by Ukeseme

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© Copyright 2006 - Ukeseme - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; susp; reluct; X

As we walk into the bottom of a large, tower like building, Camille looks up, marvelling at the four windows at the top. I guide her up to a large belle dress, made of iron, and the skirt looks three feet too long. The back of the dress lays open, unhinged.

She gulps as she looks at it and asks, "Is this dress for me?"

"Yes, Camille." I state, carefully removing her clothes.

"But first, I need you to put your shoes on." I add.

She blushes and folds her arms over her chest.

"Shoes?" she asks as I pull out a pair of iron shoes that weigh 15LBs each.

"Heavy shoes! Why so heavy?" she continues.

"You'll see my dear, now step into these." I state.

As she steps into them, I bolt them shut. Knowing there is no need for a lock.

She looks at me worried as I wheel over a crane with a trapeze bar hanging from it. She grabs onto the bar, I place some shackles around her wrists.

"Those shackles are just for your safety, they'll be off shortly." I say.

"Thank you, I was scared, and I don't want to fall." she says relaxing.

I raise the crane as she can see into it, and sees a metal crotch strap with a pair of rods. She gulps and cries out my name as I position her over the opening. As I lower her into the dress she tries to step on the crotch strap to avoid it, I quickly take care of it by nudging her feet to either side. She squirms and pants as she is carefully impaled.

"Don't worry, there are no motors are electronics. Everything on this dress is solid iron." I state.

"'kay..." she says, unsure what is going to happen as I bolt the back of the dress closed, pressing her breasts into the metal cups. She squirms in the cold dress, the shoes making it impossible to lift her legs. I position a large metal bar with an opening in the middle of it onto her waist.

"What is this for?" she asks.

"Just relax, you'll see." I say as I undo her hands, "You can let go now." she drops her arms and feels around the outside of the dress.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" I say as I attach a large wheel that hangs from the ceiling high above to each side of the rod. She squeals as I use them to lift the dress up a few feet off the ground.

"Why don't you try kicking it to see how solid it is?" I goad

She kicks hit hard trying to make it cave in, but ends up surprised as the dress reverberates, especially in the rods and breast cups. She quickly whimpers and stops.

"Is something wrong, my dear?" I ask, knowing the answer.

"It... the things... they..." she stammers.

"Yes, it will happen every time the bell tolls."

"Jostly or move or whatever when do that... Everytime the bell tolls?" she says surprised.

I nod. She looks around for the bell.

"Now, we must raise you quickly, it is almost the half hour." I say as I quickly raise her until she can see out across the country side.

"What?" she asks as she looks all around and then down at me, hearing the mechanical sounds of a clock. 

The wheels on each side turn causing her to pivot steeply forward and back, her iron shod feet clanging against the sides of the dress. After a set of chimes it stops. 

"Ahh, such a lovely bell it is." I state looking up at her as she flails her arms and cries out my name.

I climb a set of stairs so I can see her close up, she holds out her arms to hug me, I climb up and give her a hug.

"Imagine the joy you must feel at noon." I say, as she drops her head thinking about it.

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