Bed & Bondage

by Angel Joe

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© Copyright 2004 - Angel Joe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; caged; sbm; cons; X

I was searching on the web for bondage sites and ran across the web site for the It looked like a great place to go for a weekend vacation. I filled out the questionnaire on the site and submitted it for a reservation. The questionnaire was very detailed about my likes and limitations. It said that I would receive a response with in 2 days. The next day I received an E-Mail back from the listing the openings they had available. I selected a date and made the reservation for a weekend.   
At work on Friday, I could not concentrate on my work. I was too excited about the weekend that would begin after I got home from work. The instructions that came with my Reservation said to be ready by 7:00PM and you will be picked up from your home. I was to wear my fetish outfit for the trip to the Inn. I made it home from work in time to take a bath and put on my outfit for the trip. 
At 7:00PM a black limousine pulled up in front of the house. The Driver came to the door and asked if I was ready. He escorted me out to the limo. It was about a hour and a half drive The Bed and Bondage Inn is up in the mountains above the city. The Drive was very exciting to think of the way I was dressed and where I was going. 
We arrived at the Inn and I was greeted at the main entrance and escorted in side. Just in side the Front entrance along the wall are several boxes, once inside I was told to remove all my clothing except for my collar, then put them in one of the boxes. Then put the lock that I had brought with me on the box and then take the leash hanging on the wall above the box and hook it to my collar and then put on the handcuffs that were hanging on the wall with my hands behind my back. The hostess told me she would be back for me and then left the room. Now I was standing with only my collar on and hands cuffed behind my back with a leash attached to the wall. I was very excited by this. 
The hostess returned and took the leash from the wall and lead me to a room with a cage in it. She removed the handcuffs and put me into the cage and locked the door.  She told me that dinner would be served soon and I would be taken to the dinning room when it was time. I could see that the suitcase that I had brought with me was in the room locked in a small cage. I quickly came to my first orgasm after being left alone in my Cage. It wasn't long before the hostess returned and unlocked the door to my cage and told me that all the other guests had arrived and I could join them in the Dinning room. At dinner, I met and got to know the other guests. 

After Dinner I was told to go to the main entrance and use my key to get my outfit out of the box I had put it in, dress and then be free to use the Inn as I pleased. After dressing in my fetish outfit I headed down to the Dungeon room. In the Dungeon there where all kinds of bondage equipment, two cages and a large Jacuzzi with a water fall going into it. I decided to get inside of one of the cages and get the hostess to lock the door. Inside the cage was a pair of leather ankle cuffs and a pair of wrist cuffs, so I put the ankle cuffs on and locked them together and then put on the wrist cuffs and locked them on with my hands in front of me. I laid in the cage watching the other guests play and soon fell asleep. 

In the morning, I awoke to find myself locked in the cage with the cuffs on. It wasn�t long before the hostess came to me and unlocked the cage and removed the cuffs for me. Then she told me that breakfast would be served soon. I returned to my room and found that the cage that had my suitcase that I brought with me was open and proceeded to the bathroom to take a hot bath before going to breakfast. 

After having breakfast and talking with the other guests about the night before I decided to go out for a walk in the woods. I headed out on one of the trails from the Inn and before I got too far I decided to return to the Inn and asked the hostess for a pair of wrist cuffs. She gave them to me and I returned to the trail head where their was a box with a sign on it that said, �You may use this box to lock your clothes up in it. Follow the map to find the keys for the lock to retrieve your clothes.�

So I striped off my clothes and locked them into the box, I then put on the wrist cuffs behind my back and headed out on the trail to find the keys. Along the trail I ran across some of the other guest. One had tied his sub to a tree and was playing with her. Another was looking for his keys with a different map to get his clothes back. After I had found the keys to my clothes, I returned to the box and got the clothes out and returned to my room for a long nap in my cage. I awoke, it was late afternoon and I headed down to the dungeon room to use the Jacuzzi. It was so relaxing to sit in the Jacuzzi. The hostess came by and offered to bring me something to eat or drink. So, I asked her to bring me a glass of wine. 
It was getting closer to dinnertime so I returned to my room to shower and get ready to go to the dinning room for dinner. I was to only wear my collar to dinner, this was part of the arrangements that I signed up for when making the plans for this trip. After dinner the hostess came to me and put a leash on my collar and lead me to the dungeon room. First she put me on a rack and attached cuffs to my ankles and wrist and hooking the ankle cuffs to the bottom of the rack and then the wrist cuffs to the top bar of the rack. She then turned the winch and stretched my arms tight over my head. I laid on the rack wiggling and testing the bonds. Then I was released and taken to another piece of equipment. By the end of the night, I had experienced all the different toys in the dungeon. Then I was taken and locked into the cage in my room. The next morning the hostess came to my room and unlocked the cage and told me that the limo would be taking me home at 2:00PM and I had the morning to as I liked.
After returning home, I couldn�t wait to make reservations for my next vacation at the Bed and Bondage Inn.

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