Beta Tester

by Techster

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Storycodes: F/m; domme; bond; cuffs; harness; hoods; penalty; bdsm; crop; outdoors; stuck; cons; X

Win $1000!

Be a beta tester for the FolCol fabric restraint system.

The local BDSM community knows me as “Techster” and if you’ve been a reader of Gromet’s Plaza you know that my better half ( make that wife, lover, and keyholder ) “Techie” and I have been exploring the world of BDSM and equipping many of the better dungeons in the Southeastern United States.

When I saw this ad on a bulletin board at Domina Santiago’s dungeon I decided to see if it was real. I have designed bondage equipment for over 15 years.

I have a rule nothing goes out until I have tested it first. Many, if nor most of my dungeon equipment is truly “inescapable.” To prove this I have spent many hours locked up in devices of my own design.

As “motivation” I always include a penalty, in other words I roll a pair of dice before I start the test. The number shown on the dice is the number of flogging or whipping strikes I receive if I do not escape in 30 minutes.

This is the ultimate in motivation!

As a result I think I can escape from just about anything including many hand cuffs.

So what the heck I can always use a $1000 !

I called the number and was given an address of a “portable dungeon “ and a dominatrix I had never met.

I hopped in to car and drove over there as fast as I could.

The dungeon was in a small 2 story home less than a mile from my home and the dominatrix was a lady in her late 50’s , early 60’s who was ex military . She said her motivation for being a Dominatrix was to survive on military retirement and help her children and grandchildren.

We sat down and discussed the “rules” for the test of the simple 3 strap restraint system she had developed.

Then there was the motivation:

First: I had 15 minutes to effect an escape and win $1000

Second: If I did not escape I would roll a pair of dice, one at a time.

The numbers rolled would be the number of strikes or whippings I would receive. For example if the first die read 4 and the second 5 I was to be whipped 45 times.

Third: an assortment of whips, floggers, paddles and canes were laid out on a table.

I had to pick the instrument of my penalty.

I chose a riding crop because it was the least painful and least likely to leave bruises.

She asked me to sign a release and agree to the penalty.

Great! I signed an agreement to be whipped if I did not escape.

Please note part of the agreement is that you agreed to be photographed for use in my sales brochure. If I do this your head will covered with a hood to protect your identity. “Is that OK?”

I nodded, “yes”.

Then she displayed the restraint system, 3 kevlar straps with “parachute” type latches to hold them together. You know Kevlar the stuff bullet proof vests are made from.

One of the straps was about 5 feet long – she explained that was to pull my elbows together .

The other 2 straps were about 4 feet long and had a ring about a foot from the snap. She explained these were my wrist restraints.

Then there was a head harness that would be attached to a door jamb and pulled tight so I could not fall over when I struggled.

Lastly there was a 2 foot length of plastic pipe which had a strap with a parachute harness attached to it. This was to keep my ankles apart and make me more stable as I struggled.

I agreed to everything and thought this is going to be the easiest $1000 I ever earned!!

The dice rolled 6 and 3. This meant that I would face 63 strikes of the riding crop!

I stripped and she fastened the straps for my wrists around my upper thighs. Then my elbows were pulled together and that tightened the wrist straps. The head harness was slipped on me (no need for a gag my mouth was pulled shut!) My ankles were spread and strapped in the plastic pipe- spreader bar.

Finally she pulled the line to head harness and said, “Time starts now!’

I tried to pull my wrists free, but the ring slid and tightened when I pulled. I could not move my hands towards each other because the elbow strap had them pulled apart.

I could not struggle, I could not bend over or move my ankles.

I tried, in vain to wiggle, however I could not move I used all of my strength in an attempt to stretch the wrist straps but the Kevlar would not yield. I was covered in sweat and hoped the lubrication of the sweat might help me, but no way!

Then I heard the bell of a kitchen timer and she said, ”You win the penalty prize!“ She did not go easy on my butt with the riding crop and if I could have opened my mouth I would have begged for mercy.

I could hear her count every stroke, “Forty one, forty two etc.

I prayed for the end of my torment.

Then she said, “Since your are the first tester I shall give you something memorable. I did not say where the strikes would land. The last 4 strikes will be the most cruelest and most memorable!”

Then the strikes hit! She came up from below and the strikes slapped my balls!

I was literally crying in pain when she released the head harness then the ankles.

A single handcuff was clamped around my balls and then a leash was attached.

She slid a white cloth hood over my head and said, ”Please follow me.”

Like I had a choice.

I followed her I must be outdoors I thought as I felt the warmth across my back.

“You are now on display. Your leash is attached to a thick post so don’t even think of trying to run away.”

I must have been out in the yard for quite a while. Then I thought I heard voices I recognized.

She said, “Open your mouth.” As she lifted the lower edge of the hood.

A foam ball gag filled my mouth.

“Ladies, let me introduce my beta test subject, ‘Techster’ in all his glory!”

Then the hood came off and I was surrounded by many of my friends and clients.

Techie walked over and took the leash, “I guess I should take him home.”

The domina who set up the test passed Techie a cloth sack that slid over my head and covered me. “There is a slit in the front for the leash.”

Techie nodded, led me inside the home, picked up my clothes and said, ”Well, have you had enough fun for one day?”

I nodded ,”Yes!”

Techie smiled gave me a slap on my tender ass and told me, ”Wrong! For me the fun is just beginning!!”

She opened the door to my car I slip onto the passenger’s seat, she buckled the seatbelt and we were off to experience what??

I got the privilege of being Techie's sex toy and taste her sweet.

Married 40 years and still playing !!

Of course not everyone is capable of being helpless and placing them in their wife, lover, key holder's care.

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