs around her ankles, and lay back. Using her right hand she buckled a cuff around her left wrist. She couldn't secure her right wrist, so closed her eyes and stretched both arms out.

She fantasized that the Kings servants - Patrick had been elevated in rank - had chained her to the bed and that she was nervously awaiting the arrival of the King himself. The chains prevented her moving her legs together and this restriction excited her so much so that her right hand found its way down to her pussy and began to massage her clit.

‘No, I mustn't do this,' she told herself. ‘I should wait for Patrick.' She moved her arm back up, and lay still for several minutes, fighting the temptation to massage herself.

‘I don't want to keep fighting myself,' she thought. ‘I want to be really helpless. I need to find some way of securing my free hand.' This problem puzzled her for several minutes, but eventually she thought of a solution. She would use a small padlock that came with a jewelry box a friend had given her.

She undid the cuffs and retrieved the padlock. Returning to the bedroom, she put the key on the dressing table and considered her next move. She decided to make the bonds tighter thinking that it would be more exciting to be fully stretched out and immobilized.

She lay down on the bed and stretched out her arms and legs. It was a queen-size bed and she could bring her ankles to the edge and her wrists almost so. She noted their positions before getting up. She shortened the chains holding the cuffs to her ankles and left wrist. She found this task exciting, as if she were one of the king's servants preparing the village virgin for him.

‘Yes I am a virgin,' she told herself. ‘This will be my first time in bondage.'

She finished her preparations by tying a length of string to the end of the chain attached to her right wrist cuff and leaving it loose on the bed. The bedside alarm clock indicated that Patrick would not be home for another two hours. She didn't want to wait in bondage for that long so went downstairs.

Aroused by the prospect of sex while chained and helpless, her heart was beating faster than normal. She considered making herself another drink but decided against it. She wanted to be fully awake for this experience, not made sleepy by alcohol.

She turned on the TV, but could not concentrate and her attention wandered to the head harness. ‘I'm not going to wear it, but I might as well see what it feels like,' she said to herself. She undid the package, sorted out the straps and put it on. Buckling the straps, she went to look at herself in the mirror.

‘It doesn't feel too bad,' she thought, ‘so if turns Patrick on I might as well wear it.'

There were two attachments that snapped onto the harness; a blindfold and a gag. She sat in the armchair and snapped the blindfold into place. It completely blocked all vision, allowing only a faint glimmer of light to seep in around the edges.

‘If I wear this then I won't be able to see Patrick, and perhaps I could more easily imagine him as a king,' she thought. ‘Rather than the creep he really is,' she added, referring to the trick Patrick had played that morning pretending not to remember her birthday.

She unsnapped the blindfold and studied the gag, the one item she had not tried. Finally she got up, washed the gag in the sink, and inserted it into her mouth. She snapped the studs into place.

The gag was uncomfortable but not painful; it held her mouth open but did not stretch her jaw. She tried to expel it with her tongue, but the snaps were too strong. She tried to speak but couldn't pronounce any words clearly. After a few minutes she removed it and set it on the coffee table.

‘If I wore it, I wouldn't be able to tell Patrick what to do. I would be more completely at his mercy. But I'm not sure. It doesn't feel very nice.'

She wondered whether to make Patrick any supper. ‘No dammit, let him fend for himself. It's my birthday and he should be making me supper.' So she turned on the TV and channel surfed, failing to find anything of interest.


It was time to get ready. She added some words to the note in the kitchen: I am ready and waiting in the bedroom for you. Pretend you are a medieval king and I am your prisoner. Do what you want with me, but do it several times. All night if you want to. Love, your helpless prisoner, S.

“There, that should do it,” she said.

She completed her preparations by drinking a glass of diet soda and going to the toilet, then headed upstairs to the bedroom carrying the blindfold and gag. She placed these next to the pillow along with the padlock.

Sitting on the bed she spread her legs and buckled the ankle cuffs. She was feeling both nervous and excited at the prospect of what was to come, and her heart was beating very fast. She buckled the right wrist cuff with its loose chain, then lay back and twisted to one side to secure her left wrist. Moving to the middle of the bed she picked up the blindfold with her right hand and snapped it into place. She felt for and picked up the gag. She wasn't sure whether to use it or throw it onto the floor.

‘What the hell!' she thought, ‘Patrick obviously wants me to wear it, so I will.' She inserted it and carefully snapped the studs closed. She found the padlock and picked it up. She located the string she had previously tied to the end of the right wrist chain and began to pull it. She heard the chain fall to the floor as the string pulled it off the bed. She continued pulling, forcing the chain around the bed frame. The string tightened; she could no longer bend her elbow to pull but had to use her fingers. She felt the end of the chain and began to pull on the chain itself, further tightening it. She squirmed over towards her right arm to get her bonds as tight as possible. Finally she could tighten the chain no further. She threaded the hasp of the padlock through a link of the chain in her hand, then tried to thread it through a link in the chain attached to her cuff. This was a tricky operation and required all her concentration. It took several minutes, but finally she thought she had done it and pressed the padlock closed. She pulled on the cuff. It seemed secure so she squirmed back into the middle of the bed to equalize the tension on her arms, and lay still.

‘I've done it,' she thought. ‘I've really done it. I am now truly a prisoner, and must await the King's pleasure.'

While securing the padlock her mind had been fully occupied, but now it was free to wander. An awful possibility occurred to her; what if Patrick were to have an accident on the way home and be taken to a hospital? She tried to dismiss this thought from her mind, but it remained, hovering at the periphery of her consciousness.

She quickly discovered she had a real and urgent problem. Saliva was collecting at the back of her throat and she could not close her mouth to swallow it. ‘Oh shit!' she thought. ‘I have to get this rid of this dam gag as quickly as possible.'

But it wasn't possible. Once again she tried to expel the gag using her tongue but failed. She pulled hard on her arms to try to slip out of the wrist cuffs, but they were too strong and too tight. Next she tried to bend her wrists to undo the buckles, but could not reach the straps. Finally, in desperation, she began to pull and jerk as hard as she could on her wrist and ankle bonds trying to break or loosen them. But they did not yield and she finally realized that she was truly stuck; she had bound herself too securely. She continued to struggle but stopped as she became aware of a rapidly approaching orgasm. She lay still as the orgasm seized complete control of her body and rapidly transported her to incredible heights of ecstasy.

She began to thrash up and own, her body moving helplessly under the towering force of her orgasm, constrained only by her bonds which seemed to increase its power. She felt her love juices squirting out. She was helpless to do anything except enjoy the enormous power of her first orgasm in bondage.

It seemed to go on for several world-shattering minutes. The sensations were novel and exciting. The feeling of her bonds, her stretched-out position, her inability to see or speak, and the difficulty of getting air around her mouth-filling gag, combined to make this orgasm by far the most powerful she had ever experienced.

Finally it was over and she lay sweaty and still, gasping for air around her gag.

‘My god!' she thought. ‘That was fantastic. And such a surprise. I can't remember anything like it. If that's what bondage does, why didn't I try it years ago?'

She continued to have problems with her saliva, but found she could swallow small quantities even with her mouth held open by the gag. It was difficult, but as least she wasn't going to drown.


Patrick came home and called out, “Hi honey, happy birthday.”

There was no reply from Sarah.

Patrick saw the note on the table. He was stunned when he found Sarah stretched out in bondage on the bed, but soon recovered and became aroused at the sight, his penis rapidly rising to an erection.

He forgot Sarah's instructions and said, “Wow! You look really sexy. I didn't know you were into bondage. How did you do manage to do all this?”

He heard Sarah mumble something. Realizing she was gagged, his penis became even harder and he felt an urge to make love immediately. As he was undressing he remembered her note. “Methinks I will take my pleasure in this helpless wench,” he said. He gently scratched her hard nipples with his fingernails, and checked her pussy which he found to be well lubricated. “She has been well prepared, perhaps too well. Methinks she is too eager, perhaps she needs a good flogging to teach her a lesson.”

Ignoring her muffled cry of protest, he climbed onto the bed and lay on her, his penis slipping into her soaking wet pussy. He began to thrust vigorously and roughly into her; after all he was a king and she a mere prisoner whose feelings were not to be considered. He had never made love to a woman in bondage and the sexiness of the situation so turned him on that he came almost immediately, thrusting hard and deep into her in the passion of his orgasm.

After his ejaculations has subsided he lay quietly on her, enjoying the sensation of her nipples pressing into his chest and feeling his penis gradually softening within her.

He became aware that she was gasping. “Are you OK?” he asked with concern.

She appeared to nod, so he moved off her without removing her gag. The sight of her nipples fascinated him. He placed his mouth over them and sucked, trying to drag more of them out through the holes in the bra. He heard her moan.

Her helplessness tempted him to tickle her. He began to tickle her under her arms and down her sides. She screamed through the gag and squirmed, trying to move away from his fingers. Her complete inability to stop him aroused him and he felt his penis becoming hard again. Out of habit he felt her pussy to check that she was wet and to rub her clit, but there was no need, she was overflowing with love juices. Once more he lay on her and began to make love. His strokes were slow and deliberate this time, deeply penetrating and intended to excite her and delay his own orgasm. He succeeded and felt her come long before he was ready. He continued his steady pumping all through her orgasm and continued after her spasms had subsided. He was approaching his own climax when he felt her begin another orgasm. He wanted to come with her so began to thrust fast and harder and quickly brought himself to climax. He squeezed her body tightly as they came together in a monumental house-shaking climax.

After his throbbing penis had become soft, he pulled out and rolled off her to allow her to recover. But he couldn't resist tickling her again, amused at the way she squirmed and fought her bonds trying to escape his tormenting fingers.

After a few minutes she lay still having finally realized the futility of trying to avoid him. He stopped tickling and said, “I called at lunch time to say I had made dinner reservations for tonight. But it seems you've found something better to do. I say to hell with dinner; lets stay home and enjoy ourselves.”

Sarah mumbled something.

Patrick unsnapped the gag and pulled it out.

Sarah exercised her mouth a few times, then said, “Oh Patrick love, yes! I don't need dinner. This is fantastic. I feel I could stay here all night now that dammed gag is out. Please don't put it back.”

“Well I might,” said Patrick, feeling a new sense of power over her and enjoying it immensely. “I might just do that if you don't please me.”

“I don't mind all these other things you bought,” said Sarah, “but that gag is going to take some getting used to.”

“What do you mean, things I bought?” said Patrick.

“These bondage things you ordered. They were in a box in the driveway.”

“I never ordered these things,” said Patrick. “I thought you did, to surprise me.”

“No, I never knew some of them even existed.”

“Let me go and check the packing slip,” said Patrick. He went downstairs and returned a couple of minutes later. “They were for next door. The delivery man must have put them in our driveway by mistake.”

“What shall we do? We can't very well return them now we've used them.”

“Let's keep them,” said Patrick. “Let's consider them a serendipitous birthday present. I'll order a replacement for our neighbors. And who knows, maybe we can have fun with them some day. Now open up, I think you're very sexy when you're gagged, and I feel my cock getting hard again.”