Birching Miss Birch 2

by The Technician

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; camp; cabin; enslave; naked; bond; outdoors; bdsm; birch; electro; punish; shave; reward; toys; insert; denial; lesb; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

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A Mad Bitch Office Manager is tamed by her secretary. An autocratic and abusive office manager, known by all who work under her as “The Mad Bitch,” is retrained during a weekend “Wilderness Bonding Experience” and turned into a submissive slave, lily.

Slave lily is a natural-born pain-slut, so this story– eventually– gets to a lot of pain and humiliation. If that isn’t your preferred genre, you might want to skip this story. Also, all sex is F/f, so if you want M/F or M/f, this isn’t your story.

I said “eventually,” because I am currently in the process of writing another book under the Wayne Mitchell name and my editor has told me to spend more time developing the plot situations. I’m testing it out in this story. There is absolutely no sex in the prologue, so you can skip that if you want and the story still makes sense. Once it gets to the good stuff, it stays good to the end.

The story is in three parts. Each part stands more or less on its own, but makes more sense if you have read the previous parts.
Continued from part one

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Chapter Two of Three

The Mad Bitch, Maddy Birch, was now just slave lily. She was lying on her back, naked on the end of the bed in an isolated cabin at a campground owned by “Wilderness Experiences.” Her legs were bent at the knees with her feet on the floor, and she was waiting silently for her new Mistress’s next command.

Darla Lewis, her administrative assistant, was that new Mistress. She had discovered that Maddy wasn’t the sadistic monster most of her employees portrayed her to be. Instead, Maddy was actually a pain-slut who was too afraid to admit what she truly was. Darla had taken that choice away from her, and was now training her to be her willing slave.

Darla crawled up onto the bed on all fours. Her naked breasts hung down like large melons hanging from a vine. “Let’s see now,” she began. “I gave you pleasure by spanking your white ass. And LeRoy gave you pleasure with his tattoo needles.” She laughed as Maddy turned slightly red at the thought that she had been turned on by the pain of the needles.

“And you,” Darla continued, “gave LeRoy pleasure by letting him fuck you.” She paused and cocked her head to one side. “I think it’s time someone gave me a little pleasure don’t you? And since you’re the only one here besides me, lily, I guess that is going to be you.”

Darla then swung her leg over Maddy’s chest. “As a matter of fact,” she said with a chortle as she pressed her cunt tightly against Maddy’s mouth, “I think I deserve a lot of pleasure.”

It was almost twenty minutes later before Darla shuddered in orgasm as Maddy desperately licked and suckled at her cunt. It was another ten minutes before Darla finally gave a deep sigh and said, “I guess that is about enough for tonight.” She then rolled off of her new slave and stood up on the floor next to the bed.

“There is a bunch of wood out back, lily,” Darla said. “You go out the kitchen door and bring in enough to last the night while I get some food out of the freezer for you to cook for our supper.”

Maddy stood wearily to her feet and staggered as much as walked through the small kitchen and out onto a large concrete pad behind the cabin. On the other side of the pad was a large stack of firewood. She could only carry two or three pieces at a time and it took many trips before Darla finally said, “I think that’s enough for tonight. I’m going to take a shower while you get that fire going. Then, you wash the stink and dirt off your skinny white body and get into that kitchen and make us some supper.”

Fifteen minutes later, Maddy was standing, still naked, in the kitchen preparing a meal. As the food was finishing, Maddy set two plates on the table. “No, no, no,” Darla said emphatically, “you don’t eat with me. You serve me, and then, if there’s any left, you eat by yourself over at the counter while you clean up the dishes.”

Maddy sighed heavily and put the second plate back in the cupboard. She served Darla her supper and stood at the counter while Darla ate. At one point, Darla lifted her partially empty coffee cup into the air and coughed slightly. Maddy immediately hurried over and refilled the cup from the pot which was sitting on the warmer of the coffee maker.

When Darla was finished, she called Maddy over to the table. “You did very well, lily,” she said. “So I am going to give you a reward. You have three minutes to masturbate yourself to climax.”

Maddy’s eyes opened wide and she sputtered, “What?”

“If you don’t want to,” Darla said, “that’s up to you, but remember, you can only cum when I tell you to. And you now have only two minutes and thirty seconds to rub yourself into release.”

Maddy dropped to the floor on her back and began rubbing her slit with one hand and her breasts with the other. She was almost there when Darla shouted, “Time’s up!”

Maddy lay whimpering on her back on the floor. “OK,” Darla said, “I will give you another minute to finish up, but next time I give you permission to masturbate, you had better drop to the floor and get busy or I won’t let you cum for a month. You got that?”

Maddy had already returned to her frantic self-ministrations as Darla was speaking and her answer of “Yes, Mistress Darla,” was screamed out in a loud, long, orgasmic moan.

Darla stood over Maddy as she lay on the floor panting in recovery. “It’s getting late,” she said. “There are three places, lily, where a slave like you might sleep. If I am displeased with you, you will sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed. If I am pleased with you, I will let you sleep in your own bed. And if I need you to take care of my needs, I will have you sleep with me. You got that?”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy dutifully replied.

“I’m pleased with you tonight, but we have a big day tomorrow, so I need to just sleep. You eat your supper and clean up this kitchen right. Then we are going to bed. I’m sleeping in the big bed. You get the smaller one over in the corner.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy again replied.

Later, after she had eaten and the kitchen had been cleaned up, Maddy walked out into the now darkened main room of the cabin. “Before you go to bed,” Darla said, “you put another log or two on the fire. And you make sure that fire doesn’t go out overnight. If I get cold, your ass is going to get very warm.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla.”

Twenty minutes later, both were sound asleep–Darla under two blankets and a warm quilt, Maddy under just a thin sheet.


At first, Maddy had been upset that Darla had taken her blanket, but she soon realized why as she woke up cold and shivering. It had only been a little over an hour, but the fire was not much more than embers and flickers. Suddenly wide awake, she jumped from her bed and began adding wood to the fire. After several minutes, the fire was once again blazing and the room was again becoming warm and toasty.

As she crawled back under her thin sheet, Darla’s voice came out of the darkness, “You let that fire get down too low,” she growled. “If I get cold like that again, I’m going to warm myself up by birching your ass.”

Maddy’s gasp of intaken breath was immediately followed by a long low moan.

“Shit, lily,” Darla said with a laugh, “that ain’t a threat for you, is it? You would actually like that.” She snorted another short laugh and said, “But I do hate being cold.”

She sat up in her bed, “I’ll tell you what, my lily-white pain-slut, if you make sure that our fire never gets low again tonight, I will string you up naked in the woods tomorrow, and use a birch whisk on your ass until you cum from the pain.”

Darla paused for several moments while she watched Maddy panting softly as she also sat up in her bed. “Do you want me to do that, lily?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy replied softly.

“Then you make sure that fire stays bright and warm all night,” Darla replied, “and I will do that. But if you don’t, I will find something that hurts like hell that you don’t like.”

Maddy was sleeping on the floor next to the fireplace when Darla woke Saturday morning. The fire was still burning brightly and the cabin was more than sufficiently warm. Being so close to the heat of the fire, Maddy’s skin was covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

“Rise and shine, my lily-white pain-slut,” Darla called out, and Maddy jumped to her feet.

“I kept it burning all night,” she stammered out. “I even went out and got more wood. I tried sleeping without the sheet, but the fire still died down too much before it woke me.

“So I moved over here next to the fire,” she babbled out, “and with my body all sweaty, as soon as the fire dies down, I start to feel the cold.”

She looked up at Darla like a puppy waiting for a treat and said hopefully, “I did everything you said I had to do.”

“Girl,” Darla responded, “you are one screwed-up white lady. You must have one hell of a lot of sexual fantasies bottled up inside you just begging to get out.”

She laughed slightly and continued, “OK, I’ll birch your white ass like I promised, but first things first. You get some breakfast for both of us. Then, after you’ve got the kitchen all cleaned back up, we will go for a walk in the woods.”

Maddy threw two more logs on the fire and scurried into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. By the time Darla had finished her morning routine, coffee, eggs, and sausage were awaiting her on the table.

As Darla sat down at the table, she said, “lily, you go clean yourself up.” As Maddy started toward the bathroom, Darla added, “Take those razors and shaving cream with you. Make sure that you are smoother than a baby’s ass by the time you get back here.”

About fifteen minutes later, Maddy returned to the kitchen. She started to get her breakfast off the stove, but Darla called her over and ordered her to present herself. Maddy stood in front of her Mistress with her legs slightly apart and her hands on her head.

Darla reached out, ran her hand over Maddy’s sex, then slid her fingers all the way back between her legs and up between her asscheeks. She pressed on Maddy’s rosebud with her index finger and Maddy’s legs trembled slightly while a moan escaped her mouth.

“You’re dripping wet,” Darla said derisively. “Are you always like this?”

She laughed and asked, “What did you do, wear a pad or tampon all of the time?”

“Not every day,” Maddy replied. “Only when I was playing out my fantasies in my mind.”

“Which was probably every day,” Darla said derisively. She then held up her hand and ordered, “Clean my fingers!”

Maddy hesitated slightly, but then leaned forward and sucked the digits into her mouth. She rubbed her tongue slowly over Darla’s fingers until all taste of herself was gone, then opened her mouth and let Darla remove her hand.

“You may eat now,” Darla said firmly, and Maddy slid her eggs and sausage out of the pan and onto her plate. She stood at the counter watching Darla as she ate quickly, before hurrying to clean up the kitchen.

When Maddy was finished in the kitchen, Darla said, “I have something for you,” and walked over to retrieve something from her large duffle bag. It was a bright red dog collar.

“I was going to use the black one,” she said, “but I think red suits a slut like you better than black.”

Maddy’s face reddened slightly, but she raised her chin so that Darla could attach the wide strip of leather around her neck. Darla then reached into her duffle and brought out a ten-foot chain dog leash. She clipped it to the front of the collar and said, “Pick up the duffle.”

Once Maddy was holding the duffle bag, Darla tugged slightly on the leash and said, “Time for our walk.”

The morning air caused Maddy’s nipples to immediately stiffen and the path was cool against her bare feet. A short distance from the cabin, the asphalt path gave way to a dirt trail. Luckily, there was a carpet of fallen pine needles covering most of the trail, so it was still comfortable on her feet.

“We have to get out of the pine trees,” Darla said in a cheerful voice. “There is a stand of birch just over the next rise.”

At the top of the hill was a small clearing. On the other side of the clearing, the thin, white trunks of a multitude of birch trees reflected the morning sun. At the edge of the clearing, Darla ordered, “Set down the bag and walk into the trees and bring back two dozen birch branches. They have to be the end of the branch, at least two feet long and about as big around as your little finger on the thick end. You got that?”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy replied.

She had to step carefully among the birch trees. Unlike the forested area around the cabin, this area was not covered with pine needles and there were many small plants and young birch trees growing from the ground.

Breaking a small branch from a birch tree was not as easy as Maddy thought it would be and it took several minutes of tugging and twisting to removed each branch. She broke apart several of them in her struggles to remove them and ended up having to pull off almost three dozen branches to have two dozen good ones.

When Maddy brought the bundle of branches back to Darla, her Mistress handed her a small knife and said, “Cut off all the small twigs and peal the bark off the branch. And make sure that you cut as close to the branch as possible. I don’t want any spikes cutting up your ass– at least not this time. If I want to cut your ass, I will use a single switch and leave the stubs on it.”

It was nearly an hour later before Maddy had completed her task to Darla’s satisfaction. Darla then chose the eighteen best switches and used coarse twine to bind them tightly together at the thick end creating what looked like a small, very stiff brush or broom. “A whisk doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a single switch,” Darla explained, “and it is much less likely to break the skin. But I don’t want you overly marked up this week. Besides, this is supposed to be a reward, not a punishment.”

Darla then reached once again into her large duffle bag and brought out several lengths of rope. She directed Maddy over to the edge of the clearing and had her stand between two of the large birches that were about six feet apart. Darla then used a forked stick she picked up off the ground to hold the rope slightly above her head as she tightened it around one the trees. She did the same at the other tree with another piece of rope. Another piece of rope was tied to the base of each tree.

“Looks like we are ready for you,” Darla said as she wrapped restraint cuffs around Maddy’s wrists and ankles. She then tied the cuffs to the ropes with some sort of a slip knot. She pulled each of the ropes taut with a heavy grunt and Maddy was stretched tightly between the trees.

“You don’t have to count these,” Darla said. “I’m just going to keep whipping until you cum or beg me to stop.”

With that she began swinging the whisk against Maddy’s ass and thighs. Maddy yelped slightly on the first strike, but followed that with an intake of breath that sounded more like a moan. She continued to yelp and moan as blow after blow slowly turned the flesh of her ass a very bright red.

Soon she was no longer yelping, but moaning and crying out in passion with each strike. Her legs, and then her whole body, began quiver and tremble as a tremendous orgasm slowly built within her. She was now crying out “Uh, uh, uh,” with each blow and thrusting herself back almost as if she were fucking the whip as it smashed against her ass.

Finally, with a scream that probably echoed for miles, she yelled out her release. For several moments she danced and thrashed in her bonds, and then hung panting and moaning, repeating softly, “Thank you, Mistress Darla. Thank you, Mistress Darla. Thank you, Mistress Darla.”

“Time for a little pain to show you who’s boss,” Darla said. This time she didn’t reach into her bag, but instead her pocket. She held up a rather thick rubber band in front of Maddy’s face. “Now, you wouldn’t think that this could be very painful,” she said, “but in the right hands, and on the right place, it will really get your attention.”

Darla then pulled the rubber band taut between two of her fingers and pulled one portion of the band back with her other hand. She set her fingers on either side of Maddy’s left nipple and let go.

There was a loud “Snap!” followed by a much louder scream. Darla laughed, but then Maddy once again gave a deep moan as she inhaled.

Darla looked at her in puzzlement and then repeated her actions on the right breast. Again there was a loud “Snap!” followed by a scream– this time not quite so loud. But the moan that followed the scream was deeper and clearer.

Darla repeated her actions several times. Each time it was “Snap!” scream, moan. After a dozen or so repetitions, Maddy’s legs once again began to quiver and tremble. Eight snaps later, Maddy once again yelled out in orgasm.

“Damn,” said Darla with a low laugh.“This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I thought I could break you into being my perfectly submissive slut-slave by a combination of pleasure...” She rubbed Maddy’s clit and Maddy gave a deep moan. “... and pain,” She once again snapped the rubber band on Maddy’s nipple. Maddy gasped loudly, but then again gave a deep moan. “But you are so into pain, that I don’t seem to have a punishment to balance out the reward.”

Darla reached into the duffle that was lying on the ground next to the trees from which Maddy hung. “Then again,” Darla said, “I hadn’t even thought about having to use this.” She laughed, “I only brought it along because it is always in my goodie bag.”

Darla held up her hand to display what looked like an oversized candle lighter with a large plastic horseshoe on the end of the long barrel. “The insides of this started out as a stun gun,” she explained. “But a friend of mine modified it for slightly different use.”

She held the handle sideways so Maddy could see two small dials in the side, “You see these two knobs, lily?” She said. “This first one,” Darla turned the small knob with her finger. “is the setting. This second one,” Darla also turned that knob, “is the multiplier.

“If I put the multiplier on 1 and the setting on 0.5, I have one-half. If I turn the multiplier to 10, I have 5.” She turned the setting dial to maximum. “With the setting on 1 and the multiplier on 10, I have 10.

“Now, if I have the setting on 1 and turn the multiplier to 100, I have 100... And if I turn the multiplier to 1000, I have 1000.” She laughed a deep and disturbing laugh, then said, “You really don’t want to know what happens if I turn the setting to 10,000.”

She suddenly put the prongs of the horseshoe against Maddy’s breast and pulled the trigger. “Aiiiiieeeeee,” screamed Maddy. “No!” she screamed. “Please, no! Please don’t!”

Darla laughed again, “I think I have found the punishment to balance out the reward. If you do what you are supposed to do, you get reward.” Darla again rubbed Maddy’s clit and then gave her a quick snap of the whisk. “But if you don’t obey me exactly and immediately...” She turned both the setting and the multiplier dials to maximum and pulled the trigger. Sparks arced from prong to prong on the horseshoe that was right in front of Maddy’s face.

Although the terrible device was almost a foot away from Maddy eyes, she lost control of her bladder and urine poured onto the ground beneath her feet. “I think we are ready to begin,” said Darla with a smile. “Let’s get you back to the cabin.”


When they arrived back at the cabin, Darla said curtly, “Get your briefcase.” Maddy immediately hurried over to her stuff and brought back her Halliburton attache case.

“You do like the top-of-the-line stuff, don’t you, lily?” Darla sneered as she opened the aluminum case. Inside was a stack of personnel folders and Maddy’s ultra-thin laptop.

“You intended to finalize the employee evaluations while you were here, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy responded.

“Well, I like top-of-the-line stuff myself,” Darla said as she again pulled something from the duffle. “This here is a top-of-the-line stuff, state of the art, remote-controlled anal plug with vibrate and shock capability and a connection for an external lead to a clit clip.”

“In case you’re wondering how I can afford something like this on my salary,” she said as she held it up in front of Maddy’s eyes, “I helped test it for my friend, W. I can tell you from personal experience that it feels really good at low voltage, and it hurts like hell in the upper ranges.” She held up a small remote, “And I can control style, amplitude, and duration of the pulses from here.”

“Lay face down on the end of the bed,” she ordered, “and spread your ass cheeks.”

Maddy did as ordered. Darla squirted a small amount of lube directly on her rosebud and said, “That isn’t just to make it slide in easier. That lube helps conduct electricity.”

Then Darla ordered, “Scoot your ass back just a little so I can get to your clit.” She reached between Maddy’s legs and clipped an electrode to her pleasure nub. The wire of the electrode inserted in a jack on the bottom of the anal plug. Maddy gasped slightly as the clamp pinched her clit.

“Now it’s time for a little review of your performance reviews,” Darla said as she pulled the small table over in front of the bed. “You sit here at the table on this chair,” she said, “and I will lay here on the bed and critique your performance. If you get something right, you get pleasure.”

She pressed one of the buttons on the remote in her hand and Maddy moaned softly as very light electrical impulses tickled her clit while the anal plug vibrated within her.

“But if you get it wrong... like you often do,” Darla continued, “then there will be punishment.”

She pressed a different button on the remote and Maddy yelped as both her ass and her clit received a significant shock.

Darla lay on the bed sorting through the stack of performance reviews. “Did you even know,” she asked, “that part of your performance review in November is based on how well you handle your reviews of the employees under you?” She gave a short huff and answered herself with, “Of course you didn’t. Getting your office turned around will get you noticed, but the bean counters higher up only see these pieces of paper– and yours, so you need to get these right.”

“We can skip mine,” Darla said as she set one of the folders on the table. “In case you haven’t read the files you downloaded to your laptop to work on this weekend, I’ll point out that I’ve already edited mine.” She laughed slightly. “You were pretty close. You already said that I am very good at my job and one of the big reasons the office works as well as it does. You have now added that we work so well as a team that you cannot imagine ever working without me. I provide great insight and ideas that enable you to properly manage your responsibilities and you consider me to be irreplaceable.”

She looked up at Maddy and said forcefully, “That guarantees you can’t get rid of me as I push you up the corporate ladder.”

Darla then leaned forward and set the rest of the stack of folders on the table in front of Maddy. “Let’s start with Rachel,” she said.

Maddy looked at the screen of her laptop and reported, “I said that Rachel was a qualified employee, but lacked drive and determination as shown by the fact that she was consistently slightly late for work.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she yelped and then gave a short scream.

“Wrong!” said, Darla. “Have you ever talked to Rachel? Do you know why she is sometimes five or ten minutes late?” Darla huffed and continued, “She’s a single mother. Her husband died in an auto accident four years ago. She doesn’t leave home until the kids are on the school bus. Sometimes the bus is late, so she is late.”

Maddy said, “Oh?”

“Here’s what you write,” Darla commanded, “Rachel is a qualified employee that shows drive and determination as shown by the fact that despite being a single mother who has great responsibilities at home, has not missed a day of work in the past two years.”

Maddy typed furiously on the laptop in front of her. “I will edit your grammar and spelling, as I always do,” said Darla, “and put these corrected reports on the company network when we get back.”

Darla leaned back against the pillows on the bed and said, “Next is Twila.”

Maddy picked up the folder and entered the employee number into her computer. She sat looking at Darla with a mixture of question and fear on her face. “Well? What did you say?” asked Darla.

“I said that she is good, but slow.” Maddy answered. Again there was a yelp and a scream. “But she IS very slow,” she said as if pleading with her Mistress.

“How many times have you ever had her redo anything that you asked her to do?” snapped Darla.

“Never,” answered Maddy.

“And who does everybody else go to so she can proofread their reports?”

“Twila,” answered Maddy.

“What does that tell you?” asked Darla. She had once again sat upright and her eyes were widening as her voice became very loud and forceful.

“I don’t know!” snapped Maddy. That outburst was followed not by a yelp, but by a loud, piercing scream.

“Think about it,” said Darla. “What is it that is actually slowing down her work?”

After a long silence, Maddy answered, “Perhaps she should be head writer in the office with the proofreading she does for the rest of the office as a part of her job description. That way her production would not look slow.”

And so it went through the stack of personnel folders. Occasionally, when Maddy read her evaluation statement, there would be a soft buzzing and she would moan with pleasure, but most of the time, her statement was followed by a loud yelp or scream.

Finally, they were down to the last folder. “I saved this one for last,” Darla said, and then she asked, “What did you say about Ramone?”

“I said that he was rude and overbearing and approaching being in violation of the company sexual harassment policies,” Maddy answered. “And in the comments to HR, I recommended termination because of obvious personality flaws.”

Maddy tensed waiting for the expected shock to her ass and clit, but nothing happened. “You’re not wrong,” Darla said. “Ramone is a sexist pig... But you’re not right either. What he does in the office is the result of bad management, not just his lack of character and maturity.”

Maddy looked at Darla with confusion. Darla continued, “Have you taken him aside and talked to him? Have you warned him? Have you suggested any of the courses that HR has available to help him understand what is or is not acceptable behavior?” She paused, but when Maddy did not answer, she continued, “No, you haven’t done any of that because that would require you being forceful and you are a spineless lily-white pain-slut.”

Maddy stammered, “Then what should I do?”

“Change your recommendation to HR. Note the problem and say that you will have a followup report in six months. Then do what you are paid to do! Be a manager. I will be your spine and you will do what you are told to do because I have commanded you to do it.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy said softly.

“That was a good day’s work,” Darla said. The buzzing of the anal plug could be clearly heard and Maddy braced herself against the tabletop as pleasure flowed through her from the vibrations and the tickling of the very light pulses to her clit.

After several minutes, Darla said, “You put all your stuff away properly and then you spend the next hour giving me my reward for all the hard work I have done in making you into a proper manager.”

Maddy stood on very wobbly legs and gathered up the folders. By the time she had placed them– and her laptop– in her expensive briefcase, Darla was waiting for her, naked, on the bed. She crawled up onto the bed and nuzzled between her Mistress’s legs, lapping slowly and gently as Darla sighed, “That’s the way, lily, slow and steady wins the race.”

Maddy continued her slow ministrations as Darla guided her higher or lower. At one point, Darla reached down and put her hands on her head and said, “Let’s see if you can get that tongue all the way down to the back door for some rim action.”

Maddy stretched her tongue farther and farther until Darla finally sighed and said, “Yes, my lily-white pain-slut, that’s what I want.”

When Darla was finally sated, she ordered, “Clean yourself up and take out the plug. Then go make us some supper.” She waited until lily was standing next to the bed and added in a soft, but firm voice, “lily, you can have tonight off for whatever you want to do... as long as you stay here and stay naked.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy replied.

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