The Birthday Gift

by Studbound

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Storycodes: F+/m; bond; straitjacket; cage; long term; cons/reluct; X

"The only thing that's wrong," I complained to my wife, "Is that you don't like my thing."

"If by 'my thing,' you mean bondage, you're right," she said with something of a sour tone. "It just doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm sorry."

"But all I ask is that you tie me up now and then. What harm can that do?"

"I do it sometimes," she chided.

"But not very often, not for very long, and not with any feeling at all. You just do it, let me sit for an hour or so, untie me, and that's it."

"What more do you want?"

"Well, maybe longer - maybe some humour – threatening not to untie me, some activity - touching, moving about, anything."

"I'm sorry," she said, "But I can't seem to get into it. If you aren't happy with what I do, you'll just have to be satisfied with what you get. But I'll warn you, if you aren't careful someday you might get more than you bargain for."

"What does that mean?"

"Just keep prodding me and you might find out. You might find yourself in something you can't get out of."

"I'd love that. When?" I asked.

"Just get off the subject," she scolded. "I'm not in the mood and I'm certainly not going to have you laying around the house bound and gagged for any length of time so that's that."

He was sad. Other than her refusal to participate much in his "kink," he and his wife had an ideal marriage. They truly loved each other, got along well as friends and lovers. All was quite romantic and had been for almost fifteen years. Only he wanted that one thing more - and she wasn't interested. It was his one sadness.

A week or so later she gave in and tied him to the bed for about ninety minutes one night. While he laid there spread-eagled, blindfolded, and gagged, she told him that she had a special birthday gift for him. In two weeks he would have his fortieth birthday – an event to celebrate with something unusual. While she talked, she told him that she needed his signature on some things first. She untied his right hand, handed him a pen, and moved his hand to the spot for the signature. He signed three times. Of course he wondered what he was signing, but bound that way and gagged, there wasn't much he could ask or do.

About an hour later she simply untied him. 

"What did I sign?" he asked.

"Nothing important," she said. "It's about your birthday present. If I tell you more, it will spoil the surprise."

He forgot about it. The subject of bondage didn't come up again. And then it was his birthday. A pleasant enough Saturday morning. She woke him early, told him he had to get prepared for his special birthday surprise. She handed him a small package while he lay in bed. He opened it. Inside, he found a small red piece of cloth which, on close inspection, turned out to be a thong.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"Just put it on, and you'll find out," she instructed. "And wear your Levi's and only a white tee shirt, then your Nikes without sox. Meet me in the living room when you're ready.

He showered, shaved and brushed his teeth. Then he put on the red thong, the white tee shirt, and the Levi’s, which, with time, were getting a bit snug, but he managed to get them buttoned. 

In the living room, she led him out to their car, had him sit in the passenger seat, and started driving.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Don't be so impatient," she said. "It's a surprise."

Finally he realized that they were on the road to the airport. She parked in the lot and took him to the United Airlines counter where she produced a ticket. She confirmed his seat on a flight to Reno, Nevada, about an hour away from their California home.

"What am I going to do in Reno?" he asked. "And won't I need any luggage? How long will I be there?"

"You'll be met by people there who will take care of you," she said. "Do what they say and you'll be surprised. You have everything you need. That's all I'll say."

"You aren't going?" he asked.

"No," she said. "This is special just for you."

She waited with him until they boarded the plane - stood there and waved and smiled as he walked aboard.

The flight, to his amazement, left on time. They arrived in Reno, and he walked off the plane. Almost as soon as he entered the waiting room, two very striking young women walked up to him and called him by name. He acknowledged that they had found the right person.

"Follow us," they said. They led him through the airport and out of the terminal building. In a parking lot some distance away they took him to a large Winnebago. He noted that there were no windows in the back half of the machine, but that didn't seem too odd. They opened the door and told him to enter - inside he found two more equally charming young women. When all five were in the room that took up about half of the vehicle, they smiled and asked if he had had a good flight. He said that it had been just fine.

"Ok, then," said one of the women. "Did you wear the thong?"

"Oh yes," he smiled.

"Good," she said. Then take off the tee shirt, your Nikes and your Levi's and put them here in this box for safekeeping," she instructed.

"You mean strip right here?" he asked.

"Yes," she smiled. "Don't be shy."

With some hesitation he pulled off the tee shirt, kicked off the Nikes, and unbuttoned and pulled off the Levi's.

"Oh my," said one of the women. "A red thong. Someone must really be giving you a special surprise."

"What does the red thong mean?" he asked. "Is it unusual?"

"Oh, you'll find out," smiled another of the four women. "We don't want to spoil the surprise."

"Now, if you slip into this," a woman said as she held up a white jacket. As he pushed his arms into the jacket, he realized fairly quickly that it was a straitjacket.

"I don't understand," he said. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"We know exactly what we're doing," said one of the women as the others began to buckle the many straps. Quickly he found himself very tightly confined in the jacket - comfortable, but fairly immobile. "Are you doing OK?" the woman asked.

"I'm fine," he said, "But is the straitjacket necessary for the surprise?"

"Oh yes," one explained. "It's essential. Now open your mouth."

As he opened his mouth, he saw one of the women hold up a black leather contraption that he couldn't immediately identify. She put a large ball-wad into his mouth and the others began to pull on and fasten straps. It took only an instant for him to realize that it was a gag - a fairly effective one The leather front covered most of his lower face, straps held his jaw tight against the wad in his mouth, other straps went around his head in various ways.

He shook his head - no - saying "Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm." He wanted to indicate that he really didn't want the gag.

"Now follow Rachel here," said one of the women.

He turned and saw that Rachel was holding open a door into the back half of the Winnebago. He followed. On the other side he saw six large reclining chairs, one on each side of the vehicle. Two of them were occupied by men in straitjackets and gags like himself only their legs were also bound and they were strapped to the reclining chairs. One man, somewhat younger than himself, had on a yellow thong, the other a black thong.

Two of the women led him to one of the chairs and had him sit in it, then a third women came with binders and secured his legs so they were like the others while the first two women strapped him securely to the chair. It was clear to him that he wasn't going anywhere until they released him.

"Now," said one of the women. "We have two other guests who will be arriving shortly, so make yourselves comfortable while you wait."

Then all of the women disappeared leaving the three men sitting in their chairs looking at each other and not able to do much else - certainly not able to make any introductions or carry on any conversation.

After some time, two of the women brought in a fourth man - somewhat older, wearing a black thong and bound and gagged like the others. Shortly after that they brought in a bound man in a blue thong.

"Now our group is complete," said one of the women. "Settle back and enjoy the ride. It will take us about an hour depending on traffic." Then she turned and closed the door leaving the five men alone in the back room of the Winnebago.

The ride was fairly smooth, and he guessed that it did indeed take about one hour. When the Winnebago stopped, five women eventually came into the back room and began releasing the "guests" from their chairs. One by one the bound men had their legs released but kept their straitjackets and gags. They were led outside and found that they had pulled into a building and were, in fact, in something of a waiting room. Opposite the Winnebago they saw doors leading to places unknown. In front of them they saw a table with a group of women with papers and other documents.

The five "guests" were seated on a bench facing the table. He watched as they took the man with the yellow thong up to the table. 

"Are you ready?" one of the women asked.

He nodded, and they led him to one of the doors, took him through and he disappeared.

As he watched them take the man with the blue thong, he noticed a large chart on the wall behind the table. On the chart he saw silhouettes of thongs - seven of them in seven different colours. First was green - with the explanation - "Green thong - Three hour sessions twice daily, bound and gagged." Next was  "Yellow thong - six hour sessions twice daily, bound and gagged." Third was: "White thong - twenty hours bound and gagged with brief rest periods." Fourth was "Blue thong - forty-eight hours - Bound and gagged with brief rest periods." "Black thong - seventy two hours - bound and gagged with brief rest periods."  "Gold thong - seventy two hours - bound and gagged with no rest periods." Finally he saw the red silhouette and his heart began to race. "Red thong - seven days - strictest bondage, bound, gagged, hog-tied, no relief or rest, no safe word."

This was a joke, he thought. Some joke his wife arranged. Surely they wouldn't keep him so severely tied up for an entire week. 

One by one the other four men went to the table, listened, and were led through one of the doors.

Finally, they took him up to the table.

"So, red thong," smiled one of the women. 

He shook his head - no -and made what noise he could into the gag. 

"Did he sign all the releases?" she asked the women sitting next to her.

"Yes," came the cryptic answer. 

The women looked up and smiled. "Someone must think quite a bit of you to treat you to the red thong regimen. Very few men do it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Take him to the cage."

He protested into the gag, resisted as they led him to the far door on the right. They almost pushed him down the long hallway, and finally into a small room. In the centre of the room he saw a cage, which looked hardly big enough to hold a man. They laid him on the floor, bound his legs, pulled them up into a strict hog-tie. They lifted him and put him in the cage

One of the women brought in a gallon sized plastic bottle, and fastened it to the top of the cage. They brought down a plastic tube from the bottle and inserted it into the front of the gag that filled his mouth, pushing it in a channel that seemed to open but hadn't seemed to be there before. Eventually he felt a little moisture in his mouth.

"This is your nutrition," one woman said. "It' will keep you healthy. If you empty it, we'll give you a new one, so drink all you want - we check on you once a day. When you need to urinate, just go - it drips down into the drain below you. You shouldn't have any trouble during your week with us.. In case of an emergency, we watch you on closed-circuit television - a copy of some of the better moments will go home with you for you and your wife - it was your wife who gave you this gift wasn't it?"

He nodded - yes. Then he tried to tell them he didn't want to spend the week, but the gag prevented that - he knew it would. He knew it was hopeless.

Another women fastened a cable to a loop in the top of the cage, and someone on the side of the room pressed a switch. The cable tightened and the cage lifted up from the floor - stopping about half way up to the ceiling.

He looked down at them as they moved toward the door, going out, and closing it. The last women looked up and said, "Enjoy your week."

As he realized this wasn't a joke, that he would have the bondage experience of his lifetime, he could hear his wife saying, "But I'll warn you, if you aren't careful someday you might get more than you bargain for." He heard those words frequently in his mind over the next days.


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