Best Deal I Ever Made

by Steff

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© Copyright 2017 - Steff - Used by permission

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Dana Miller: MIT grad sub
Mike Nolen: Dom

Dana is a 24-year-old genus and sometimes call “Computer Goddess.” She graduated MIT at the age of 16 with a double Doctorates in computer security and programming. Despite being a “super nerd” she also spent time working out and staying in shape. In fact, under her nerdy behavior and glasses she was a very attractive well-proportioned woman. Between her long black hair, brown eyes and her C sized breast she was a sight when she dressed up. Despite the high paying job, she got right out of college she was not happy.

Since Dana hit puberty she had been fascinated with the idea of being sexually dominated. Throughout school she never found anyone that interested her enough to try it. She looked online in an effort to find someone. Again, her efforts proved fruitless. One day however she was looking into the local police system, that she hacked regularly to stay in practice, and discovered the answer to her dreams. They were investigating a rich guy that operated a sex ring.

Dana looked into the guy on her own. She hacked all of his computers and those of his associates and learned a lot of stuff. The guy, Mike Nolen, inherited his starting capital and then through good business choices and honesty he became of the richest person in the country. He got into the sex business as a hobby. He would use pleasure to break his women and turn them into his “employees.” She could not find out exactly how but she discovered he would overload them with so much sexual pleasure that they got hooked and wanted more. She also discovered that he was a man of his word. He didn’t give it often because his word meant so much to him.

Since the police were looking into him she looked into the case they had on him. They had a low level but well placed inside source that was feeding them information. They would be making a move against Mike in 2 days. With what they had he would go to jail for a long time. Dana decided on a course of action that would change her life forever.

She compiled enough information from police computer records to save Mike but she left out how the police gathered the information. She e-mailed all of it to an e-mail account that she knew he checked regularly. She added a note telling him she wanted to meet to discuss things. The note said that she would meet him when and where he wanted as long as he gave his word that if she behaved she would be safe.

Three days later, the day after the police raids came up empty, Dana received a reply. Mike wanted to meet her at one of his fetish clubs. There was pass to enter through the VIP entrance. Dana knew the about club but had not been to it. She was excited about the place. Two days later Dana walked up to the VIP entrance. She was wearing a tight latex tube dress that barely covered her ass, latex thong panties under the dress and matching thigh high 5 inch heeled boots. When she showed the bouncer the invitation she was let in without even a search. She waited in a small waiting area, like she was told, until a large guy entered.

“Hello,” he started. “I am Chris one of Mr. Nolen’s security team. I need to sweep you before you can see him.” Dana nodded and spread her arms. Chris pulled out an electronic wand waved it all around her body. Happy with the results he said, “Follow me Miss…”

“Miller,” she replied. “Dana Miller.” She followed Chris out the back door and into the club.

The club was like nothing she had ever seen. Everyone was wearing latex, leather, some other fetish wear and some were totally naked. Several people were restrained in some fashion and some of the restraints were extreme. There was several bondage and sex devices scattered thought the club. Even the employees were into the theme. She saw a woman wearing a latex dress that left her breasts and ass exposed. The dress was long and tight all the way down limiting her steps. Her arms were restrained behind her back. She had a serving tray tied to her waist and held level by a thin chain connected to the front.

There was a section of the club that 2 clear, narrow boxes sat. One of the boxes had a woman tightly restrained in a ball. She was breathing through a tube that led outside the box. There were 3 guy jacking off, shooting their cum onto her. Dana then noticed a sign that read “Cum Dumpster.” Shaking her head, she hurried to catch up to Chris. She was surprised that despite the fact that it only 12 noon on a Friday the place was half full.

Dana was led through the club up some stairs to a door labeled VIP lounge. Chris opened the door and motioned her in. As she entered she was greeted by a large room that also held true to the bondage theme from downstairs. There were a few machines to fuck restrained people, chairs and devices waiting for their next “victim.” Sitting at a table by himself was Mike Nolen. Dana was impressed right away. He was very attractive and well built. His picture didn’t do him justice. There was also a presence about him that made Dana’s crotch get even wetter than it already was.

She followed Chris to the table, “Mr. Nolen this is Dana Miller.” Chris the turned and walked to the bar.

Dana just stood there as Mike looked her up and down. He then stood up and circled her a few times. Finally he stopped behind her, moved in so close she could feel his breath against her neck. He gently slid is finger tips down her arms causing her to softly moan and shiver. He then moved back to his seat and said, “Miss Miller please have a seat.”

After sitting down and letting her order a drink Mike started, “First I want to thank you for the e-mail. It was a big help. I however noticed you left out some important information.”

“The e-mail was just to get you attention. The rest will cost you,” Dana replied. After a short pause, she continued, “I’ve done lots of research into you and I like what I see.”

Mike interrupted, “I am not looking for a partner if that is where you are going with this.”

“I am not interested in becoming a partner Mr. Nolen. I am interested in becoming your personal sex slave,” she replied. The look on his face was pure shock so she continued. “You give me your word, and yes I know what your word means to you, that after my training and conditioning you will keep me as your own. I know how you treat your slaves versus some of your other clients. You agree to that and I will provide you with the how’s and who’s. How did the police get the information, how did I get my information on you and how can you prevent it from happening again?”

“I must say your price is very unexpected,” he said. “Since you did me a solid, before I make my decision, tell me about why you want this and what you think will happen to you.”

She took a sip of her drink, thought about her words for a second and the started. “To be blunt I am a genius. I graduated MIT at the age of 16. I am very good at logical thinking. I have always had an interest in sexual submission. I could not find an outlet for my desire myself so I looked online. That is what led me to you. The way you condition and train your sex slaves, using pleasure not pain to break them. I could not find out how you do it only that after the women crave submission and pleasure.” She paused for another sip, “That is what I want. My life is boring and logical. I want pleasure, submission and illogic.”

“Miss Miller,” he started in a lite informal tone. “I am honestly surprised. I normally don’t like surprises but I like this one. Like you said I don’t give my word lightly so let’s play a game.” In a firm commanding tone backed by his presence he said, “Stand up and remove all your clothes.”

Dana swallowed deeply and stood up. She removed her latex dress, folded it and sat it on the table in front of Mr. Nolen. Her panties were also removed and set on top of her dress. Finally she removed her boots. He them told her to pick-out what would happen to her. “Sir, does it have to up here?” Mike looked at her curiously so she continued, “Since all your customers are clean and there is an empty one I think I would like to try the Cum Dumpster.”

Mike grinned and said, “I think I like you already. Chris will take you down and set you up.” He looked at Chris, “give her the special treatment.”

Chris took Dana out the main door and into a smaller room just before the stairs down to the main club. The inside of this room looking like one large shower stall. The walls and floor were tiled, there was a large drain in the middle of the room, 2 separate shower nozzles and a hose without any attachments. The part that got her attention was in the metal rack located just off center that had cuffs attached to it.

She was told to stand in the middle of the room as Chris braded rope into her long hair. Then he made her bend over so she was laying on the length of the rack. Straps were wrapped and tight buckled around her waist and just below her shoulders. Her arms were lowered down and her wrists were cuffed to the lower part of the rack. Her ankles were spread out and cuffed to eye bolts in the floor. Finally, the rope in her hair was pulled back forcing her to keep her head looking straight ahead. The rope was attacked to her waist strap. Chris then walked in front of her holding up a short but thick rubber cock with straps coming off each side. Since she recognized it as a cock gag she opened her mouth. Chris shoved the gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head to insure it could not be forced out.

Dana pulled against her restraint as a test. The straps easily passed her test and held her firmly. The rack she was tied to didn’t even shake a little. Chris spent a couple minute behind her and she was shocked when a plug was forced into her ass. The plug going in didn’t hurt but it was very uncomfortable. Dana started to struggle when the plug began to inflate sealing itself inside her. Just as she started to calm down a warm liquid began to fill her from the plug. She had given herself enemas before but this was a totally different feeling. She had no control of any part of this. She didn’t know what was being used, how much was being used or how long it would take. The fluid continued to fill her long past the point of comfort but stopped before it became painful. After what felt like a long time the fluid began to drain. Once she was emptied she was given a short rest before she felt herself getting filled up again.

After she was filled the third-time Chris walked in front of her and removed the gag. She was given some water to drink through a straw. She was about thank him when he shoved his hard cock into her mouth. She gagged initially but was able to relax. Chris then forcefully fucked her mouth until he shot his load down her throat. Since he left his cock in her mouth she was forced to swallow his load. She could not believe not only did he force her to give him a blow job but she enjoyed it. It made her really horny. He pulled out, gave her more water then re-inserted the gag. Finally, the fluid inside her was released and the plug deflated. The plug was removed, she was cleaned up and then released from the rack.

Chris held up a curved device that had 2 dildos sticking out of it and 3 pink latex straps attached to it. “Would you like to wear this fun little toy to help you pass the time?” her asked, knowing she would say yes. She turned bright red and just nodded yes. Grinning he said “spread your legs.” When she did he knelt do in front of her and shoved the dildo into her waiting holes. The dildos were larger than the ones she normally plays with but she felt comfortably full with them inside her. Chris then wrapped the straps around her and then linked together behind her. She was now wearing the device like a thong pair of panties. A matching pink collar was locked around her neck and a leash was attached to the D ring on the front of the collar.

Dana was led to a wall and the leash was attached to it. Her arms were bent at the elbow behind her back. A wide strap was buckled around her forearms so her hands was against their opposite elbow. Two straps were wrapped around her upper arms and chest, one above and one below her breasts. Once all the straps were in place Chris went around and tightened them all again. Dana thought they were a little too tight but the cock gag locked into her mouth stopped her from complaining. The leash was unclipped from the wall and he led Dana down the stairs and into the main club.

The club was busier then when she entered but it still wasn’t full. Since there was no clock she had no idea what time is was but since the meeting was quick she was thinking 14:30 at the latest. She was led to the Cum Dumpsters. They were both empty now but she was made to stand next to the one that was still clean. Several people watched as she sat down next to it. She moaned slightly as the dildos inside her slid a little deeper. She was laid on her back and her legs were pulled up in front of her with her knees almost at her sides. Her lower legs were folded in over her breast and strapped together and a strap went around her body making sure she could not move her legs. Chris then picked her up and lowered her bound body into the clear plastic box.

The box was barely big enough for her tight bound body to slide in. A hose was placed into the end of the gag so she could breathe through it. Chris announced, “This is Dana. She volunteered to be tonight’s Cum Dumpster. Mr. Nolen is giving her the special treatment.” There was a lot of cheering, when the cheering stopped Chris continued. “She will remain in there until closing however once or if the box gets filled up she will get the full special treatment.” Again, more cheering interrupted him. Continuing he said, “Lets fill the Dumpster quickly and then watch her wiggle as squirm. Let’s teach her the meaning of the phrase Be Careful What You Wish For.” There was more cheering as Chris moved to her, “I think you will have a good time. I recommend you get used to keeping your eyes closed.” He then stood up and walked away. Leaving her naked, bound and stuffed in a box to be filled with cum. Dana was in heaven.

Chris hadn’t even taken two steps away before a large muscular guy was led up to the box. The guy’s arms were strapped behind his back and he was wearing a hood that only exposed his eyes. There was a woman on her hands and knees also being led by this woman. The woman was dressed in a super sexy black latex dominatrix outfit. Dana shivered when the women looked her over and said, “Too bad you belong to Mike.” The dominatrix then told the girl to make her slave cum and he had better not miss. The girl started to suck and massage the guy’s cock and he quickly came. The girl’s aim was perfect and the guy’s cum landed all over Dana’s face. Dana, saw it coming and managed to close her eyes which was a good thing because it felt like to her that it was a lot of cum. Dana jumped the little bit her bonds allowed and the dildos trapped inside her came to life with vibrations. They were not too intense but they felt good to her.

Throughout the rest of the night there was always at least one guy standing over Dana shooting his load onto her. Occasionally someone would walk over and dump a glass or some other container that had cum in it over her head. Each time Dana received fresh cum the vibrators changed intensity. They also wiggled, inflated and extended. Dana’s first orgasm was intense and long. The wave of pleasure slammed into her and would not stop. Dana tried everything she could to make the waves stop but all she managed to do was wiggle slightly and flex her muscles. However, the crowd loved the show and cheered her on.

Since her she could not see through the cum all over her face Dana had no idea the club had filled up and there was a line of guys wanting to help fill up the box. Dana’s box was filled up completely covering her in cum. The only visible part was where she was touching the box. The vibrators inside her were turned up in intensity. All the activity caused her to cum in one massive continuous orgasm. She ecstasy was so intense that she lost all track of her surroundings and her world because nothing but this wonderful orgasmic ecstasy she was feeling. Everyone outside watched the cum slightly slosh around as Dana wiggled, twitched and writhed in pleasure.

After several minutes the front of the box released and Dana rolled forward onto the ground. The vibrators stopped long enough for her return to reality. A waitress removed the breathing hose from Dana’s gag and attach a syringe filled with liquid. The liquid was slowly shot through the gag and into Dana’s mouth. After four syringes full the waitress left. Dana’s vibrators were again started and she was soon launched back into her world of pleasure and ecstasy. Since she was out of the box her struggles were more visible to the crowd but still totally ineffective. Dana’s body was wracked with the kind of pleasure she had always dreamed about. Her entire existence was pleasure that kept increasing the more she struggled, the more she fully realized how powerless she truly was. Finally, Dana passed out from the pleasure. She was released from her straps but a chain was lock to her collar and to the floor. A few more glasses of cum were dumped on her as people left.

Dana awoke sometime later. It took her a minute to remember what happened. She panicked when she couldn’t open her eyes and felt the dildos filling lower holes. As she reached up to her eyes she felt a dry crust of something cracking on her arms. It was then she remembered what had happened. She remembered the bondage, the vibrators, the cum filled box and the ecstasy she had felt. Instead of trying to clear her eyes her hand went down to her crotch. She felt the curve of the plastic piece holding the dildos inside her. Despite her best effort, she could not get her fingers under it. She tried to pull the latex straps holding the piece but discovered they didn’t stretch at all. She groaned into the gag that was still locked in her mouth. It took a couple minutes but she was able to clear her eyes of dried cum and get them opened.

Looking around she discovered she was laying on the floor of the club in front of the Cum Dumpster box she spent last night in. She was still naked except for her “dildo panties” as she began to call the device locked into her. She also had the gag that she discovered was locked in place and her pink collar. She also noticed the collar was chained to the floor with enough chain to permit her to sit up but not stand.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Mike said as he walked up to her.

“Mmmm  pphh,” she replied into her gag.

Laughing Mike asked “Did you have fun last night?” He unlocked the gag and removed it.

“Thanks,” she whispered. “I had the most increasable time.”

“I am glad to hear it,” he said. He opened his pants, pulled out his cock and sat in a chair right in front of her. Dana licked her dry lips and then took his cock into her mouth. She sucked it and used her tongue to massage it. After a few minutes, he grabbed her head and started to control her. He made her deep throat him repeatedly. He continued for several minutes before he groaned and came inside her mouth. “You had better not waist one drop,” He commanded. She swallowed all of it then used her tongue to milk the last drops. He released her head, handed her a glass of water and asked, “What did you want for the information?”

After swallowing the whole glass, she replied, “I want to be made into your personal sex slave. I want your word that I will remain yours. Cared for and treat like the slut I want to be but cared for.” She paused for a couple seconds then continued, “The pleasure I felt last night is what I am after. I lose of control and the freedom that comes with that control loss.”

A waitress arrived with a tray of food and set it on the floor in front of Dana. “Eat and then We will talk,” Mike said. He got up leaving Dana chained to the floor covered in dry cum to eat in peace.

The food was good and she was hungry so she ate it quickly. Just as she finished the dildos began to gently vibrate and wiggle around. It was enough to get her worked up but nowhere near enough to her off. She looked herself over and said softly out load, “You’re a mess girl, but it was SOOO worth it.”

A few minutes later Mike returned with 3 round metal devices. He motioned her to turn around. When she did, her arms were pulled behind her back and one of the devices was wrapped around her arms just above her elbows. The device tightened forcing her arms together. The tightening stopped when they were about 3 inches apart. Dana’s collar chain was disconnected from the floor and Mike pulled the chain up forcing her to stand. She was turned around and then the remaining two devices were wrapped around each breast at the base. The devices tighten until her breast were squeezed into round orbs. Each breast ring had another ring attached by a strap. Dana wrists were pulled around in front of her, as much as her elbow bondage allowed, and then locked into the empty rings which were then pulled tight toward her breasts. Now her wrists were locked to her breasts and every time she moved her arms they pulled her tits.

Dana wiggled to test her bonds and then moaned softly.

Mike grinned, “You did me a solid with your warning. I like the way you truly love the release that bondage gives you. I also like your naturally submissiveness and desire to please. Most of all I like your courage.” He held up a rubber cock panel gag that had an attached inflation bulb on it. She eagerly opened her mouth and he shoved the gag into it. Once the gag was locked in place he began to squeeze the bulb repeatedly. Each squeeze inflated the gag. He continued until she groaned because the gag was getting uncomfortable. He unscrewed the hose from the front of the gag. “Dana, here is what I am offering you. You are the first and probably only person I will make this offer to. I give you my word I will give you what you want NOT what you asked for. I will make you my sex toy. I will protect you and treat the way a sex toy should be treated. In return you will continue to watch what the cops and Feds are doing and other computer work for me.”

Dana must have looked confused because he pulled the chain leash and led her out of the main club and down some stairs. When she left the main club the dildos inside her pussy and ass increased intensity and activity. By the time, she reached the bottom of the stairs she was rocked by an orgasm. This one was short and not very intense but it caused her to stumble and make her pull on her breast bands. Mike just chuckled and jerked the chain causing her to catch up to him. He took her to a metal door with a number pad next to it. After he entered a long string of numbers the door clicked and Mike pulled the door opened. He gently pulled her into the room and closed the door behind them.

The room was about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. It had white walls and ceiling and a grey floor. The walls and ceiling were covered in sound absorbing tiles like you would find in band practice rooms. There were 4 machines, two along each wall and another door at the other end of the room. Each on the machines was designed to restrain a woman and force her to orgasm. Dana also noticed that there was a woman secured to one of the machines.

The woman was on her knees facing the middle of the room. She was held down by a metal pole that locked onto a collar, just like the one Dana had locked around her neck. The girl’s arms were pulled down and slightly back by tubes they were slid into. The tubes had a rubber lining that inflated to prevent the girl’s arms from moving. Her body was supported by a padded support that went from a couple inches above the girl’s crotch up her body, between her breast and stopped just before her throat. The girl’s breasts were squeezed tightly, to the point of turning blue, and there was some kind on suction device on each of her nipples. There were also 3 straps that held the girl’s body to the padded support.

The girl’s legs were folded at the knees and pulled under her. They had metal rubber lined band around her legs just above the knees and on the ankles. The metal bands were locked in place by metal cables. The girl’s ass and pussy were getting screwed by dildos that were alternating going in and out. The one in the girl’s pussy would be extending and the one in the ass was retracting. Her clit was also sucked into some part of the machine. The girl’s mouth was filled with a gag that looked a lot like the one stuffed into Dana’s mouth. This gag had a hose attached to it and the other end was attached to machine. What got Dana’s attention about the girl’s gag was that she was sucking on it and sucking hard.

The leash was released by Mike and Dana went to look more closely. “She was too far into her conditioning to stop when we got word of the raid,” he said. “She is sucking on her gag to get sperm. Every time she gets sperm through the gag the machine forces her to orgasm. After a day of this we gradually turn down the intensity of the machine. A few day later every time she tastes cum she will orgasm without any outside stimuli. By now she is totally addicted to the pleasure of her orgasms that is all she wants all she thinks about. She will soon be what I call a “sex slave.”

Dana watched the girl sucking the gag until she started to moan and shake. It was obvious to Dana that the girl was having a massive orgasm. Right after Dana realized what Mike meant the dildos trapped inside her crotch exploded in activity. The vibrations increased, their movement started again and her clit was also assaulted by its own vibrations. She moaned loudly but was then sent to the floor rocked by a massive orgasm that was instantly caused when the dildos shocked her with an electric current that started in her ass, went through her pussy and out her clit. The orgasm ripped through her and she knew nothing else, wanted nothing else beside the raw pressure that rocked her body.

After what felt like a long time the vibrations stopped and Mike said, “You have 2 hours before the club opens. I cannot have someone as messy as you are now downstairs and not stick into the cum dumpster again, for ALL night. If you make it upstairs I will give you my personal attention tonight. I promises you it will be more fun then the cum dumpster.” He then walked out the door they came in but Dana’s belt turned on to its previous super intense setting. It didn’t take long before she her body was again rocked by orgasm after orgasm and all she could do was lay on the floor and writhe in ecstasy.

The vibrations slowed and Dana was finally able to regain control of her body. She struggled to her feet but the efforts resulted in her wrists pulling on her already sensitive breasts. She loved the restraints she was wearing, the way all her struggling pulled her breasts. Once she was on her feet she staggered to the door. The latch was easy to open, even restrained like Dana was. She was just about to start up the stairs when the vibrators inside her brought her to another orgasm. The orgasm was not as intense of the other Dana had felt but it still felt wonderful. Dana just leaned against the wall and welcomed the wave of pleasure washing over her. After a long orgasm, she recovered her senses and began to climb the stairs.

Once at the top of the stairs she opened the door and entered the club proper. Looking around she located the door she needed to get to so she started out. As she walked through the club the employees looked at her but didn’t offer to help. She noticed the place was spotless and smelled clean and inviting. She had to stop once to ride out another orgasm because of her still vibrating belt. She managed to get through the door and up the stairs to the VIP area before she was sent to her knees by yet another orgasm. This one was no more intense but it seemed to take most of her strength. Finally, it ended and after a short rest Dana struggled to her feet and stumbled into the VIP lounge.

Mike was sitting on a leather sofa clapping. “I am impressed that you made it so quickly. You had a fully 30 minutes left. I guess all that time you spend in the gym paid off.”

He got up, walked over to her and clipped a leash to her collar. He led her into a room on the far side of the lounge. The room was a large bathroom complete with a large glass shower. Her gag was removed and he held up a cup with a straw. Dana greedily sucked the cup of the thick sweet liquid dry. Dana was released from all of her restraints and she was told to clean up. After a hot shower she felt completely rejuvenated. She could find nothing to wear so she put the towel she used into the laundry chute and walked naked into the VIP lounge.

“I see you are cleaned up. Have a seat and eat,” Mike said as she entered the lounge.

“Yes Sir” she replied. She sat down next to him and ate the steak dinner there for her. When she was finished, she said, “That was the best experience of my life. Thank you.”

He grinned. “Now about our arrangement… Do you want to be a Sex Slave and end up like the girl in the basement? You will have nothing to fear and no need think about anything but your next orgasm. Or you can be my sex toy. You will receive lots of pleasure and be restrained most of the time. You will have to do some work for me and keep your skills up. Since you will be agreeing to this you will be considered a member of my organization. If the organization goes down, you will serve jail time like the rest. As a slave, your mind will be broken and you would be a victim, you would stay out of jail but you will still be a mindless pleasure addicted shell of your former self. As my toy a percentage of the business income will be put into an account so when you retire you will be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

After a minutes pause, he slides a contract in front of her giving her a chance to read it. “You sign this to agree to willingly become my employee or you get up and walk out the door to your life as a pleasure slave.”

Dana signed the contract right after she finished reading it. She felt a great relief and for the first time in a long time she was eager to see what the future held for her.


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