The Big Match

by Archie

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© Copyright 2006 - Archie - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMM/f; bond; susp; reluct; X


I have discussed with Geoff, many times, my fantasies about being taken against my will. He has likewise often offered to arrange this with some friends and every time I have willingly agreed. However this was some time ago and the reader should be aware that whilst I was a willing participant to what follows, I had also forgotten all about it…

Roped in to Entertain My long time friend and lover Geoff was slouched on my cream leather sofa munching a rather messy looking take-away meal, whilst a can of beer perched on the arm of the sofa looked decidedly precariously balanced. The television was blaring loudly and Geoff was almost fully absorbed in the big match, of which live coverage had just started. I gazed at the scene without a word of disapproval. Not once did I lunge forwards to move the beer, sweep away the crumbs or reach for the remote control to quell the raucous cacophony. You may well wonder why I put up with this loutish behavior in my own home and what was the reason for this scene of domestic harmony. It was because I was thoroughly bound and gagged!

The plan had been for Geoff to do some gardening for me and then to watch the match on my new wide-screen television. He had arrived in good time but as I had dressed to distract him it was soon my skirt that was being pulled up rather than weeds. With my miniskirt around my waist Geoff soon had my lacy top over my head and before I realised what he was doing my wrists were being firmly bound together in front of me. This wasn't like Geoff. I love being tied up by him and he always ties my hands behind my back. My protests were cut unceremoniously short with a ball gag, a chinstrap ensuring extra effectiveness. He towed me out of the bedroom with the long tails of my wrist bondage and I had no option but to follow, hurriedly tripping out of my skirt as it fell around my ankles.

In the lounge I found the furniture already rearranged. The big wooden chest that usually serves as a coffee table had replaced the cane chair, which normally hangs from a ring in the ceiling. I noticed the chest had been covered with a sheet of stout plywood, and that the chair stood forlornly canted over at an angle in the corner. I was half pulled, half pushed up onto the chest, it was an awkward step in four inch ankle-strap heels, carefully chosen to match my missing skirt. All I was wearing now, in addition to those patent black leather sandals, was a pair of coffee coloured self supporting stockings and black matching bra and panties, both totally sheer and transparent. The panties didn't even have a crotch lining, every inch was see-through.

Geoff leapt onto a tiny set of steps, normally used when trimming hedges, and reaching up pulled the tails of my wrist bondage through the ring in the ceiling that normally supported the chair. My arms rose above my head and Geoff tied it off only moderately tightly, so there was slack in my arms. Then he leapt down, swept away the steps and produced a leg spreader of at least one metre. I grunted my protest because I knew it became really hard work after a while, especially in ankle-strap high heels that I couldn't kick off. It was to no avail. Despite my vicious kicks Geoff easily overpowered each leg in turn and left them splayed wide open, causing the slack in my arm bondage to vanish and my whole body to be stretched out almost immovably. I spluttered indignantly as he ran his fingers up the inside of my right thigh before he went to make his big match preparations.

To my great disgust I was then almost ignored as Geoff brought in his match provisions, turned on the television and settled down to watch. I was helpless to protest as I worried about beer getting spilt on the carpet or grease despoiling my pristine leather sofa. I drooled copiously down my chin, saliva running between my breasts and soaking the centre of my bra, making the wet parts even more transparent, if that were possible. My shoulders started to ache, my thighs started to ache and I constantly tried to shift my feet into a more agreeable position. From the position the sofa had been pushed into Geoff had a good view of the screen and a good view of my legs and crotch. There was my neatly trimmed pussy, enhanced by Lejaby's finest lingerie, on open display with me unable to close my legs. He even glanced up to leer at me occasionally.

When the doorbell rang I stiffened into panic mode and looked helplessly at Geoff. I wanted to say don't answer it, I wanted to say don't you dare let anybody in. What I actually said was a meaningless gagged gargle as I at last managed to swallow some of the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth. Geoff's wink as he strode into the hall didn't bode well either. The front door slammed shut but voices continued to approach and I knew what was happening. He had called some of his friends around and was using me as entertainment again. I wanted to scream and shout at him, to beat him with my fists, just to let off steam. As it was I stood there, raised up on the chest, spread and displayed in my transparent temptress lingerie and totally unable to hide myself as two men I'd never met before walked into my living room. They made appreciative comments about the size of the television screen and then they made appreciative comments about the size of my natural assets. One was bold enough to walk over to me and peer closely at my breasts, just above his eye level, and then bending down he scrutinised my pussy. It's always nice to be admired but I blushed furiously and felt not a little embarrassed.

The match seemed to take their attention for a while and I started to feel my muscles ache. My calves too started to tremble, standing stationary in high heels is bad enough, to have my legs spread so wide as well was starting to take its toll. Geoff came over at one point and raised an inquisitive eye. I know he was asking if I was both OK in myself and OK with what he was doing. I gave him an affirmative nod, whereupon he produced my favourite vibrator. Then he gently rubbed his forefinger up and down my lips, through the panties. The pressure was delicious and I tried to squirm down onto his finger, but of course I couldn't. He persisted, gently and gradually increasing the pressure until his finger, still outside the panties, started to penetrate into the flooding interior. He paused and raised his fingers to his nose. He stared into my eyes and smiled whilst he tugged the panties aside and slid the black plastic probe deep into me. I knew I was wet when it went in with hardly any resistance. Then he fiddled for a moment and pulled my panties back into position, the vibrator gently humming. He'd turned it onto its lowest setting, good for warming up but not good enough to bring me to a climax. I hummed my protest. I was already warm, I wanted that thing turned up a bit. Geoff just smiled knowingly and shook his head as he turned back to the match, leaving me to the delicious torture of chasing an orgasm I couldn't reach. I hummed, I hawed. I swung on my wrists and I tried, oh how I tried, to squeeze my thighs together. Fat chance. I stood there gurgling, groaning and writhing as much as I could only to be rewarded with an occasional admiring glance. But the match seemed to take precedence.

Later, sometime after half time but when I'm not sure, Geoff came over again. I begged him, as much as was possible, to turn the vibrator up, or take it out, but he professed not to understand my gurgles. Instead he held up the pair of panties I'd been wearing when he came around last night. They had been left on the bedroom floor this morning and he must have pinched those when he collected the vibrator. I flushed with pleasure as I recalled our antics last night. Geoff had insisted I left those panties on all evening, even as we made love and even as he played with me later. They were very soggy when I finally discarded them. Now Geoff slipped them over my head and left that damp crotch nuzzling my nose. Last night replayed through my head over and over. I shook my head but the panties stayed firmly in place. It sounds a simple thing to ignore. A little kinky perhaps but no big deal. But I had to breathe that scent with every breath. There was no escape. And the mixture of last evening's memory and the humiliation of having my own used panties put over my nose built and built together with the low speed vibrations and the display bondage pose until I was shaking with frustration.

I must have drifted away into my own little world for a while because all of a sudden I realised that one of the men had swiveled his chair around so it was facing me. He was lounging back in the chair, staring very hard at my nylon sheathed pussy whilst playing with a huge hard-on! I wasn't sure if I was pleased my body could get a man so hard or humiliated because I couldn't stop him looking at me even if I had wanted to. Eventually he got up and stepped forward, still playing with himself, and kissed me gently right on my sensitive aching-to-be-touched clit. I closed my eyes and when I opened them he had returned to watching the match. Oh, the frustration!

At the end of the match Geoff watched as my two visitors jumped up onto the chest, one standing in front of me, one behind. Both were playing with themselves, the one in front teasing my clit and giving my gagged lips sloppy kisses, the one behind teasing my panties aside and fingering my anal rosebud. They came before me though. First the one in front and then, a few moments afterwards, the one behind. Both unloaded themselves into my panties and I could feel the wet warmth trickling down my bum. They snuggled the panties back into position, thus ensuring the vibrator stayed put inside me, before jumping down and, tucking themselves away, took their goodbye of Geoff. He saw them out and returned to the lounge.

I Mmmphed my protests to Geoff as he left me alone and cleared up the mess. I was desperate for release, both physical and sexual, but had to stand aching for both until he was ready. Then when he released me I was as weak as a kitten and he carried me to the bathroom before bathing me and taking me, at long last, to bed.


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