A Birthday Present to Remember

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2007 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; bdsm; bond; susp; cons; X

John's fantasies had been of bondage for almost as long as he could remember. Either being the master or the submissive both appealed to him and he didn't know which he liked best.

John's wife Susan had played along with his wishes a number of times, but her interest was defiantly not as strong as his. She had tied John and spanked him as well as being bound an whipped a little her self. She had enjoyed reading his magazines while John stood with his arms tied over his head with a pink ass. She had dreamed that she was a slave girl being punished when she was tied in the same position. She had to admit that she actually enjoyed both. John loved their "play time" although he would have defiantly liked more.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee and frying bacon smelt great as John woke up. He stretched and swung his feet out of bed. Another year older! He didn't hate birthdays, but he didn't make a big deal out of them either. This year he turned 30 so he was hoping that Susan hadn't planned anything big. A quiet day, a nice supper and a role in the hay would keep him happy.  

John pulled on his weekend shorts and T shirt and headed down stairs. The kitchen table was set and Susan was putting the finishing touches on his breakfast. He took the coffee she handed him, gave her a kiss and sat down at the table. Even in her kicking around house coat Susan had a great body. Susan worked hard to keep it that way. She ran every day and worked out at the gym three days a week. Firm large tits and an ass to die for. John let his eyes linger as he took his first sip of coffee.

Leaning against his juice glass was a card. He picked it up as Susan set his breakfast in front of him. He opened the envelope and pulled out the card expecting some nasty old man message. Instead, he found a business card which read " Mistress Beverly's House of Domination - I'll tell you what your dreams are". Underneath was printed " You have and appointment at 7:00 tonight".

John looked up at his wife who was standing there with a sexy smile on her face. " Happy Birthday," she said as she leaned down and gave him a kiss.

Breakfast was going to have to wait. His cock had become rock hard and a beautiful woman who had just given him a dream come true was right there. Also the kitchen floor would have to do, because the bedroom was to far away.

John couldn't remember being this excited since he was a kid on Christmas morning. They had driven out to the country and pulled up in front of a big old farm house. The well groomed lawn and flower beds did not make it look like a house of pain. John felt slight disappointment when he saw the woman on the front porch that had come out to meet them. He could not say that she wasn't gorgeous, but she was dressed in a nondescript summer dress that was defiantly not erotic at all. Even in the shapeless dress, John could see that she had a beautiful body. Her breasts were not as large as Susan's but they poked against the fabric like they were trying to escape. She had beautiful blond hair and green eyes that seemed to cut right through him.

They chatted on the front step for a while as if they were meeting for afternoon tea. Then Beverly showed them to a waiting room and excused herself. Susan and John sat silently waiting just giving each other sly looks. Talking at that time just seemed inappropriate. They only waited a short time but it seemed like hours to John. 

John just about fell off his chair when Beverly walked back into the room. The sun dress was gone and what replaced it made them both just about melt. Beverly was dressed in skin tight black leather pants with knee high boots and at least 5 inch heels. Above the waist she wore a skimpy leather bra that could barely contain those beautiful breast. Also the polite woman from the front porch seemed to have left.

"Come with me !" she ordered.

Even if John hadn't wanted to go, he doubted if he would have been unable to obey. Authority seemed to ooze out of her.

She led them down a set of stairs to the basement. The outside of the house gave no indication to what they saw down here. Chains, ropes and pulleys covered the brick walls, and the room was filled with strange furniture. There were racks full of whips, paddles, handcuffs and other items scattered around the room. Many candles burned giving the room a soft erie light. John had never seen a dungeon before, but this was exactly what he had imagined one would look like.

Beverly led John to a big padded chair with stout arms. He did not hesitate at all when she ordered him to strip, and with in seconds his clothes were a pile in the corner. She sat him in the chair and fastened his wrists to the arms with short chains and cuffs and the same followed with his ankles to the legs of the chair. A belt was passed around his waist holding him tightly to the back of the chair. He was not secured very tightly, but he noticed the chains attached to his wrists did not allow him to reach his swollen cock. A ball gag was then forced into his mouth and the straps secured tightly behind his head. 

Susan came to him and bent close.

"I hope this is the best Birthday present you have ever had." she said, "I researched this a lot and Mistress Beverly is the best in her field. She will take her subs to the maximum of their limits and beyond. I am sure that she will exceed your wildest dreams."

John squirmed in his bindings. He had butterflies in his stomach and his cock felt like it would explode. There he sat, helpless, and under the control of two beautiful women. This indeed would be a birthday to remember.

"Today is not going to be quite what you are expecting though." continued Susan, " Mistress Beverly has not been hired to look after you. She will be my mistress and your present is that you can watch. I have signed a release totally giving myself to her control. The only guarantee she has given me is that she will not leave any permanent marks on me. Other than that she will decide my fate. You are bound and gagged so that you cannot intervene in any way. I knew that you would enjoy my suffering, but your protective nature would surface and my needs would overshadow your desires." She bent over and kissed his forehead. "enjoy yourself dear."

Mistress Beverly had walked over and grabbed Susan by the hair.

"Enough of this sentimental shit!" she yelled. She yanked Susan around and dragged her to the centre of the room. She pulled Susan so hard that she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

Pulling her up by her hair Beverly ordered. " Get on your god dam feet and get that fucking dress off. I don't have all fucking day!"

Susan scrambled to her feet and started to undo the buttons on her dress. John could see her hands shaking as she undid them. Her dress slid off and there she stood in black lacy bra and panties, garter and nylons. She stood there with her hands at her sides and her head bowed. God she looked beautiful!

Beverly attached leather cuffs to her wrists and hooked them to ropes from the ceiling. She turned a switch and an electric winch pulled her arms up so she was standing with her arms over her head. She ran her hands over Susan's firm body, squeezing her tits and rubbing between her legs. John could see Susan shaking. He didn't know if it was from fear or anticipation. He hoped it was a little of both. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed.

"Your wardrobe is lovely my dear," said Beverly " but it is totally in my way. You will pay for not figuring that out." She picked up a knife, slid it up between her breasts and cut her bra in half. Two quick slices to the straps and the garment fluttered to the floor. The same happened to her panties.

"From the look of hubbies cock," laughed Beverly, " your hubby can't wait for us to begin. We will start a little slowly so we don't over stimulate him. After all you have paid till tomorrow evening so we might as well savor this."

Beverly produced a pair of nipple clamps and without any warning snapped one onto Susan's left nipple. Susan's eyes went wide and she let out a yell. She squirmed and twisted from the biting pain. Beverly reached for her right nipple and Susan jerked away.

"Stand still you little cunt!" Yelled Beverly, "All you are doing is delaying the inevitable and pissing me off, and I warn you, you don't want to piss me off." With that she moved behind Susan and grabbed her from behind, reaching around to take hold of her tit.

" Actually bitch, I like it when they struggle." she laughed " It does nothing to prevent anything, but it makes it more fun for me. It just helps you realize that I can do any fucking thing to you I want, and after a while you may even learn to thank me for it." and then she snapped the clamp onto her right nipple.

Susan let out a loud screech, "owwwww!!! Please take them off! Please,- they hurt so bad!! Please Please take them off!!!"

It was a lovely site to watch her twist and jerk in her bonds. Her pleading filled Johns ears. He had seen movies which had turned him on, but seeing his wife struggle and listening to her pleading was enough to make him explode.

Mistress Beverly had left the room and returned with a glass of wine. She walked over and sat on Johns lap putting her arm around him. The warmth of her touch and her scent was enough to drive John crazy. He almost felt like he would faint. Beverly sipped her wine and the two of them watched poor Susan's squirming. Then Beverly slid off his lap and moved to his side. All she did was reach down and rub his cock with the back of her hand a couple of times. John came so hard he saw stars. It seemed like he shot cum 20 feet, although it was probably more like 5 or 10. If he hadn't been tied he was sure he would have fallen out of the chair. Beverly leaned in and licked his ear.

"You like this don't you?" she whispered 

John nodded

"I know you do." she said " and seeing as you are the birthday boy, you deserve more."

She set down her wine and picked up two weights attached to long strings with a hook on each end and walked up to Susan. Because she had her eyes closed and her head thrown back, poor Susan did not know what was coming. Beverly just slid the hooks though rings on the clamps and stepped back.

"AAAUUUGGGGHHHH !!!!!!!!!" screamed Susan " Oh God Nooooooooo!! Please, you are going to kill me! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Oh Please No!!! Take them off!!! Take them off!!!! Pleeeeaaaasssse!!!!!!"

Susan twisted and squirmed. John could not have taken his eyes of her even if he had wanted to. He was so thankful for his wife having him bound and gagged. He had no wish to stop her pain, but he would have felt obligated to if he had had a choice.

Susan's pleadings were a little less. Maybe her nipples were going numb, or she was just getting used to it a bit. Mistress Beverly defiantly knew her stuff. The strings that attached the weights to the nipple clamps were long enough that they were only an inch or two of the floor. Susan could see this and was bending her legs and seemed to be trying to stretch her arms so that the weights would sit on the floor and take the pressure off her poor nipples. She surely knew that it was impossible, but the pain made her keep trying.

" Please, no more! Please John make her stop! Please oh please take them off! Please, Mistress, have mercy, Pleeeeaaaassse!!!!!" She cried. Her pleading was slowing down to soft begging.

 It wasn't overly warm in the room, but sweat was starting to bead on her beautiful body. John felt a momentary feeling of guilt that his wife was suffering so, but the sight of her struggling and the sound of her moans and pleadings quickly changed those feelings to desire. John slumped in his chair and enjoyed the view. The only thing better, he thought, would be if he was loose and the Master. He was thankful that Mistress Beverly had helped him come, so the pressure between his legs was not so great, although his cock never did get soft. He would need relief again soon. 

Mistress Beverly walked up to Susan and said, " We had better check to se if you are enjoying yourself." She reached down a between Susan's legs and slid two fingers deep into her pussy. Susan threw her head back and let out a low moan. When Beverly pulled out her fingers John could see that they glistened with Susan's Juices.

"You don't seem to mind this at all and from the condition of my fingers it seems like you enjoy it." crooned Beverly, "Do you ??"

Susan weakly shook her head no.

"I think you do." Continued Beverly, " Although it really doesn't matter. You are not supposed to be enjoying yourself, but I guess that can't be helped. Your hubby and I enjoy it and that is what matters."

Beverly put her wet fingers up to Susan's mouth which she immediately opened to allow them to be slid into her mouth. She sucked her own juices off Beverly's fingers and tried to follow them when they were pulled away. From there Beverly slid her hands down and started to caress Susan's body. She stroked her breasts, down her belly and around to her ass. Susan hung there limply and her pleadings had turned to moans. She was rubbing her legs together, her eyes closed and her head fell back as Beverly continued to caress her. Beverly's hand slid down to her pussy and Susan's moans grew louder and louder and then to a yell as she started to cum. As soon as Beverly felt her start to orgasm she reached up and unclipped the nipple clamps. As the blood rushed into her poor tortured nipples Susan's yell became a scream. She bucked and twisted in her bindings and her feet came off the floor as she experienced an orgasm more powerful than she could have believed. When it finally was over Susan had almost passed out and was hanging limply from her wrist, her legs could no longer support her. Her breathing was labored and now she glistened with sweat.

John had actually dozed off. He had enjoyed the site of his beautiful wife and then played out from all the excitement he had fallen asleep. Susan still stood where she had been tied. Her head hung with her chin resting on her chest. She would force herself to stand, but because she had stood so long her legs were weak and she would slowly end up hanging by her wrists, and then she would force herself to a standing position again. John had no idea how long he had slept. He sat looking longingly at his wife. He wished that he could cut her down and screw her right on the hard cement floor but tied as he was that would not be. For now he would enjoy the view.

His cock stirred as he heard foot steps coming down the stairs. Was Beverly coming to release them or must poor Susan endure more. The latter was his secret choice. Beverly came in to site and his cock snapped to attention right away. She was now dressed in a corset, thong, nylons, with nothing covering those beautiful breasts. She had pert little nipples and had absolutely no sag at all. If they had been surgically enhanced the surgeon who had done in should have won an award. Susan had great tits, but they paled by comparison.

Beverly walked over and hit the switch on the winch. Suzan moaned as she was pulled up until her feet came off the floor. Beverly approached her and gave her ass a little slap.

"Jesus you stink." Laughed Beverly, " I guess you're deodorant just can't hold up to this much fun."

She walked to the wall and returned with a garden hose. Susan's eyes snapped wide open when the cold water hit her. The cold spray made her nipples become hard as rocks almost instantly. She squealed and jerked as Beverly hosed her down, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. Beverly then took what looked like a car wash brush in a pail of soap and scrubbed her down and then rinsed her off. Susan was defiantly wide awaked and attentive now. Beverly stripped the soaking garter and nylons off her so now she was totally naked, hanging by her wrists, her hair in strings partially covering her face, and water dripping off that beautiful body.

Mistress Beverly picked up a mean looking multi-strand whip and lashed Susan across the ass. Water droplets flew as Susan jerked and she let out a loud scream. The next one landed on her loins right across her pussy. Beverly took her time, walking around her hanging target. Every time the whip landed Susan would jerk, let out a scream and then whimper as she waited for the next. Again and again the whip landed. A slight pink tinge was showing on her body, but there were no welts. Beverly was keeping her promise of no marks. Susan made the most interesting contortions, and sounds especially when the whip found her tits. John was mesmerized and the intense lust he was feeling was almost enough to drive him crazy.

"I am sick and tired of hearing your god dam complaining!" snarled Beverly, " All this fucking noise and we have hardly begun !"

She produced another ball gag and stepped up behind Susan. Susan clamped her mouth shut to prevent the rubber ball from entering her mouth, but a vicious twist on a nipple caused her to scream allowing the gag to be stuffed into her open mouth.

The whipping continued until Susan was just hanging and twitching when the whip landed. Her strength was gone. The water from her shower had long since evaporated, but she still glistened from the sweat that poured of her.

John actually felt regret when Beverly stopped the punishment and lowered poor Susan to the floor. John probably shouldn't have wished for her punishment to continue but he did. Beverly untied Susan and pulled her half crawling to a cage in the corner. The cage was quite large and in it was a toilet, sink and shower. There was a table with a little food on it and a mattress and blanket on the floor. After Susan was locked in she came to John and untied him. He was led upstairs and and put in a large bright room. John took off the gag and looked around. It was a well decorated room with comfortable looking furniture, fridge, TV and more. There was fresh fruit, cheese, buns and drinks available. Beside the TV was an assortment of Bondage movies and magazines.

John used the washroom, had a bite to eat and leafed through a couple of magazines. The pictures he saw were nothing compared to what he had just witnessed. He lay back on the bed, took hold of his cock and with in minutes he had come and then dosed off.

He felt very refreshed when Beverly woke him. With a simple "come with me" she led him back to his chair in the dungeon but this time she did not tie him. Mistress Beverly then went to Susan who was sleeping on the mattress.

" Wake up !" called Beverly, nudging Susan with her foot

Susan stirred, opened her eyes and slowly sat up.

" So are you refreshed after your rest ?" asked Beverly.

A soft "Yes" was the answer.

Beverly reached down and grabbed a nipple which must be sore from it's previous abuse, causing Susan to yelp.

"Yes what ?" demanded Beverly

Susan whimpered and replied "yes Mistress."

"Come with me!" ordered Beverly " and not another word!"

With that Beverly used her nipple as a short leash and led Susan to in front of John and forced her to her knees.

" Our time together so far has been quite enjoyable," said Beverly, " but I decided that I will maybe be merciful. I will give you a chance to save yourself. I will give you a task and if you are successful your torment will be over, but if you fail your punishment will be at least twice what you have received so far. I will give you 3 minutes to suck Johns cock and make him cum. If he doesn't cum we will begin again."

Susan's eyes were wide as she looked at Beverly and then at John.

Beverly picked up a stop watch, clicked it and said, "Begin."

Susan looked at John and then what Beverly had said struck home. She scurried to John, took his cock in her mouth and started sucking for all she was worth.

John let out a groan because it felt so good. Suddenly he realized that if he came his fun would be over. He closed his eyes so that he could not see his wife's head pumping up and down. He forced himself to think of things that would help him control himself. He recited the multiplication table to himself, thought about work and anything else he could to control himself. Again he thought how good Mistress Beverly was. She knew that he would masturbate when he was alone. If he hadn't he wouldn't have stood a chance.

It seemed like the three minutes would never end when Beverly yelled "Time !" and grabbed Susan's hair and pulled her away from Johns cock. She tried to get back to suck some more, but she was held away and she slumped to the floor accepting her fate.

Susan's hands were tied behind her back and she was led to two rings in the floor about 2 feet apart. An ankle was attached to each. Then Beverly wheeled a funny looking saw horse between her spread legs. It had a rounded top covered with leather. Mistress Beverly gagged and blindfolded Susan and the started to play with the saw horse. She played with a small crank and the cross bar began to raise. She adjusted it until it pushed Susan up forcing her to stand on her toes. She stepped back and admired her work. If Susan went flat footed her entire weight would be on her pussy. How much strength did she have left in her leg muscles.

"You are not tied now," Beverly said to John, "and you may move around. You may touch if you wish, but whipping and nipple torture or anything pertaining to her suffering is my job. Do you understand ?" and John quickly affirmed that he did.

He rose and walked over to his wife. She was already having trouble staying on her toes. She was moaning through her gag. As her legs grew tired her poor pussy took the brunt of her weight. She would force herself back to her toes and then slowly go back down. It didn't take long and her legs played out and the saw horse revealed its dastardly purpose. Her moans became louder and louder and she rocked her head back and forth.

John reached up and caressed her tits and down her stomach and he rubbed around her tortured pussy. Even with the pain she must be suffering her moans of pain changed to moans of passion. John left her alone and then teased her some more until she was just slumped on the torture devise hardly moving. Susan was untied from the horse and for the next few hours she was tied in different positions and tortured in all sorts of wondrous ways. When she wasn't gagged her screams filled the room. John would caress her tits while Beverly whipped her ass. He loved to feel her contortions under his hands. What ever his wife had paid for this adventure 10 times the amount would have been worth it.

Finally Mistress Beverly untied Susan and took her to a big king sized bed. She was laid on one edge of the bed. Her hands and feet were tied together and then to the head and foot board so she was stretched  tight.

Beverly brought John over and then stripped in front of him while he sat on the bed. She pushed him back on the bed and crawled on top of him grinding her breasts into his chest. Her smell and taste and touch filled John with desire as they thrashed on the bed.

 Poor Susan, blindfolded, gagged and tied must have been going crazy as they rubbed against her in their love making. Beverly swung sideways and used Susan as a pillow as she spread her legs for John to enter her. God Beverly was a mean bitch because the back of her head rested directly on Susan's cunt. As John pounded into her the movement caused her head to rub Susan's pussy. Even through the gag Susan's moans could be heard over Beverly's. In rapid succession they all came. First Beverly, then Susan and then John and then they all just laid exhausted on the bed.

Susan was untied and they were led upstairs to a new room. The room was lavishly decorated. There was a hot tub surrounded by scented candles. Soothing ointments and comforting powders  lined a shelf. Plates of delicious looking snacks were on the counter and a bottle of Champaign was chilling. There John and Susan were left for the rest of the day.

When she came to say goodbye Beverly was again dressed in a nondescript dress. John could hardly believe that it was the same woman who could inflict so much pain. The goodbye was simple. Susan gave Beverly a kiss and a long close hug, and then her and John walked out the door to the car.

Beverly watched them walk down the lane, and then she walked over and put the deposit cheuqe John had given her in her desk.

Susan's Birthday was in a month in a half.

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