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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF+/f; scifi; court; sentence; naked; bond; cuffs; inserts; boxed; transport; collar; enslave; oral; cons/reluct; X

"Belladona Sciorri, rise and face the court."

Slowly, Bella rose to her feet, ignoring the looks and murmurs directed toward her from the gallery.  "That's General Sciorri," she said softly, "if you please."

The judge frowned.  "This court," he said, "does not recognize self granted rank.  Belladona Sciorri, you have been found guilty of multiple counts of terrorism.  Do you have anything to say on your behalf before this court passes sentance?"

Bella shrugged.  "Had we won," she replied, "I would have been called a hero.  Then things would have been done my way.  Unfortunately," she added, shaking her head, "most of those under my command failed to live up to my standards."

"Most of your followers," the judge said, "were normal people, not the result of genetic engineering.  They couldn't hope to meet your demands.  Not that any of this matters any more.  You failed, and now it's time you paid the price for your crimes.

"Belladona Sciorri, it is the order of this court that you be taken immediately to the penal colony on Primus, there to spend the rest of your natural days."

Bella shrugged, not the least bit surprised by her sentance.  Primus was where they sent all high profile prisoners.  It was a self-sustaining colony, with the prisoners expected to grow, steal, or otherwise obtain their own food, clothing, and any other essentials.  In short, it seemed exactly the kind of place where someone like her could thrive.

From the courtroom, Bella was taken straight to the proccessing area.  There, her chains were removed and she was ordered to strip.  Smiling she removed her prison jumpsuit, knowing full well the effect her genetically enhanced body would have on even her female guards.

Fools, she thought, watching as their eyes devoured every inch of her.  None of you could satisfy this body.  Still, let them stare.  Genetic enhancement had been illegal for decades, so most normals would never hope to see such perfection.


One of the guards tore her eyes from Bella's body to look at the pad in her hand.  "Beta," she replied.  At this, the head guard smiled.

"Oh, really?  This one should have a lot of fun with that.  Ok, then, let's get her ready for her trip."

Nodding, the female guard tapped her pad.  Immediately, a panel in one wall opened, allowing a smallish freight pad to glide into the room.  Set atop the pad was something that, more than anything, resembled a hitching rail from old westerns Bella had watched as a child.

Once the pad came to a stop, the head guard motioned Bella forward.  Mindful of the stun wands carried by each guard, she moved slowly to the indicated position at one end of the strange device.

"Remember," the head guard warned as a third guard knelt by her feet, "these wands are set for high stun.  Make one wrong move and you'll be on Primus before you wake up."

As he spoke, the guard at Bella's feet wrapped pliable cuffs around each ankle, then rose.  At his gesture, she stepped forward slightly, feeling the protruding end of the rail slide between her thighs, the smooth metal sending a slight chill through her.  A pair of clicks sounded as her ankle cuffs touched the upright, the two materials bonding to hold her feet securely in place.

A second set of cuffs was wrapped around her wrists.  On command, Bella leaned forward, resting her upper body atop the rail and stretching her arms down the far upright.  Another pair of click sounded as her wrists were secured.

"Ok," the head guard said, "now for the fun part."  Even as she wondered what he meant, Bella felt something emerge from the rail and slipping within her.  At the same time, a second something pushed between the cheeks of her ass, drawing a grunt as it, also, penetrated her.

"Eyes down, mouth open."  Almost before she could get her lips parted, a third something forced its way between them.  She felt a strap being passed across the back of her head, pulling down until her lips touched the rail, her nose barely clearing the end.

Bella tugged experimentally at her bonds, only to freeze as all three invaders expanded, filling each of her openings completely.  Strangely, the sensation was not unpleasant, which she put down to the fact that she hadn't been allowed sex since her capture.  Pleasant or not, there was obviously nothing she could do about any of this.

The rest of Bella's proccessing went swiftly.  At the head guard's command, the others attached clear panels to the pad, encasing Bella in a box only slightly larger than her body.  Once enclosed, she was taken to the loading area and loaded onto the prison transport.

For Bella, the three week trip to Primus seemed endless.  At what seemed like regular intervals, a thin, sweet liquid was pumped into her mouth.  Worse was when warm water was pumped into both lower openings, then sucked back out.  All the while, from somewhere in her box, a voice lectured her endlessly on her new home, its geography, natural wildlife, and a seemingly endless list of rules and regulations.  By the time the transport finally landed, she felt like an expert in all things Primus.

As she waited to be unloaded, Bella considered what she'd learned during the trip.  In particular, she was intrigued by the fact that prisoners were encouraged to work together.  In any group, she knew, her enhanced body and mind would propel her quickly to a position of power.  This, she thought, could be quite interesting.

After what seemed another endless wait, the panels enclosing her were removed.  Bella could only sigh with relief as the intruders within her deflated and withdrew.  She felt something encircle her neck, and then the cuffs released, allowing her to stand.  A guard stared at her silently for a moment before pointing the way to the  hatch.

First order of business, she thought as she emerged into bright sunlight, is clothes.  Then I can look around for a suitable band of followers.  The sight of a familiar face at the bottom of the ramp quickly dispelled all other thoughts.

"Kane?"  Until his capture, Kane had been one of her chief lieutenants.  Strong, smart, and aggressive, he'd also proven to be not unskilled in bed.  Now, watching as his eyes devoured her naked body, she smiled.  Time to take control again.  "What are you doing here?"

Kane smiled.  "They always post the new arrivals from Earth," he replied.  "So when I saw your name, I had to be here to meet you."  His eyes fastened on her neck.  "Beta?"

Bella reached up, feeling a metalic band around her neck.  "Whatever that means, yes," she replied, shrugging.  "Not that it matters.  Are you going to stare at me all day, or can we go somewhere and get me dressed?"

"Of course, right this way."  Still smiling, Kane led her out into the cluster of rough buildings surrounding the spaceport.  For several minutes, they wound their way through narrow streets and even narrower alleys, finally entering a low building on the edge of the cluster.  Inside, Bella found the rooms to be roughly furnished, but comfortable enough.  After a quick glance, she turned to her guide.

"Yours?"  At Kane's nod, she smiled.  "Not bad, all things considered.  I should be quite comfortable here.  But how did you get such a large place?"

"Would you believe I'm a cop?"  Watching Bella's eyes widen, Kane laughed.  "Yes, me, a cop.  And the top cop, at that.  My people make sure everyone else follows the rules.  For that, we get certain priviledges, certain items nobody else has access to.  Food, gear, things like that.  In fact, some of my people are right now taking delivery of the next shipment, from the same ship you arrived on."

"Not bad."  Bella nodded her approval.  "You've done well for yourself, and I've no doubt you'll do even better now that I'm here.  Now, how about those clothes?"

"Tell me," Kane asked, "did anyone explain to you what it means to be Beta?"  When Bella shook her head, he smiled.  "Probably figured you'd find out when you got here.  Which you will, starting right now.  For one thing, you won't need clothes."

Bella's eyes widened.  "No clothes?  How do you expect me to accomplish anything here naked?"

Kane laughed.  "Oh," he replied, "you'll have no problem with that.  But enough of that.  You will only speak when spoken to, and only on the subject you are spoken to about."

Startled by his words, Bella began to ask what he meant, only to realize that, somehow, she couldn't force the words out.  Silent, she could only stare at her former follower.

"Beta," he told her, "is something they do only to the worst offenders, to keep them under control here.  On your way here, your nutrient contained a special drug that inhibits certain parts of your brain.  Also, your lectures contained subliminal programming.  Together, they have created a very interesting change in you.

"The programming," he went on, "is a kind of training course.  Among other things, it causes you to fix on the first voice you hear once you arrive.  Then, combined with the drugs, it makes you, shall we say, agreeable to whatever that voice says.  Basically, you will obey any command I give you."

Stunned, Bella tried to voice her thoughts, but no words came from between lips that refused to part.  She could only watch as Kane approached her.

"You don't think I know how I was captured?  You will answer any question I ask truthfully.  You turned me in, didn't you?"

"Yes," Bella was shocked to hear herself reply.

"And why," Kane asked, "did you do that?"

"Because you were becoming too popular with the men," Bella couldn't help answering.  "That made you a threat to my command, a threat I had to remove."

Kane nodded.  "I thought as much," he said, his smile growing cold.  "You used me to keep you in power, then discarded me when you were done with me.  Well, now the shoe's on the other foot, and I intend to get every possible use out of you.  Starting now.

Bella watched as Kane removed his clothing.  Naked, he sank onto a chair, one hand gesturing between his thighs.

"Suck it," he commanded, "slowly and gently."

Bella willed herself to refuse, but her body wouldn't cooperate, dropping to its knees and moving forward.  Her head lowered, lips parting to take him into her mouth.

"You always were a tiger in bed," she heard Kane say, his voice growing husky.  "Well, now you'll be my tame tiger.  Get used to it.  You'll be pleasuring me for a long time, at least until I get tired of you.  After that, I'll probably trade you for a barrel of local whiskey.  With appropriate commands to ensure you obey your new owner.  Suck harder!  And use that tongue like you mean it!"

As her mouth obeyed Kane's commands, Bella's mind raced.  She'd expected power here, control.  Instead her genetically enhanced, perfect body would be no more than a toy for her former lieutenant.  At the thought, the memory of some of his kinkier tastes, she could only hope he tired of her soon, and that whoever he gave her to preferred more sedate pleasures.


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