Binding Connection

by Woody

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© Copyright 2002 - Woody - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/fff; bond; kidnap; n/c; XX

Patrick stuck the taser to Dee Dee, the oldest of the three in the backseat.  She flopped while her sister Cheryl screamed and pawed at Patrick.  Cheryl tried to open the door on her side.  They already had told them the door was broke, jammed in place.  On the other side Robin tried to get out, but her door was up against the wall of the abandoned gas station Billy had pulled into. 

Cheryl was crawling out the window, her long hair almost touching the concrete.  Billy took the noose he had fashioned from plastic clamps and pulled it over her upper body, then yanked it tight.  Her arms were pinned just below her elbows, tight to her side.  She fell out and Billy caught her before her head went crack on the pavement. 

They were out of town but not out of touch.  This had to get done.  Billy got her the rest of the way on the ground; she called him an asshole as he sat on her back. 

"You shut the fuck up.  Get your hands behind you.  Get them now."  He yanked her hands back near her ass and crossed them over.  He had another plastic clamp for her wrists. 

"Ow shit that hurts, you're cutting my hand.  You freak what are you doing?" screamed Cheryl. 

Dee Dee was slumped among the empty beer cans in the back and Robin was shoving by her.  Now she crawled over the front seat into Patrick's hands. 

He didn't tase her.  She clawed at his face; he slapped her hands away. 

She came back with a right hand to his face.  "Goddammit.  I'm going to yank your head off." 

Robin ignored that and fought to get out, to run off.  Patrick let her out, then kicked her right leg and she tumbled next to Cheryl.  Cheryl opened her mouth to scream and got the gag Billy had put together earlier. 

He stuck one end of the Nerf football on the right side of her face, popped it past the comisure, then ran it from one palatoglossal arch to the next.  The middle of the soft gag bulged out of her mouth, flowing up to her philtrum.  He thumbed it down, back under her upper lip.  The football had a plastic cable threaded through one end, into the middle and out on the other side.  She had so much hair; he couldn't find the ends of the cable.  Dammit here they are. 

"Arrumph argagmiff," she screamed as he yanked and locked the cable behind her head.  The cord was biting the corners of her mouth.  Her tongue was buried under the avalanche of foam from the football. 

"Help somebody, help help," yelled Robin. 

"Shut up.  Shut her up Pat goddammit." 

Robin jumped up and shuffled to catch her balance.  Patrick shoved her and they stumbled away from the dome light of the car.  Patrick couldn't see her, but grabbed the back of her shirt between the shoulder blades, they went to the ground, he on top.  He felt the bare flesh below the blue denim shorts Robin wore. 

She grabbed some skin on his right arm and pinched.  Then raked her nails down it.  She felt a punch in the right rib, then one in her stomach. 

"Ow, oh stop stop hitting me.  Help help Urmmph!" 

"Lay still!  Stop fighting or I'll zap you dammit."  He felt her lips moving under his left hand.  Then Robin was still. 

Dee Dee staggered from the back seat. 

"Shit" said Bill.  "Don't try to run off or your friends will get it." 

She stood up, then fell next to her sister. 

Patrick pulled Robin to her feet and shoved her back towards the car. 

"Turn around and put your hands on top the car.  "Bill are the rest of the cables under the front seat?" 

"Hell yes, get me one for her feet." 

Patrick pushed Robin to the right and fished around under the seat, pulling out a mess of the plastic cables. 

"How many you need?" 

"Throw me two." 

Bill snagged them and crossed Cheryl's ankles and yanked the tie closed. 

He fastened one just below her knees, then rolled her over on her back. 

"I need some for Dee Dee." 

"Orgump orgumff," said Cheryl, trying to tell her sister to get up and run. 

"What are you doing this for?  You guys are going to prison for this, you better quit now," said Robin. 

"It's party time.  Get you hands back behind you.  Keep them like that.  Sorry did that hurt?" 

He pulled on her connected wrists to check how tight the cable was fitting.  He added one to join her forearms, then turned her around to face him.  He moved in close, pushing Robin back against the car.  He could feel her left breast against his chest. 

"You're such a chatty Cathy.  Here open up so I can put this in." 

"What?  Why are you doing this." 

"Is that a stupid question.  Aren't you on the honor roll at school?  This should help you understand what the deal is.  It's just a little rubber ball, I found it out in my back yard.  Maybe some dog left it." 

"Screw you I'm not taking that." 

"The fuck you're not.  Open up before I bust your nose." 

He grabbed the back of her hair, yanked down so her chin went up. 

"Get that away fragump gollow cruelin." 

Patrick shoved the ball into Robin's mouth.  The tip of her tongue slid out the right side, licked the side of the ball, and then disappeared underneath it.  Her incisors scraped the surface, trying to chew it up. 

"Hold it in there, hold it or you're done for.   Now where's the tape?" 

"Where the fuck the other stuff is, was, now throw me the rest of those fucking cables," said Billy. 

They came via airmail and he missed them in the dark.  Dee Dee had sat up, groggy from the tasing.  Billy scratched around until he found the plastic ties, then started locking them on her.  He did her forearms first, feeling down her arms from the Pink border print shirt she was wearing. 

Then he did her wrists, which way he couldn't tell for sure in the dark. 

Then felt down the legs of her Khaki jeans.  She was the tallest of the three, had the longest legs.  He did one above her knees, then her ankles. 

She rocked back and forth. 

"What the fuck?  What, where is dousing umlugh arrump oomeg," came oozing from her mouth as she got another of the Nerf ball gags.  This one a basketball with a tie poked through the middle.  Her mass of tight blonde curls swallowed up the ends, but Billy dug them out and pulled them into the lock tab and tight above the nape of her neck. 

Patrick had the tape out, tearing a piece off.  It was tough to rip and the piece he put over Robin's mouth was jagged on the left side, leaving that part uncovered. 

"Noo mummph," she said.  He tore off some more.  The second was as messed up as the first, but after that, the next five he put over and around her mouth were neat, did their job.  Her mouth disappeared.  You could tell where it was supposed to be by the round mound shape of the ball that her teeth wouldn't quite let settle all the way past her lips. 

"Umpp ummph fufflem." 

"Sure sure just shut the fuck up Robin.   None of your cheerleading bullshit," said Patrick. "Are all the plastic clamps gone?" 

"They might be.  Let me get the rope out of the trunk," said Billy. 

Patrick shoved Robin to her knees; she looked up at him while Billy climbed over Dee Dee and around Cheryl.  The sisters rolled on the ground, groaning in the dark while Billy unlocked the trunk.  He pulled out several short lengths of rope. 

"Help me tie Robin up some more," said Patrick. 

"Ummph munmew," she said, the pleading obvious in the garbled message. 

They laid her out and Billy tied her ankles.  He worked a coil of rope around her torso, just below her breasts.  He knotted it in back. 

"She might as well go first," he said. 

"Orgumph oomuh narfuff!" 

He got her feet and Patrick her shoulders.  Billy walked backwards until they were even with the trunk, then they eased her in.  He shoved with both hands on her butt, felt the nylon material of the track trunks she was wearing.  He scooted her to the back of the trunk. 

Dee Dee was next.  Her long legs had to fold up a bit before they got her in.  Bill was glad they'd taken the spare tire out. They put her sister in, almost on top of her. 

"You think we should tie their hands to their feet so they can't kick on the lid and make noise?" 

"Naw they're wedged in there pretty good.  We're going to drop them off soon enough." 

"I was thinking we shouldn't drop them off, I mean let's start doing it now." 

In the dim light from the trunk, Patrick shook his head no. 

"If we're going to make this last more then a day, we got to get home and set up an alibi.  They can hold them for us.  No way they'll back out on the deal.  That's how fucked up they are." 

"Man this is great.  We did it, I mean really," said Billy. 

"Dude you are so right.  And they look happy about it.  Ready to go girls?" 

The shock was wearing off.  The attack had been so quick.  Now it sunk in, they were gagged, bound, and in the trunk of two guys they usually wouldn't give the time of day too.  They were no angry sounds, just muffled whimpers, and gagged pleading. 

Billy got behind the wheel and started his car up.  Patrick stayed at the mouth of the trunk, staring at the trio of trussed women.  Too bad they couldn't have taken the whole cheerleading squad.  Well I guess they wouldn't have had room.  Would have had to use one of the Johnson Brother's hay wagons.  Better get up to their place.  He wanted to say something to the squirming females; they kept up their pleading.  He needed to say something evil, like a bad guy in a movie.  Sleep well or something.  But he couldn't think of a damn thing so he just shut the lid. 

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