Brithday Present

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2005 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

“Oh no four oh.” Ian read with mounting frustration. “Look, even my own daughter thinks I’m past it.”

Evelyn, his wife made appropriate sympathetic noises from the kitchen. They had been married twenty years, he was an office manager, his wife had a part time job at the local supermarket. Apart from a few aches occasionally and a little less stamina , he felt little different from when he was in his twenties.

“Mary left this for you.” Eve said producing a neatly wrapped box.

It was a flexible inspection lamp to use when tinkering with the car.

“I’ll call and thank her this evening.” He assured her. He idly wondered why she had not given him her present at the same time.

Breakfast continued uneventfully and he was just on his way out the door when Eve shoved a little parcel into his hand.

“Don’t open it until lunch time. “ she instructed. “And make sure you are alone. “ she added mysteriously.

The morning passed quietly. He had his own office, naturally, and kept his head down concentrating on matters in hand. His secretary wandered in and out with bits of information. He waited until she had gone to lunch and considered the package he had been given. It looked like a shoe box. He ripped off the outer paper to reveal a note  attached to the lid of the box.

Happy Birthday Darling. 
You will find the real version waiting for you when you get home.
Be gentle. I am powerless to resist you. He was intrigued. Lifting off the lid he found a doll under what appeared to be bed clothes. The doll was wrapped in  paper with just it’s eye and nose showing. He lifted the bedclothes and picked the doll up.

“I’m a bit old for playing with dolls.” He said, knowing no one was listening. He undid the ribbons over the shoulders and legs and pulled open the paper. This was not a doll for a child.

The doll was normal enough, a cheap plastic one with movable limbs, but this one was straight as a board. It had a bra, and panties but no other clothes. What made it unusual was the  lattice work of rope that covered it from head to toe and the cloth across the mouth. Ian almost dropped it in surprise. He had suggested  they experiment with a little bondage when they first started gong out, but Eve had refused. Over the past twenty years the subject had been virtually taboo, any attempt at bringing it up had been ignored or actively discouraged. If  he understood the package correctly he would find his wife tied up helpless on the bed waiting for him. He felt an uncontrollable  straining between his legs  and an increase in heart rate. The afternoon was going to be very tedious.

Driving home he tried to imagine what was going on at home. Someone would have to help her, he wondered who it would be, a neighbour? Doubtful, her sister perhaps? More likely  but still not the ideal person. There was a friend he had heard about recently, Lucy or something like that, they seemed to be seeing each other quite a bit recently. He pulled up into the drive and was greeted by Carol, Eve’s sister.

“Happy Birthday Ian. “ she called lightly. “Your present awaits you. Have a good evening.”

So Carol was in on it. She was obviously more liberal minded than he had thought. The house was quiet. He put down his case any where, pealed off his coat and mounted the stairs two at a time. To his surprise their bedroom was empty, the duvet neatly covering the bed. His mind pictured the box and her realised that it was the colours for the spare bed. Sure enough there was a mound in the spare bed. A life size present, with two bows and a pair of eyes looking wide eyed at him.  If she was having second thoughts she was obviously unable to get out of it.

He peeled back the bedclothes to reveal his present in all it’s glory. It was a little crumpled and there was selotape everywhere joining bits of paper together, but the overall picture was just like the doll. He undid the ribbons and pulled open the paper. She was wearing bra and panties just as the doll and she was encased in ropes.  The covering over her mouth was not just for show she was really unable to speak with some thing packing the inside of her mouth.  She was motionless but there was a feint sign of shivering.

He examined her restraints more closely. Her arms were tight to her sides like she was standing at attention. Her ankles and legs were tight together. He noticed with interest that her wrists and ankles were tied separate from the outer layer of rope. That would prove useful later on. There was a pair of scissors handily left on the bed side table, but he decided to attempt to undo the ropes as they had been tied. He found what appeared to be a top knot and started to unwrap his gift further. He had to roll her back and forth as the rope wound over and under her. When he had finished her body was much more available to his touch. Her wrists were still locked against her thighs , the ropes preventing her legs from opening even if her ankles had not been still tied together .  She seemed to be wanting something but the gag was preventing her making herself clear.

He stood back a moment to look at his present, still unable to move  or speak. He picked up the long rope that had encased her and cut off several lengths. Her eyes looked questioning at him but she would find out soon enough. He rolled her onto her front and slipped a loop over each wrist. He then cut the ropes around her thighs and before she could react pulled her wrists behind her tying them securely in place. Her head was shaking side to side and there were concerned muffled noises from her. 

He stripped down quickly. With her legs now free it was just a matter of untying her ankles and he would have free access to her. Her panties were unceremoniously removed. He felt inside her and was not surprised to find her very dry. There was no time to find anything so he put his head between her legs and  licked moisture into her. She jumped at the intrusion but there was no pleasure for her. He mounted her and rammed home hard. He was  very aroused and despite her unreadiness he was soon growling his release. He closed her legs and retied her ankles. She looked wide eyed straining at her bonds and trying to complain.

“I don’t know whose idea it was for you to be gagged. “ he said gently. “But it means that I am in control and you will just have to put up with it. I have waited twenty years for this moment and I am not going to waste it”. He looked at the clock on the wall. 

“It is now six o’clock.” He told her “That gives me six hours to enjoy my birthday present.”

Eve was shaking her head wildly but he was not going to relent.

“I may have to wait another twenty years, or may be never again.” He continued “You can either fight me all the way, or try and enjoy it. I’m stronger than you, and the ropes give me even more advantage. You can not get free. It was your idea, so you will have to put up with it.”

Eve rolled off her hands  and seemed to scream ineffectually. He was taking a big chance on ruining a good marriage, but if he played things right she might be persuaded that this was not such a bad activity after all. He gazed lovingly at his wife who had curled herself up as much as her bonds would allow. The years had been good to her. She still had a pretty good shaped body, full breasts and  soft skin. A thought crossed his mind.

“The gag was not your idea was it?”

A shake of the head.

“I will have to thank Carol sometime.” He mused. “Now then I think we need something to eat.  Perhaps a takeaway?”

Eve mewed pathetically.

“Don’t worry, I will remove the gag so you can eat. Provided of course you do not abuse the privilege.”

She looked at him questioningly.

“Any complaints or insults and it goes back.” He assured her.

He picked up the phone and without consulting her further ordered a take-away to be delivered. He knew she would approve, although her enjoyment would be severely restricted, so to speak.

“That gives us fifteen minutes or so to get you ready.” He informed her.

First he had to make sure he was suitably dressed to receive the delivery.

She did not struggle as he untied her ankles. She walked meekly down stairs, her wrists still bound firmly behind her. She sat  docile at the dining room table as he secured her  waist and shoulders firmly to one of the chairs. He allowed her legs to stay free, and put a plastic pinafore over her to protect from  inevitable spillages during the meal. When he finally removed the gag her only request was for a drink.

After the meal she asked. “May I ask what happens now?”

“Nothing too strenuous while the food goes down.” He said lightly. Removing the piny and releasing her from the chair. He helped her to her feet so she was standing in the middle of the room.

“Basically I would like to experiment for a while, after all this the first time for me too.  Unfortunately I will have to get you a new bra sometime.”

There was a flicker of dissention but her hand were still held behind her so she could not prevent him from cutting the straps and revealing her breasts fully.

“Fortunately I have plenty of rope to play with.” He continued, “Carol saw to that.”

He experimented with tying her breasts and upper body. It was more complicated than he had ever imagined. The pictures he had seen showed various methods of breast tie but  he was confronted with a live torso and no instruction manual. She did not complain or struggle as he wrapped and unwrapped her breasts with rope. Eventually he stood back and looked with satisfaction. Her breasts were squeezed slightly with ropes encircling them while the general effect was as if she had on a bra made of rope. He then fashioned a rope round her middle and brought two lengths under her from behind. As he pulled it up to attach to her in front her eyes opened wide at the intrusion  between her legs. She momentarily struggled but was powerless to prevent him completing the crotch tie.

“If you will accompany me to the lounge.” He instructed. “We can listen to some music while I look at you for a while.”

There was a light look of puzzlement on her face but she followed dutifully. He lowered her gently into one of the arm chairs. Here face showed a little strain as the crotch rope tightened slightly as she sat. He quickly tied her ankles and legs. She was free to wriggle and move within the limits of her bondage. He did not want a very restrictive tie that would be more tortuous at this stage in her introduction to bondage.  He watched her squirm and shift position. The crotch rope was obviously irritating slightly and her hands had been behind her for some time. He was transfixed. Eventually she settled slightly leant back so as not to be hard on her hand and at angle so that her body was supported by the chair. He wanted to rub his hands up  and down her smooth bound legs and to caress her  waiting breasts but that would wait. For now he would try and give her something else to think about.

As they had never indulged in any activity of this sort they did not have breast stimulators or nipple clamps. They had a vibrator which he proposed to put to an interesting use but he wanted some way to stimulate her tits. Clothes pegs would be too strong. He did not want pain, just a little pressure. He watched her with lust as his mind turned over various possibilities using elastic bands, cotton even sellotape. Suddenly he remembered some jewellery they had inherited. Most of the ear rings had been clip-ons rather than pierced, but there had been several that had screw type clamps. He got up and rummaged through the jewellery box on the cupboard and was aware of her looking at him. He found a matching pair of glass droplets with the screw up fastening and dangled them one in each hand. He saw her mind working. She had pierced ears and was wearing sleepers. He pulled his hands down to his chest one over each of his own nipples and the light dawned on her.

“No.” She said. “You are not going to put them on my nipples.” She squirmed in agitation and possibly a little fear as he approached her.

“Please.” She pleaded “They will hurt me.”

“You do not know that.” He said firmly. “How can you, you have never tried it?”

“I don’t want to.”

“You can’t stop me.” He reminded her. “I could gag you again but I would prefer you to be able to tell me if they really do hurt.” He tested one by screwing it up against his finger. He found the point where it was held but not unduly painful.

“There.” He said “Look, there is no reddening or denting on my finger, but the clip is held in place.”

She was obviously unconvinced and tried to pull away as his hands approached her breasts. There was nowhere for her to go and he brushed his thumbs over her nipples to make them swell up. She jerked from his touch and pulled at her bonds but he was going to proceed. Her breathing increased and she mometarily closed her eyes trying to accept the stimulation to her nipples. He watched her cringe as the first clip was placed into position. He tightened it slowly until it was held firm. She opened her eyes and relaxed slightly.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“I don’t like it.” She confirmed, “But it does not actually hurt.” She confessed.

She was a little calmer as he attached the second one and playfully  jiggled her breasts so that the droplets dangled. They held firm and he stood back. She was still struggling but there was less sign of fear, more like irritation.

“One more thing.” He said and she looked at him apprehensively. He took the vibrator, a long plastic phallus shape with adjustable speed. He turned it slowly until it just started then  pushed it through the ropes on her groin just above her pussy  entrance. The vibrations would be carried on the ropes but not enough to give any real satisfaction. He then sat back to watch her react to this new development. Her movements were more exaggerated as she tried to pull her hands free. Her whole body twisted left and right but she was having no success.

“Get them off me.” She pleaded. Her voice was getting more demanding. “I can’t stand it.” She moaned.

He responded by pulling a tea towel between her teeth and tying it behind her head. It would not gag her completely but she would know that he was not going to take any notice of her cries.  As he watched a change came over her. The vibrator and ear rings were having the right effect. Her breathing  became shorter and she was getting flushed. She was no longer asking for freedom but there was something else she seemed to want. He wandered over and flicked at one of the pendants. He got a hard stare back and a muffled objection but he knew he was winning.

He produced one of the dining room chairs and placed it in front of her. Instead of sitting on it he released her legs and ankles and secured one either side of the back of the chair forcing her legs apart. She was now much more restricted,  held laying back on on the arm chair, her legs held slightly higher than her waist. It was not very elegant but it served it’s purpose. He could see she was getting aroused from the vibrations and nipple stimulations. She would not be able to reach orgasm but the frustrations  and sensations should be unlike she had ever felt before. 

She was not the only one to be getting aroused. He was sporting a very painful hard on himself and she was not yet in a position to satisfy him. He decided to show her his need and removed his clothing slowly.

Despite her pre occupations he was aware of her eyes following his every move. The noises that were coming from here were less aggressive and more frustration and need. He decided on a more manual approach to his own satisfaction and wanked himself in front of her. The first spurts went flying at her landing in dribbles on her chest and breasts. She jumped at each touch and her mouth dropped open in amazement. He was a little embarrassed at his lack of self control and retreated to the kitchen for a towel to clean himself up. When he returned he could see she was almost rigid in tension her whole body quivering and her eyes screwed shut. He let her legs go free and pulled the vibrator out from the ropes. Her face showed a mixture of relief and frustration as the vibration stopped but the need obviously remained. He released the ear rings but there was little sign of thank you or even that she had noticed their removal.

He pulled her to her feet and she nearly collapsed in his arms, her legs barely able to hold her own weight. He man-handled her upstairs to the bed and  almost threw her onto it on her back. He removed the tea towel but she did not seem able to speak properly. Her body was writhing and her legs thrashing .  Despite his recent orgasm he was getting hard again. He climbed on top of her and attacked her sensitised nipples with his lips. He felt between her legs but the rope was preventing  a clean entry.  Her hips thrust at him as his hand lingered in the entrance to her. He grabbed the rope and pulled and she almost shrieked, whether it was pain or pleasure he could not tell. He fumbled with the ropes at her waist and eventually managed to release the crotch rope giving him free access to her

“Please.” She screamed at him.

His finger played inside her fanning her heat even further. She was now very wet. He entered her for the second time. He was not fully erect and she was so moist he found little resistance. He lifted her hips to him and rode her, pumping as much as the position would allow. She was encouraging him this time but he was not big enough to give her any satisfaction. The orgasm when it came was brief and she screamed her frustrations. He rolled off her and she rolled and writhed.

“Make me cum.” She pleaded. “I need to cum.”

He could not refuse her and his fingers soon found the right place. He knew she liked multiple orgasms and was surprised when she called for a halt after just two climaxes. Her legs fastened together as tight as when he had tied them and she rolled on to her side back into the foetal position she had favoured earlier.

Ian now had to decide whether to carry out his threat and keep her tied until midnight or  stop now with her rolling in ecstasy. He decide to release her hands. It took time for her to fully realise she was free and she rolled onto her back rubbing her wrists then her hand dropped to her pussy. He watched her  take several more orgasms without his help. Here breasts were still tied in rope and the redundant crotch rope waived like a snake under her hips. When she had finished she opened her eyes and looked for him. He was standing at the foot of the bed fascinated. She lifted her hands towards him wrists touching.

“Not now dear.” He said gently. “But I would hope you would consent  more readily now.”

There was no sign of refusal as she allowed her arms to drop to her sides. She then clawed at the ropes on her breasts.. He assisted her to get free. The mattress was saturated and there were ropes strewn every where.  She reached up and hugged him.

“Happy Birthday darling.” She said with genuine affection. “I hope you enjoyed it.”

He nodded his agreement.

“I did.” She said sweetly. “We must do it again sometime.”

You could have knocked him down with a feather.

“But not too often.” She added. “I’m not sure I could stand that much excitement too often.”


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