Becoming Cuntface

by Pat Kole

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© Copyright 2013 - Pat Kole - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; F/f; D/s; webcam; toys; insert; rope; cuffs; gag; tape; breast; hum; torment; voy; climax; fpov; cons/reluct; XX

Disclaimer – this is a work of fiction, a mosaic of fantasies and multiple online sessions with multiple dom(mes). If you recognize your work, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I sat down in front of the computer with a bit of trepidation. It was time for the weekly Saturday morning session with Ozzy. My mind was already drifting into subspace as I looked at the box that he sent me. It was still sealed, but something in it jingled. I had my laptop booted, the mike hooked up, and cam was active. I sat and waited for him to log on. Sometimes I wondered if he purposely delayed logging in to drive home that I waited at his convenience. I smiled as I saw his name appear.

“Hello Cuntface,” he whispered in my ear.

“Cuntface is glad to see you Sir. She has the box.” Ozzy demanded that I always refer to myself in the third person as the last name that he gave me. It was always something humiliating, and reminded me of my status. I hated the name “Cuntface,” so he enjoyed making me use it. Banning me from using the words “me,” “my,” “I” and so forth drove me deeper under his control.

“Open the box. You’ll find smaller packages inside. Put box #1 on your dresser. Box #2 goes in the basement. Go.”

I quickly grabbed the small boxes, about the size that would hold a ring. I scampered to put them where directed, and felt my heart pounding as I returned. I wondered if it was from the scurrying, or if it was nerves.

“Cuntface is back Sir.”

He snickered. “Lube up the butt plug. Slide it in.”

I looked through the box. Some things seemed so random. They may have been put in just to throw me off or get me wondering. Or he might have a plan for each and every one of them. I picked up the large black phallus in my hand. Along its 5” of length, the rubber penis grew from its rounded tip to over 2” across at its widest, and then tapered down to a 1” neck before blooming into a wide flange. The flange thankfully stopped over insertion, but the idea of that sheer mass inside my ass was daunting. I realized that decision was already made; it was my job just to do it. I squirted a bit of lube onto the fake penis, and forced a smile into the web cam as I spread the clear goo to slicken the surface.

I was on sub-space autopilot as I unfastened my jeans, dropping them with my panties to my knees. I lined up the plug like I had done for smaller plugs before. I started to push it in, and held it in place as I tried to push it out. This puckered my anal lips, making them suck the plug in a bit when I stopped trying to force it out. Once it was teased halfway in I held it in place, and squatted on my seat, slowly lowering myself into place. I slid down the massive invader, feeling it fill my ass, more and more as I descended. A gasp escaped my lips as my sphincter finally grasped the neck of the black beast.

I panted out, “It’s in Sir.”

He smirked an amused, “Show it off to me Cuntface.”

I got up and bent over, giving the webcam a clear view of the base of the plug sticking out of my ass.

“How does it feel?”

“Master, it feels like a telephone pole is up there! It’s even bigger than the fearsome speculum at the ob/gyn office!”

“Does Cuntface want to fuck herself with the butt plug?”

My first thought was “God no!” Thankfully my mind realized that the unspoken alternative was doubtlessly worse before words left my lips. I faked a smile with a, “Yes Sir. Cuntface would love to fuck herself up the ass with the plug you graciously provided Sir. May Cuntface please fuck herself Sir?”

“Oh yeah. Make me proud.”

I pulled the plug partway out, groaning as the widest part of the plug forced my sphincter wide apart again. Then I had to ram it home again. With every thrust I remembered that Master was watching, smiling at my distress, and getting hard. I was doing this all for him.

“Look at the cam, and tell me how much you’re loving this Cuntface.”

I started running commentary with my thrusting. “Oh yes Sir! Thank you for allowing me to fuck myself with this massive cock Sir! Cuntface loves to take large rubber dicks up her ass Sir! The larger it is, the better it trains Cuntface’s ass for your glory Sir!” I kept on with a monologue, my head deep into the one thought that matters – pleasing him. The ache in my ass didn’t matter; it was a means to the end.

After what felt like five minutes, Sir finally said, “That’s enough Cuntface. Leave it in and add a support rope to make sure there’s no escape attempt. By the way, that video capture was exquisite.”

I blushed, and dutifully picked up the rope. I wrapped it around my waist, and tied it securely, leaving the loose end dangling down from my crotch like a wimpy imitation penis. This loose end was pulled through my crotch, and over the waist rope in back. As only half of the loose rope was used, I went to loop it over the front waist rope.

Master demanded, “Oh no Cuntface. Yank on it. Feel it burying that butt plug deep in your ass!”

I started tugging on the rope, with Sir goading me on. I yanked. I pulled. Each time heaving a gasp or groan from the plug worming its way deep into my exhausted ass.

“That will do Cuntface. Now spiral the rope around the first two passes. Over the waist rope in back, and then spiral the other way to make a nice fat rope.”

As I wrapped the rope per his directions, I dutifully thanked him for allowing me to please him this way. Of course, bending over with a butt-plug shoved up your ass is an experience – when bending at the waist, the plug doesn’t bend much. It forces my butt to conform to it, not vice versa. I felt thoroughly stuffed.

“Now go on your exercise bike. You can be off in five minutes if you go fast enough to please me.”

I stood up with another groan from the plug. I waddled over to the bike, setting up my laptop between the handlebars. I sat down, and realized that the bike seat and thick rope focused all my weight on the damned plug. I had to get off this soon! I started in with gusto. With each pedal, I could feel my body trying to grind itself onto the plug. My exertion had me sweating as I worked so hard to get my ass looking like some enormous crater. With Sir snickering, I pedalled on. I looked at the time – I still had two minutes to go. My sphincter was signalling defeat, but I knew that asking to be relieved of this task would only have it replaced by something more strenuous.

“Faster Cuntface! Or I’ll add more time!”

I redoubled my effort, picking up the pace to work this massive plug deeper into me. I worried about it going so deep it would poke into my heart or burst out of my chest.

“OK Cuntface! That’s enough biking. I want you in Second Life.”

I gasped, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.” I got off the bike, and my sore ass cried as my weight shifted. I hobbled back to my desk, still bent over. My body didn’t want to straighten up. I was exhausted and plopped into the computer chair. My weight hit, suddenly thrusting the plug deep into my ass. I howled, “Auugghh!! Oh fuck! My ass! Oh!”


I snapped back. “Yes Master?” I panted.

“I didn’t tell you curses were acceptable behavior!”

“No Master. Sorry Master.”

“And you used a banned word! Actions have consequences. Get the panties and tape out of the box.”

I looked up, and I had indeed used a first person pronoun to him. Bending over to reach the box on the floor next to the chair elicited a groan. I leaned over, but the butt-plug stays where it is. The plug does not conform to me, but it forced me to conform to its size and shape. Massive butt plugs are not an “out of sight, out of mind” thing for the wearer. I nervously picked a zip lock bag with what must be pink panties and the roll of clear tape. I opened the bag and a stench started to fill the air. My god this woman stinks!

Master saw my facial expression and grinned. “Well, two weeks ago, I was playing with a slut online. I dumped her when you came on. She wasn’t happy, so I offered her revenge. She stunk up a pair of panties as much as she could just for you. Exercising, wiping off goo after she came, the whole bit. She was only too happy to help.”

I looked askance and held them with but two fingers, holding them away from me. They were clearly stained from repeated use. They'd need multiple trips through a washer before I wanted to touch them.

Master continued. “They seemed truly foul. And since you have a foul mouth, you are going to stuff those panties right on into it. As you don’t want to displease me further by spitting them out, I’ll helpfully allow you to tape them in place.”

I looked at these panties aghast. I have no idea who this stench of a woman even is! And I need to put her dirty crotch into my mouth? Just as I was about to say no, Master’s words resonated in my mind. Actions have consequences. This is a punishment for not calling myself “Cuntface” and for cursing. Remembering this will make me a better servant to Master.

I brought the panties up to my face. Oh god! They smelled like a cross between a locker room and a bordello! As if on autopilot, my mouth opened, and I stuffed the wadded up panties in. The panties were large enough to keep my jaw held wide open as if I was continually surprised. Damn! They tasted every bit as bad as they smelled! My face contorted in horror, so I quickly put a strip of the clear tape from ear to ear crossing my mouth to hold it in. Another strip went over it, just under my nose. A third strip went under it, down to the base of my chin. I panted through my nose and gave a doe-eyed look to Master, and hoped that he would relent.

I could hear the smile in his voice. “I like that look on you Cuntface. You’ll be panty-gagged more often.” As usual, Ozzy could see and hear me through the webcam. I was only allowed to hear him, not watch him. I nodded understanding as my hopes for a quick release were not only squashed, but hinted into having to endure it again in the future.

“Now about those tits of yours. They droop when bare, or are held in too much with a bra. I have a solution for that. Grab the shelf brackets out of the box.” I immediately complied and the anal stretching beast reminded me who was in charge.

I looked and found the clear plastic L-shaped brackets. Each leg of the L was maybe 5” long and an inch and a half wide. Master’s instructions continued, and it was as if my brain was only the messenger. He spoke, and my body moved as he commanded.

“Bend over such that your boobs are hanging straight down. Now put a bracket right at the base of a tit. Snug it right in there Cuntface. Tighter! That’s good. Now wrap a loop of tape around the base of your tit to hold it in place. Nice and snug!”

His instructions kept on as I cinched my boob in, bonding it with the bracket. I felt my boob start to throb and swell as blood was trapped by the snug tape band. “Now start to spiral down that titty. Keep it just as tight!” I felt the compression of the tape urging my boob to be narrower, and anything lost in girth was added to length.

“Oh yes. All the way down. Everything but your nipple. That stays bare. Nice Cuntface. And now do the other tit, just as tight.” I started wrapping the other one, almost treasuring the peeling sound as the tape left the roll, and the feel of unrelenting compression and throbbing in my boobs.

“OK. Now stand and show off your work.”

When upright, I saw what Master had done. My breasts jutted out like a pair of obscene torpedoes that were bursting forth from my chest in a display of wanton lust, just desperately begging for any attention. What just a few minutes ago were mammary glands that nature intended to feed infants had been transformed into a fetishist’s wet dream.

Master snickered. “Good! They look properly needy. Tell Master how your tits feel.”

“They are throbbing a bit from the pressure Sir, and their weight is not supported the best Sir. Cuntface can handle it for a little while.”

“OK. Take the tape, and run a strip from your right shoulder, between your boobs, under your left boob, and then up to your armpit. Repeat on the other side. I want your titties jutting straight out Cuntface.”

I complied, peeling and sticking tape to wind up with a transparent W shape adorning my chest to support my enhanced cleavage. “Thank you Master. It is more comfortable Master.”

“Good! That will be your bra for today.”

My eyes shot wide open. “But Master! Cuntface needs to go to her nephew’s high school graduation today Sir!”

Master burst out laughing. “Oh! I couldn’t have planned it better! This is perfect! You’ll be wondering if the teenagers are staring at you because of your impressive bustline or if they are staring at you because you are too self-conscious! Oh Cuntface! I am SO looking forward to your report!”

I looked down at my boobs straining to reach out to him, and realized the more that I tried to negotiate or try to get him to change his mind, the more he would enjoy my mental torment. Much as I thought my boobs were forced to look obscene, I also knew this just goaded him on.

“Now Cuntface, the chair you are in looks too comfortable. I know you have a metal folding chair. Go get it. And keep your jeans around your ankles.”

I stood and trudged down the hall to the closet to get the chair. I felt like a chastised kid who couldn’t even pull up their own jeans. I carried it back, setting it up, and sat down oh so carefully. The plug still slid deeper in me as it settled onto the multi-layer cord holding it in place.

At Master’s direction, I looped the middle of a long piece of rope around my ankles again and again, a bit looser than they could have been. Six loops were made, all laid out neatly. I then looped one end between my ankles around the middle of the six strands to cinch all of the ropes to their proper snugness. Not too tight, but secure. I then knotted it a few times to ensure it didn’t loosen.

“OK, now snake the ends of the rope up the legs of your jeans. Do a similar knot in the crotch of the jeans – doesn’t need to be snug, just to make sure the rope stays there.”

I duly threaded the rope up, and made a show of knotting the rope together again and again, pulling it tight each time.

“OK, now pull up your jeans.”

I smiled when I heard this. I could get dressed and not be as exposed! I immediately stood up, pulled up my jeans and buckled my belt before he changed his mind. Sitting down gets my jeans out of sight, out of mind! I sat down quickly, and the massive beast in my ass that called itself a butt plug thrust hard! I gasped and started panting,

Master chuckled. “Oh, Cuntface! I love what that does to your boobs! Quite nice to watch! Well done! Now grab the luggage lock, and lock it through one belt hole, and lock that belt hole to the buckle. ”

I duly complied, and as the lock clicked shut I realized the lock prevented me from untying my ankles. I would need to hop wherever I needed to go. The key to this lock was just across the hall on my dresser – it shouldn’t be bad to hop that far. I knew Ozzy was enjoying watching me do his will. At times I wondered if he was stroking himself as we played.

“You know Cuntface; I enjoyed seeing you plop on the chair. The gasping, panting, the way it made your boobs bobble, the whole package.” I could picture him smiling at me as he paused, which made me nervous. “So let’s go into Second Life. Whenever anyone else calls you by name, I want you to stand up and plop down on the chair again. And make Master proud.”

Second Life is like a chat room with video. People come to socialize and improve how their avatar looks. Most people type to socialize, but some use voice. As my mouth was stuffed with an obscene panty rag, I would need to type.

We entered the game, appearing in some chairs surrounding a busy nightclub. Immediately someone greeted us. “Hi Ozzy! Hi Cuntface!”

I stood up, and plopped right back down. The feeling was well, quite intense and varied. The chair pounded the plug in a bit – kind of like a hammer tapping a nail. At the same time, my innards were still coming down, impaling themselves on the infernal ass stuffer. My ass rippled up, involuntarily squishing the plug. And the plug didn’t change shape to fit me; my ass had to accommodate it. My boobs flopped onto their thin, rigid supports, and jiggled in their tape cocoons.

Master brought us into a crowded area, and had my avatar lounge on his lap like a playboy bunny. People kept coming in. I started to dread their greetings.

Someone named NJ came in. “Hi Ozzy! Hi Cuntface!” This forced another anal assault. I clenched down on the disgusting rag as I thrust the plug deeper into my own ass. “Cuntface, are you OK?”

The first thought that went through my head was, “I would be so much better of you stopped calling me by name!” Instead I buried that thought with another plop onto my hard chair. I tried to be pleasant with, “Yes. Cuntface is doing fine.”

“I’m hearing the hint of a grunt or shriek every time I say anything to you Cuntface.”

Mentally I started cursing her out. Remembering that this is what got me into this mess, I dutifully stood, and plopped hard onto the chair, hoping that Master was enjoying the show in the webcam. I tried not to howl into the gag, but it was such a sudden thrust each time. “Yes Miss. Cuntface has a task she must do when people call her by name.”

“Oh? What does Cuntface have to do when people call her Cuntface?”

Damn it! Why won’t this lady leave me alone? I stood, and plopped into my chair, blowing the air out of my lungs. I was panting through my nose, nostrils starting to flare. I started typing, and realized she said my name twice. I stood again, and plopped down on the hard chair helplessly obeying Master’s orders. I hoped that Master would distract her away and have mercy on my ass. I cringed as I resumed typing, blushing a bit as I explained my situation. “Cuntface has a large butt plug in her ass. She must stand and plop down on a chair whenever people say her name.”

“Oh Cuntface? Does it hurt?”

Why does this woman keep after me? I plopped down again, feeling my sphincter crying out. I stifled a whimper, and typed my response. “Yes Miss. It feels larger and deeper when Cuntface plops down. It is very tough on her ass. Please have mercy on her.”

“Well, Cuntface, this is how *I* see it. Some hussy named Cuntface is tying to steal my man, and I have the power to have her fuck herself up her own ass whenever I say ‘Cuntface’.”

My eyes went wide. But Ozzy was my Master! I wasn’t trying to steal him from anyone! I stood up and plopped down, wincing in pain as the plug went deeper. And again I stood and fell onto my ass, feeling it cry out and my boobs bobble on their prongs. And that bitch said my name again, so I plopped down a third time.

“But Cuntface isn’t stealing your man.”

“Oh, yes Cuntface. I see your fucking avatar sprawled out across my man.  I’m not blind to Cuntface’s hussy ways! And it’s not going to work! Got it Cuntface?”

I stood and plopped time and time again as I whimpered into the gag. As I shuddered, I could only eek out a, “Master?”

NJ continued. “Oh Cuntface, I wouldn’t be calling to him if I were as pathetic as you. I would be getting my Cuntface avatar off of his lap. Got it Cuntface?”

I wanted to respond, but first I had to cause further anguish on my ass. I stood, and plopped, squealing into the gag. I felt my boobs throbbing from their tight bindings. I stood again, looked at the second time she said my name, and let my legs drop from underneath me, landing hard on my ass. It felt like the plug was going up through my stomach! I wailed into the gag, hearing the muffled shriek echo off of the walls.  I nervously stumbled to my feet again, and plopped back down, whimpering into the gag from the pain in my ass. I pictured my ass being widened to larger than my palm and unbelievably deep. I looked up the screen to type, but she already had more written.

“So Cuntface, when you are off of his lap, I will be kind enough to give you guidance.”

I gathered up the courage to stand again. I looked behind me at the chair.  I let my legs go limp, and plopped down in the chair, shrieking as the plug thrust into my abdomen. I quickly got my avatar off of Master’s lap. I couldn’t take any more of this!

“Here is what you WILL do. You WILL start to call me 'your ladyship'. If you don’t, you will be physically corrected. Let’s start with your apology for your brazen-ness to try to take Ozzy from me.”

“Your ladyship, Cuntface is so sorry…” I thought of my throbbing ass, and it became more heartfelt, “so VERY sorry for even attempting to get between you and Ozzy. Cuntface hopes you will find it in your heart to forgive her.”

“You’d better accept this.”

I saw a message on my screen – “NJ has offered to install Total Control. Do you accept? Yes/No” My eyes went wide. I heard of this script – it allows the keyholder to edit anything on the other person at will. I wanted to reject it immediately, my ass just hurt too much! Head bowed, I clicked “Yes”. Immediately my screen changed to a close-up picture of a naked woman splayed on a bed. In a modest sized clear area in what would be her crotch, I saw the amount of the game that I could still see. I saw my 1,640 Game Dollars change to “1,640 Game Dollars - $0 authorized”. I was so owned and helpless. Lest NJ punish me more, I managed to eek out, “Thank you your ladyship for your thoughtful gift. It will keep Cuntface more in line.”

Master asked, “So Cuntface, how do you feel? How’s your ass doing?”

NJ giggled and said, “She looks like she is about to cry.”

I heard those words, and my jaw dropped open. That bitch NJ could see my webcam. She freaking’ watched me slam my ass on that plug at her command. “You…. you can see me?”

NJ’s voice piped in through the webcam program for the first time. She seemed to be 20’s, confident, and quite enjoying herself. “Oh yes, you’ve been quite fun to watch. All I have to do is call you by your humiliating name, and you punish yourself. I was almost disappointed when you gave in.  Almost. However, you didn’t call me by my title. You may wiggle and grind your ass until I deem it enough. ”

I winced and started to wiggle. I could hear Master chuckling and knew he was watching my jiggling boobs, still restrained by the tape and on clear display. One thing about the plug became quite clear. My body wiggled and my weight shifted. The plug didn’t move, and it didn’t conform to my shifting – it forced me to conform to it, stretching my aching sphincter.  I started rolling around in circles, each movement feeling as if it was carving an ever larger crater in my ass. I started panting and looked at the webcam pleadingly, biting into NJ’s dirty panties as my ass cried for me to stop.

“May Cuntface please stop your ladyship? She will be much more on-task to give you the respect you deserve in the future. Your ladyship has been most instructional.”

She laughed dismissively. “Oh, I’m not done watching you yet. You may stop once your hands are handcuffed. I will let you know when you can do that.”

I groaned, which seemed to amuse them both, and kept making circles around the chair. The plug stayed resolutely planed in place, but my weight kept on rolling me out from the chair, stretching my ass in its circular motion, ever widening as my sphincter had no strength to resist. My ass was aching more and more, and my desperation was growing as I whimpered helplessly into the gag, swallowing more of NJ’s sweat, pussy juice and who knows what else she soaked in there. My poor boobs were throbbing as they wobbled obscenely on the damned bars.

My fingers started rapidly wailing away at the keyboard as my helpless desperation mounted. “Oh please! Please let Cuntface cuff her hands! Oh please your ladyship! Cuntface doesn’t deserve the freedom you afford her! Dolly desperately needs to be properly restrained!”

I could hear the smile in NJ’s voice. “Oh that’s just too funny! You beg so wonderfully. It is music to my ears. You may get the handcuffs.”

“Thank you your ladyship!” I quickly grabbed the handcuffs before she changed her mind. I couldn’t take any more ass grinding!

“Now cuff your left wrist. ”

I promptly complied; cinching the steel around my wrist, and listening to it click shut. It was secure, but not digging into my skin, I flipped the stop lever to keep it from cinching any tighter. I showed my wrist to the webcam.

“Good! Now slide the right cuff under your belt, and cinch the right wrist.” I looked down, and my hopes of being able to type like that were dashed.

But it would allow me to stop reaming my ass! I slid the cuff between my belt and my body and clicked it shut, sealing my fate.

Master seemed pleased. “Oh Cuntface… You have done so well. Do you know where the key to the padlock securing your cuffs is?”

I thought about the key sitting on the middle of my dresser and happily nodded yes.

“And can you reach it with your hands like that?”

That’s when it hit me. My dresser was way too high! I was trapped!  The key to my belt is in the basement. I’d have to get that one first.

Master was like a mind reader. “You can go get it when you are ready. Hop carefully! If you aren’t back up in 90 minutes after you leave, I’ll call a paramedic team to come in to check up on you.”

I sat for a minute to give my ass a chance to rest, and stood, feeling the plug shifting within me. I took a few tentative hops, and felt a lag in the plug – I would hop up, and the weight of the plug had it pull out a bit. After I crested my hop, the plug shoved into me. I was fucking myself with this plug with every hop!

After about fifteen hops I reached the stairs. They looked daunting. I couldn’t steady myself, and didn’t want to have the humiliation of a paramedic rescue me after a face-plant. I sat down as carefully as I could, but still wound up with a bit of a plop, forcing a grunt through the wretched panty-gag.

I slid down the first step like a baby, thumping my poor butt plug into my ass. Another step and another, each one thumping my butt plug in and out of my ass. I had to pound my own anal cavity to get anywhere, but the key was in the basement. I had no choice but to continue. My boobs bobbled like a teenager’s wet dream with each step, throbbing in their prison. At the bottom of the steps I thankfully got off my butt. I had to hop to the next set of stairs to the basement. I felt the plug sliding in and out with each hop. I got to the basement door, and repeated the baby bump process to safely get down the stairs at my sphincter’s peril. I envisioned a crater forming where a normal ass once was.

My eyes brightened as I laid eyes on the handcuff key. I eagerly hopped over to it, knelt down and oh so carefully unlocked the cuffs. Stretching my arms never felt so good! However, the key to my belt lock that was keeping this damned plug in place was upstairs. And if I didn’t text Master in 90 minutes, paramedics would be here. Time was wasting, so I got hopping back to the stairs, plug jiggling all the way. The way back was much kinder on the stairs. Using my arms way behind me, I could go up two stairs at a time, and the anal thrusting was more gentle.

I was panting horribly by the time that I got back upstairs. I looked at the computer screen, and saw that NJ was gone, but Ozzie was thankfully waiting for my return. “Welcome back,” he said. “Get your blindfold and vibrator.”

Thankfully these are kept right by the computer. The Vivi vibrator is an internet playtoy – it doesn’t have an on-off switch, instead it has a USB cable and a computer program. And Master had the controls for the program.

I smiled in eager anticipation as I unwound the cable, plugging it into my computer’s USB port. I put the vibrator right on my clit, and smiled as I felt how wet I already was.

I slipped the padded leather blindfold on, and went deeper into subspace.  The outside world disappeared. There was no webcam, no computer. There was only Ozzy’s voice and the vibrator. Ozzy started it, and it hummed to life.

It vibrated relentlessly, far longer than a guy could stay hard. I rubbed it around my clit, squirming happily. Moans left my lips as I got closer to the release that I was so desperately craving. I started reflexively thrusting my hips into the vibrator. It made me feel so aware of the giant plug still spreading my aching sphincter, but I was so enjoying the feeling!

The vibrator slowed, and Ozzy’s voice said, “Cuntface, you may remove the gag now.”

I blindly clawed at a corner of the tape that held the gag in, peeled it up, and pulled. The tape was seriously stuck to my skin. I gathered my courage, and ripped the first strip off my face. My eyes went wide, and I squealed into the gag. Ozzie laughed. I was glad that the gag muffled the four letter words that were trying to stream out of my mouth.

When I calmed down, I picked at a corner of the remaining pieces of tape.  This would be two pieces, and sting twice as bad. I gripped the corner, steeled my courage, and yanked. As the ripping sound echoed through the room, I could swear it ripped off half of my skin! Oh my god that hurt! My hands flew up to my face. The disgusting panties couldn’t come out fast enough. The panties just flew across the room.

Ozzy laughed. “You really didn’t like that gag, did you?”

“Cuntface knows that she must have already swallowed most of her sweat, juices, and whatever other goo was on there, but having another woman’s panties stuffed in Cuntface’s mouth was so humiliating!” I rubbed my face trying to soothe the residual ache of the tape removal. “What is on that tape? Superglue?”

I could hear the smile in Ozzy’s voice. “Oh, you’ll have to let me know how removing it from your boobs goes. That’s a lot more tape.”

I thought of my obscenely taped boobs wantonly jutting out from my chest and cringed.

The vibrator speeded up, and my body started to squirm and writhe, slowly breaking into thrusting into the vibrator. I was soon lost in my own world, playing with it, and pressing it with my fingers. “Master? May Cuntface please be allowed to orgasm?”

Ozzy playfully scolded, “Oh no no… Don’t beg to cum. Cuntface may beg to suck my cock instead. When you are properly desperate to service me with your mouth, I will let you cum.”

“Yes Master. You know how much I love to suck your cock. To feel it inside my mouth, to play with it with my tongue. It brings me such pleasure Master. May Cuntface please take it in?”

I was rewarded by the vibrator speeding up yet more, sending waves of pleasure through me. I was getting so desperate to please him! “Oh God Master! Cuntface just has to have your cum! She is so very needy to please you by having your cock in her mouth!”

The more I begged, the better it felt, and the more desperate I became. “Oh God! Please let me suck it! I need to please you for a gooey reward!”

My vision failed and I gasped and groaned as the orgasm wracked my body. I shuddered and it was as if the fog in my mind cleared. I was just so happy and exhausted.

He cooed, “Cuntface, you look so pretty when you burst into an orgasm.”

Then I heard the words I had been longing for the past few hours – “You may get the key and remove the plug Cuntface.”

Before he had a chance to reconsider I got up and quickly hopped to the key. My legs were so rubbery from the orgasm, but I hopped on, feeling the plug jiggling wildly up my anal crater. In a New York minute the pants were off, the rope was untied, and my hands were on the plug. I tried to tenderly take it out. It hurt too much to slide out that easily. I gripped the slippery flange as firmly as I could, and took a deep breath, gathering courage. I suddenly yanked it out, screaming at the top of my lungs. When I realized that it had subsided into a repeated whimpering of, “oh crap, oh crap, oh crap,” I tried to stand.

I was too sore to stand fully, but I stumbled back to the computer. I looked at the chair in fear. I pushed it aside, and knelt on the floor, sitting back on my heels. I was going to be so sore at the picnic.

“Cuntface? I have one more task for you.”

I cringed, but nodded.

“You sucked up a lot of sweat and juices from that panty gag. I’m making up a gift box for NJ. You are to replenish what you took, and return it to me”.

“Yes Master!” I happily sang out as my face burst into an evil, overly eager smile.


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