Bed Games

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; rope; straps; gag; hood; foldup-bed; enclose; tease; femdom; enslave; chast; lesb; denial; sex; cons/reluct; X

"Well, what do you think?"

With a shrug, Jess glanced around Brandon's one room apartment. It looked pretty much the same as usual, with one exception.

"Where's the bed?"

Grinning, Brandon moved to stand in the space his bed had once occupied. Now, instead of the large headboard, the wall sported an extension, rather like a closet. Still grinning, Brandon opened folding doors, revealing the bottom of his bed folded into the wall. Jess watched as he lowered it, legs unfolding from the outer end to support the weight.

"A hidden bed," she remarked, nodding. "Interesting."

"Gives me more floor space folded up like that," Brandon replied. "And," he went on, grin widening, "it has some other interesting features. Care to check them out?"

Within moments, Jess lay naked on the bed, her feet toward the wall. Rope from her wrists and ankles led to rings welded to the frame, holding her in a strict spread eagle. After tugging at her bonds for a moment, she glanced up, smiling.

"Very interesting," she said. "But why is my head at this end?"

"Simple," Brandon explained. "No walls or anything too close. Means I can approach your head from any angle."

Jess sighed, knowing full well what that meant. Having her head near the wall made oral sex more awkward. Brandon had to twist and contort to get into her mouth, unless her head were propped up enough. This way, he could simply straddle her head from any angle.

"One more thing." Shaking off her thoughts, Jess opened her mouth to accept the gag. Silenced, she watched expectantly as Brandon removed his own clothing. A knock at the door, however, interrupted his move toward the bed.

"Now who could that be?" Curious, Brandon moved to the door. Glancing through the peephole, he stiffened.

"Oh, shit." Turning, he stared for a moment at Jess, bound naked on his bed. Reaching into his box of toys, he quickly slipped a leather hood over the helpless woman's head, blinding her and muffling her hearing. Moving quickly, he raised the bed. Once it was folded into the wall, he stretched rope from the upper corners of the frame to eye bolts mounted in the wall. Now no amount of struggling by Jess could move the bed. Closing the folding doors, he moved to the door of his apartment.

"Hey Delilah, what are you doing here?"

Instead of answering, Delilah stepped into the room. "Hidden bed now? Where's the fun in that?"

"Oh," Brandon replied, "it can be lots of fun." Opening the folding doors, he knelt and folded out two small plates near the bed's lower end. Elsewhere on the bottom of the bed, Delilah could see carefully placed eye bolts. "Care to find out?"

Moments later, a naked Delilah stood on the small plates. Rope ran from her wrists and ankles to eye bolts, holding her in a standing spread eagle. More bolts provided fastening points for straps running across her stomach, below her breasts and across her forehead, holding her securely in place. Gagged, she waited anxiously for Brandon to begin, but he only stood staring at her. Finally, after several moments, he moved toward her, only to freeze as another knock sounded at the door.

"Shit!," he moaned, glancing through the peephole. Turning, he grabbed a second hood. Removing the forehead strap, he quickly slipped the hood over Delilah's head, then replaced the strap. "Why today of all days?" After closing the folding doors, he moved once more toward the entrance.

"Jasmine, hey."

"Hey Brandon." Entering the apartment, Jasmine looked around. "Just thought I'd drop by for a bit. Hey, where's your bed?"

"Remodeling," Brandon replied.

"Oh?" Jasmine grinned. "Well, we don't really need a bed, do we? How bout I tie you to the table, like before?"

"Um, great. Look, I need to use the can. I'll be right back." Before Jasmine could answer, Brandon nearly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Now what do I do?" Brandon had two naked, helpless women on his hands, with a third who was probably already removing her own clothes. How could he possibly get rid of all three without any of them discovering one of the others?

"Oh well," he told himself, "one step at a time. Got to get rid of Jasmine first." Squaring his shoulders, he opened the door and stepped back into the main room.

"Here." Smiling, a naked Jasmine handed him a glass. "A quick drink before the fun starts."

Brandon quickly drained the glass. "Jasmine," he said, putting the glass on the counter, "I'm sorry, but I don't think we can play today."

"Oh?" Jasmine's eyebrows climbed. "Why not?"

"Well, I'm not feeling too great at the moment." Even as he spoke, Brandon noticed that the room seemed to be getting a bit fuzzy. He took a step toward Jasmine, only to stagger to a stop.

"What?" Puzzled, Brandon stared at Jasmine, trying to figure out what was going on. Before he could decide anything, his world suddenly went dark.

"Wakey, wakey." Slowly, Brandon opened his eyes. Glancing around, he realized that, somehow, he had taken Delilah's place, securely strapped to the underside of his own bed. Grunting, he tried to force words past the gag filling his mouth as he stared at Jasmine and Delilah.

"You've been a bad boy," Jasmine told him, grinning. "I never dreamed the two of you were up to no good. Imagine my surprise when I opened those doors and saw her strapped up that way." Grinning, she slid one arm around Delilah's waist. "Actually," she said, "she looked hotter than hell like that. I was tempted to leave her where she was and just play with her for a while, but I needed someplace to put you."

"Still," Delilah added, "I'm sure we can have our own fun anyway." As Brandon watched, the two naked women began kissing passionately. After a long moment, they broke apart.

"Enough of this," Jasmine said, moving toward the bed. "Let's have some real fun."

Reaching up, she tried to lower the bed, seeming puzzled when it refused to move. After a moment, she spotted the ropes holding it in place. Jasmine stretched herself to reach the ropes, her naked body pressed firmly against Brandon. Even now, he felt himself twitching as her mound brushed across his erection. By the time Jasmine got the ropes unfastened, he was rocking his hips, trying for an angle that would let him slip inside her.

"There." Removing the second rope, Jasmine, with help from Delilah, lowered the bed. Now dangling beneath, staring at his own floor, Brandon listened to a long moment of silence.

"Well now," he finally heard, "who might this be?" There was another silence. "Jess? You too?" A soft, moaning grunt replied. "Well, I let Delilah out so we'd have a place to put Brandon. You, though, I think we'll just leave right where you are. We can have all kinds of fun, can't we?"

"Oh, absolutely." A series of muffled grunts was followed by a long, soft moan.

Staring helplessly down at his own floor, Brandon tugged at his bonds. How could this have happened? Above him, the bed began to tremble, then shake, from the combined passions of three women. As their moans and gasps filled the room, he could only wonder what would happen next.


"Yes, Mistress Jasmine?" Placing the last clean dish into the cabinet, Brandon turned from the sink to see the folding doors open.

"Supper was good," Jasmine told him, smiling. Beside her, Jess and Delilah matched her expression, all three naked women staring at the one naked man.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Now, time for bed."

Nodding, Brandon stepped obediently onto the folded down plates, his chastity belt gleaming in the room's light. Working together, the three women quicky had him strapped into place. Once he was gagged, the bed was lowered, allowing the women to climb on. The room went dark, the silence soon broken by the sounds of three women pleasuring each other.

For Brandon, the sounds seemed to go on forever. When silence finally fell, he knew the three now cuddled together, drifting toward sleep. Dangling helplessly beneath them, Brandon could only ponder his fate.

He'd had it all, really. Money, a nice place, and three sexy women more than willing to play bondage games with him. Now, thanks to some really bad timing, everything had changed. His lovers were now his Mistresses. And he, the lady's man, had been transformed into their obedient sex slave and toy. Feeling himself twitch within the confines of his belt, he couldn't say for sure if this were a blessing or a curse. After three months of this, he only knew one thing for sure. He would do anything his Mistresses commanded, serve any desire they might have. He belonged to them now, and there was no changing that.

He just wished they would let him cum!

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