Bio Tech

by Steff

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© Copyright 2010 - Steff - Used by permission

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I still couldn’t believe it. The store I had worked for had caught fire and I was unemployed. Here it was the second day of summer break and I had no job to speak of. It was the last summer I would be at home because I was going off to collage. I wanted to get some extra money and now it looked like I was going to have to work fast food and that idea really didn’t appeal to me. After a few days a friend of my Dad’s, Mark, told me that his company was looking for a few people.

A couple of days later I had my interview. I was told that I would be testing a new line of stuff they were coming out with. I was shocked to find out that I would be making $20,000 per month. I asked what kind of stuff, they made me sign a non-disclosure agreement and then made arrangements for me to meet Mark at a different location the next day.

I arrived at the location a few minute early and waited. It was located in the warehouse district of the city. The building was surrounded by a heavy-duty chain link fence. The building itself was a newer looking building with a few window towards the top. The company name “Bio Tech” was written on the building and the fence. Mark pulled up and I followed him into the fenced area.

Once inside the building I was given a visitor ID and followed Mark to an upstairs meeting room. Once inside I was handed a binder that was labeled “New Toy Line.” When I opened it I was shocked to see that the “Toy Line” was a new line of A.I. sex toys. The toys mainly involved vibrator, eggs and breast manipulation devices. They have sensors built in and the control computer would adjust accordingly. The end result would be one or as many orgasms that were preprogrammed.

Mark had me skip towards the end of the book, “these are closer to what you are going to be testing.” I looked at the stuff and got excited. They were more like leotards and catsuits that would manipulate the whole area that was covered.

“What kinds of tests will I be doing?” I asked.

“The line we are working on has a full body and bondage theme to it,” he replied. “We are also trying out a new kind of jelly what can be controlled and shaped into any size and shape the computer or controller desires. All the pictures we take will only be used for research and you will get a copy for yourself. Just remember they are included in the non-disclosure agreement you signed. Once the products you tested are publicly released then you can show the off publicly.”

“What kind of hours and how many tests are we talking about,” I asked.

He thought for a minutes and said, “We had 12 items for you to test. 2 of them will involve at least one other person using it at the same time. The tests will last from 2-14 hours. We would like to test 2 or 3 items per week. It all depends of how you feel. You will get paid for 7 weeks time if you finish all the tests early. If all the results work out like we are planning you will also be able to take one of the items with you.”

“140,000 dollars is a lot of money for such a short time to work. What’s the catch?” I asked.

He grinned and said “You are a smart one aren’t you. You will only get paid for the week if you test at least 2 items and you complete the whole test cycle. You will be in intense bondage and be filling intense sensations. People that have our other product say that they have had the most intense reactions using the stuff they have ever had. You will have a means to stop the test at anytime but you only get 2 strikes before you are out. The reason for this is that the machines need to calibrated and prepared, all of which cost money. So what do you think are you will to give it a try?”

I thought for a few minutes and said, “Sure why not. I take it I only get the free machine if all the tests work out and I try out all the stuff you want me to?”

“Yes that right,” Mark replied “after all we aren’t going to give you faulty toy. If you want you can start now or wait until the morning.”

After I agreed to start that day I was escorted into a changing room. I removed all my clothes and put on a bathrobe. I was also given my stopping remote. It was a ball that was golf ball sized. There was a short cable with a ring attached to it. I put the ring on my finger and looked at the ball. There was a red button on it. I was told push the button and the machine will stop and release my mouth. If there is a problem it will be corrected and the test will continue. If I want out then I will be released and test will be over. The ring and cable where there so if I let go of the remote I could find it again. Then I was taken into a room with a hot tub in the middle. The liquid in the tub was a greenish blue color and was slightly cloudy. Mark’s voice came over a PA system and told me to hang up my robe, and kneel in the tub.

I stepped down into the tub and it was only about 6 inches deep. The liquid was comfortably warm but as thick as syrup. I was to put my hands into the liquid to keep my balance and knelt down. As I tried to move to the center of the tub like I was told I realized that I couldn’t pull my hands or lower legs out to the tub. The liquid wouldn’t come off and it was really strong. I could only move my hands a couple in inches out before it was pulled back down. I was able to move around in it so I slid toward the center of the tub. I was just about to the middle when my hands slipped and I fell face first into the tub. I tried but wasn’t able to get up on my knees or even get my head out of the liquid. Just as I started to panic the liquid inflated around my head and was able to breath.

After I took a couple of breaths I calmed down then I yelped in surprise something long and skinny was slid into my pussy. After the object slid in about 4 inches it began to enlarge. It stopped enlarging when it was about 1.5 inched thick. After a few minutes I felt the liquid around my waist loosen up and I was able to raise my ass and back out of the liquid. I was able to lift out most of head but the top remained in and from my neck to the top of my head remained inside the “balloon” that I was breathing. My breasts remained stuck in the liquid as well. My forearms were also stuck on the bottom.

The object inside me started to pulsate and wiggle around. It felt really good and I was soon on the verge of orgasm when it stopped just long enough for me to calm down then it restarted but my ass was then filled with a similar object. Both of the objects enlarged to a point that I felt minor pain then they shrunk in size until I was comfortably full then they started to pulsate and wiggle. This time they didn’t stop and I was rocked by a major orgasm. The objects continued for 2 more orgasms before they stopped and I was allowed to rest. During that time something gently being pressed against my mouth. I still wasn’t thinking straight so I opened my mouth and the jelly I was stuck in filled my mouth. It stopped once my mouth was full and I realized there was a breathing tube in it so I could breathe but not make any noise.

After a few minutes I felt liquid dripping from my gag so I began to suck. It tasted like a sports drink so I drank as much as I could. My drinking was interrupted when something slimy spread out my pussy lip and grabbed my clit. After that happened the objects inside me came to life and in addition to pulsating and wiggling they began to fuck me. My clit was also getting massaged and I was quickly heading towards another orgasm. Then my whole crotch was hit with an electric shock that launched me into a massive orgasm. The orgasm continued for what felt like forever before I was given a rest.

After several minutes and some more fluids I heard a voice. It was Mark and he told me that the next cycle would be the last and once it started there was no turning back until it was completed. If I wanted out then this was the time if not then let go of the ball. I knew I wasn’t going to give up already so I let go of my way out and waited for what was going to happen.

A minute or two later my arms and legs were spread out and my whole body fell into the jelly which immediately rose up and covered me all the way. The jelly then cooled off a little and seemed to harden and shrink enough so I couldn’t move at all. Then I felt my whole body start to tingle with a pleasurable sensation. The feeling increased until I was on the brink of the most intense orgasm ever but I was kept on the edge for a long time. All I wanted to do was cum but I was not able to and I had to wait. After a long time the feeling increased dramatically and I was force over the edge. The orgasm hit like a truck and I exploded in pleasure. My whole body was one large orgasm that wouldn’t stop. After I don’t know how long the pleasure because too much and I passed out.

When I awoke I was laying in a bed. I got up and put on a robe. Mark walked in and told me I was out for almost 4 hours but I had done great. I was the first person to get through all the cycles without stopping. I ate and spent a few hours describing what happened and how it felt then I got dressed and went home. Before I left I told Mark I would take tomorrow off and then come back for another toy.


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