The Best Holiday Ever

by Nomad

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© Copyright 2005 - Nomad - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; fem; reluct; X

Peter Meadows was a loner.  He was rather small, ultra shy and had never had a girl friend.  He never had many male friends come to that.  He was now twenty three and was still a virgin.  He had just started his holidays and was double checking his camping equipment. He carried this out with meticulous attention. He went out to his people carrier and opened up the tailgate.  Hurrying backwards and forwards, he did not take long to fill the car up.  He locked the house up, told his neighbours where he was off to and drove off.

It took him 5 hours to reach the Yorkshire dales. He found a nice spot.  There was a pub about a mile away and the view was lovely.  It had a forest on one side, so any passing vehicle would not see him.  That meant he would not be seen by the Police.  He thought it was illegal to just pull up anywhere and stop.  He pulled his car over to the trees and unloaded the camping gear. It took him two hours to pitch the tent and set up camp. He decided to go along to the pub for a drink and a meal.  This way he could ask about the area and get the details of where to visit.  He had never been to Yorkshire before.

He thought no one was looking, so he slipped off his shoes and socks and dropped his trousers.  He stepped out of them and pulled on a pair of shorts. Sock and trainers went onto his feet and he drove off in his car to the pub. He did not drink a lot.  One pint would last all night. It was 7.30 on a warm summers evening.  The pub had a few people in there, but it was not overcrowded.  At least some of the guys were wearing shorts, so he did not look out of place.  He ordered his meal and drink and started to ask about the area. The bar maid told him that there was a lot to see and gave him a local map of where to go and what to see. 

In the corner, Pete noticed some rather attractive girls. Some blonde and some brunette. �They are Swedish!  They come here every year. Ever since they were at school together.  That must be for the past 7 years at least!  They camp out up the road somewhere.  They are girl guides now�

Pete watched as they left the pub.  The shorts they were wearing could not have been tighter.  One of them looked back at Pete and winked. �Bloody hell!  She couldn�t have been winking at me surely?  I should be so lucky!� Pete thought.

He ate his meal and finished his one pint and decided to call it a night.  He drove back to his tent and passed the girls.  They tried to thumb a lift off of him, but as there were 6 of them, he could not get them in his car.  He drove straight past.

The next morning, Pete rose and it was a beautiful morning.  Pete put on his shorts again and the same T shirt. �I won�t be needing trousers and a shirt for the next couple of weeks�, he thought. He decided he would explore the woods.  He took his binoculars and camera and entered them.  He had been walking for about 10 minutes when he noticed a clearing in front of him. He still had a few trees to go before he reached it. He noticed the 3 tents pitched there.  He wondered who would pitch a tent in the middle of the woods. He saw the pool and the stream that led from it.  That is why they pitched their tents there.  On the other side was a waterfall.  It was about 30foot high, so it was not an enormous one, but enough to keep the water clear in the pond.

He studied it and as he did, he saw one of the girls leave her tent.  She was completely naked! She went into some trees and came out and plunged into the pool.  She swam over to the waterfall and it must have been a bit shallower there as she managed to stand up, walk under the waterfall and washed herself down.  Her body glistened as the sun rose higher and the rays hit her body.  She was lovely.  Pete had never seen the female form before. It was not long before the other girls joined her.  Pete was in heaven watching them.  He was going to move on at the end of the week, but this made him decide to stop.  This was better than any pictures he had seen.  He was not going to give it up now.

He could hear the girls laughing and watched them splashing each other.  They were enjoying themselves.  He only wished he had the nerve to join them!  But, they got out of the pool and casually walked naked back to their respective tents.  Pete wanted more. He was not there long when they came out again and cooked themselves breakfast.  This made Pete hungry.  Pete was hoping that they would be wearing their shorts again, but they wore something better.  Mini skirts.  All except two of them.  They wore their guides� outfits.

He heard one of the girls say something in Swedish.  One of the girls in the guides� uniform scolded her back. �We agree when in England, we will be speaking English?� The first girl asked in plain English �Why are you and Anna wearing those uniforms, Freda! We are not at home, so there is no need� Freda answered, �In Sweden, you know how the men love us in our uniforms.  We get lifts where we do not normally.  We get meals paid for us.  The men are more attentive.  Also we do not know how the Englishmen re-act.  We thought we would have got a lift back last night, but we didn�t. We might have done if we had worn these outfits! Katya�

Another girl asked what they were going to do that day.  Anna replied. �Freda and myself, as we are the team leaders today have decided you will all wear your uniforms and we will go for a walk.  Take your shorts and climbing boots.  There is a rock face to climb and abseil down about 15 kilometres away�

All the girls went back into their tents and emerged wearing their guides� uniforms.  When they wear ready Freda called out, �Greta, you carry the rope. Lucy, yours is the food. Gretchen, you have got the pitons and maps!� Gretchen asked why Freda and Anna were carrying nothing. �We are the team leaders today.  We delegate. Tomorrow it is your turn!� 

The six girls walked in pairs out of the clearing and through the trees towards the road.  They passed within 20 feet of Pete.  He had to hold his breath in case they heard him.  �What a sight� he thought.  But he went back to his tent and got his stuff out ready for the day�s activity.  He studied the map and looked at the way the girls were walking and to where they were going and found a road that would get him there quicker.

Driving like a madman, he reached the only area within 15 kilometres that had any rock faces.  It was mostly hills all around.  He found a car park and left his car there.  He walked until he came to a large hill and climbed up that.  He took out his binoculars and looked all around.  There about seven kilometres away were the girls.  They had got this far already.  If he was going to get a good view of them, he had better descend to the bottom and hide up.  

The girls were now offered their second lift of the morning.  Anna refused, but it was pointed out that they would have more time to climb the rock face and they still had the walk back.  Anna agreed and they all climbed on the trailer of the tractor.  The straw was nice and comfortable. Pet had only just reached the bottom when he heard the tractor. He saw the girls getting out and had to rush to find a place to hide.  He only just made it when the girls reached the clearing at the bottom of the rock face. �We will stop here. Everybody, you must get changed now!�  Anna said.

With out hesitation, all of the girls removed their guides� uniforms in full view of the public. They removed the shirts and folded them carefully.  The skirts were unbuttoned and the girls simple stepped out of them.  The skirts were folded carefully as well. They took off their trainers and stepped into the shorts they had brought and they all put a T-shirt on.  Climbing boots went on their feet. 

�Great, please bring the rope! Right, everyone put your clothes in the bag and Gretchen, you and Lucy will get some braches to hide the bag.� Freda called out.  Greta stepped forwards and removed the ropes from the back pack she was carrying.  Pete thought there was enough rope to go up and down the rock face 3 times. �Oh, what a waste of rope� he thought. �They could tie me up and have their way with me if they wanted!�   Lucy and Gretchen went off and soon came back with a load of branches. They arranged the branches to cover the bag of clothes up.

He watched as the girls took a swig of a drink and Freda started to climb the rock face.  She had got a halfway up when Anna followed. At one point Freda had to bang in a couple of pitons to secure the rope and make it safe, but mostly the rock face was easy to climb. One by one, the girls went up the rock face.  When Freda was about 10 metres from the top, the last one was about 20 metres from the bottom.  It would take some climbing down and a fair bit of time.

Pete now had a daring thought. Quickly he manoeuvred himself around the trees until he was nearer the bag of clothes. When he saw they were not looking, he rushed out and sorted though the branches and found the bag with their clothes in it.  He pulled it out and put the branches back carefully  Pete dashed back into the woods just as the group of girls all stood at the top. Anna slid down the rope, followed quickly by Freda and the rest.  When they reached the bottom, Pete heard Lucy say, �A good job we brought our uniforms, I don�t think I could walk back now!�  Everyone agreed.  They had another swig of a drink and climbed back up again.

Pete decided that it was a shame.  He would love to have seen the look on their faces when they realised their clothes had gone.  But he would leave them outside of their tents that night.  He rushed to his car, got in and drove back to his tent.  He made a cup of coffee and put the bag of clothes in his tent. He went through the woods to the pool and had a wash. He would take the clothes over later.  He realised he should have brought them with him.  But he hadn�t and that was it.  Once he was clean, he got out of the pool, dried himself and got dressed again.

Walking through the woods, he heard the girls.  They were angry, very angry. He quickly found a bush to hide behind. �How the hell did they get back this quick?� he thought. �If I catch the person who stole our clothes, they will live to regret it!� Freda said in a very angry tone of voice.  Pete gulped.  He thought they looked the type who could make someone very uncomfortable indeed. 

He carefully made his way back to his tent. He looked at the bag of clothes and started to panic.  But he took one of the uniforms out and held it up. He was only slightly built, and he realised it would fit him.   These girls would kill him if they knew.  He must get rid of the evidence.  �First thing in the morning, before they get up!� he thought. 

He decided to walk to the pub as it was a lovely evening.  He saw the girls there again. �Been somewhere nice?� The barmaid asked. �Pardon?� �I said, have you been somewhere nice?� she repeated. �I don�t know what it is called, but I remember the town of Kettlewell! All the hills around it are lovely!� Pete answered. He thought it was a good job he came that way, as he would not have known what to come out with. �Oh, that is Great Whernside, yes it is nice! The girls went rock climbing and someone stole their clothes. If you are doing nothing tomorrow, you could help them find them!� �Ummh, oh yeah, I suppose I could!� he answered. 

The barmaid, Jan called out �Here you are girls; he will help you find the culprit who stole your clothes. What is your name, love?� �Pete� Freda came over. �Thank you, would you like to join us? We are fed up and need some company!�  Pete said he would be over shortly and ordered his second drink.  He asked the girls if they wanted one, and Jan too.  Jan knew their order so she got the round up.  Pete paid for it.  

Pete picked up the tray of drinks and joined the girls. They all introduced themselves to him.  They were all looking rather glum. �Surely the loss of the uniform is not all that bad?� �We have to pay for them.  And they do not come cheap!� �Oh, well never mind.  If we go back to where you lost them, perhaps we might find some clues!�  

�Thank you! But if we don�t we most go to the Police� Pete panicked at the thought of the Police.  What started out as a joke was getting out of hand.

Freda went to go to the toilet and Jan called her over.  �What were you wearing this morning?� �Our uniforms why?� �He said you lost you uniforms, how did he know they were uniforms?� �Just a wild guess!� �Probably!�  Freda went to the toilet.

She came back and found that by now, Pete was getting a little more relaxed.  She ordered another drink.  Pete drank that down pretty quick too.  Silly, the drink had started to go to his head.  He told the girls he had better leave as he was feeling unsteady.  The girls watched him go. He never saw them follow him out of the pub and back to his tent. But they left him to it and went back to their own camp to decide what to do if Pete was the thief! At least now, they knew where he was camped.

Morning came.  Pete woke up with a head ache.  He thought he had some aspirin, but he had forgotten them. So he made some coffee and thought he would go and watch the girls again.  He thought that they did not know where his tent was, so if they went out, he could put them back in their tents. He crept though the woods until he saw their tents.  He thought he was early.  But the girls were already in the pool.  Pete watched them frolic in the water. There was only four of them, the others must still be asleep�, he thought, �perhaps they will have calmed down�. He wished he had brought the clothes with him.  He could have left them in the girls� camp while they were mucking about.  

That is when he got careless.  He heard one of the girls say, �We are being watched.  I can feel it!� All the girls looked round �There is no one there.  No one seems to know this place exists� �I am telling you, we are being watched!�  That is when Pete was grabbed from behind.  It was Gretchen and Katya.  �Got you, you little pervert!�  They marched him out into the clearing.  �He has been spying on us for some time� Katya said.

Pete tried to escape, but Gretchen and Katya were too strong for him.  The girls got out of the pool and wrapped towels around themselves.  �So this is how you get your pleasure is it?� Freda asked. �No, he likes wearing ladies clothing.  We found our uniforms in his tent, look!� Katya replied.  She opened the bag and everyone could see it was their clothes.

�Bind him!� Anna shouted.  Quickly Lucy grabbed a small piece of rope that was in the bag with their clothes and tied his wrists together behind his back. Gretchen pulled him over to the tents. �What shall we do with him?�  A stake was driven into the ground and a piece of rope was tied to it.  Pete was made to sit and they tied his feet to the stake.  He was going nowhere. �We can�t just hold you like this.  At least tell us your name!� �Pete. Pete Meadows!� �Well, Pete Meadows! We have to decide what we are going to do with you.  Do not try to escape. We are proficient in our knots.  Especially Lucy there!�

Anna said she had an idea. In Swedish, so Pete could not understand, she said �Remember they told us that hemp rope stretches when wet but shrinks back when dried to its original length� All agreed with her, so she carried on.  No matter what she said, Pete could not understand it.  He wished they were talking French.  He could understand a smattering of it. But who needs to learn Swedish? They learn English anyway! Anna carried on. �He wants ladies clothing, okay, ladies clothing he will get.  Let us put him in a uniform and tie him to a tree for the day.  Then he can be dragged down to the pub tonight so we can display our trophy!  It is fortunate that we brought a lot of rope for our climbing.  Nylon mostly, but aren�t you glad now that I am a traditionalist and prefer hemp rope?�

Pete did not understand what was about to happen.  Katya went off with a sack full of hemp rope. She had been gone some time when Anna said they had better start now or they would be too late to go out for the day!

Freda asked Pete how long he had been there watching them. Pete did not answer. �You have been watching us before haven�t you?� she demanded to know. Pete still refused to answer. �Cat got your tongue? Not so brave now are we!�  Pete sat in silence. He had tried to escape, but they had made too good a job of securing him.  They certainly knew their ropes. �

Anna and the girls stated once more in Swedish, �Gretchen, make a hangman�s noose for the gag out of my skipping rope. Lucy and Greta.  I want you to take that old towel and cut it in strips.  If we use that to bind his wrists, it will not shrink and cut into his wrists�.

Pete watched Lucy and Greta take the old towel and carefully cut it into strips.  He could not understand what they were doing it for. Looking round he saw Gretchen take a long piece of what to him looked like sash cord.  It was about the same diameter. 

He watched Gretchen with awe as he saw her lay it out beside him on a cloth.  What was she doing? Tormenting him like this. She lay about two feet of it out in a straight line. She doubled the rope back parallel to the first length and turned it back on itself.  It looked like a snake to Pete.  Going backwards and forwards on itself.  

He watched Gretchen pick it up and start to wrap the loose end very tightly around the first two parallel runs.  She wrapped it 20 times. It looked like a dog�s toy with a loop at each end.  She pulled this end through the second loop and pulled the rope loop at the other end.  Pete watched as the second loop started to shrink.  It finally trapped the loose end tightly.  There was about a foot sticking out of the loop. The other loop at the other end had now become a noose! Pete started to panic �They are going to hang me!� 

He started to shout, but Gretchen shoved the coil of rope sideways into his mouth so it stuck out on either side, and took the loose end and wrapped it around his head.  She pulled the loose end through the loop and pulled the rope tight.  She put the loose end through the noose and pulled hard. Pete started to push the rope out of his mouth with his tongue.  Freda pushed it back between his teeth and held it while Gretchen finished her handiwork. The noose got smaller and with great difficulty, she pulled it until the noose trapped the loose end and Pete could not prise it loose.  Gretchen took the loose end and tied it to the other end with a reef knot.

Freda said to Pete. �Well, Pete, you either let us punish you, or we march you down to the Police station in full view of everyone and let them charge you.  What is it to be?  One grunt is to let us know you want us to punish you.  Two grunts for the Police!�

Pete grunted once. How could he let the Police get involved?  It would all come out in the papers and he would never be able to live it down.  Katya came back with the rope. �You idiot Katya, you only had to get it damp.  Not soak it! Girls, each take an end to one of the pieces of rope and swing it like a skipping rope.  We must shake out the excess!� Freda said in an annoyed tone.

Each of the girls took an end of a piece of rope and started to spin it.  Water flew off everywhere.  They did this for about 15 minutes and Freda decided that was enough. Katya and Gretchen were ordered to spin the 4th and last piece of rope. They did this even faster than before.  The rope was positively flying.  It did not take long for them to get the excess off.

Anna said �Okay girls, now for the fun!  Strip him!� Pete could not even imagine what was about to happen.  But he would soon find out.  His T-shirt was pulled over his head and down his arms to his wrists.  The ropes securing his wrists stopped them taking it right off. Gretchen untied his feet from the stake. He was lifted to his feet and she tied his ankles together. 

Anna took one wrist and Lucy the other.  They tied some of the towel around his wrists. Freda told them how to do it. �Tie a band around his wrist.  Not too tight as we do not want to cut off the circulation. Leave a little loop and tie another band around his wrist.  Make sure he cannot get them off.  The rope will go through the loop so when it tightens, it will not tighten on his wrist and cause damage.  Besides, towelling does not leave any marks if he goes to the Police.  He could not prove it happened!  When you have done that, tie his wrists together and untie the first rope. Then take his shirt off�  

Pete was amazed at the speed and dexterity the girls showed in removing his shirt.  He never had a chance to escape.  They were good.  No doubt about it. Anna said �What about his shorts and pants?� Freda answered. �Go for it now!�

His shorts and pants were pulled down to his ankles.  Pete tried to fold up, but Gretchen and Katya held him up steady. Lucy tied another rope around his legs and removed the rope around his ankles.  He was lifted and off came his shorts and pants.  He was worried now as he realised he had lost control of what was happening to him.  What had stated out as a joke had backfired on him!

All the girls shouted �Whey �hey.  Look what we have caught�. Lucy said in English. �Let�s tie him up like that so if any girls need to use his services, he would be ready for their attention�   Freda answered,  �No, but what he will be wearing will not take long to get round!�  Pete was stuck.  Their English was perfect.  At least he will not be naked he thought.

�Get the uniforms.  Let us find one that fits.� Freda said.  Pete watched as they went to the bag and took out the uniforms. �At least they are not creased. He will look smart!� Pete wished they would only speak in English. 

Lucy took the shirt �What about a bra?� �No, we want everyone to know he is a male in women�s clothing!� Lucy put the shirt over his wrists.  Greta tied the original piece of rope around his wrists and untied the piece holding the strips of towelling together. Lucy pulled the shirt up and Freda buttoned it up. It felt strange to Pete having a shirt on that buttons up on the other side. Right over left instead of left over right.

He was lifted once more and a skirt was put around his ankles.  He was lowered and the skirt was pulled up and buttoned up it his side.  �You do look pretty.  Perhaps we should take you back to Sweden and you could join us in the Girl Guide movement.  You would make a lovely girlie!� Anna said to him.

�Right it is time to get busy.  We haven�t got long.  The sun is getting warm and we have to be on our way to the pot hole if we want to explore it all today!�  Anna said.  Pete had his legs untied and was marched into the woods near the pool.  The wind was getting up, but it was going to be a hot day.  Pete was more concerned that he had no pants on under the skirt.

Once or twice he stopped and refused to move, but received a smack on his bum and was told that they would leave him here and go for the Police! Eventually, the girls found what they were looking for. Two tall trees with just the right space between them. He was stood between the trees and ropes were fastened around his ankles once more.  He could not run.  He watched as two of the ropes were thrown over some hefty branches.  The ends of the ropes were tied to the towelling loops around his wrists. More towelling was tied around his ankles and the other two ropes were tied to the loops on that.

Gretchen took the end of one rope that hung down from the branch.  Katya took the other rope.  Freda took one of the ropes that were tied to his ankles and Anna took the other.  In plain English Freda told Lucy to cut the bindings on his wrists and ankles! 

Lucy cut the ankles first so his legs were free and turned her attention to the rope on his wrists.  She untied it and shouted.  �He is free! Pull!�   All four girls pulled hard on their respective ropes. Freda and Anna had trouble shifting Pete�s legs as he let his weight go on them. Gretchen and Katya had no trouble with the roped they had.  Pete�s arms shot out and were now at full stretch between the trees.  So when they saw this, Freda helped Katya and Anna helped Gretchen and they pulled even harder on the ropes so any chance of movement was now gone. While Gretchen and Katya held the ropes, Freda and Anna tied the ropes around some lower branches. 

He was now stretched between the trees.  When Freda and Anna were sure the ropes would not come undone they got Gretchen and Anna to pull Pete�s legs apart as far as they would go.  Pete could not stop them. They were too strong.  His legs were pulled apart. He thought he would split in two. The girls let his legs go in a bit so it did not hurt.  Freda and Anna pulled the ropes tight and secured them around the trunk of the tree.  Pete was going nowhere. 

Stopping to admire their handiwork and pick up anything they did not use, the girls looked at him.  �I love having a man made immobile!� Anna said. Each of the girls gave Pete a kiss on the cheek. Lucy took photographs of him from all angles. �Just something as a reminder for the future!�

�We are going out for the day.  Have fun.  See you later! There is only one thing.  When the sun starts to go down, there is a lot of what you call gnats I believe.  I would try to escape if I were you as they sting something awful!  Goodbye, good luck� Freda said.  Pete twisted his head and saw the girls leaving him stuck like that.  

The last of the girls disappeared into the bushes and the bushes sprung back into place.  He started to panic.  �What if they changed their mind about seeing me later and decided to up camp and leave me like this?  No one would know I am here.  No one would find me. Maybe in years to come, they would find a skeleton hanging between two trees.  No one would know how he got there like this or who did it� he thought.  He tried to scream, but the gag was too perfect. Nothing came out except a whimper.

He heard the rustling of the bushes getting softer and eventually stopped altogether. He could still hear them laughing and shouting, but even that got softer and softer until it stopped.  He tried to struggle, but the ropes were fastened too well.  The use of towelling had made it impossible to escape.  Freda certainly knew her knot work.  At least it did not hurt his wrists.

The sun climbed in the sky. The rope started to shrink back to its normal length and Peter could feel it getting tighter.  He never knew how much it would eventually hurt, but he guessed it would sooner or later.  He felt a cooling breeze. He thought that was nice, but thought the breeze would help dry the ropes even quicker.   He struggled even more, but the ropes were not giving.  Not even one inch.  Let alone enough to let him get his hands together to undo the knots.  Nor would the rope come away from the tree.  He thought that if he could twist around, he could twist the ropes and make them try to pull on each other and that would either break the branch of the tree or somehow undo the knots. 

But, there was no way was he going to be able to turn.  The ropes were too secure.  He could only twist his upper body as far as his joints of his shoulders would allow it. He gave up.  The breeze was getting up now and he could feel the skirt flapping around his legs. At least one point was proved.  The wind did not go up the skirt.  He thought it must be the air trapped there that stopped that.

But the wind got even stronger.  At one time, some black clouds came over. �At least if it rains it will stretch the ropes again, maybe enough to untie myself!�  But they passed over without spilling a drop of rain. But the wind was there now.  The skirt was being lifted and he could now feel a breeze in a sensitive area.

He never knew how long he had been there.  This was getting boring.  He had seen all there was to see.  He even played I�spy with himself to while away the hours.  He did not like this bondage thing one bit.  It may be fun if there was anyone there to torment you, but on your own?    

He heard the birds up in the trees.  He wondered how long the wind would be blowing and if it would rain.  He thought over old times.  But soon ran out of things to think about or listen for.  There was absolute silence in the end.  He closed his eyes and tried to sleep.  No way could he sleep on his feet!  He just shut his eyes and tried to forget the situation he was in.

He never heard anything until a voice behind him said �My, you have got yourself in a funny situation haven�t you?�  It was Jan from the pub. �The girls asked me to check on you.  They called in and told me what they had done and where you were!� She checked all the ropes. �Well and truly secure.  All ship shape and above board!  I must say, I am amazed of what they have done to you.  Do you like it?�  Pete tried to answer, but all he came out with was intelligible. �I can�t understand you. Never mind, you are okay.  That is all I have come to check!� With that she lifted the skirt. �My we are a big boy aren�t we?�  She laughed and let the skirt go.  She pressed herself right up to him.  He could feel his erect manhood pressing into her crotch.  She rubbed herself up and down on it.  He could feel her nipples standing erect and pressing into his chest.

�Oh well, I would love to stop here.  I might ask the girls to leave you her so I can use you later.  Perhaps they will tie you to a tree so you do not move away while I pleasure myself on your body!�   Pete went red. �You are a virgin aren�t you?� Jan said in a surprised tone.  Pete nodded in agreement. Jane lifted the skirt at the back and gently run her hands across the cheeks of his bum. Pete liked this.  Her hands were nice and soft. He got excited and his erection showed even more.  The skirt stood out like a tent pole at the front. �I take it you are glad to see me?� Jane asked, �I must say though, you look natural in a skirt.  Do you often wear one?  If you were my boyfriend, I would not let you wear anything but skirts!�  Pet shook his head to say no.  He did not like the idea of being forced to wear something that he shouldn�t

Jane shook her head. �That settles it. The girls have made a wonderful job of you.  It is too good an opportunity to pass up. I will go and advertise a raffle for the girls and your virginity will be the prize! We will fill the pub tonight when I put the posters up.  I must make sure the girls bring you along!  As you are of course!� she said nonchalantly.  Jane took out a digital camera and took several shots of him.  �I will download this on my computer and will put a picture on the posters and send them out to all the girls of the village�. Pete tried to scream. Jane laughed and walked off humming to herself. 

Pete heard her walking away, the rustling of the bushes got weaker again until he could hear no more.  Once again, he was alone!  The sun was getting to its hottest now and the wind had dropped.  He could feel the ropes getting tighter and thought that Freda was right.  If they had tied the ropes around his wrists, the circulation would be cut off to them.

The trees began to creak.  Pete was hoping one branch would snap off so he could get free.  But, he was out of luck.  The girls had certainly selected the right trees and branches to use for tying him up like this. The ropes got tighter and he struggled...

to be continued.

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