Be Careful What You Wish For

by Mr Smooth

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© Copyright 2015 - Mr Smooth - Used by permission

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I had dabbled with the Mistress / Domme scene as a sub for some years now, spending more money on taking sessions with them than I dared to count. I had sessioned with many different mistresses looking for one to satisfy my needs and pervery but so far had been mostly disappointed.

Generally I had found that the younger pretty ones didn’t have the experience and so left me frustrated and out of pocket I might add, while the more mature ones although more experienced and generally better, but mostly they were past their sell by date with their claimed ages and out of date pictures on their sites all being questionable. Some were jaded too, just doing it purely for the money as long as they could carry on and get away with it in their autumn years so to speak.

I suppose I was looking for the ultimate perfect fantasy mistress to session with. Someone mature, but not too old, someone very experienced, and yet still motivated enough to give their sub a really hard and interesting time, someone who genuinely was sadistic by nature. A Mistress who was cruel, attractive, with a good body; someone inventive, one who would genuinely scare me and with a penchant to her wearing my favourite attire of latex rubber. Yes a truly gorgeous Mistress MILF who would get into my head and make me believe she really was in charge of my body and mind for the entire duration of the session. In short I was looking for mistress who probably didn’t exist.

I could accept and take a reasonable amount pain from a Dominatrix but that was only one facet of my needs. I really craved someone that I thought would genuinely scare me as she put me through my paces and I had almost given up trying to find one that suited my needs when one evening while on-line and trawling through some erotic porn videos on my computer I came across a very beautiful and mature dominatrix who was giving her slave a really hard time.

God she was stunning in every sense and seemed to have everything I ever dreamt of in a mistress including being a beautiful redhead with a fabulous figure and she was dressed very erotically in tight shiny latex rubber which she carried off extremely well in order to carry out punishments on her slave. She certainly came across as a no nonsense and sadistic mistress who really meant what she was doing as she went about the business of whipping, beating and generally torturing the poor tightly strapped down slave that was bound helplessly for her torments. She was making a first class job of it by all accounts and she was thoroughly enjoying it; although her sub was begging for mercy she gave no quarter but actually increased his pain.

I had to check her out being given her name "Madam Sadistika" that appeared on the video credits and I actually found to my delight that she had a current web-site and operated as a one to one mistress. Unfortunately however she was to be found only at her private chambers in the Czech Republic, local to Prague and so disappointed I gave up on the idea for a day or two.

Eventually however my curiosity got the better of me and so I sent her an email via her inquiry form to check out her session costs and also spelling out my general interests.

Delighted, within two days I had a positive reply back where she explained that she was total lifestyle mistress who would only be interested in accepting and taking me on if I agreed to abide by her rules entirely. The first of which was that I would have to give myself completely over to her for a minimum session of two continuous days torment where I would have to stay at her chambers for the entire forty eight hours and where as she put it she would take me to a level that she only would decide what I would have to bear from her perverted mind and not myself, thus getting fully into my psyche. I would then be required to stay over for essential care and recuperation for a couple of days after the session; such would be the level of her torments; this was mandatory.

I have to admit that this sounded to be a very scary situation for me to volunteer myself into. I was not a total masochist and so could I handle such a heavy forty eight hours session with her. She also stated that I would have to send her definite dates that I could attend if I wished now to go ahead and then once agreed a very hefty fifty percent deposit would have to be transferred should we both decide to go ahead. The information was left with me to get back to her within three days either way, otherwise if I ignored her she would consider me a timewaster and ban me from all future arrangements with her.

I sat on the idea for a day; my stomach churned over at any thoughts of allowing her to do what she wanted on my mind and body; could I handle this I thought? Also it would be expensive to say the least as I had travel; there were air fares and more to add which would take the session to the cost of around a two week’s holiday in a decent hotel. I mulled it over and decided this would be a special holiday anyway, spending four days in total with her; also I did not now wished to be excluded and banned so I gave in to my curiosity and contacted her again with dates that I could attend.

She appeared to be very efficient and the next day I received an email reply which confirmed and stated the deposit I needed to transfer into her account within twenty four hours to secure the dates agreed. She also stated that once this was done then and it would be a binding contract between us. I would be required to send her my flight details where she would then return me instructions. I would also receive something in the post from her before I was due to fly out to hand myself over to her (as she put it). I also had to fill in an intensive session form too with my email to include my personal details such as my height, weight, body sizes, a recent photograph, my likes, dislikes, any medical conditions and most important, my fears as she would then tailor the sessions to best suit both of us.

I was a little apprehensive and nervous as I hit the send button on my computer to transfer the deposit. I also emailed her the information form and instructions that she required from me.

As she had promised with a week to go a small registered parcel arrived for me from Czechoslovakia . I opened it with slightly shaking hands due to my excitement and inside was a tightly sealed black plastic bag with a letter attached and on this sealed bag was taped a letter which read as follows



DO NOT OPEN THIS PACKAGE!!! --- Firstly digest the enclosed letter! --
I opened the letter and it read ---------

You have now secured a deposit for a 48 hour continuous and intense session with me at my chambers on the 14th and 15th of April followed by 2 further enforced days of recuperation time. I now look forward to inviting you into my thrall – Your flight number is noted and you will be met at the airport by private Taxi service arranged and provided by myself.


I am now your Mistress, you are my slave to do with as I wish; you will obey all of my orders without question from this moment on. The session you have booked with me is a binding contract and you are not allowed to cancel. You are forbidden to open the sealed package until the morning of your flight to me. You are ordered to wear the enclosed item(s) under your street clothes for your whole journey thus presenting yourself while still wearing them to show your respect for my wishes. You are forbidden as of now to masturbate or enjoy carnal pleasure. I alone will decide when or if at all you are to be allowed to take pleasure. On your arrival at my chambers you will hand over the balance of my tribute to my male slave when ordered to do so.

*Should you ignore and break any of these rules, I WILL KNOW! Any deviations from this letter will result in severe punishments. I alone then will decide on the limits of the punishments and I will mete them out accordingly. – YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED!

Mistress Sadistika ------ PRAGUE


Having read and digested this I thought what cheek! Who does she think she is and how would she know if I pleasured myself or even opened the package early? However there was something exciting about the enclosed threats that led me to believe she really meant what she stated and it gave me a thrill to believe she would find me out somehow and so I resisted peeking into the parcel and although frustrated I kept myself pure for her from now until our arranged meeting.


14th April

I was up bright and early on the morning of my flight and after showering and preparing myself I opened the forbidden package with slightly trembling hands. I withdrew something made of pink latex and it turned out to be a pair of very feminine and frilly rubber Victorian bloomers. I love latex but I was not into wearing female clothing and this sort of thing; I was quite apprehensive at the thought of wearing these through customs; who knows I may be searched. I tried them on for fit and the cool rubber was found to be very erotic on my naked skin and they gave me a partial erection. I decided then that I would slip them on in the Airport toilets at Prague once I had cleared customs; after all how would she know?

Having just over a two hour flight I arrived at my destination and cleared customs with my small suitcase and hand luggage where I had stored the "knickers" As I attempted to visit the toilets a large man approached me. "Mr Clarke" he said quietly as he held my arm firmly, "mistress is waiting and you have to come with me."

I answered him with a little suspicion as he now took hold of my case firmly. "Mistress who?" I asked to which he replied quietly, "Mistress Sadistika has arranged for me to deliver you to her chambers and I am parked in a loading Zone just by the door so you will come with me now"

"I need to use the toilet" I answered but he ignored my request and physically took hold of my cases. "You don’t need the toilet, you do not want to keep her waiting, I am in a black van just by the door." He disappeared with my luggage despite my protestations before I could stop him and so I followed him reluctantly.

I cursed myself for breaking her rules and not wearing the rubber underwear she had sent me as we approached a people carrier with dark windows. I sat in the back as ordered and he now gave me a pair of goggles to wear with blacked out lenses. "Wear these and do not remove them until you have permission; I can see you in my mirror," he reminded me.

We sped away and around twenty minutes or so later we stopped and a few seconds later moved forward slowly. I heard a crunch on a gravel drive and we stopped. "Stay there!" he ordered me and by now I was feeling very apprehensive as after all here I was in a strange country, not knowing my whereabouts and loaded with cash to pay for my ultimate pervery.

I heard him step out from the vehicle and a few seconds later my door was opened. "Step out and do not remove your goggles until ordered to," he now said as he helped me. I stood there and I heard another person approach. This new person, another man, took my arm and guided me up some steps as the van sped off. I was ushered inside a building and by now my heart was beating as I thought, was this set up? Was I about to be robbed or even more? The man left me and returned seconds later and then the door closed behind and I heard the lock click. The man spoke abruptly, "You will remove the glasses now." I gingerly removed them and after focusing found myself in a hall entrance of an obvious grand old building with marble tiles, ornate plasterwork and a high ceiling.

This man who stood between me and the door was large and very well built, powerful and naked save for a pair of skin tight black rubber shorts on his muscular legs and short boots on his feet. He was around thirty five, completely bald and he wore a heavy collar that was locked on him. This had the word OTROK emblazoned on it and this meant "SLAVE" in Czech as I was to find out. He just stared back at me and now I noticed he had marks on his torso that appeared to be healed scars.

My luggage was held by him and he now directed me to a small side room running off the hallway entrance. This was panelled in oak with just a small wood table as furniture and the only natural light came from windows set high on the outside wall and these had bars fitted.

"Mistress will be along shortly to greet you in here," he now said, "You will hand over her tribute balance to me and then kneel here with your head down, do not sit." He held his hand out and meekly I gave the balance to him. With that he disappeared with my luggage. I checked my watch and it was almost midday and I kneeled there now on the oak floor for an eternity although it was just ten minutes or so.

A clip-clop of heels sounded on the hall floor tiles and Mistress Sadistika herself entered. She certainly lived up to her photographs and more as she now closed the door slowly and very firmly behind her with her body standing between me and the outside which I found to be sinister. She just stood and stared at me for a minute, her beautiful cruel eyes expressionless, allowing me to take in her appearance. She was stunning in a cruel way with her red hair cascading onto shiny black rubber covered shoulders.

An ankle length heavy glossy rubber coat hung from and adorned her figure; this was open slightly and underneath she wore a white rubber blouse and skin tight black latex leggings which disappeared into patent ankle boots. Her makeup was perfect and she stood well over six feet tall in her high heels; she carried a red riding crop. "Head down and do not speak!" she said in a commanding velvet voice in an accent that was as erotic as her appearance.

She continued to stand there for a minute or two and then offered me a shiny patent boot, "kiss my foot and do not slobber on it" she commanded. I did this for a few seconds and then she pointed to the floor in the centre of the room, "now stand up there, head down and do not speak." I did as she said and she now closely walked around me slowly surveying me. I could smell her heady intoxicating perfume and the warm latex clothing swished as she moved, which I found to be very erotic.

My head swimming with excitement she moved in very close to my face searching my eyes testing my resolve. Her cool rubber clothing brushing my body was electric and I was now shaking with the rush of adrenaline. She spoke softly in my ear just inches away from me, "So you have turned yourself over to me for the duration; I do hope you can handle what I have in mind for you; I remind you that you have absolutely no choice in the matter now; you are my slave and prisoner for four days and nights." She now searched my eyes again for my reaction. I attempted to reply but was stopped by a sharp slap on the face, "I don’t recall giving you permission to speak Maggot" she hissed, her eyes glaring at me. She was truly asserting her authority here.

I was taken aback somewhat by this as my ears rang with the blow. She stood back now bending the crop between her hands menacingly and said sternly "Now you may look at your beautiful sadistic mistress properly and then you will remove your clothes so that I can see what you are made of; put them on the table, you have no more use of them for now". I began to strip but dragged it out. "Get your fucking clothes off and stop messing about" she snapped, her crop slapped her booted leg to reinforce her demands.

I did as I was told and now stood there in just my underpants. She pointed at my shorts "what are those?" she hissed. "My boxers" I replied. She closed into me and with venom in her voice she hissed now, "I know they’re fucking boxers, where are the rubber knickers I sent and ordered you to wear?" I knew I was in trouble by now and explained that they were in my hand luggage and didn’t wish to be embarrassed if I had been searched.

"They’re in your luggage" she mocked, "you didn’t wish to be embarrassed!" she continued mocking and then went to the door. "Dexter get in here and bring Maggots luggage" She returned and she now tore off my boxers; although terrified by her I had an erection with the excitement of the situation and I now stood there shaking, naked and with my stiffy as she waited for her slave now with the tip of her riding crop resting on my cock as if she was about to strike it.

Her male slave appeared a few seconds later carrying my small case. "Put that on the table" she ordered him and now introduced him to me. "This is Dexter my male slave, he will now be assisting me in your control of which you are in serious need of, and now let me explain something else. Your attitude so far is completely unacceptable; you obviously do not respect me, my orders and my wishes, and do you think I did not mean for you to obey the rules that were set out for you. I wonder which other of my rules you have broken. I would like to bet you have wanked your silly little cock over my site pictures since I forbade it"

"No mistress" I managed these two words before she struck me on my cock with the back of her hand making me howl. "Silence you liar" she yelled grabbing my hair now yanking my head back as she closed in to me her face was seething, there was spittle in her words and so she seemed to be genuinely angry. She continued, "I am a control freak and do not allow anyone to disobey my orders, I will also find out if you have been masturbating and so my slave you are in very serious trouble with here already which you will regret and I shall gladly now see to it that you will be severely punished accordingly for daring to break my rules and to defy me."

She now let go of me and continued, "You have volunteered to turn yourself over to me and now let me tell you that because you have not respected and adhered to the rules so clearly set out for you then I shall not respect your fears that you admitted to. I shall now exploit those fears to the full and discover even more of them that you have not admitted to. Therefore I will not avoid them as all other mistresses do and I will now be the sadistic bitch that you wish you had never met; your time here with me will be hell; you can bet your pathetic life on it; you wished for scary, you will have abject terror now and Dexter here will testify to how sadistic I can be; show Maggot your scars"

He turned around and there were recent wheals and scars on his back. She explained, "this was for masturbating recently without my permission; this is my favourite slave and this is what happened to him so you can now guess what will happen now to a maggot such as you. So now after his punishment for his misdemeanour he is frustrated, he has not been allowed an orgasm for some time. Now for your total lack of respect for my rules I may let him shove his large cock up your virgin tight ass and maybe even cum in your mouth; show him your cock Dexter" He pulled his waistband open to reveal a very large but flaccid penis. "Get it up Dexter" she said and sure enough it soon rose to the occasion standing vertical and proud as he grinned like a silly schoolboy.

"How would you like to try that out?" she said smirking to me? I was horrified at this; the last thing I wished for was to be abused or raped by another male and I realised that if she wasn’t bluffing then I was completely out of my depth and began to panic as to what was about to happen to me. She repeated sharply, "I said how would you like to try his cock out?" "No thank you Mistress" I replied and added with my whole body now shaking now with fright, "I believe that I have made a big mistake coming here and wish to leave now; you may keep my money and I will just catch a flight back home".

She laughed sadistically and prodded me with her crop and said, "You wish to leave here now; the only place you are going now is to visit my various chambers to be tortured at my discretion. I have your money for the session; I have all this time now on my hands booked especially for you and "YOU" (she emphasised this) will not rob me of my greatest pleasure in life; that is torturing and terrifying useless male Maggots such as yourself. I get off and thrive on dominating the likes of you and you will certainly require the recuperation time set aside afterwards."

In desperation I grabbed my clothes and bag and quickly and ran for the outside door but it was locked with no key. I turned around and they had followed me easily trapping me there in the hallway. I started to put my clothes back on but she shook her head sideways, "Bring him back" she ordered Dexter. He grabbed me by the hair roughly and shoved my arm behind me in a lock where I was hobbled back into the reception room my trousers around my ankles.

Dexter now stood against the closed door arms folded thus preventing my escape, his stiff cock still poking out of the top of his shorts. Madam Sadistika noticed this and ordered him to get rid of his erection. He seemed to struggle at this and it only increased in size so she gave it a whack with her crop. He howled and doubled up. "Get up" she shouted coldly and he struggled to stand properly his face contorted with temporary pain.

She now turned her attention to me, "Now get those fucking clothes off" she ordered, "before I have them ripped off" I did this and I was naked now. She hissed, "now find those rubber bloomers I sent to you and put them on." I quickly found them in my case and to my shame and shaking I slipped them onto my body; the cool rubber on my skin caused my cock to swell. I was made to turn around to show myself off and she now made much fun of me in my humiliation. They both laughed as she now made derogatory remarks for the next few minutes in her native language. She now searched my clothes for my passport, wallet and keys and now disappeared with them for a few minutes where she returned and said, "Your personal effects are now locked away in my safe until I have finished with you and when or if I may decide to release you."

Her attitude was very scary and she approached very close to me peering into my eyes as she now held my cock in a light grip through my rubber bloomers. She played and stroked with it erotically and said, "One more rule for you to obey whilst you are here, If you do lose control of this tiny piece of meat you have and if you cum without my permission, then your slime will be fed back to you forcibly. I do not allow anyone to take their pleasure without my permission and only then on certain rare occasions. I do hope I am making myself clear on this!"

She continued to play with me and searched my eyes with hers as she issued this new rule; This scary exciting erotic situation greatly affected me and I was now throbbing with lust and trying desperately not to lose control as she continued to play with me; the bloomers were wet inside with my pre-cum which also made things worse. She stopped, my cock throbbing wildly now, backing off and leaving me on the edge. She now said, "let me introduce you to my chambers, bring his collar Dexter" she snapped her fingers at him. He left for a minute and returned with a wide thick leather collar and a remote control unit.

She fastened the collar fairly tightly around my neck locking it on explaining. "This is an electric stun collar which I shall control you with. It is operated by my remote here and if I do need to demonstrate then you would end up on the floor in agony and by the way if you attempt to force it or tamper with it then it will trigger it into life and it will operate itself, you have been warned, now bring Maggot along Dexter" She snapped her fingers again to enforce her orders.

I was ushered now visibly shaking with fear into the main hallway of this large and dark gothic property. Dexter holding my arm firmly as we followed; her long rubber coat swished and swayed erotically as she strode confidently to a side room door. We entered and it was a fully white tiled area with a toilet and shower area. Hanging there were long rubber tubes, weird masks and bladders hanging down on chrome hooks festooning the walls.

"Welcome to my punishment washout room" she explained, "here to start with you will receive a thorough internal washout and I will make it as unpleasant as possible as a prelude to your forthcoming torments here. Such will be the level of my tortures on your mind and body you may well shit yourself and I don’t want your filthy mess everywhere so remove your bloomers and kneel forward over the toilet lid facing the rear wall".

My mouth was dry as her threats now enforced my fear; I just stood there for a few seconds. "Now would be a good time" she said firmly pointing to where I had to be. I slipped off the bloomers and with a sigh kneeled on a soft pad in front of the toilet. I was now facing to the rear of this toilet bowl with an old fashioned chain pull cistern set high on the side wall. My wrists were now secured to short chain points set in the floor at the back on either side of the toilet leaving me kneeling over the seat; there was a mirror facing me set on the back wall so that I could see behind me.

She dismissed Dexter and after removing her long coat revealing her fabulous body standing in her white latex blouse and tight black latex leggings where she slipped on an ankle length red rubber apron and latex gloves. She now selected a large rubber melon shaped bladder from its hanging point and she made sure I could see everything that was happening. I was to find out as my time here progressed that she always made sure that each session was explained in great detail beforehand and presented by her for maximum impact and theatre to add to my fear and also to add for her enjoyment. She dressed appropriately too and always themed her kinky latex and leather apparel to suit the type of session she was about to put me through and she revelled in allowing my fear to increase at the sight of her dressed thus for my forthcoming torture.

She now filled the heavy rubber bladder with two litres of warm water and she added "something for interest" as she put it. This was hung on a hook fixed to the back wall six feet above me and it had a long thin trailing red rubber tube attached to its underneath with an in-line valve halfway along the tube. Now she produced a short red tube affair with two small yellow rubber bladders close together along its centre. This had built in squeeze bulbs attached by long thin tubes for inflating the yellow bladders. She greased this arrangement and began to feed it into my anus. I resisted this strange invasion of my body but she reminded me to allow it or she would just force it anyway. Finally it was home with one yellow bladder inside and one outside of me and these she inflated until I thought I would burst. The short tube sticking out of me she connected up to the long melon bladder tube.

She now said, "You will now be filled with the two litres of fluid containing an irritant of my choosing just to make it more interesting and painful and then when its all inside your body you will have to wait a further twenty minutes for it to do its work on you properly. It will be very uncomfortable to say the least, but that is what you are here for isn’t it?"

She opened the in-line valve and the melon bladder began to transfer its contents invading my intestines. I could see a clock through the mirror, it was twelve thirty. I had been here less than an hour and I had more than a further forty seven hours left of torment in front of me. Soon all the liquid was inside me and the cramps started as it purged my bowels and although naked I began to sweat terribly. The cramping pains must have been caused from whatever she had added and of course I moaned and begged for release.

She retrieved a grotesque gas mask from the wall and slipped it on my face to help "keep me quiet" and to increase my torment. She now sat on a stool watching, smoking and laughing at my distress, my breathing more laboured now and she reminded me that I had to wait the full twenty minutes and also warning me that if I didn’t become more quiet she would double the time. I had no choice but to suffer and see it out as best as I could now until I thought I may pass out.

Finally and with tears streaming from my eyes she removed my enveloping sweaty mask and collar, released me and left me in blessed sweet relief to empty my bowels with orders to shower and clean up afterwards. I heard a whirr as an extractor fan started up.

My mouth was dry and I managed to take a drink while in the shower which helped me somewhat. Afterwards I put on a towelling dressing gown which had been left for me. I sat on the toilet lid seat contemplating on my foolishness for being here and about what horrors Madam Sadistika had in store for me and I then noticed a camera in the top corner now and realised that I was being watched.

The door opened now and Dexter came in with my collar. I knew it was hopeless to resist; I was locked in here, he was far stronger and fitter than me and she had my vital documents and clothing stashed away so I allowed him to refit it without fuss. He ordered me to go with him down some stone steps running off the corridor into a cellar area and another long corridor which led to a small room fitted out as a cell with a metal door.

This had a basic furniture consisting of a metal framed bed, a small table and chair, a toilet and very little else. "This is your prison cell" he said, "although you will not be spending much time in here. You have made a big mistake and really pissed her off and I shall enjoy watching you scream and squirm as she tortures you." He squeezed his partly erect cock through his shorts now and continued laughing sadistically, "I shall look forward to violating you too when my mistress allows me too but in the meantime you have to be fed so I will be back shortly."

I looked around and again noticed a camera fixed up high in the bricked ceiling and there were iron anchor points set in the walls, I considered these were for restraining anyone in here. Dexter soon returned with a large bowl of thick soup, bread and a glass of water. "Enjoy" her grinned and left me to my meal. I was ravenous but did not enjoy as I forced it down just the same; the thoughts of the unknown were constantly on my mind. I suddenly felt very tired, I had been up very early that day to travel, the intense washout and the meal had taken its toll and so I lay on the bed and dropped off.

A little later Dexter shook me "wake up Maggot" he said, "mistress is waiting to for you in her dungeon; she has something special in mind for you". My stomach churned over at this threat and reluctantly I followed him deeper into the basement which I guessed had once been a large wine cellar.

At the far end of the corridor I was ushered into a large room through a heavy wood door. A formidable place set out as a mediaeval dungeon lay before me containing timber, leather and steel devices designed to torture the mind and body. I had been to many mistresses’ dungeons but this one was by far the most intimidating and the fact that now I had no choice but to be here made it even more so, I was visibly shaking. He closed the door behind us, handcuffed my hands behind me and we now stood waiting for our mistress to arrive. I attempted to speak but he put his finger to his lips to indicate silence.

A couple of minutes went by and the sound of heels echoing in the corridor was heard on the stone floor. She entered and quietly but firmly closed the door behind her and now stood there smiling again allowing me to take in her appearance. She had changed into a true dominatrix outfit of a tight black laced rubber corset just about containing her bulging breasts, black seamed stockings held up by eight rubber straps, a tiny rubber g-string, fetish patent ankle boots with high heels, a rubber choker around her neck and shiny black rubber wrist length gloves.

Under normal circumstances she would have been presented as my perfect mistress and I would have welcomed her torments but this was very sinister as she surveyed me with a sadistic gleam in her eyes. She approached close to me, suddenly grabbed my hair viciously twisting my head backwards, she spoke her face in mine. "Now Maggot, I am about to make you suffer and this will be just the beginning of your tortures here"

She forcibly dragged me by my hair now to a 3 inch diameter stainless steel tubular metal frame hung in the centre of the dungeon. This was resting on the floor and supported on a chain hoist. It was rectangular around eight feet high and five feet wide with various fixing points welded to it and a wide flat plate at its base. Leather straps hung from these fixing points and after my handcuffs were removed I was made to remove my dressing gown and to stand naked on the base, my feet wide apart on its fixed padded leather foot points.

Leather cuffs now added to my wrists and these were now attached to the either side of the frame, my arms in the air so that I stood in an X position. A broad heavy leather belt was fastened tightly around my waist and more straps pulled and fixed it to either side of the frame. More straps were added to my arms and upper body, pulled tightly and now I could scarcely move.

Using the hoist she lifted the whole frame up to enable her to secure my feet and legs with more straps so that I was now in a sort of leather and steel spider’s web, barely able to move and totally helpless. She lowered it back down and stroked my face gently, her face in mine now she began to toy with my cock while searching my eyes erotically. Soon I was up and running with a rock hard erection and breathing heavy from the attention. "This is just where I want you" she said, "your cock nice and hard for Dexter to play with" "Oh no" I cried horrified at her suggestion. "Oh yes" she answered "you have no choice but to have him suck you close to orgasm and then I will beat you with my cane so that pain, pleasure and humiliation are all included at the same time."

She beckoned Dexter forward and he stood near to me while she raised the frame a little and a couple of chains were now used to secure the whole thing tightly to the floor to prevent any movement. Satisfied she selected a cane and tested it out through the air with a frightening "swish" sound. "You may remove your rubber shorts Dexter" she said and seconds later he stood in front of me with a massive hard-on, with veins standing out, his cock pointing almost vertical; he was grinning again like a child in a sweet shop.

"You may begin but do not let him cum; if you do then you know what will happen!" she warned him. "Yes Mistress thank you Mistress" he replied and now his mouth closed around my throbbing knob. Although I cringed and felt violated the sensation was incredible; I had not had an orgasm for several weeks. She stood behind him watching me intently like a cat does with its prey and flexed her cane. To my horror and pleasure I must say he was sucking my cock now along its whole length and sensed I was close so he pulled away, grinning; mistress stepped behind me.

I heard the cane whistle and pain similar to a red hot poker landed on my buttocks. This took my breath. She allowed the pain to reach its crescendo and landed another. She was an expert and knew just how to deliver a beating to maximum effect. Dexter stood there watching and enjoying all of this as she continued; his cock was now pulsing wildly at the sight of my torture. She stopped now in my agony and ordered him to resume.

As I had lost some of my erection now with the pain he began to felate me back to erection. After a few minutes of this I was again close and he stopped again where she repeated more canings. This was repeated again and again and then suddenly it was Dexter who lost control, he convulsed and his cock began to spurt its sticky load over the floor. Such was the intensity of the session he had cum himself. Madam Sadistika was enraged at him and screamed, "Not only do I have a new slave who does not follow my orders but you have again taken forbidden pleasure in the middle of this first session and disgraced yourself. Lick up your slime off the floor while I prepare your punishment" He went white and stopped grinning for the first time as he now kneeled to lick up his own mess.

She returned with my pink bloomers "put these on" she said to him. He reluctantly slipped them over his muscular legs; they were a fairly tight fit on his muscular thighs. She ordered him to wait there standing in front of me and he began to shake now as if he knew what was to come, but she was devious and very inventive and now returned with a glass jar containing some fresh nettles.

She showed them to him and he must have guessed what was coming, he shook with fear. But she made him wait and circled him several times. This sort of behaviour was her trademark as she mentally tortured her victims beforehand to add to the torment that was about to be meted out on them. She now directed him to pull open the front waistband of his bloomers as she selected a small handful of nettles in her gloved hands.

Smiling she dropped them into his bloomers and released the waistband from his fingers herself. His face changed as they stung his most private parts now and she patted the front of the knickers to increase the torture. He stood there taking it as he must have been taught by her not to complain as she dropped more nettles down the back waistband. "Jog on the spot" she ordered now and soon tears were in his eyes as he did this for her.

She turned to me, "See how very sadistic I can be when I am defied" she said and added, "but then again I am always looking for an excuse to increase the level of torture and pain on my victims, and my slaves who defy me." She returned back to Dexter, "you may stop" she said, "and now bend over and touch your toes." This again caused him more pain but she now layed into him with her cane until he screamed for mercy and finally collapsed on the floor. The bloomers were split open with the severity of the beating and some of the nettles fell out onto the floor too.

She threw cold water over to revive him and then ordered him to pick up the fallen nettles adding more pain to his body. "Now get out of my sight and clean up" she said, "I haven’t yet finished with you, in fact I have only just started and you will be required later to complete your very special punishment." He limped away disgraced.

She returned to me checking on my marks from the beating and then started to lower the frame so that the base rested on the floor and pushed it to allow it to drop backwards towards the horizontal.

When my head was around two feet from the floor she stopped lowering and said, "The beatings I have dished out to you both has made me very very horny now and so you will pleasure me for a while." She slipped off her rubber g-string and stood inside the straps holding me and astride of my head, her beautiful bald dripping pussy inches away from my mouth. She ran her fingers through her cleft tasting herself "Hmmmm" she remarked, "now it’s your turn for a delicious meal so eat it and make a good job of it" and she lowered her gorgeous soft wet warm pussy onto my mouth.

I gladly stabbed at her most intimate place; she was very wet and worked up from the torments she had inflicted and responded immediately by pulling my head into her crutch by my hair cursing as she enjoyed my tongue flicking on her clitoris. "Fuck oh fuck" was her general verbal response and she kept me there for an age venting her lust until my mouth was aching.

Of course by now I had a raging erection having had my head forced between her delicious powerful thighs when she suddenly squirted warm piss on me as she orgasmed. She’d had enough and this was just to show me she was my Mistress. Still glassy eyed she stepped away and I was now left with my face dripping wet from her. I was raised back to the vertical and to give my arms a rest she released my wrists, secured them sideways to the frame and then left me alone for a while.

She returned a little later but this time she had a second beautiful woman with her attached to a leash and collar. They were both almost naked apart from the fact that they both wore identical miniscule black rubber knickers, military peaked caps knee length patent boots and shiny rubber gloves. Mistress Sadistika pulled her new sub forward with the lead and introduced her, "this is Stella my female slave; as Dexter is not in any fit state at the moment she is here to help me with your next session and by the way she hates men and is very sadistic to them so you had better behave and do as she wishes which will be difficult for you as she speaks no English".

She laughed at her own remark and now released the raven haired Stella from her leash; she too was gorgeous at around thirty years of age and she gave me a fierce look with her beautiful pale blue eyes. My cock was up and running again at the sight of these two beauties and Stella looked down at it then up at me and smiled sadistically. Mistress Sadistika now explained "Stella is to interrogate you now and you must reply or nod yes or no to her questions".

"If you get it wrong she will beat and torture you but of course as you will not understand her then it will be difficult to give her correct response, but then that is why you are here isn’t it, to be tortured. I will from time to time translate, now what do you think of my little plan?" I replied, "I have no choice do I, you have put me in an impossible position." Madam now said something to Stella and this caused her to look really angry. Madam now explained, "I just said to Stella that you consider her to be an ugly dyke and your stiff cock is there only because of me"

She laughed at these lies and now bade Stella to continue. Stella approached and slapped my face hard. She then grabbed my hair to hold my head still and said something. I did not answer so she gave me more slaps as she held my hair to keep my head under control. She spoke again so I nodded and said yes but it was the wrong response and she just kept slapping my face and spat into it until she brought tears to my eyes. And so it went on question, slap spit slap, question and so on and I never seemed to give her the correct reply. She was a real man hater and very sadistic towards me using a heavy strap on me too when it suited her.

Madam thought this was hilarious and stood back watching my torture with glee. Finally when I could take no more Madam gave Stella a length of soft cord. I was raised in the air on the hoist and Stella proceeded to tie this tightly around and around my scrotum gradually adding the width of the rope thus forcing my balls away from my body. I was in pain now and she hung several lead weights on a loop of cord that she had left included in her tying up to hang below so that it pulled at my balls constantly to increase the torment. She gave my cock a few erotic strokes to make sure it was kept up and I was now lowered back down.

She now began to add clothes pegs to my skin in a line downwards on my right side starting near my collar bone and running down my body to the top of my thighs. These had a long cord attached to each of them in a line and she now did the same to the other side of me adding around twenty more pegs so that now I had two lines of corded pegs hanging down. The pain from these pegs pinching my skin was very intense but was nothing to what she did next.

She now stood back and held the cords, one in each hand and Madam said something to Stella again. She nodded and smiled before asking me something again in her native tongue. I knew what was coming if I gave her the wrong answer and nodded yes. She shook her head sideways, smiled, and pulled one line of the pegs off in one sharp quick movement. Seconds later I screamed in agony as the pain similar to that of ten thousand red hot needles being stuck in me.

They found it hugely entertaining and it was a full five minutes before the pain had subsided. I shook my head tears of agony running down my face and begging for no more but she asked me something else now and I shook my head this time to say no. Wrong answer and again the pegs were torn from me. I shrieked again; I had never experienced anything like this for temporary pain.

Madam approached now close to me, "I told you said she was sadistic" she said, "a real man hater, I have to be around to control her otherwise her victims would be permanently marked or even worse and do you know what, watching her has made me really horny again." She turned her head around while she leaned on me and said something to Stella then turned back just inches away from my face as Stella now dropped to her knees and behind removed her mistress rubber panties. These she handed to her mistress who now slipped them over my face pulling them tightly with the wet crotch across my nose.

She adjusted her legs apart and Stella now pleasured her mistress from behind with her tongue. Mistress leaned into me even closer, I could smell her musky sex in her panties and she cursed in pleasure again from Stella’s attention. Although still in considerable distress from my previous pegs pain and my still tied up balls I had a raging erection from this erotic situation and groaned in frustration as they continued their sexual antics in front of me.

When this was over mistress stroked Stella’s face gently as if to thank her. Stella looked back at her mistress in admiration smiling like a child at this and now mistress went over to a table and selected something which she returned with. This turned out to be a strapon dildo for each of them which they both proceeded to strap them on tightly: they hadn’t finished with me yet.

Mistress now refitted my collar as a prelude to releasing me and my hands were secured behind me. I was now released from the rest of the straps and stepped free. My balls were aching badly now as they were still tied up and Mistress lead me by the weights hanging from them to a leather covered short low bench where I was bent over it with my legs apart, my feet on the ground and here I was strapped down with my body horizontal; my collar was removed.

Stella now stood at my front, held my head with my hair and savagely forced her dildo into my mouth. She began to fuck my mouth urged on by mistress. As I choked on it they enjoyed themselves again at my expense and mistress joined her taking it in turns to degrade me. Now each one would hold me while the other fucked my face as I retched and they seemed to spur each other on as they tormented me.

After a few minutes of this mistress poured oil onto her rubber cock and said, "Now you will get the fucking of your life!" She positioned herself behind and forced the rubber cock into me and now began to slide it in and out aggressively as Stella continued to fuck my face. If I retched too much Stella would give me a slapping, cursing me in her native tongue and start again; and so it went on: in some ways she was more sadistic than Mistress herself and revelled in giving me a really hard time. On orders now from her Mistress, Stella removed her strapon and rubber g-string panties and now sat astride me on the back of my head and soon I felt her warm piss cascading over my head. Mistress upped the abuse behind me as they both "got off" on the abuse that was meted out.

They broke me down; mistress knew I could take no more and so they finally stopped their torments. I sobbed as they both now finished off by pissing on me until I was left truly soaked, degraded and humiliated.

"I do hope you enjoyed your session so far" said mistress, "we have many more areas to explore yet so you will now take a shower and clean up."

She firstly untied my aching balls, refitted my collar, put a short hobble chain between my ankles and released my now aching and stiff body. Stella stood back ready to operate the collar remote should I give them cause to and I was lead back and hobbled to the shower room I had been in earlier. I was directed to shower and warned not to masturbate or there would be dire consequences.

Stella stayed with me in there as I showered and she had a forked cattle prod with her should she need it. I had my back to her when soaping my genitals and maybe I spent too much time on them and then I felt a pain as if being kicked by a mule as she gave me a blast with her electric prod. When I calmed down I looked at her she beckoned for me to face her as I showered and then she pointed out that the prod was set to only half way strength and she then turned it up to full. She made it quite clear that she would use it again if I did not do heed her wishes and so I gave her no more excuses.

When I dried off she pointed out my dressing gown to wear which I gladly put on. Mistress now returned and my collar was fitted again. She gave me a stainless steel tube and locking ring to put on myself. This was a chastity device which fitted over my cock and locked on behind my aching balls to stop me "relieving myself" as she put it. I was now taken down to my cell and made to sit at the small table where my left ankle was shackled with a chain to the bed frame.

They both left and sometime a little later Stella brought me a much needed meal and drink. Sadistically though she allowed her saliva to contaminate my food in front of me and then beckoned me to eat but I was ravenous and I eat it gladly. The clock read seven, I had been tormented, tortured, degraded and humiliated far in excess of anything I’d experienced before, or wished to experience with a mistress, I was terrified as to her capabilities and I still had much much more of it in front of me; exhausted I crept onto the bed and thankfully fell into a deep sleep.

to be continued...

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